List of Accepted Plants of the British Isles 2007   Y

Accepted Latin Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Yucca filamentosa Adam's-needle Clement A3 160--1--fil   L. 0920009089
Yucca gloriosa Spanish-dagger Clement A3 160--1--glo   L. 0920004240
Yucca recurvifolia Curved-leaved Spanish-dagger Yes A1 160--1--1 Ne Salisb. 0920007671
Yucca rupicola Twisted-leaf Spanish-dagger Clement A3 160--1--rup   Scheele 0920009090
Yushania anceps Indian Fountain-bamboo Yes S1 A1 153--1--1 Ne (Mitford) W.C. Lin 0920005419

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