Wild Flower Society grants 2019

Did you know that The Wild Flower Society gives many grants each year to further its aims?

We are a small society with about 640 members but are able to support the many organisations around the country which attempt to help people learn about our flora so that they can identify and conserve our wild flowers.

In March 2019 we decided to support the following organisations and people with grants:

Gwent Wildlife Trust Gwent WT

North Wales Wildlife Trust North Wales WT

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust Herts WT

Norfolk Wildlife Trust Norfolk WT

Cumbria Wildlife Trust Cumbria WT

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Suffolk WT

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust Hereford WT

Beds, Cambs, Northants Wildlife Trust Beds WT

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Worcs WT

Scottish Wildlife Trust Scottish WT

Shropshire Wildlife Trust Shropshire WT

Josh Styles Josh Styles

Brian Laney Twitter account @BrianLaney2

Grant towards the publication of The Flora of Cornwall

Grant towards the publication of BSBI publication: Grassland Plants: ecology, threat and management


A typical grant covers parts of the cost of the venture and is usually about £250 but we approve bigger grants as well.

Peter Llewellyn April 15th 2019