Junior members

These pages are for our junior members and we've made a guess at what you might like to see. You know best though, so let us know by email what would be good ideas for younger members of the wild flower society. Click here to send and email with your suggestions.

Where do flowers come from?

The earth is about 4,500 million years old but flowers only started to grow about 100 million years ago before that plants didn't have flowers.

A flower is the way we get more flowers - it is the part of the plant where the seeds grow. A long time ago plants relied on the wind to spread their pollen and some still do, especially trees. But a male plant has to make a lot of pollen to get a few grains to land on the right female plant to fertilise it. When insects came along, maybe one hundred million years ago, the plants could use them to do the job - but they had to attract insects with bright flowers and then give them nectar to eat, to get them to come and take pollen to brush off on the next flower to fertilise it and make a seed. Competition between plants has led to brilliant flowers, weird-shaped flowers, BIG flowers - lots of different flowers for lots of different insects.

We like flowers for their bright colours and attractive shapes. Finding wild flowers can be fun and it is interesting to see the ways in which flowers perform their basic function. Plants are specialised to grow in particular places - in hedges, by the sea, on mountains, and so on. Visiting these special places is all part of the fun of finding flowers. You can do all this, with people who share your interest, and will help you to name the flowers you find and find out more about them.