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Postal Enquiries/Membership Applications: WFS Membership Secretary, 43 Roebuck Road, Rochester Kent ME1 1UE

Treasurer's Tel : 020 8368 5328     Email: The Membership Secretary

President:  Professor Sir Ghillean T. Prance FRS, VMH

Chairman: Dr Peter Llewellyn

General Secretary: Sheila Wynn

Treasurer: Mr. R. Blades

Meetings Secretary: Janet John

Editor:  Dr Anne Kell

Publicity Secretary: Dr Nichola Hawkins

Photo Competition Organiser:  Mr Ken Southall

Executive Committee: The President, the Chairman, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Meetings Secretary,  the Editor, the Publicity Secretary, John Swindells, Roger Heath-Brown, Jill Oakley and Nicola Dixon

Addresses and telephone numbers can be found in the WFS magazine.

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Website manager: Dr Peter Llewellyn: Please copy the email address with coloured letters for any queries or suggestions about the website. The address can't be clicked:

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Use of Images: If you wish to use one of the images on the site then please contact Dr Peter Llewellyn at the email address above. Some of the images on the site belong to the site manager who can give permission for their use but not all. If you want an image for use on screen then the 72 dots per inch images displayed on this site will do. If you wish to print an image then you will probably need a copy of the original photograph (300 dpi) which could be sent via email as an attachment with the permission of the owner. If you wish to receive a high resolution photograph then your email box will need to accept images of up to 7Mb in size. Such emails are usually sent with only one attachment per email so for this reason please do not ask for more than three high resolution images.

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