Annual Photographic Print Competitions

For each winning entry there is both a small and a large photograph but from 2013 onwards only a large photo has been published. The small photographs are better for those who have a slow connection to the internet and the large ones are aimed at people with fast broadband.

When you click on one of the menus (e.g. 2005 photo menu) you will see two similar lists. Each winner on the left hand side will display a large photo. It takes a second or two to download a large photo on broadband but sometimes over a minute with dial-up or very slow broadband. From 2013 the left hand side is for the Main class and the right hand side for the Novice class. From 2016 onwards the distinction between Novices and experienced photographers has been abolished.

In this context Large Photos means larger file to download to your computer. The actual size of the photograph will depend on your screen resolution. The large photos won't quite fit on the screen vertically if your screen has a resolution of only 800 x 600 pixels.

These large photos are impressive so if you find one you like in the "small" section then try the large version. The landscape format photos look best of all because computer screens are that shape.

If there is a commentary below the photograph it has been derived from that which has already appeared or will soon appear in the WFS magazine.

Most of the photos have been submitted as prints for the competition and then scanned to produce the digital image necessary for publication on our web site. A few are derived from original digital images emailed to directly me by people who have used digital cameras. From 2008 onwards there are small arrows at the to left and right of each page which allow you to go to the next image in the series without returning to the menu.

In 2019 larger photos have been processed for display.

Peter Llewellyn 21st April 2016, updated June 2nd 2020