British and Irish Flora 2017   T

Systematic Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Taeniatherum caput-medusae   Clement A3 153--TAE--cap   (L.) Nevski 0920005608
Tagetes erecta African Marigold Stace A2 135--TAG--ere Ca L. 0920008241
Tagetes erythrocephala   Clement A3 135--TAG--ery   Rusby 0920008894
Tagetes gracilis   Clement A3 135--TAG--gra   DC. 0920008895
Tagetes micrantha   Clement A3 135--TAG--mic   Cav. 0920008896
Tagetes minuta Southern Marigold Stace A2 135--TAG--min Ca L. 0920008242
Tagetes patula French Marigold Stace A2 135--TAG--pat Ca L. 0920008243
Tagetes tenuifolia Signet Marigold Clement A3 135--TAG--ten   Cav. 0920004112
Tamarix africana African Tamarisk Stace A2 58--1--afr Ne Poir. 0920008244
Tamarix chinensis Chinese Tamarisk Clement A3 58--1--chi   Lour. 0920008897
Tamarix gallica Tamarisk Yes A1 58--1--1 Ne L. 0920002031
Tamarix parviflora   Clement A3 58--1--par   DC. 0920008898
Tamarix tetrandra   Clement A3 58--1--tet   Pall. ex M. Bieb. 0920008899
Tamus communis Black Bryony Page 89 A1 161--1--1 N L. 0920002032
Tanacetum balsamita Costmary Yes S1 A1 135--48--bal Ne L. 0920008245
Tanacetum cinerariifolium Dalmatian Pyrethrum Clement A3 135--48--cin   (Trevis.) Sch. Bip. 0920008900
Tanacetum coccineum Garden Pyrethrum Clement A3 135--48--coc   (Willd.) Grierson 0920008901
Tanacetum corymbosum Scentless Feverfew Clement A3 135--48--cor   (L.) Sch. Bip. 0920008902
Tanacetum leucophyllum   Clement A3 135--48--leu   Regel 0920008903
Tanacetum macrophyllum Rayed Tansy Yes A1 135--48--2 Ne (Waldst. & Kit.) Sch. Bip. 0920007609
Tanacetum parthenium Feverfew Page 89 A1 135--48--1 Ar (L.) Sch. Bip. 0920000503
Tanacetum vulgare Tansy Page 89 A1 135--48--3 N L. 0920002033
Taraxacum aberrans   Yes A1 135--25--102   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920007610
Taraxacum acroglossum   Yes A1 135--25--103   Dahlst. 0920003934
Taraxacum acutifidum   Yes A1 135--25--104   M.P. Christ. 0920007611
Taraxacum acutifrons   Yes A1 135--25--105   Markl. 0920003935
Taraxacum acutum   Yes A1 135--25--1   A.J. Richards 0920003802
Taraxacum adiantifrons   Yes A1 135--25--138   E. Ekman ex Dahlst. 0920003965
Taraxacum aequilobum   Yes A1 135--25--106   Dahlst. 0920003805
Taraxacum aequisectum   Yes A1 135--25--107   M.P. Christ. 0920003806
Taraxacum akteum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--akt   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb.  
Taraxacum alatum   Yes A1 135--25--108   H. Lindb. 0920003807
Taraxacum altissimum   Yes A1 135--25--109   H. Lindb. 0920003937
Taraxacum amarellum   Yes S3 A1 135--25--ama   Kirschner & Stepanek  
Taraxacum amplum   Yes A1 135--25--110   Markl. 0920007612
Taraxacum ancistrolobum   Yes A1 135--25--111   Dahlst. 0920003808
Taraxacum anglicum   Yes A1 135--25--31   Dahlst. 0920003809
Taraxacum angulare   Yes A1 135--25--112   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920007613
Taraxacum angustisquameum   Yes A1 135--25--113   Dahlst. ex H. Lindb. 0920003938
Taraxacum arenastrum   Yes A1 135--25--2   A.J. Richards 0920003940
Taraxacum argutum   Yes A1 135--25--3   Dahlst. 0920003810
Taraxacum atactum   Yes A1 135--25--84   Sahlin & Soest 0920003941
Taraxacum atonolobum   Yes A1 135--25--114   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920007614
Taraxacum aurosulum   Yes A1 135--25--115   H. Lindb. 0920003811
Taraxacum beeftinkii   Yes A1 135--25--53   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920003942
Taraxacum berthae   Yes A1 135--25--54   C.C. Haw. 0920003943
Taraxacum boekmanii   Yes A1 135--25--85   Borgv. 0920003944
Taraxacum brachyglossum   Yes S2 A1 135--25--4   (Dahlst.) Raunk. 0920003815
Taraxacum bracteatum   Yes A1 135--25--55   Dahlst. 0920003816
Taraxacum breconense   Yes S1 A1 135--25--bre   C.C. Haw.  
Taraxacum britannicum   Yes A1 135--25--56   Dahlst. 0920003945
Taraxacum caledonicum   Yes A1 135--25--57   A.J. Richards 0920003817
Taraxacum caloschistum   Yes A1 135--25--116   Dahlst. 0920007615
Taraxacum cambricum   Yes A1 135--25--58   A.J. Richards 0920003946
Taraxacum celticum   Yes A1 135--25--59   A.J. Richards 0920003948
Taraxacum cenabense   Yes A1 135--25--5   Sahlin 0920003949
Taraxacum ceratolobum   Yes A1 135--25--47   Dahlst. 0920003822
Taraxacum cherwellense   Yes A1 135--25--117   A.J. Richards 0920005465
Taraxacum chloroticum   Yes A1 135--25--118   Dahlst. 0920003951
Taraxacum chrysophaenum   Yes A1 135--25--119   Rail. 0920003952
Taraxacum ciliare   Yes A1 135--25--cil   Soest  
Taraxacum clovense   Yes A1 135--25--48   A.J. Richards 0920004497
Taraxacum coartatum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--coa   G.E. Haglund  
Taraxacum commixtum   Yes A1 135--25--6   G.E. Haglund 0920003825
Taraxacum cophocentrum   Yes A1 135--25--120   Dahlst. 0920003826
Taraxacum cordatum   Yes A1 135--25--121   Palmgr. 0920003828
Taraxacum cornubiense   Yes A1 135--25--37   A.J. Richards 0920003953
Taraxacum corynodes   Yes A1 135--25--122   G.E. Haglund 0920003954
Taraxacum craspedotum   Yes A1 135--25--49   Dahlst. 0920003829
Taraxacum croceiflorum   Yes A1 135--25--123   Dahlst. 0920003831
Taraxacum curtifrons   Yes A1 135--25--124   H. llg. 0920003955
Taraxacum cyanolepis   Yes A1 135--25--125   Dahlst. 0920003833
Taraxacum cymbifolium   Yes A1 135--25--50   H. Lindb. ex Dahlst. 0920003834
Taraxacum dahlstedtii   Yes A1 135--25--126   H. Lindb. 0920003835
Taraxacum degelii   Yes A1 135--25--7   G.E. Haglund 0920003836
Taraxacum densilobum   Yes A1 135--25--127   Dahlst. 0920003956
Taraxacum diastematicum   Yes A1 135--25--128   Markl. 0920007616
Taraxacum dilaceratum   Yes A1 135--25--129   M.P. Christ. 0920003957
Taraxacum dilatatum   Yes A1 135--25--130   H. Lindb. 0920003837
Taraxacum disseminatum   Yes A1 135--25--8   G.E. Haglund 0920003838
Taraxacum drucei   Yes A1 135--25--38   Dahlst. 0920003839
Taraxacum dunense   Yes A1 135--25--9   Soest 0920003840
Taraxacum duplidentifrons   Yes A1 135--25--60   Dahlst. 0920003842
Taraxacum edmondsonianum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--edm   H. llg.  
Taraxacum ekmanii   Yes A1 135--25--131   Dahlst. 0920003843
Taraxacum euryphyllum   Yes A1 135--25--39   (Dahlst.) Hjelt 0920003844
Taraxacum exacutum   Yes A1 135--25--132   Markl. 0920003920
Taraxacum excellens   Yes A1 135--25--61   Dahlst. 0920003958
Taraxacum expallidiforme   Yes A1 135--25--133   Dahlst. 0920003846
Taraxacum exsertiforme   Yes A1 135--25--134   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920007617
Taraxacum exsertum   Yes A1 135--25--135   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920003959
Taraxacum faeroense   Yes A1 135--25--35   (Dahlst.) Dahlst. 0920003847
Taraxacum fagerstroemii   Yes A1 135--25--136   S†ltin 0920003960
Taraxacum falcatum   Yes A1 135--25--10   Brenner 0920003821
Taraxacum fasciatum   Yes A1 135--25--137   Dahlst. 0920003848
Taraxacum fulgidum   Yes A1 135--25--62   G.E. Haglund 0920003849
Taraxacum fulvicarpum   Yes A1 135--25--63   Dahlst. 0920003850
Taraxacum fulviforme   Yes A1 135--25--11   Dahlst. 0920003851
Taraxacum fulvum   Yes A1 135--25--12   Raunk. 0920003852
Taraxacum fusciflorum   Yes A1 135--25--86   H. llg. 0920003961
Taraxacum geirhildae   Yes S1 A1 135--25--gei   (Beeby) R.C. Palmer & W. Scott  
Taraxacum gelertii   Yes A1 135--25--64   Raunk. 0920003962
Taraxacum glauciniforme   Yes A1 135--25--13   Dahlst. 0920003853
Taraxacum gotlandicum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--got   (Dahlst.) Dahlst.  
Taraxacum haematicum   Yes A1 135--25--65   G.E. Haglund ex H. llg. & Wittzell 0920003856
Taraxacum hamatiforme   Yes A1 135--25--87   Dahlst. 0920003857
Taraxacum hamatulum   Yes A1 135--25--88   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920003963
Taraxacum hamatum   Yes A1 135--25--89   Raunk. 0920003858
Taraxacum hamiferum   Yes A1 135--25--90   Dahlst. 0920003964
Taraxacum haworthianum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--haw   Dudman & A.J. Richards  
Taraxacum hepaticum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--hep   Rail.  
Taraxacum hesperium   Yes A1 135--25--66   C.C. Haw. 0920007618
Taraxacum hexhamense   Yes A1 135--25--139   A.J. Richards 0920003966
Taraxacum hirsutissimum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--hir   C.C. Haw.  
Taraxacum horridifrons   Yes A1 135--25--140   Rail. 0920003967
Taraxacum huelphersianum   Yes A1 135--25--141   Dahlst. 0920003968
Taraxacum hygrophilum   Yes A1 135--25--67   Soest 0920003862
Taraxacum inane   Yes A1 135--25--68   A.J. Richards 0920003864
Taraxacum incisum   Yes A1 135--25--142   H. llg. 0920003932
Taraxacum inopinatum   Yes A1 135--25--14   C.C. Haw. 0920007619
Taraxacum insigne   Yes A1 135--25--143   E. Ekman ex M.P. Christ. & Wiinst. 0920003865
Taraxacum interveniens   Yes A1 135--25--144   G.E. Haglund 0920003970
Taraxacum intumescens   Yes A1 135--25--145   G.E. Haglund 0920003971
Taraxacum kernianum   Yes A1 135--25--91   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920003972
Taraxacum lacerifolium   Yes A1 135--25--146   G.E. Haglund 0920003974
Taraxacum laciniosifrons   Yes A1 135--25--147   Wiinst. 0920003973
Taraxacum laciniosum   Yes A1 135--25--148   Dahlst. 0920007620
Taraxacum lacistophyllum   Yes A1 135--25--15   (Dahlst.) Raunk. 0920003868
Taraxacum laeticolor   Yes A1 135--25--149   Dahlst. 0920003975
Taraxacum lamprophyllum   Yes A1 135--25--92   M.P. Christ. 0920003879
Taraxacum lancastriense   Yes A1 135--25--69   A.J. Richards 0920003976
Taraxacum lancidens   Yes A1 135--25--93   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920007621
Taraxacum landmarkii   Yes A1 135--25--70   Dahlst. 0920003873
Taraxacum latens   Yes S1 A1 135--25--lat   H. llg.  
Taraxacum laticordatum   Yes A1 135--25--150   Markl. 0920003977
Taraxacum latisectum   Yes A1 135--25--151   H. Lindb. 0920003874
Taraxacum latissimum   Yes A1 135--25--152   Palmgr. 0920003978
Taraxacum lepidum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--209   M.P. Christ. 0920004023
Taraxacum leptodon   Yes A1 135--25--154   Markl. 0920007622
Taraxacum leucopodum   Yes A1 135--25--155   G.E. Haglund 0920003980
Taraxacum lingulatum   Yes A1 135--25--157   Markl. 0920003876
Taraxacum longisquameum   Yes A1 135--25--158   H. Lindb. 0920003878
Taraxacum lucidum   Yes A1 135--25--159   Dahlst. 0920003982
Taraxacum lunare   Yes A1 135--25--160   M.P. Christ. 0920007623
Taraxacum luteum   Yes A1 135--25--71   C.C. Haw. & A.J. Richards 0920003983
Taraxacum macranthoides   Yes A1 135--25--161   G.E. Haglund 0920003984
Taraxacum macrolobum   Yes A1 135--25--162   Dahlst. 0920003866
Taraxacum maculatum   Yes A1 135--25--163   Jord. 0920005466
Taraxacum maculosum   Yes A1 135--25--40   A.J. Richards 0920003880
Taraxacum margettsii   Yes A1 135--25--164   C.C. Haw. 0920007624
Taraxacum marklundii   Yes A1 135--25--94   Palmgr. 0920003881
Taraxacum melanthoides   Yes A1 135--25--165   Dahlst. ex M.P. Christ. & Wiinst. 0920003985
Taraxacum mimulum   Yes A1 135--25--166   Dahlst. ex H. Lindb. 0920003986
Taraxacum multicolorans   Yes A1 135--25--168   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920003987
Taraxacum naevosiforme   Yes A1 135--25--41   Dahlst. 0920003884
Taraxacum naevosum   Yes A1 135--25--42   Dahlst. 0920003885
Taraxacum necessarium   Yes A1 135--25--169   H. llg. 0920003988
Taraxacum nietoi   Yes S1 A1 135--25--nie   A.J. Richards  
Taraxacum nigridentatum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--nig   T. Edm.  
Taraxacum nitidum   Yes A1 135--25--170   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920007626
Taraxacum nordstedtii   Yes A1 135--25--72   Dahlst. 0920003886
Taraxacum obliquilobum   Yes A1 135--25--171   Dahlst. 0920003887
Taraxacum obliquum   Yes A1 135--25--29   (Fr.) Dahlst. 0920003888
Taraxacum oblongatum   Yes A1 135--25--172   Dahlst. 0920003889
Taraxacum obtusifrons   Yes A1 135--25--173   Markl. 0920003989
Taraxacum obtusilobum   Yes A1 135--25--174   Dahlst. ex G.E. Haglund 0920003891
Taraxacum ochrochlorum   Yes A1 135--25--175   G.E. Haglund ex Rail. 0920003990
Taraxacum oellgaardii   Yes A1 135--25--73   C.C. Haw. 0920007627
Taraxacum officinale agg.   Aggregate AK 135--25--- N    
Taraxacum olgae   Yes A1 135--25--74   A.J. Richards 0920003991
Taraxacum orcadense   Yes A1 135--25--75   Dahlst. 0920003892
Taraxacum ostenfeldii   Yes A1 135--25--76   Raunk. 0920003841
Taraxacum oxoniense   Yes A1 135--25--16   Dahlst. 0920003893
Taraxacum pachylobum   Yes A1 135--25--176   Dahlst. 0920007628
Taraxacum pachymerum   Yes A1 135--25--177   G.E. Haglund 0920003994
Taraxacum pallescens   Yes A1 135--25--178   Dahlst. 0920003894
Taraxacum pallidipes   Yes A1 135--25--179   Markl. 0920003995
Taraxacum palustre   Yes A1 135--25--32   (Lyons) Symons 0920003895
Taraxacum palustrisquameum   Yes A1 135--25--77   A.J. Richards 0920003996
Taraxacum pannucium   Yes A1 135--25--180   Dahlst. 0920003896
Taraxacum pannulatiforme   Yes A1 135--25--181   Dahlst. 0920007629
Taraxacum pannulatum   Yes A1 135--25--182   Dahlst. 0920003997
Taraxacum parnassicum   Yes A1 135--25--25   Dahlst. 0920003917
Taraxacum pectinatiforme   Yes A1 135--25--183   H. Lindb. 0920003898
Taraxacum piceatum   Yes A1 135--25--184   Dahlst. 0920003998
Taraxacum placidum   Yes A1 135--25--17   A.J. Richards 0920003899
Taraxacum planum   Yes A1 135--25--185   Raunk. 0920003999
Taraxacum platyglossum   Yes A1 135--25--30   Raunk. 0920003900
Taraxacum polyhamatum   Yes A1 135--25--95   H. llg. 0920004000
Taraxacum polyodon   Yes A1 135--25--186   Dahlst. 0920003901
Taraxacum porrigens   Yes A1 135--25--187   Markl. ex Puol. 0920007630
Taraxacum porteri   Yes A1 135--25--78   C.C. Haw. 0920007631
Taraxacum prionum   Yes A1 135--25--96   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920007632
Taraxacum procerisquameum   Yes A1 135--25--188   H. llg. 0920003905
Taraxacum proximiforme   Yes S2 A1 135--25--18   Soest 0920003906
Taraxacum proximum   Yes S2 A1 135--25--19   (Dahlst.) Raunk. 0920003907
Taraxacum pruinatum   Yes A1 135--25--97   M.P. Christ. 0920004001
Taraxacum pseudohamatum   Yes A1 135--25--98   Dahlst. 0920004002
Taraxacum pseudolarssonii   Yes A1 135--25--43   A.J. Richards 0920003909
Taraxacum pseudonordstedtii   Yes A1 135--25--79   A.J. Richards 0920003910
Taraxacum pseudoproximum   Yes A1 135--25--20   Soest 0920004003
Taraxacum pseudoretroflexum   Yes A1 135--25--189   M.P. Christ. 0920007633
Taraxacum pulchrifolium   Yes A1 135--25--190   Markl. 0920004004
Taraxacum pycnostictum   Yes A1 135--25--51   M.P. Christ. 0920003911
Taraxacum quadrans   Yes A1 135--25--99   H. llg. 0920004005
Taraxacum remanentilobum   Yes A1 135--25--192   Soest 0920004006
Taraxacum retroflexum   Yes A1 135--25--193   H. Lindb. 0920004007
Taraxacum retzii   Yes A1 135--25--21   Soest 0920003914
Taraxacum rhamphodes   Yes A1 135--25--194   G.E. Haglund 0920004008
Taraxacum richardsianum   Yes A1 135--25--44   C.C. Haw. 0920007635
Taraxacum rubellum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--rub   M.P. Christ.  
Taraxacum rubicundum   Yes A1 135--25--22   (Dahlst.) Dahlst. 0920003915
Taraxacum rubrisquameum   Yes S3 A1 135--25--rur   M.P. Christ.  
Taraxacum sagittipotens   Yes A1 135--25--195   Dahlst. & R. Ohlsen ex G.E. Haglund 0920004010
Taraxacum sahlinianum   Yes S1 A1 135--25--sah   Dudman & A.J. Richards  
Taraxacum scanicum   Yes A1 135--25--23   Dahlst. 0920004012
Taraxacum scoticum   Yes A1 135--25--24   A.J. Richards 0920004013
Taraxacum scotiniforme   Yes A1 135--25--196   Dahlst. ex G.E. Haglund 0920003882
Taraxacum sellandii   Yes A1 135--25--197   Dahlst. 0920003916
Taraxacum semiglobosum   Yes A1 135--25--198   H. Lindb. 0920007636
Taraxacum serpenticola   Yes A1 135--25--36   A.J. Richards 0920004014
Taraxacum sinuatum   Yes A1 135--25--199   Dahlst. 0920004015
Taraxacum speciosum   Yes A1 135--25--200   Raunk. 0920004016
Taraxacum spiculatum   Yes A1 135--25--100   M.P. Christ. 0920004017
Taraxacum stenacrum   Yes A1 135--25--201   Dahlst. 0920003921
Taraxacum stereodes   Yes A1 135--25--202   Ekman ex G.E. Haglund 0920004018
Taraxacum stictophyllum   Yes A1 135--25--45   Dahlst. 0920003922
Taraxacum subbracteatum   Yes A1 135--25--80   A.J. Richards 0920004019
Taraxacum subcyanolepis   Yes A1 135--25--203   M.P. Christ. 0920003923
Taraxacum subexpallidum   Yes A1 135--25--204   Dahlst. 0920007637
Taraxacum subhamatum   Yes A1 135--25--101   M.P. Christ. 0920004020
Taraxacum subhuelphersianum   Yes A1 135--25--205   M.P. Christ. 0920007638
Taraxacum sublaeticolor   Yes A1 135--25--207   Dahlst. 0920003925
Taraxacum sublongisquameum   Yes A1 135--25--208   M.P. Christ. 0920004021
Taraxacum subnaevosum   Yes A1 135--25--46   A.J. Richards 0920004022
Taraxacum subundulatum   Yes A1 135--25--210   Dahlst. 0920003927
Taraxacum subxanthostigma   Yes A1 135--25--211   M.P. Christ. ex H. llg. 0920004025
Taraxacum sundbergii   Yes S1 A1 135--25--sun   Dahlst.  
Taraxacum tamesense   Yes A1 135--25--81   A.J. Richards 0920003928
Taraxacum tanylepis   Yes A1 135--25--26   Dahlst. 0920003929
Taraxacum tanyphyllum   Yes A1 135--25--212   Dahlst. 0920004026
Taraxacum tenebricans   Yes A1 135--25--213   (Dahlst.) Dahlst. 0920003930
Taraxacum texelense   Yes A1 135--25--82   Hagend., Soest & Zevenb. 0920007640
Taraxacum tortilobum   Yes A1 135--25--27   Florstr. 0920004027
Taraxacum trilobatum   Yes A1 135--25--214   Palmgr. 0920004028
Taraxacum tumentilobum   Yes A1 135--25--215   Markl. ex Puol. 0920004029
Taraxacum undulatiflorum   Yes A1 135--25--216   M.P. Christ. 0920004030
Taraxacum undulatum   Yes A1 135--25--217   H. Lindb. & Markl. 0920004031
Taraxacum unguilobum   Yes A1 135--25--83   Dahlst. 0920003931
Taraxacum valens   Yes A1 135--25--218   Markl. 0920004032
Taraxacum vastisectum   Yes A1 135--25--219   Markl. ex Puol. 0920004033
Taraxacum wallonicum   Yes A1 135--25--28   Soest 0920004034
Taraxacum webbii   Yes A1 135--25--34   A.J. Richards 0920004035
Taraxacum xanthostigma   Yes A1 135--25--220   H. Lindb. 0920003933
Taraxacum xiphoideum   Yes A1 135--25--52   G.E. Haglund 0920003863
Taxodium distichum Swamp Cypress Clement A3 20A--TAX--dis   (L.) Rich. 0920008246
Taxus baccata Yew Page 91 A1 23--1--1 N L. 0920002039
Teesdalia nudicaulis Shepherd's Cress Page 91 A1 62--27--1 N (L.) W.T. Aiton 0920002041
Telekia speciosa Yellow Oxeye Yes A1 135--38--1 Ne (Schreb.) Baumg. 0920004401
Tellima grandiflora Fringecups Yes A1 74--8--1 Ne (Pursh) Douglas ex Lindl. 0920002435
Tephroseris integrifolia Field Fleawort Page 91 A1 135--64--1   (L.) Holub 0920005397
Tephroseris integrifolia subsp. integrifolia   Yes A1 135--64--1--a N   0920001898
Tephroseris integrifolia subsp. maritima   Yes A1 135--64--1--b N (Syme) B. Nord. 0920001901
Tephroseris palustris Marsh Fleawort Yes A1 135--64--2 N (L.) Fourr. 0920001893
Tephroseris palustris subsp. congesta   Yes A1 135--64--2--a   (R. Br.) Holub 0920001893
Tetracme quadricornis   Clement A3 62--TET--qua   (Stephan) Bunge 0920008904
Tetragonia crystallina   Clement A3 42--TET--cry   L'H‚r. 0920008905
Tetragonia tetragonioides New Zealand Spinach Stace A2 42--TET--tet Ca (Pall.) Kuntze 0920002394
Tetragonolobus biflorus   Clement A3 77--9--bif   (Desr.) Ser. 0920008906
Tetragonolobus maritimus Dragon's-teeth Yes A1 77--9--1 Ne (L.) Roth 0920002042
Tetragonolobus purpureus Asparagus-pea Clement A3 77--9--pur   Moench 0920008907
Teucrium botrys Cut-leaved Germander Yes A1 118--11--4 Ne L. 0920002043
Teucrium chamaedrys Wall Germander Yes A1 118--11--2 Ne L. 0920002044
Teucrium flavum   Clement A3 118--11--fla   L. 0920008908
Teucrium fruticans Shrubby Germander Clement A3 118--11--fru   L. 0920008909
Teucrium resupinatum   Clement A3 118--11--res   Desf. 0920008910
Teucrium scordium Water Germander Yes A1 118--11--3 N L. 0920002045
Teucrium scorodonia Wood Sage Page 91 A1 118--11--1 N L. 0920002046
Teucrium spinosum   Clement A3 118--11--spi   L. 0920008911
Thalictrum alpinum Alpine Meadow-rue Page 91 A1 28--17--5 N L. 0920002047
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium French Meadow-rue Yes A1 28--17--1 Ne L. 0920007641
Thalictrum delavayi Chinese Meadow-rue Yes A1 28--17--2 Ne Franch. 0920007642
Thalictrum flavum Common Meadow-rue Page 91 A1 28--17--3 N L. 0920002048
Thalictrum lucidum Shining Meadow-rue Clement A3 28--17--luc   L. 0920008249
Thalictrum minus Lesser Meadow-rue Page 91 A1 28--17--4 N L. 0920002049
Thalictrum simplex Small Meadow-rue Clement A3 28--17--sim   L. 0920008912
Thalictrum speciosissimum   Clement A3 28--17--spe   L. 0920008913
Thamnocalamus spathiflorus   Clement A3 153--THA--spa   (Trin.) Munro 0920008914
Thelesperma trifidum Fine-leaved Thelesperma Clement A3 135--THE--tri   (Poir.) Britton 0920008915
Thelypodium lasiophyllum Cutleaf Thelypody Clement A3 62--THE--las   (Hook. & Arn.) Greene 0920008916
Thelypteris palustris Marsh Fern Yes A1 14--1--1 N Schott 0910002052
Thermopsis montana False Lupin Yes A1 77--20--1 Ne Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray 0920007643
Thesium arvense   Clement A3 86--1--arv   Horv. 0920008917
Thesium humifusum Bastard-toadflax Yes A1 86--1--1 N DC. 0920002055
Thlaspi alliaceum Garlic Penny-cress Yes A1 62--28--2 Ne L. 0920002056
Thlaspi arvense Field Penny-cress Page 91 A1 62--28--1 Ar L. 0920002058

Thlaspi caerulescens J. Presl & C. Presl
Alpine Penny-cress
This name has been changed to:

Noccaea caerulescens (J. Presl & C. Presl) F.K.Mey

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 421.

For Thlaspi caerulescens see:
Stace Edition 2 page 270,
Stace Edition 1 page 328.

Thlaspi caerulescens
Alpine Penny-cress Yes A1 62--28--4 N J. Presl & C. Presl 0920002057

Thlaspi macrophyllum Hoffm.
Caucasian Penny-cress
This name has been changed to:

Pachyphragma macrophyllum (Hoffm.) N.Busch

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 420.

For Thlaspi macrophyllum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 270,
Stace Edition 1 page 329.

Thlaspi macrophyllum
Caucasian Penny-cress Yes A1 62--28--5 Ne Hoffm. 0920004492

Thlaspi perfoliatum L.
Perfoliate Penny-cress
This name has been changed to:

Microthlaspi perfoliatum (L.) F.K.Mey

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 421.

For Thlaspi perfoliatum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 270,
Stace Edition 1 page 328.

Thlaspi perfoliatum
Perfoliate Penny-cress Yes A1 62--28--3 N L. 0920002059
Thuja occidentalis Northern White-cedar Clement A3 21--3--occ   L. 0920002972
Thuja plicata Western Red-cedar Yes A1 21--3--1 Ne Donn ex D. Don 0920002403
Thujopsis dolabrata Hiba Clement A3 21--THU--dol   (L. f.) Siebold & Zucc. 0920003676
Thymelaea passerina Annual Thymelaea Clement A3 82--THY--pas   (L.) Coss. & Germ. 0920008918
Thymus polytrichus Wild Thyme Page 91 A1 118--21--3 N A. Kern. ex Borb s 0920002060
Thymus polytrichus subsp. ligusticus   Yes S3 A1 118--21--3--a N (Briq.) Stace 0920002060
Thymus pulegioides Large Garden Page 91 A1 118--21--2 N L. 0920002061
Thymus serpyllum Breckland Garden Yes A1 118--21--4 N L. 0920002062
Thymus vulgaris Garden Thyme Yes A1 118--21--1 Ne L. 0920007645
Thyridolepis xerophila   Clement A3 153--THY--xer   (Domin) S.T Blake 0920008919

Thyselium palustre (L.) Raf.
Milk Parsley
Thyselium palustre is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 826.

The old name was:

Peucedanum palustre (L.) Moench

For Peucedanum palustre see:
Stace Edition 2 page 515,
Stace Edition 1 page 609.

Thyselium palustre
Milk Parsley Stace 3       (L.) Raf.  
Tiarella cordifolia Foamflower Clement A3 74--TIA--cor   L. 0920004133
Tiarella wherryi Tufted Foamflower Clement A3 74--TIA--whe   Lakela 0920008920
Tilia cordata Small-leaved Lime Page 91 A1 52--1--2 N Mill. 0920002063
Tilia cordata x dasystyla = T. x euchlora Caucasian Lime Clement A3 52--1--2 x das   K. Koch 0920003867
Tilia platyphyllos Large-leaved Lime Page 91 A1 52--1--1 N Scop. 0920002064
Tilia platyphyllos subsp. cordifolia   Yes S3 A1 52--1--1--a   (Besser) C.K. Schneid.  
Tilia platyphyllos x cordata = T. x europaea Lime Page 91 S1 A1 52--1--1 x 2 N L. 0920002065
Tilia tomentosa Silver Lime Clement A3 52--1--tom   Moench 0920003861
Tillandsia crocata   Clement A3 156--TIL--cro   (E. Morren) Baker 0920008921
Tofieldia pusilla Scottish Asphodel Yes A1 158--1--1 N (Michx.) Pers. 0920002066
Tolmiea menziesii Pick-a-back-plant Yes A1 74--7--1 Ne (Pursh) Torr. & A. Gray 0920002436
Tolpis barbata   Clement A3 135--TOL--bar   (L.) Gaertn. 0920008250
Tordylium aegyptiacum   Clement A3 107--42--aeg   (L.) Lam. 0920008922
Tordylium maximum Hartwort Yes A1 107--42--1 Ne L. 0920002067
Tordylium syriacum   Clement A3 107--42--syr   L. 0920008923
Torilis arvensis Spreading Hedge-parsley Yes A1 107--43--2 Ar (Huds.) Link 0920002068
Torilis japonica Upright Hedge-parsley Page 91 A1 107--43--1 N (Houtt.) DC. 0920002069
Torilis leptophylla   Clement A3 107--43--lep   (L.) Rchb. f. 0920008924
Torilis nodosa Knotted Hedge-parsley Page 91 A1 107--43--3 N (L.) Gaertn. 0920002070
Torilis stocksiana   Clement A3 107--43--sto   (Boiss.) Grossh. 0920008925
Torilis tenella   Clement A3 107--43--ten   (Delile) Rchb. f. 0920008926
Torilis ucranica   Clement A3 107--43--ucr   Spreng. 0920008927
Trachelium caeruleum Throatwort Yes A1 129--4--1 Ne L. 0920007646
Trachycarpus fortunei Chusan Palm Clement A3 146A--TRA--for   (Hook.) H. Wendl. 0920003883
Trachymene cyanopetala Purple Trachymene Clement A3 107--TRA--cya   (F. Muell.) Benth. 0920008928
Trachymene pilosa Dwarf Trachymene Clement A3 107--TRA--pil   Sm. 0920008929
Trachyspermum ammi Ajowan Stace A2 107--TRS--amm Ca (L.) Sprague 0920008251
Trachystemon orientalis Abraham-Isaac-Jacob Yes A1 116--10--1 Ne (L.) G. Don 0920002071
Tradescantia fluminensis Wandering-jew Yes A1 149--1--2 Ne Vell. 0920007647
Tradescantia pallida Purple-heart Clement A3 149--1--pal   (Rose) T.E. Hunt 0920008930
Tradescantia virginiana Spiderwort Yes A1 149--1--1 Ne L. 0920007648
Tradescantia zebrina Inch-plant Clement A3 149--1--zeb   hort. ex Bosse 0920008252
Tragopogon crocifolius   Clement A3 135--19--cro   L. 0920008931

Tragopogon hybridus L.
Slender Salsify
This name has been changed to:

Geropogon glaber L.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 707.

For Tragopogon hybridus see:
Stace Edition 2 page 689,
Stace Edition 1 page 822.

Tragopogon hybridus
Slender Salsify Stace A2 135--19--hyb Ca L. 0920008253
Tragopogon porrifolius Salsify Yes A1 135--19--2 Ne L. 0920002073

Tragopogon porrifolius ssp australis (Jord.) Nyman
Tragopogon porrifolius ssp australis has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 707.

See previous entries as Tragopogon porrifolius:
Stace Edition 2 page 689,
Stace Edition 1 page 822.

Tragopogon porrifolius ssp australis
  Stace 3       (Jord.) Nyman  

Tragopogon porrifolius ssp porrifolius
Tragopogon porrifolius ssp porrifolius has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 707. It is a reference list species for The Wild Flower Society.

See previous entries as Tragopogon porrifolius:
Stace Edition 2 page 689,
Stace Edition 1 page 822.

Tragopogon porrifolius ssp porrifolius
  Stace 3          
Tragopogon pratensis Goat's-beard Page 91 A1 135--19--1 N L. 0920002074
Tragopogon pratensis subsp. minor   Yes A1 135--19--1--b   (Mill.) Wahlenb. 0920002074.1
Tragopogon pratensis subsp. orientalis   Clement A3 135--19--1--c   (L.) Celak. 0920002074.2
Tragopogon pratensis subsp. pratensis   Yes A1 135--19--1--a Ne   0920002074.3
Tragopogon pratensis x porrifolius = T. x mirabilis   Yes A1 135--19--1 x 2   Rouy 0920002072
Tragus australianus Australian Bur-grass Stace A2 153--TRA--aus Ca S.T. Blake 0920003246
Tragus berteronianus African Bur-grass Stace A2 153--TRA--ber Ca Schult. 0920003247
Tragus koelerioides   Clement A3 153--TRA--koe   Asch. 0920008932
Tragus racemosus European Bur-grass Stace A2 153--TRA--rac Ca (L.) All. 0920003245
Tribolium echinatum   Clement A3 153--TRB--ech   (Thunb.) Renvoize 0920008933
Tribulus terrestris Small Caltrops Clement A3 101B--TRI--ter   L. 0920008934
Tricholaena monachne   Clement A3 153--TRC--mon   (Trin.) Stapf & C.E. Hubb. 0920008935
Trichomanes speciosum Killarney Fern Yes A1 10--2--1 N Willd. 0910002075
Trichomanes venosum Veined Bristle-fern Clement A3 10--2--ven   R. Br. 0910005573
Trichophorum alpinum Cotton Deergrass Yes A1 152--2--1 N (L.) Pers. 0920001859

Trichophorum cespitosum (L.) Hartm.
Northern Deergrass
Trichophorum cespitosum is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 944.

The old name was:

Trichophorum cespitosum ssp cespitosum  

For Trichophorum cespitosum ssp cespitosum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 796,
Stace Edition 1 page 943.

Trichophorum cespitosum
Northern Deergrass       N (L.) Hartm.  

Trichophorum cespitosum ssp cespitosum
This name has been changed to:

Trichophorum cespitosum (L.) Hartm.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 944.

For Trichophorum cespitosum ssp cespitosum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 796,
Stace Edition 1 page 943.

Trichophorum cespitosum ssp cespitosum
  Yes S1 A1 152--2--2--b N   0920001858.1

Trichophorum cespitosum ssp germanicum (Palla) Hegi
This name has been changed to:

Trichophorum germanicum Palla

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 944.

For Trichophorum cespitosum ssp germanicum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 796,
Stace Edition 1 page 943.

Trichophorum cespitosum ssp germanicum
  Yes A1 152--2--2--a   (Palla) Hegi 0920001858.2

Trichophorum germanicum Palla
Northern Deergrass
Trichophorum germanicum is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 944.

The old name was:

Trichophorum cespitosum ssp germanicum (Palla) Hegi

For Trichophorum cespitosum ssp germanicum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 796,
Stace Edition 1 page 943.

Trichophorum germanicum
Deergrass       N Palla  

Trichophorum cespitosum x T. germanicum = T. x foersteri (Swan) D.A.Simpson
Trichophorum cespitosum x Trichophorum germanicum = Trichophorum x foersteri has now been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 944.

For Trichophorum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 795 & 796,
Stace Edition 1 page 943.

Trichophorum x foersteri
  Stace 3       (Swan) D.A.Simpson  
Tridens brasiliensis   Clement A3 153--TRD--bra   Nees ex Steud. 0920008936
Trientalis borealis Starflower Clement A3 69--5--bor   Raf. 0920008254
Trientalis europaea Chickweed-wintergreen Page 91 A1 69--5--1 N L. 0920002076
Trifolium affine   Clement A3 77--19--aff   C. Presl 0920004260
Trifolium albidum   Clement A3 77--19--alb   Retz. 0920008937
Trifolium alexandrinum Egyptian Clover Stace A2 77--19--ale Ca L. 0920008255
Trifolium alpestre   Clement A3 77--19--alp   L. 0920008938
Trifolium angulatum   Clement A3 77--19--ang   Waldst. & Kit. 0920008939
Trifolium angustifolium Narrow Clover Stace A2 77--19--ans Ca L. 0920008256
Trifolium arvense Hare's-foot Clover Page 91 A1 77--19--23 N L. 0920002077
Trifolium aureum Large Trefoil Yes A1 77--19--10 Ne Pollich 0920002078
Trifolium badium Brown Clover Clement A3 77--19--bad   Schreb. 0920008940
Trifolium beckwithii Beckwith's Clover Clement A3 77--19--bec   W.H. Brewer ex S. Watson 0920008941
Trifolium bocconei Twin-headed Clover Yes A1 77--19--21 N Savi 0920002079
Trifolium campestre Hop Trefoil Page 91 A1 77--19--11 N Schreb. 0920002080
Trifolium cernuum Nodding Clover Stace A2 77--19--cer Ca Brot. 0920008257
Trifolium cherleri   Clement A3 77--19--che   L. 0920005574
Trifolium ciliolatum Foothill Clover Clement A3 77--19--cil   Benth. 0920008942
Trifolium clypeatum   Clement A3 77--19--cly   L. 0920008943
Trifolium constantinopolitanum   Clement A3 77--19--con   Ser. 0920008258
Trifolium dasyurum   Clement A3 77--19--das   C. Presl 0920008944
Trifolium depauperatum Poverty Clover Clement A3 77--19--dep   Desv. 0920008945
Trifolium diffusum   Clement A3 77--19--dif   Ehrh. 0920008946
Trifolium dubium Lesser Trefoil Page 93 A1 77--19--12 N Sibth. 0920002081
Trifolium echinatum Hedgehog Clover Stace A2 77--19--ech Ca M. Bieb. 0920008259
Trifolium fragiferum Strawberry Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--8 N L. 0920002083
Trifolium fragiferum subsp. bonannii   Yes A1 77--19--8--b   (C. Presl) Soj k 0920002083.1
Trifolium fragiferum subsp. fragiferum   Yes A1 77--19--8--a     0920002083.2
Trifolium fucatum   Clement A3 77--19--fuc   Lindl. 0920008947
Trifolium gemellum   Clement A3 77--19--gem   Pourr. ex Willd. 0920005575
Trifolium glomeratum Clustered Clover Yes A1 77--19--5 N L. 0920002084
Trifolium gracilentum Slender Clover Clement A3 77--19--gra   Torr. & A. Gray 0920008948
Trifolium grandiflorum   Clement A3 77--19--grd   Schreb. 0920005576
Trifolium hirtum Rose Clover Stace A2 77--19--hir Ca All. 0920008260
Trifolium hybridum Alsike Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--4 Ne L. 0920005459
Trifolium hybridum subsp. elegans   Yes A1 77--19--4--b   (Savi) Asch. & Graebn. 0920002082
Trifolium hybridum subsp. hybridum   Yes A1 77--19--4--a     0920002085
Trifolium incarnatum   Yes A1 77--19--19   L. 0920007649
Trifolium incarnatum subsp. incarnatum Crimson Clover Yes A1 77--19--19--a Ne   0920002086
Trifolium incarnatum subsp. molinerii Long-headed Clover Yes A1 77--19--19--b N (Balb. ex Hornem.) Ces. 0920002089
Trifolium isthmocarpum   Clement A3 77--19--ist   Brot. 0920008949
Trifolium lappaceum Bur Clover Stace A2 77--19--lap Ca L. 0920008261
Trifolium leucanthum   Clement A3 77--19--leu   M. Bieb. 0920005577
Trifolium ligusticum   Clement A3 77--19--lig   Balb. ex Loisel. 0920008950
Trifolium medium Zigzag Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--15 N L. 0920002087
Trifolium michelianum   Clement A3 77--19--mic   Savi 0920005658
Trifolium micranthum Slender Trefoil Page 93 A1 77--19--13 N Viv. 0920002088
Trifolium microcephalum Small-headed Clover Clement A3 77--19--mir   Pursh 0920008951
Trifolium mutabile   Clement A3 77--19--mut   Port. 0920008952
Trifolium nervulosum   Clement A3 77--19--ner   Boiss. & Heldr. 0920008953
Trifolium nigrescens   Clement A3 77--19--nig   Viv. 0920005578
Trifolium occidentale Western Clover Yes A1 77--19--3 N Coombe 0920002268
Trifolium ochroleucon Sulphur Clover Yes A1 77--19--16 N Huds. 0920002090
Trifolium ornithopodioides Bird's-foot Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--1 N L. 0920002103
Trifolium pallidum   Clement A3 77--19--pal   Waldst. & Kit. 0920008954
Trifolium pannonicum Hungarian Clover Yes A1 77--19--17 Ne Jacq. 0920007650
Trifolium patens   Clement A3 77--19--pat   Schreb. 0920005698
Trifolium pilulare   Clement A3 77--19--pil   Boiss. 0920004261
Trifolium pratense Red Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--14 N L. 0920002091
Trifolium purpureum Purple Clover Clement A3 77--19--pur   Loisel. 0920008955
Trifolium repens White Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--2 N L. 0920002092
Trifolium resupinatum Reversed Clover Yes A1 77--19--9 Ne L. 0920002093
Trifolium retusum   Clement A3 77--19--ret   L. 0920004262
Trifolium roussaeanum   Clement A3 77--19--rou   Boiss. 0920008956
Trifolium scabrum Rough Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--22 N L. 0920002094
Trifolium spumosum   Clement A3 77--19--spu   L. 0920005579
Trifolium squamosum Sea Clover Yes A1 77--19--24 N L. 0920002095
Trifolium squarrosum   Clement A3 77--19--squ   L. 0920008957
Trifolium stellatum Starry Clover Yes A1 77--19--18 Ne L. 0920002096
Trifolium stipulaceum   Clement A3 77--19--sti   Thunb. 0920008958
Trifolium striatum Knotted Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--20 N L. 0920002097
Trifolium strictum Upright Clover Yes A1 77--19--7 N L. 0920002098
Trifolium subterraneum Subterranean Clover Page 93 A1 77--19--25 N L. 0920002099
Trifolium suffocatum Suffocated Clover Yes A1 77--19--6 N L. 0920002100
Trifolium tenuifolium   Clement A3 77--19--ten   Ten. 0920008959
Trifolium thalii   Clement A3 77--19--tha   Vill. 0920008960
Trifolium tomentosum Woolly Clover Stace A2 77--19--tom Ca L. 0920008262
Trifolium vesiculosum   Clement A3 77--19--ves   Savi 0920008961
Trifolium wormskioldii Springbank Clover Clement A3 77--19--wor   Lehm. 0920008962

Triglochin maritima L.
Sea Arrowgrass
Triglochin maritima is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 842.

The old name was:

Triglochin maritimum L.

For Triglochin maritimum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 764,
Stace Edition 1 page 903.

Triglochin maritima
Sea Arrowgrass Stace 3     N L.  

Triglochin maritimum L.
Sea Arrowgrass
This name has been changed to:

Triglochin maritima L.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 842.

For Triglochin maritimum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 764,
Stace Edition 1 page 903.

Triglochin maritimum
Sea Arrowgrass Page 93 A1 141--1--2 N L. 0920002101

Triglochin palustre L.
Marsh Arrowgrass
This name has been changed to:

Triglochin palustris L.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 842.

For Triglochin palustre see:
Stace Edition 2 page 764,
Stace Edition 1 page 904.

Triglochin palustre
Marsh Arrowgrass Page 93 A1 141--1--1 N L. 0920002102

Triglochin palustris L.
Marsh Arrowgrass
Triglochin palustris is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 842.

The old name was:

Triglochin palustre L.

For Triglochin palustre see:
Stace Edition 2 page 764,
Stace Edition 1 page 903.

Triglochin palustris
Marsh Arrowgrass Stace 3     N L.  
Trigonella arabica   Clement A3 77--TRI--ara   Delile 0920005616
Trigonella aurantiaca   Clement A3 77--TRI--aur   Boiss. 0920008963
Trigonella caelesyriaca   Clement A3 77--TRI--cae   Boiss. 0920008964
Trigonella caerulea Blue Fenugreek Stace A2 77--TRI--car Ca (L.) Ser. 0920008263
Trigonella caerulescens   Clement A3 77--TRI--cas   (M. Bieb.) Hal csy 0920008965
Trigonella corniculata Sickle-fruited Fenugreek Stace A2 77--TRI--cor Ca (L.) L. 0920008264
Trigonella crassipes   Clement A3 77--TRI--cra   Boiss. 0920008966
Trigonella fischeriana   Clement A3 77--TRI--fis   Ser. 0920008967
Trigonella foenum-graecum Fenugreek Stace A2 77--TRI--foe Ca L. 0920008265
Trigonella glabra Egyptian Fenugreek Clement A3 77--TRI--gla Ne Thunb. 0920004049
Trigonella gladiata   Clement A3 77--TRI--gla   Steven ex M. Bieb. 0920008968
Trigonella incisa   Clement A3 77--TRI--inc   Benth. 0920008969
Trigonella kotschyi   Clement A3 77--TRI--kot   Fenzl ex Boiss. 0920008970
Trigonella laciniata   Clement A3 77--TRI--lac   L. 0920008971
Trigonella maritima   Clement A3 77--TRI--mar   Delile ex Poir. 0920008972
Trigonella monantha   Clement A3 77--TRI--mon   C.A. Mey. 0920008973
Trigonella monspeliaca Star-fruited Fenugreek Clement A3 77--TRI--mos   L. 0920005580
Trigonella polyceratia   Clement A3 77--TRI--pol   L. 0920005581
Trigonella procumbens   Clement A3 77--TRI--pro   (Besser) Rchb. 0920005582
Trigonella stellata   Clement A3 77--TRI--ste   Forssk. 0920008974
Trigonella tenuis   Clement A3 77--TRI--ten   Fisch. ex M. Bieb. 0920008975
Trinia glauca Honewort Yes A1 107--27--1 N (L.) Dumort. 0920002104
Triodanis biflora   Clement A3 129--TRI--bif   (Ruiz & Pav.) Greene 0920008976
Triodanis perfoliata   Clement A3 129--TRI--per   (L.) Nieuwl. 0920008977
Triplachne nitens   Clement A3 153--TRP--nit   (Guss.) Link 0920004245
Tripleurospermum inodorum Scentless Mayweed Page 93 A1 135--60--2 Ar (L.) Sch. Bip. 0920001241.1
Tripleurospermum maritimum Sea Mayweed Page 93 A1 135--60--1 N (L.) W.D.J. Koch 0920001241.3

Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp maritimum
Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp maritimum has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 759.

See previous entries as Tripleurospermum maritimum:
Stace Edition 2 page 736,
Stace Edition 1 page 868.

Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp maritimum
  Stace 3          

Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp nigriceps P.D. Sell
Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp nigriceps has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 759.

See previous entries as Tripleurospermum maritimum:
Stace Edition 2 page 736,
Stace Edition 1 page 868.

Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp nigriceps
  Stace 3       P.D. Sell  

Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp vinicaule P.D. Sell
Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp vinicaule has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 759. The old name was:

Tripleurospermum maritimum var salinum

See previous entries as Tripleurospermum maritimum var salinum:
Stace Edition 2 page 736,
Stace Edition 1 page 868.

Tripleurospermum maritimum ssp vinicaule
  Stace 3       P.D. Sell  
Tripleurospermum maritimum agg.   Aggregate AK 135--60---      
Tripleurospermum maritimum x inodorum   Yes A1 135--60--1 x 2     0920007651
Triptilodiscus pygmaeus Common Sunray Clement A3 135--TRI--pyg   Turcz. 0920008979
Triraphis mollis   Clement A3 153--TRR--mol   R. Br. 0920008980
Trisetaria aurea   Clement A3 153--TRS--aur   (Ten.) Pignatti 0920008981
Trisetaria loeflingiana   Clement A3 153--TRS--loe   (L.) Paunero 0920008982
Trisetaria michelii   Clement A3 153--TRS--mic   (Savi) D. Heller 0920008983
Trisetaria panicea   Clement A3 153--TRS--pan   (Lam.) Maire 0920008984
Trisetaria scabriuscula   Clement A3 153--TRS--sca   (Lag.) Paunero 0920008985
Trisetum flavescens Yellow Oat-grass Page 93 S2 A1 153--30--1 N (L.) P. Beauv. 0920002105

Trisetum flavescens subsp. flavescens
Trisetum flavescens subsp. flavescens, previously included in the BSBI2007 list, has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 1020.

See previous entries as Trisetum flavescens:
Stace Edition 2 page 866,
Stace Edition 1 page 1032.

Trisetum flavescens subsp. flavescens
  Yes S2 A1 153--30--1--a      

Trisetum flavescens subsp. purpurascens (DC.) Arcang.
Trisetum flavescens subsp. purpurascens, previously included in the BSBI2007 list, has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 1020.

See previous entries as Trisetum flavescens:
Stace Edition 2 page 866,
Stace Edition 1 page 1032.

Trisetum flavescens subsp. purpurascens
  Yes S2 A1 153--30--1--b   (DC.) Arcang.  
Trisetum spicatum   Clement A3 153--30--spi   (L.) K. Richt. 0920008986
Tristagma uniflorum Spring Starflower Yes A1 158--28--1 Ne (Lindl.) Traub 0920004393

Triteleia laxa Douglas ex Lindl.
Triplet Lily
Triteleia laxa has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 904.

See previous entries - no mention in Liliaceae:
Stace Edition 2 page 941,
Stace Edition 1 page 1126.

Triteleia laxa
Triplet Lily Stace 3       Douglas ex Lindl.  
Triticum aestivum Bread Wheat Yes A1 153--60--1 Ca L. 0920004367
Triticum dicoccon Emmer Clement A3 153--60--dic   Schrank 0920008987

Triticum durum Desf.
Pasta Wheat
Triticum durum, previously included in the BSBI2007 list, has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 1055.

See previous entries:
Stace Edition 2 page 898,
Stace Edition 1 page 1073.

Triticum durum
Pasta Wheat Stace 3 A3 153--60--dur   Desf. 0920008988
Triticum monococcum Einkorn Clement A3 153--60--mon   L. 0920008989
Triticum spelta Spelt Clement A3 153--60--spe   L. 0920004087
Triticum turgidum Rivet Wheat Stace A2 153--60--tur Ca L. 0920000013
Triumfetta annua   Clement A3 52--TRI--ann   L. 0920008990
Troglophyton parvulum   Clement A3 135--TRO--par   (Harv.) Hilliard & B.L. Burtt 0920008991
Trollius europaeus Globeflower Page 93 A1 28--2--1 N L. 0920002106
Tropaeolum majus Nasturtium Stace A2 104--1--maj Ca L. 0920004398
Tropaeolum minus Dwarf Nasturtium Clement A3 104--1--min   L. 0920008992
Tropaeolum peregrinum Canary-creeper Clement A3 104--1--per   L. 0920008266
Tropaeolum speciosum Flame Nasturtium Yes A1 104--1--1 Ne Poepp. & Endl. 0920007652
Tsuga canadensis Eastern Hemlock-spruce Clement A3 20--3--can   (L.) CarriŠre 0920002977
Tsuga heterophylla Western Hemlock-spruce Yes A1 20--3--1 Ne (Raf.) Sarg. 0920002404
Tuberaria guttata Spotted Rock-rose Yes A1 56--1--1 N (L.) Fourr. 0920000956
Tuberaria lignosa   Clement A3 56--1--lig   (Sweet) Samp. 0920008993
Tulbaghia natalensis   Clement A3 158--TUL--nat   Baker 0920008994
Tulipa gesneriana Garden Tulip Yes A1 158--10--3 Ne L. 0920007653
Tulipa greigii   Clement A3 158--10--gre   Regel 0920008995
Tulipa saxatilis Cretan Tulip Clement A3 158--10--sax Ne Sieber ex Spreng. 0920007654
Tulipa sylvestris Wild Tulip Yes A1 158--10--1 Ne L. 0920002107
Turgenia latifolia Greater Bur-parsley Clement A3 107--TUR--lat   (L.) Hoffm. 0920000437

Turritis glabraL.
Tower Mustard
Turritis glabra is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 395.

The old name was Arabis glabra (L.) Bernh.

For old name see:
Stace Edition 2 page 260,
Stace Edition 1 page 317.

Turritis glabra
Tower Mustard         L.  
Tussilago farfara Colt's-foot Page 93 A1 135--70--1 N L. 0920002109
Typha angustifolia Lesser Bulrush Page 93 A1 155--1--2 N L. 0920002110
Typha latifolia Bulrush Page 93 A1 155--1--1 N L. 0920002111
Typha latifolia x angustifolia = T. x glauca   Yes A1 155--1--1 x 2 N Godr. 0920002880
Typha laxmannii   Clement A3 155--1--lax   Lepech. 0920008996

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