I joined the Wild Flower Society because:

I love the field meetings - interesting plants, interesting people, great fun!

- Tina Teearu

I joined because someone told me how much fun it was amassing a huge record book total!

Rodney Burton
WFS Chairman

I’ve always loved wild flowers but this was a solitary hobby until I joined WFS. The free field trips are fantastic!

- Clare Coleman

I wanted to learn the names of plants, where they grow and take part in the hunts. Now I like to show others where special plants are and photograph them for my website.

- Dr Peter Llewellyn

Without doubt the competitive side of filling in the diaries taught me to recognise my British plants.

Dr Tom Cope

It's just fun being part of a Society where everyone's keen on plants and will help you!

David Brear

Taking over a project my Mum started, I wanted to find more plants to photograph.

- Andrew Gagg

Druce of Oxford, for long our best known botanist, spoke of the WFS as a botanical nursery.

- David McClintock

I am a consultant ecologist working throughout the North of England. Membership of the WFS enables me to keep in touch with botanical contacts throughout the region and further afield.

Geoffrey Wilmore

I could not get my husband to take a proper day off and clear right out. I solved it by joining the Wild Flower Society, which has been the inspiration of my life, ever since.

- Lady Anne Brewis

Whatever your reasons, you can rely on WFS members to help you enjoy wild flowers! Go to the Contacts page and contact the Administrator for details of membership