British and Irish Flora 2010   V

Systematic Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Vaccaria hispanica Cowherb Yes A1 46--23--1 Ne (Mill.) Rauschert 0920002134
Vaccinium corymbosum Blueberry Yes A1 65--13--7 Ne L. 0920007659
Vaccinium macrocarpon American Cranberry Yes A1 65--13--3 Ne Aiton 0920001417
Vaccinium microcarpum Small Cranberry Yes A1 65--13--2 N (Turcz. ex Rupr.) Schmalh. 0920001418
Vaccinium myrtillus Bilberry Page 95 A1 65--13--6 N L. 0920002136
Vaccinium oxycoccos Cranberry Page 95 A1 65--13--1 N L. 0920001419
Vaccinium uliginosum Bog Bilberry Yes A1 65--13--5 N L. 0920002137
Vaccinium vitis-idaea Cowberry Page 95 A1 65--13--4 N L. 0920002138
Vaccinium vitis-idaea x myrtillus = V. x intermedium   Yes A1 65--13--4 x 6   Ruthe 0920002135
Valantia muralis   Clement A3 130--VAL--mur   L. 0920009004
Valeriana dioica Marsh Valerian Page 95 A1 133--2--3 N L. 0920002139
Valeriana officinalis Common Valerian Page 95 A1 133--2--1 N L. 0920002140

Valeriana phu L.
Turkish Valerian
Valeriana phu, previously included in the BSBI2007 list, has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 793.

See previous entries no mention under Valeriana:
Stace Edition 2 page 659,
Stace Edition 1 page 786.

Valeriana phu
Turkish Valerian Stace 3 A3 133--2--phu   L. 0920009005
Valeriana pyrenaica Pyrenean Valerian Yes A1 133--2--2 Ne L. 0920002141
Valerianella carinata Keeled-fruited Cornsalad Page 95 A1 133--1--2 Ar Loisel. 0920002142
Valerianella coronata   Clement A3 133--1--cor   (L.) DC. 0920009006
Valerianella dentata Narrow-fruited Cornsalad Page 95 A1 133--1--4 Ar (L.) Pollich 0920002143
Valerianella discoidea   Clement A3 133--1--dis   (L.) Loisel. 0920009007
Valerianella eriocarpa Hairy-fruited Cornsalad Yes A1 133--1--5 Ne Desv. 0920002144
Valerianella kotschyi   Clement A3 133--1--kot   Boiss. 0920009008
Valerianella locusta Common Cornsalad Page 95 A1 133--1--1 N (L.) Laterr. 0920002145
Valerianella microcarpa   Clement A3 133--1--mic   Loisel. 0920009009
Valerianella rimosa Broad-fruited Cornsalad Yes A1 133--1--3 Ar Bastard 0920002146
Vallisneria spiralis Tapegrass Yes A1 138--7--1 Ne L. 0920002147
Vancouveria planipetala Redwood-ivy Clement A3 29--VAN--pla   Calloni 0920009010
Velezia rigida   Clement A3 46--VEL--rig   L. 0920009011
Vellereophyton dealbatum White Cudweed Clement A3 135--VEL--dea   (Thunb.) Hilliard & B.L. Burtt 0920009012
Ventenata dubia   Clement A3 153--VEN--dub   (Leers) Coss. & Durieu 0920009013
Ventenata macra   Clement A3 153--VEN--mac   (Steven ex M. Bieb.) Boiss. 0920009014
Veratrum viride Giant False-helleborine Clement A3 158--VER--vir   Aiton 0920009015
Verbascum blattaria Moth Mullein Yes A1 124--1--1 Ne L. 0920002148
Verbascum blattaria x nigrum = V. x intermedium   Yes A1 124--1--1 x 9   Rupr. ex Bercht. & Pfund 0920002817
Verbascum boerhavii   Clement A3 124--1--boe   L. 0920009016
Verbascum bombyciferum Broussa Mullein Yes A1 124--1--4 Ne Boiss. 0920007660
Verbascum chaixii Nettle-leaved Mullein Yes A1 124--1--8 Ne Vill. 0920007661

Verbascum chaixii ssp austriacum (Schott. ex Roem. & Schult.) Hayek.
Verbascum chaixii ssp austriacum has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 608.

See previous entries - under Verbascum chaixii:
Stace Edition 2 page 592,
Stace Edition 1 page 706.

Verbascum chaixii ssp austriacum
  Stace 3       (Schott. ex Roem. & Schult.) Hayek.  

Verbascum chaixii ssp chaixii
Verbascum chaixii ssp chaixii has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 608.

See previous entries - under Verbascum chaixii:
Stace Edition 2 page 592,
Stace Edition 1 page 706.

Verbascum chaixii ssp chaixii
  Stace 3          
Verbascum creticum Cretan Mullein Clement A3 124--1--cre   (L.) Cav. 0920004250
Verbascum densiflorum Dense-flowered Mullein Yes A1 124--1--6 Ne Bertol. 0920002156
Verbascum lychnitis White Mullein Yes A1 124--1--12 N L. 0920002149
Verbascum nigrum Dark Mullein Page 95 A1 124--1--9 N L. 0920002150
Verbascum nigrum x lychnitis = V. x incanum   Yes A1 124--1--9 x 12   Gaudin 0920002815
Verbascum nigrum x pulverulentum = V. x mixtum   Yes A1 124--1--9 x 11   Ramond ex DC. 0920002816
Verbascum olympicum   Clement A3 124--1--oly   Boiss. 0920009017
Verbascum ovalifolium   Clement A3 124--1--ova   Donn ex Sims 0920009018
Verbascum phlomoides Orange Mullein Yes A1 124--1--5 Ne L. 0920002151

Verbascum phlomoides x Verbascum pulverulentum = Verbascum x murbeckii Borbás
Verbascum phlomoides x Verbascum pulverulentum = Verbascum x murbeckii has now been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 606.

For Verbascum phlomoides see:
Stace Edition 2 page 592,
Stace Edition 1 page 705.

Verbascum x murbeckii
  Stace 3       Borbás  
Verbascum phlomoides x thapsus = V. x kerneri   Yes A1 124--1--5 x 7   Fritsch 0920002809
Verbascum phoeniceum Purple Mullein Stace A2 124--1--pho Ca L. 0920002152
Verbascum pulverulentum Hoary Mullein Yes A1 124--1--11 ?N Vill. 0920002153
Verbascum pulverulentum x lychnitis = V. x regelianum   Yes A1 124--1--11 x 12   Wirtg. 0920002814
Verbascum pyramidatum Caucasian Mullein Yes A1 124--1--3 Ne M. Bieb. 0920007662
Verbascum pyramidatum x nigrum   Yes A1 124--1--3 x 9     0920007663
Verbascum pyramidatum x thapsus   Yes A1 124--1--3 x 7     0920007664
Verbascum sinuatum   Clement A3 124--1--sin   L. 0920002154
Verbascum speciosum Hungarian Mullein Yes A1 124--1--10 Ne Schrad. 0920002155
Verbascum thapsus Great Mullein Page 95 A1 124--1--7 N L. 0920002157
Verbascum thapsus subsp. giganteum   Clement A3 124--1--7--b   (Willk.) Nyman 0920002157.1
Verbascum thapsus x lychnitis = V. x thapsi   Yes A1 124--1--7 x 12   L. 0920002810
Verbascum thapsus x nigrum = V. x semialbum   Yes A1 124--1--7 x 9   Chaub. 0920002812
Verbascum thapsus x pulverulentum = V. x godronii   Yes A1 124--1--7 x 11   Boreau 0920002811
Verbascum thapsus x speciosum = V. x duernsteinense   Yes A1 124--1--7 x 10   Teyber 0920004345
Verbascum virgatum Twiggy Mullein Yes A1 124--1--2 Ne Stokes 0920002158
Verbascum virgatum x thapsus = V. x lemaitrei   Yes A1 124--1--2 x 7   Boreau 0920002813
Verbena bonariensis Argentinian Vervain Stace A2 117--1--bon Ca L.  
Verbena bracteata Bracted Vervain Clement A3 117--1--bra   Lag. & Rodr. 0920009020
Verbena elegans Elegant Vervain Clement A3 117--1--ele   Kunth 0920009021
Verbena hastata American Vervain Clement A3 117--1--has   L. 0920009022
Verbena hispida Hairy Vervain Clement A3 117--1--his   Ruiz & Pav. 0920009023
Verbena litoralis Brazilian Vervain Clement A3 117--1--lit   Kunth 0920009024
Verbena menthifolia Mint-leaved Vervain Clement A3 117--1--men   Benth. 0920009025
Verbena officinalis Vervain Page 95 A1 117--1--1 Ar L. 0920002159
Verbena platensis   Clement A3 117--1--pla   Spreng. 0920009026
Verbena rigida Slender Vervain Stace A2 117--1--rig Ca Spreng.  
Verbena supina Trailing Vervain Clement A3 117--1--sup   L. 0920009027
Verbena tenuisecta   Clement A3 117--1--ten   Briq. 0920009028
Verbena urticifolia Nettle-leaved Vervain Clement A3 117--1--urt   L. 0920009029
Verbena x hybrida Hybrid Verbena Clement A3 117--1--hyb   Voss 0920007924
Verbesina australis   Clement A3 135--VER--aus   (Hook. & Arn. ex DC.) Baker 0920009030
Verbesina encelioides Golden Crownbeard Clement A3 135--VER--enc   (Cav.) Benth. & Hook. f. ex A. Gray 0920009031
Veronica acinifolia French Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--13 Ne L. 0920002160
Veronica agrestis Green Field-speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--19 Ar L. 0920002161
Veronica alpina Alpine Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--3 N L. 0920002162
Veronica anagallis-aquatica Blue Water-Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--11 N L. 0920002163
Veronica anagallis-aquatica x catenata = V. x lackschewitzii   Yes A1 124--16--11 x 12 N J.B. Keller 0920002164
Veronica arvensis Wall Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--16 N L. 0920002165
Veronica austriaca Large Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--5 Ne L. 0920007126
Veronica austriaca subsp. teucrium   Yes A1 124--16--5--a   (L.) D.A. Webb 0920007126
Veronica bachofenii   Clement A3 124--16--bac   Heuff. 0920009032

Veronica barkeri Cockayne
Barker's Hebe
Veronica barkeri is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 592.

The old name was:

Hebe barkeri (Cockayne) A.Wall

For Hebe barkeri see:
Stace Edition 2 page 608,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Veronica barkeri
Barker's Hebe Stace 3       Cockayne  
Veronica beccabunga Brooklime Page 97 A1 124--16--10 N L. 0920002166

Veronica brachysiphon (Summerh.) Bean
Hooker's Hebe
Veronica brachysiphon is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 592.

The old name was:

Hebe brachysiphon Summerh.

For Hebe brachysiphon see:
Stace Edition 2 page 608,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Veronica brachysiphon
Hooker's Hebe Stace 3       (Summerh.) Bean  
Veronica calycina Cup Speedwell Clement A3 124--16--cal   R. Br. 0920009033
Veronica campylopoda   Clement A3 124--16--cam   Boiss. 0920009034
Veronica catenata Pink Water-Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--12 N Pennell 0920002167
Veronica chamaedrys Germander Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--7 N L. 0920002168
Veronica chamaepithyoides   Clement A3 124--16--cha   Lam. 0920009035
Veronica crista-galli Crested Field-speedwell Yes A1 124--16--22 Ne Steven 0920004412
Veronica cymbalaria Pale Speedwell Clement A3 124--16--cym   Bodard 0920008270

Veronica dieffenbachii Benth
Dieffenbach's Hebe
Veronica dieffenbachii is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 592.

The old name was:

Hebe dieffenbachii (Benth.) Cockayen & Allan

For Hebe dieffenbachii see:
Stace Edition 2 page 608,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Veronica dieffenbachii
Dieffenbach's Hebe Stace 3       Benth  
Veronica filiformis Slender Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--23 Ne Sm. 0920002169
Veronica fruticans Rock Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--4 N Jacq. 0920002170
Veronica gentianoides   Clement A3 124--16--gen   J. Vahl 0920004079
Veronica glauca   Clement A3 124--16--gla   Sibth. & Sm. 0920009036
Veronica grandis   Clement A3 124--16--gra   Fisch. & Spreng. 0920009037
Veronica grisebachii   Clement A3 124--16--gri   Walters 0920005617
Veronica hederifolia Ivy-leaved Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--24 Ar L. 0920002171
Veronica hederifolia subsp. hederifolia   Yes A1 124--16--24--a Ar   0920002171.1
Veronica hederifolia subsp. lucorum   Yes A1 124--16--24--b Ar (Klett & Richt.) Hartl 0920002171.2
Veronica longifolia Garden Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--25 Ne L. 0920004408
Veronica longifolia x spicata   Yes A1 124--16--25 x 26 Ne   0920007665
Veronica montana Wood Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--8 N L. 0920002172
Veronica officinalis Heath Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--6 N L. 0920002173
Veronica opaca   Clement A3 124--16--opa   Fr. 0920009038
Veronica orientalis   Clement A3 124--16--ori   Mill. 0920009039
Veronica paniculata   Clement A3 124--16--pan   L. 0920008271
Veronica peregrina American Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--18 Ne L. 0920002174
Veronica persica Common Field-speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--21 Ne Poir. 0920002175
Veronica polita Grey Field-speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--20 Ne Fr. 0920002176
Veronica praecox Breckland Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--14 Ne All. 0920002177
Veronica prostrata Prostrate Speedwell Clement A3 124--16--pro   L. 0920009040
Veronica repens Corsican Speedwell Yes S1 A1 124--16--2 Ne Clarion ex DC. 0920002178

Veronica salicifolia G Forst.
Veronica salicifolia is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 592.

The old name was:

Hebe salicifolia (G.Forst.) Pennell

For Hebe salicifolia see:
Stace Edition 2 page 606,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Veronica salicifolia
Koromiko Stace 3       Auth  

Veronica salicifolia x Veronica elliptica = Veronica x lewisii J.B.Armstr.
Lewis's Hebe
Veronica salicifolia x Veronica elliptica = Veronica x lewisii is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 592.

The old name was:

Hebe salicifolia x Hebe elliptica = Hebe x lewisii (J Amstr.) A Wall

For Hebe salicifolia x Hebe elliptica = Hebe x lewisii see:
Stace Edition 2 page 606,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Veronica x lewisii
Lewis's Hebe Stace 3       J.B.Armstr.  

Veronica x franciscana Eastw.
Hedge Veronica
Veronica x franciscana is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 592.

The old name was:

Hebe x franciscana (Eastw.) Souster

For old name see:
Stace Edition 2 page 608,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Veronica x franciscana
Hedge Veronica Stace 3       Eastw.  
Veronica scutellata Marsh Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--9 N L. 0920002179
Veronica serpyllifolia Thyme-leaved Speedwell Page 97 A1 124--16--1 N L. 0920002180
Veronica serpyllifolia subsp. humifusa   Yes A1 124--16--1--b N (Dickson) Syme 0920002180.1
Veronica serpyllifolia subsp. serpyllifolia   Yes A1 124--16--1--a     0920002180.2
Veronica spicata Spiked Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--26 N L. 0920002181
Veronica spicata subsp. hybrida   Yes A1 124--16--26--b   (L.) Gaudin 0920002181.1
Veronica spicata subsp. orchidea   Clement A3 124--16--26--c   (Crantz) Hayek 0920002181.3
Veronica spicata subsp. spicata   Yes A1 124--16--26--a     0920002181.2
Veronica triphyllos Fingered Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--15 Ar L. 0920002182
Veronica urticifolia Nettle-leaved Speedwell Clement A3 124--16--urt   Jacq. 0920009042
Veronica verna Spring Speedwell Yes A1 124--16--17 N L. 0920002183
Veronicastrum virginicum Culver's-root Clement A3 124--VER--vir   (L.) Farw. 0920009043
Viburnum farreri   Clement A3 131--2--far   Stearn 0920004170
Viburnum farreri x grandiflorum = V. x bodnantense   Clement A3 131--2--far x gra   Aberc. 0920009046
Viburnum lantana Wayfaring-tree Page 97 A1 131--2--2 N L. 0920002184
Viburnum lantana x rhytidophyllum = V. x rhytidophylloides   Yes A1 131--2--2 x 4 Ne J.V. Suringar 0920007667
Viburnum lantanoides Hobble-bush Clement A3 131--2--lan   Michx. 0920009045
Viburnum opulus Guelder-rose Page 97 A1 131--2--1 N L. 0920002185
Viburnum rhytidophyllum Wrinkled Viburnum Yes A1 131--2--4 Ne Hemsl. 0920007666
Viburnum tinus Laurustinus Yes A1 131--2--3 Ne L. 0920004370
Vicia altissima   Clement A3 77--14--alt   Desf. 0920009047
Vicia amoena   Clement A3 77--14--amo   Fisch. 0920009048
Vicia articulata   Clement A3 77--14--art   Hornem. 0920009049
Vicia benghalensis Purple Vetch Stace A2 77--14--ben Ca L.  
Vicia bithynica Bithynian Vetch Yes A1 77--14--14 N (L.) L. 0920002187
Vicia cassubica Danzig Vetch Clement A3 77--14--cas   L. 0920002188
Vicia cracca Tufted Vetch Page 97 A1 77--14--2 N L. 0920002189
Vicia cracca subsp. cracca   Other AT 77--14--2--a      
Vicia cracca subsp. gerardii   Clement A3 77--14--2--b   Gaudin 0920002189.1
Vicia cretica   Clement A3 77--14--cre   Boiss. & Heldr. 0920009051
Vicia ervilia Ervil Clement A3 77--14--erv   (L.) Willd. 0920009052
Vicia faba Broad Bean Stace A2 77--14--fab Ne L.  
Vicia grandiflora   Clement A3 77--14--gra   Scop. 0920009053
Vicia hirsuta Hairy Tare Page 97 A1 77--14--6 N (L.) Gray 0920002191
Vicia hookeri Hooker's Vetch Clement A3 77--14--hoo   G. Don 0920009054
Vicia hybrida Hairy Yellow-vetch Clement A3 77--14--hyb   L. 0920002192
Vicia hyrcanica   Clement A3 77--14--hyr   Fisch. & C.A. Mey. 0920009055
Vicia lathyroides Spring Vetch Page 97 A1 77--14--12 N L. 0920002194
Vicia leucantha   Clement A3 77--14--leu   Biv. 0920009056
Vicia lutea Yellow-vetch Yes A1 77--14--13 N L. 0920002195
Vicia lutea subsp. lutea   Other AT 77--14--13--a      
Vicia lutea subsp. vestita   Clement A3 77--14--13--b   (Boiss.) Rouy 0920002195.1
Vicia melanops Black-eyed Vetch Clement A3 77--14--mel   Sibth. & Sm. 0920005695
Vicia monantha   Clement A3 77--14--mon   Retz. 0920005696
Vicia narbonensis Narbonne Vetch Stace A2 77--14--nar Ne L.  
Vicia onobrychioides   Clement A3 77--14--ono   L. 0920009058
Vicia orobus Wood Bitter-vetch Yes A1 77--14--1 N DC. 0920002196
Vicia palaestina   Clement A3 77--14--pal   Boiss. 0920009059
Vicia pannonica Hungarian Vetch Yes A1 77--14--10 Ca Crantz 0920007668
Vicia parviflora Slender Tare Yes A1 77--14--7 N Cav. 0920002201
Vicia peregrina   Clement A3 77--14--per   L. 0920005697
Vicia pubescens   Clement A3 77--14--pub   (DC.) Link 0920009060
Vicia pyrenaica Pyrenean Vetch Clement A3 77--14--pyr   Pourr. 0920009061
Vicia sativa   Page 97 A1 77--14--11 N L. 0920002516
Vicia sativa subsp. nigra Narrow-leaved Vetch Yes A1 77--14--11--a N (L.) Ehrh. 0920002186
Vicia sativa subsp. sativa   Yes A1 77--14--11--c Ar   0920002197
Vicia sativa subsp. segetalis Common Vetch Yes A1 77--14--11--b Ar (Thuill.) Gaudin 0920002649
Vicia sepium Bush Vetch Page 99 A1 77--14--9 N L. 0920002198
Vicia sylvatica Wood Vetch Page 99 A1 77--14--4 N L. 0920002199
Vicia tenuifolia Fine-leaved Vetch Yes A1 77--14--3 Ne Roth 0920002200
Vicia tetrasperma Smooth Tare Page 99 A1 77--14--8 N (L.) Schreb. 0920002202
Vicia villosa Fodder Vetch Yes A1 77--14--5 Ne Roth 0920002203
Vigna radiata Mung-bean Stace A2 77--VIG--rad Ca (L.) Wilczek  
Villanova dissecta   Clement A3 135--VIL--dis   (Hook.) DC. 0920009062
Vinca difformis Intermediate Periwinkle Yes A1 109--1--2 Ne Pourr. 0920007669
Vinca major Greater Periwinkle Page 99 A1 109--1--3 Ne L. 0920002204
Vinca minor Lesser Periwinkle Page 99 A1 109--1--1 Ar L. 0920002205
Vincetoxicum nigrum Black Swallow-wort Clement A3 109A--VIN--nig   (L.) Moench 0920009063
Viola arvensis Field Pansy Page 99 A1 57--1--13 Ar Murray 0920002206
Viola biflora Alpine Yellow-violet Clement A3 57--1--bif   L. 0920009064
Viola canina Heath Dog-violet Page 99 A1 57--1--6 N L. 0920002207
Viola canina subsp. canina   Yes A1 57--1--6--a     0920002207.1
Viola canina subsp. montana   Yes A1 57--1--6--b N (L.) Hartm. 0920002207.2
Viola canina x lactea   Yes S1 A1 57--1--6 x 7     0920002686
Viola canina x persicifolia = V. x ritschliana   Yes A1 57--1--6 x 8   W. Becker 0920002687
Viola cornuta Horned Pansy Yes A1 57--1--10 Ne L. 0920002437
Viola declinata   Clement A3 57--1--dec   Waldst. & Kit. 0920009065
Viola hirta Hairy Violet Page 99 A1 57--1--2 N L. 0920002210
Viola kitaibeliana Dwarf Pansy Yes A1 57--1--14 N Schult. 0920002213
Viola labradorica Labrador Violet Clement A3 57--1--lab   Schrank 0920004090
Viola lactea Pale Dog-violet Yes A1 57--1--7 N Sm. 0920002211
Viola lutea Mountain Pansy Page 99 A1 57--1--11 N Huds. 0920002212
Viola lutea x tricolor   Yes A1 57--1--11 x 12     0920002688
Viola lutea x tricolor x altaica = V. x wittrockiana Garden Pansy Page 99 A1 57--1--11 x 12 x alt Ne Gams ex Kappert 0920002438
Viola odorata Sweet Violet Page 99 A1 57--1--1 N L. 0920002214
Viola odorata x hirta = V. x scabra   Yes A1 57--1--1 x 2 N F. Braun 0920002208
Viola palustris Marsh Violet Page 99 A1 57--1--9 N L. 0920002215
Viola palustris subsp. juressi   Yes A1 57--1--9--b N (Link ex Wein) P. Fourn. 0920002215.1
Viola palustris subsp. palustris   Yes A1 57--1--9--a     0920002215.2
Viola pensylvanica Smooth Yellow-violet Clement A3 57--1--pen   Michx. 0920009066
Viola persicifolia Fen Violet Yes A1 57--1--8 N Schreb. 0920002216
Viola reichenbachiana Early Dog-violet Page 99 A1 57--1--5 N Jord. ex Boreau 0920002217
Viola reichenbachiana x canina = V. x mixta   Yes A1 57--1--5 x 6   A. Kern. 0920007670
Viola riviniana Common Dog-violet Page 99 A1 57--1--4 N Rchb. 0920002218
Viola riviniana x canina = V. x intersita   Yes A1 57--1--4 x 6 N Beck 0920002684
Viola riviniana x lactea   Yes A1 57--1--4 x 7 N   0920002685
Viola riviniana x reichenbachiana = V. x bavarica   Yes A1 57--1--4 x 5 N Schrank 0920002683
Viola rupestris Teesdale Violet Yes A1 57--1--3 N F.W. Schmidt 0920002219
Viola rupestris x riviniana = V. x burnatii   Yes A1 57--1--3 x 4   Gremli 0920002682
Viola tricolor Wild Pansy Page 99 A1 57--1--12 N L. 0920002220
Viola tricolor subsp. curtisii   Yes A1 57--1--12--b N (E. Forst.) Syme 0920002220.1
Viola tricolor subsp. tricolor   Yes A1 57--1--12--a     0920002220.3
Viola tricolor x arvensis = V. x contempta   Yes A1 57--1--12 x 13 N Jord. 0920002209
Viscum album Mistletoe Page 99 A1 87--1--1 N L. 0920002223
Vitis coignetiae Crimson-glory-vine Clement A3 93--1--coi   Pulliat ex Planch. 0920008276
Vitis vinifera Grape-vine Yes A1 93--1--1 Ne L. 0920002224
Vittadinia triloba Fuzzweed Clement A3 135--VIT--tri   (Gaudich.) DC. 0920004192
Volutaria lippii   Clement A3 135--VOL--lip   (L.) Maire 0920009067
Vulpia alopecuros   Clement A3 153--14--alo   (Schousb.) Dumort. 0920009068
Vulpia australis   Clement A3 153--14--aus   (Nees ex Steud.) C.H. Blom 0920009069
Vulpia bromoides Squirreltail Fescue Page 99 A1 153--14--2 N (L.) Gray 0920002226
Vulpia ciliata Bearded Fescue Yes A1 153--14--4 N Dumort. 0920005468
Vulpia ciliata subsp. ambigua   Yes A1 153--14--4--b   (Le Gall) Stace & Auquier 0920002225
Vulpia ciliata subsp. ciliata   Yes A3 153--14--4--a     0920005469
Vulpia fasciculata Dune Fescue Yes A1 153--14--1 N (Forssk.) Fritsch 0920002227
Vulpia geniculata   Clement A3 153--14--gen   (L.) Link 0920009070
Vulpia membranacea   Clement A3 153--14--mem   (L.) Dumort. 0920009071
Vulpia muralis   Clement A3 153--14--mur   (Kunth) Nees 0920008277
Vulpia myuros Rat's-tail Fescue Page 99 A1 153--14--3 Ar (L.) C.C. Gmel. 0920002228
Vulpia sicula   Clement A3 153--14--sic   (C. Presl) Link 0920009072
Vulpia unilateralis Mat-grass Fescue Yes A1 153--14--5 Ne (L.) Stace 0920002263
Vulpiella tenuis   Clement A3 153--VUL--ten   (Tineo) Kergu‚len 0920009073

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