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Will I be able to answer any questions?

The question are graded so that people who don't know many flowers can answer the very easy or easy questions but even experienced botanists should find some of the harder questions challenging.

Types of quiz

Very easy quiz questions are like those first questions TV quiz shows- you don't really have to be a botanist to answer them. You have to identify one flower only and not all photos are plants.

Easy questions show four photos of plants but only one needs to be identified. You can reveal the correct Latin and English names of any of the plants shown if you are interested.

Medium difficulty questions are the commonest type of question. There are four plants to be identified in each question. There are clues aimed at beginners and younger members but even experienced botanists may need them occasionally. Use the clues first, then the beginning letters. The four plants in each question have something in common. The common feature could be country of origin, usual habitat or something else about the English name. The answers are given in both Latin and English.

Medium-easy questions should be OK for beginners to try first and even experienced botanists may find one or two of the Medium-hard questions require a bit of thought.

Hard questions are exactly that. There are links between the plants but you will only see what the link is when you know the anwers. You have to name all four plants.

Very hard questions are hard and there are links between the members of each goup. There may be the odd European flower too just to make to make things awkward.

Ridiculously Hard questions include European species, hybrids in difficult groups like willows and even apomictic micro species. There may be links between the species shown but they could be just a random selection. You may well get one or two of these perhaps but it you manage all four without looking anything up then.... respect!

Done all those...

The try the excellent plant quiz based on Professor Stace's DVD:http://Click here