List of Accepted Plants of the British Isles 2007   M

Accepted Latin Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Macleaya cordata Five-seeded Plume-poppy Clement A3 30--7--cor   (Willd.) R. Br. 0920006963
Macleaya cordata x microcarpa = M. x kewensis Hybrid Plume-poppy Yes A1 30--7--cor x mic Ne Turrill 0920007446
Madia glomerata Mountain Tarweed Clement A3 135--MAD--glo   Hook. 0920008124
Madia sativa Coast Tarweed Clement A3 135--MAD--sat   Molina 0920004228
Magnolia acuminata Cucumber-tree Clement A3 23A--MAG--acu   L. 0920006964
Mahonia aquifolium Oregon-grape Page 55 A1 29--2--1 Ne (Pursh) Nutt. 0920001228
Mahonia aquifolium x repens = M. x decumbens Newmarket Oregon-grape Yes A1 29--2--1 x rep Ne Stace 0920007447
Mahonia japonica   Clement A3 29--2--jap   (Thunb.) DC. 0920006966
Maianthemum bifolium May Lily Yes A1 158--15--1 ?N (L.) F.W. Schmidt 0920001229
Maianthemum kamtschaticum False Lily-of-the-valley Yes S1 A1 158--15--kam Ne (Cham.) Nakai 0920003490
Malcolmia africana   Clement A3 62--9--afr   (L.) W.T. Aiton 0920004514
Malcolmia crenulata   Clement A3 62--9--cre   (DC.) Boiss. 0920006967
Malcolmia maritima Virginia Stock Yes A1 62--9--1 Ne (L.) W.T. Aiton 0920004515
Malope malacoides   Clement A3 53--MAL--mal   L. 0920004255
Malope trifida Mallow-wort Clement A3 53--MAL--tri   Cav. 0920004254
Malus atrosanguinea x niedzwetskyana = M. x purpurea Purple Crab Yes A1 75--27--nie x atr Ne (E. Barbier) Rehder 0920007448
Malus baccata Siberian Crab Clement A3 75--27--bac   (L.) Borkh. 0920008126
Malus baccata x prunifolia = M. x robusta   Clement A3 75--27--bac x pru   (CarriŠre) Rehder 0920006973
Malus floribunda Japanese Crab Clement A3 75--27--flo   Siebold ex Van Houtte 0920008127
Malus hupehensis Hupeh Crab Clement A3 75--27--hup   (Pamp.) Rehder 0920004082
Malus prunifolia Plum-leaved Apple Clement A3 75--27--pru   (Willd.) Borkh. 0920006969
Malus pumila Apple Page 55 A1 75--27--2   Mill. 0920001230.1
Malus sieboldii Siebold's Crab Clement A3 75--27--sie   (Regel) Rehder 0920006970
Malus spectabilis Chinese Crab Clement A3 75--27--spe   (Aiton) Borkh. 0920006971
Malus sylvestris Crab Apple Page 55 A1 75--27--1 N (L.) Mill. 0920001230.2
Malus sylvestris agg.   Aggregate AK 75--27---      
Malva aegyptia   Clement A3 53--1--aeg   L. 0920005611
Malva alcea Greater Musk-mallow Yes A1 53--1--2 Ne L. 0920007449
Malva brasiliensis   Clement A3 53--1--bra   Desr. 0920006974
Malva cretica   Clement A3 53--1--cre   Cav. 0920006975
Malva hispanica   Clement A3 53--1--his   L. 0920006976
Malva moschata Musk-mallow Page 55 A1 53--1--1 N L. 0920001232
Malva neglecta Dwarf Mallow Page 55 A1 53--1--7 Ar Wallr. 0920001233
Malva nicaeensis French Mallow Yes A1 53--1--4 Ne All. 0920002424
Malva oxyloba   Clement A3 53--1--oxy   Boiss. 0920006977
Malva parviflora Least Mallow Yes A1 53--1--5 Ne L. 0920001234
Malva pusilla Small Mallow Yes A1 53--1--6 Ne Sm. 0920001235
Malva sylvestris Common Mallow Page 55 A1 53--1--3 Ar L. 0920001236
Malva verticillata Chinese Mallow Yes A1 53--1--8 Ne L. 0920001237
Malvastrum americanum   Clement A3 53--MAV--ame   (L.) Torr. 0920006978
Malvastrum campanulatum   Clement A3 53--MAV--cam   (Paxton) G. Nicholson 0920006979
Malvastrum coromandelianum Broomweed Clement A3 53--MAV--cor   (L.) Garcke 0920006981
Malvastrum multicaule   Clement A3 53--MAV--mul   (Schltdl.) Britton 0920006983
Mangifera indica Mango Clement A3 100--MAN--ind   L. 0920006984
Mantisalca salmantica   Clement A3 135--MAN--sal   (L.) Briq. & Cavill. 0920004229
Margyricarpus pinnatus Pearl-fruit Clement A3 75--MAR--pin   (Lam.) Kuntze 0920006985
Marrubium alysson   Clement A3 118--9--aly   L. 0920005612
Marrubium peregrinum   Clement A3 118--9--per   L. 0920005631
Marrubium vulgare White Horehound Yes A1 118--9--1 N L. 0920001238
Matricaria aurea   Clement A3 135--59--aur   (Loefl.) Sch. Bip. 0920006986
Matricaria decipiens   Clement A3 135--59--dec   (Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) K. Koch 0920008128
Matricaria disciformis   Clement A3 135--59--dis   (C.A. Mey.) DC. 0920001240
Matricaria discoidea Pineappleweed Page 55 A1 135--59--2 Ne DC. 0920001242
Matricaria oreades Lawn Pyrethrum Clement A3 135--59--ore   Boiss. 0920006987
Matricaria recutita Scented Mayweed Page 55 A1 135--59--1 Ar L. 0920001239
Matricaria trichophylla   Clement A3 135--59--tri   (Boiss.) Boiss. 0920006988
Matteuccia struthiopteris Ostrich Fern Yes A1 16--1--1 Ne (L.) Tod. 0910002504
Matthiola fruticulosa Sad Stock Clement A3 62--10--fru   (L.) Maire 0920008129
Matthiola incana Hoary Stock Yes A1 62--10--1 Ne (L.) W.T. Aiton 0920001244
Matthiola longipetala Night-scented Stock Stace A2 62--10--lon Ca (Vent.) DC. 0920004356
Matthiola longipetala subsp. bicornis   Stace A2 62--10--lon--a   (Sibth. & Sm.) P.W. Ball 0920004356
Matthiola sinuata Sea Stock Yes A1 62--10--2 ?N (L.) W.T. Aiton 0920001245
Matthiola tricuspidata   Clement A3 62--10--tri   (L.) W.T. Aiton 0920008130
Meconopsis cambrica Welsh Poppy Page 55 A1 30--2--1 N (L.) Vig. 0920001246
Medicago arabica Spotted Medick Page 55 A1 77--18--5 N (L.) Huds. 0920001247
Medicago arborea Tree Medick Clement A3 77--18--arb   L. 0920008131
Medicago blancheana   Clement A3 77--18--bla   Boiss. 0920006989
Medicago coronata   Clement A3 77--18--cor   (L.) Bartal. 0920006990
Medicago disciformis   Clement A3 77--18--dis   DC. 0920006991
Medicago doliata   Clement A3 77--18--dol   Carmign. 0920006993
Medicago glutinosa   Clement A3 77--18--glu   M. Bieb. 0920006994
Medicago intertexta Hedgehog Medick Clement A3 77--18--int   (L.) Mill. 0920006995
Medicago laciniata Tattered Medick Stace A2 77--18--lac Ca (L.) Mill. 0920008132
Medicago littoralis Shore Medick Clement A3 77--18--lit   Rohde ex Loisel. 0920006996
Medicago lupulina Black Medick Page 55 A1 77--18--1 N L. 0920001250
Medicago marina Sea Medick Clement A3 77--18--mar   L. 0920006997
Medicago minima Bur Medick Yes A1 77--18--3 N (L.) Bartal. 0920001251
Medicago murex   Clement A3 77--18--mur   Willd. 0920006998
Medicago noeana   Clement A3 77--18--noe   Boiss. 0920007000
Medicago orbicularis Button Medick Clement A3 77--18--orb   (L.) Bartal. 0920005560
Medicago polymorpha Toothed Medick Yes A1 77--18--4 N L. 0920001249
Medicago praecox Early Medick Stace A2 77--18--pra Ca DC. 0920008133
Medicago prostrata   Clement A3 77--18--pro   DC. 0920007001
Medicago radiata   Clement A3 77--18--rad   L. 0920007002
Medicago rigidula   Clement A3 77--18--rig   (L.) All. 0920007003
Medicago rotata   Clement A3 77--18--rot   Boiss. 0920007004
Medicago rugosa   Clement A3 77--18--rug   Desr. 0920007005
Medicago sativa   Page 55 A1 77--18--2   L. 0920007129
Medicago sativa subsp. falcata Sickle Medick Yes A1 77--18--2--a N (L.) Arcang. 0920001248
Medicago sativa subsp. sativa Lucerne Yes A1 77--18--2--c Ne   0920001252
Medicago sativa subsp. varia Sand Lucerne Yes A1 77--18--2--b ? (Martyn) Arcang. 0920001253
Medicago scutellata Snail Medick Clement A3 77--18--scu   (L.) Mill. 0920007007
Medicago soleirolii   Clement A3 77--18--sol   Duby 0920007008
Medicago tenoreana   Clement A3 77--18--ten   Ser. 0920007009
Medicago tornata   Clement A3 77--18--tor   (L.) Mill. 0920007010
Medicago truncatula Strong-spined Medick Yes S3 A1 77--18--tru Ne Gaertn. 0920008134
Medicago turbinata   Clement A3 77--18--tur   (L.) All. 0920007011
Melampyrum arvense Field Cow-wheat Yes A1 124--19--2 Ne L. 0920001254
Melampyrum barbatum   Clement A3 124--19--bar   Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd. 0920007012
Melampyrum cristatum Crested Cow-wheat Yes A1 124--19--1 N L. 0920001255
Melampyrum pratense Common Cow-wheat Page 55 A1 124--19--3 N L. 0920001256
Melampyrum pratense subsp. commutatum   Yes A1 124--19--3--b   (Tausch ex A. Kern.) C.E. Britton 0920001256.1
Melampyrum pratense subsp. pratense   Yes A1 124--19--3--a     0920001256.4
Melampyrum sylvaticum Small Cow-wheat Yes A1 124--19--4 N L. 0920001257
Melica ciliata   Clement A3 153--25--cil   L. 0920007013
Melica nutans Mountain Melick Page 55 A1 153--25--1 N L. 0920001262
Melica uniflora Wood Melick Page 55 A1 153--25--2 N Retz. 0920001263
Melica violacea   Clement A3 153--25--vio   Cav. 0920007014
Melilotus albus White Melilot Page 55 A1 77--17--2 Ne Medik. 0920001264
Melilotus altissimus Tall Melilot Page 55 A1 77--17--1 Ar Thuill. 0920001265
Melilotus elegans   Clement A3 77--17--ele   Salzm. ex Ser. 0920007015
Melilotus indicus Small Melilot Yes A1 77--17--4 Ne (L.) All. 0920001266
Melilotus infestus   Clement A3 77--17--inf   Guss. 0920005620
Melilotus messanensis Sicilian Melilot Clement A3 77--17--mes   (L.) All. 0920007016
Melilotus neapolitanus   Clement A3 77--17--nea   Ten. 0920004102
Melilotus officinalis Ribbed Melilot Page 55 A1 77--17--3 Ne (L.) Pall. 0920001267
Melilotus polonicus   Clement A3 77--17--pol   (L.) Pall. 0920007017
Melilotus sulcatus Furrowed Melilot A2 77--17--sul Ca Desf. 0920008135
Melilotus wolgicus   Clement A3 77--17--wol   Poir. 0920007018
Melinis repens   Clement A3 153--MEL--rep   (Willd.) Zizka  
Melissa officinalis Balm Page 55 A1 118--16--1 Ne L. 0920001268
Melittis melissophyllum Bastard Balm Yes A1 118--8--1 N L. 0920001269
Mentha aquatica Water Mint Page 55 A1 118--23--2 N L. 0920001272
Mentha aquatica x spicata = M. x piperita Peppermint Yes A1 118--23--2 x 3 ? L. 0920001279
Mentha aquatica x suaveolens = M. x suavis   Yes A1 118--23--2 x 4   Guss. 0920001271
Mentha arvensis Corn Mint Page 57 A1 118--23--1 N L. 0920001273
Mentha arvensis x aquatica = M. x verticillata Whorled Mint Yes A1 118--23--1 x 2 N L. 0920001286
Mentha arvensis x aquatica x spicata = M. x smithiana Tall Mint Yes A1 118--23--1 x 2 x 3 Ne R.A. Graham 0920001284
Mentha arvensis x spicata = M. x gracilis Bushy Mint Yes A1 118--23--1 x 3 ? Sole 0920001276
Mentha arvensis x suaveolens = M. x carinthiaca   Yes A1 118--23--1 x 4   Host 0920001278
Mentha longifolia Horse Mint Clement A3 118--23--lon   (L.) Huds. 0920007019
Mentha pulegium Pennyroyal Yes A1 118--23--5 N L. 0920001280
Mentha requienii Corsican Mint Yes A1 118--23--6 Ne Benth. 0920001281
Mentha spicata Spear Mint Page 57 A1 118--23--3 Ar L. 0920001285
Mentha spicata x longifolia = M. x villosonervata Sharp-toothed Mint Yes A1 118--23--3 x lon Ne Opiz 0920002631
Mentha spicata x suaveolens = M. x villosa Apple-mint Page 57 A1 118--23--3 x 4 Ne Huds. 0920001270
Mentha suaveolens Round-leaved Mint Yes A1 118--23--4 N Ehrh. 0920001282
Mentha suaveolens x longifolia = M. x rotundifolia False Apple-mint Yes A1 118--23--4 x lon N (L.) Huds. 0920002630
Mentzelia albicaulis White-stemmed Stickleaf Clement A3 60B--MEN--alb   (Douglas ex Hook.) Douglas ex Hook. 0920007020
Mentzelia lindleyi Golden Bartonia Clement A3 60B--MEN--lin   Torr. & A. Gray 0920007021
Menyanthes trifoliata Bogbean Page 57 A1 113--1--1 N L. 0920001289
Mercurialis annua Annual Mercury Page 57 A1 91--1--2 Ar L. 0920001290
Mercurialis perennis Dog's Mercury Page 57 A1 91--1--1 N L. 0920001291
Merremia sibirica   Clement A3 111--MER--sib   (L.) Haller f. 0920007022
Mertensia ciliata   Clement A3 116--11--cil   G. Don 0920007024
Mertensia maritima Oysterplant Yes A1 116--11--1 N (L.) Gray 0920001292
Mertensia virginica Virginia-bluebells Clement A3 116--11--vir   (L.) Pers. 0920007026
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum Common Iceplant Clement A3 42--MES--cry   L. 0920007027
Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum   Clement A3 42--MES--nod   L. 0920007028
Mespilus germanica Medlar Yes A1 75--34--1 Ar L. 0920001293
Mespilus germanica x Crataegus laevigata = X Crataemespilus grandiflora Haw-medlar Yes A1 75--34 x 35--1 x 8   (Sm.) E.G. Camus 0920002703
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Dawn Redwood Clement A3 20A--MET--gly   Hu & W.C. Cheng 0920008136
Meum athamanticum Spignel Page 57 A1 107--23--1 N Jacq. 0920001294
Mibora minima Early Sand-grass Yes A1 153--45--1 N (L.) Desv. 0920001295
Micropsis spathulata   Clement A3 135--MIC--spa   (Pers.) Cabrera 0920007030
Milium effusum Wood Millet Page 57 A1 153--11--1 N L. 0920001296
Milium vernale Early Millet Yes A1 153--11--2 N M. Bieb. 0920001297
Milium vernale subsp. sarniense   Yes A1 153--11--2--a   D.C. McClint. 0920001297
Millotia muelleri Common Bow-flower Clement A3 135--MIL--mue   (Sond.) P.S. Short 0920007031
Millotia myosotidifolia Broad-leaved Millotia Clement A3 135--MIL--myo   (Benth.) Steetz 0920007032
Millotia perpusilla Tiny Bow-flower Clement A3 135--MIL--per   (Turcz.) P.S. Short 0920007033
Millotia tenuifolia Soft Millotia Clement A3 135--MIL--ten   Cass. 0920007034
Mimulus cardinalis Scarlet Monkeyflower Clement A3 124--4--car   Douglas ex Benth. 0920007035
Mimulus guttatus Monkeyflower Page 57 A1 124--4--2 Ne DC. 0920004328
Mimulus guttatus x cupreus = M. x burnetii Coppery Monkeyflower Yes A1 124--4--2 x cup Ne S. Arn. 0920004329
Mimulus guttatus x luteus = M. x robertsii Hybrid Monkeyflower Page 57 A1 124--4--2 x 3 Ne Silverside 0920004331
Mimulus guttatus x luteus x cupreus   Yes A1 124--4--2 x 3 x cup Ne   0920004330
Mimulus luteus Blood-drop-emlets Yes S3 A1 124--4--3 Ne L. 0920001299
Mimulus luteus agg.   Aggregate AK 124--4---      
Mimulus luteus x cupreus = M. x maculosus Scottish Monkeyflower Yes A1 124--4--3 x cup Ne T. Moore 0920007450
Mimulus moschatus Musk Yes A1 124--4--1 Ne Douglas ex Lindl. 0920001300
Mimulus ringens Allegheny Monkeyflower Clement A3 124--4--rin   L. 0920007036
Minuartia hybrida Fine-leaved Sandwort Yes A1 46--4--5 N (Vill.) Schischk. 0920001303
Minuartia hybrida subsp. tenuifolia   Yes S1 A1 46--4--5--a   (L.) Kergu‚len 0920001303
Minuartia laricifolia   Clement A3 46--4--lar   (L.) Schinz & Thell. 0920007037
Minuartia recurva Recurved Sandwort Yes A1 46--4--1 N (All.) Schinz & Thell. 0920002270
Minuartia rubella Mountain Sandwort Yes A1 46--4--3 N (Wahlenb.) Hiern 0920001301
Minuartia sedoides Cyphel Yes A1 46--4--6 N (L.) Hiern 0920000501
Minuartia stricta Teesdale Sandwort Yes A1 46--4--4 N (Sw.) Hiern 0920001302
Minuartia verna Spring Sandwort Page 57 A1 46--4--2 N (L.) Hiern 0920001304
Mirabilis jalapa Marvel-of-Peru Clement A3 41A--MIR--jal   L. 0920008137
Miscanthus sacchariflorus   Clement A3 153--MIS--sac   (Maxim.) Hack. 0920007039
Miscanthus sinensis   Clement A3 153--MIS--sin   Andersson 0920004124
Misopates calycinum Pale Weasel's-snout Clement A2 124--9--cal Ca Rothm. 0920008138
Misopates orontium Weasel's-snout Yes A1 124--9--1 Ar (L.) Raf. 0920000128
Mitella caulescens Star-shaped Mitrewort Clement A3 74--MIT--cau   Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray 0920007041
Mitella diphylla Two-leaved Mitrewort Clement A3 74--MIT--dip   L. 0920007042
Modiola caroliniana Bristly-fruited Mallow Clement A3 53--MOD--car   (L.) G. Don 0920007043
Moehringia trinervia Three-nerved Sandwort Page 57 A1 46--2--1 N (L.) Clairv. 0920001305
Moenchia erecta Upright Chickweed Yes A1 46--9--1 N (L.) P. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. 0920001306
Molinia caerulea Purple Moor-grass Page 57 A1 153--63--1 N (L.) Moench 0920001307
Molinia caerulea subsp. arundinacea   Yes A1 153--63--1--b   (Schrank) K. Richt. 0920001307.1
Molinia caerulea subsp. caerulea   Yes A1 153--63--1--a     0920001307.2
Moluccella laevis Bells-of-Ireland Clement A3 118--MOL--lae   L. 0920007044
Momordica charantia Balsam-pear Clement A3 60--MOM--cha   L. 0920007045
Monarda citriodora Lemon Beebalm Clement A3 118--MON--cit   Cerv. ex Lag. 0920007047
Monarda didyma   Clement A3 118--MON--did   L. 0920007048
Moneses uniflora One-flowered Wintergreen Yes A1 66--3--1 N (L.) A. Gray 0920001308
Monolepis nuttalliana Povertyweed Clement A3 43--MON--nut   (Schult.) Greene 0920007049
Monopsis debilis   Clement A3 129--MON--deb   (L. f.) C. Presl 0920007050
Monotropa hypopitys Yellow Bird's-nest Page 57 A1 67--1--1 N L. 0920001310
Monotropa hypopitys subsp. hypophegea   Yes A1 67--1--1--b   (Wallr.) Holmboe 0920001309
Monotropa hypopitys subsp. hypopitys   Yes A1 67--1--1--a     0920001311
Monsonia angustifolia   Clement A3 103--MON--ang   E. Mey. ex A. Rich. 0920007051
Monsonia brevirostrata Short-fruited Dysentery-herb Stace A2 103--MON--bre Ca R. Knuth 0920008139
Montia fontana Blinks Page 57 A1 45--3--1 N L. 0920001312
Montia fontana subsp. amporitana   Yes A1 45--3--1--c N Sennen 0920001312.3
Montia fontana subsp. chondrosperma   Yes S1 A1 45--3--1--d N (Fenzl) Walters 0920001312.1
Montia fontana subsp. fontana   Yes A1 45--3--1--a N   0920001312.2
Montia fontana subsp. variabilis   Yes A1 45--3--1--b N Walters 0920001312.4
Montia parvifolia Small-leaved Blinks Yes A1 45--3--2 Ne (Mo‡.) Greene 0920007451
Moricandia arvensis Violet Cabbage Clement A3 62--MOR--arv   (L.) DC. 0920004491
Morina longifolia Whorl-flower Clement A3 134--MOR--lon   Wall. ex DC. 0920007053
Morus alba White Mulberry Clement A3 35--1--alb   L. 0920004185
Morus nigra Black Mulberry Yes A1 35--1--1 Ne L. 0920007452
Muehlenbeckia complexa Wireplant Yes A1 47--6--1 Ne (A. Cunn.) Meisn. 0920004388
Muhlenbergia distichophylla   Clement A3 153--MUH--dis   (J. Presl) Kunth 0920007054
Muhlenbergia racemosa   Clement A3 153--MUH--rac   (Michx.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. 0920007055
Muhlenbergia schreberi   Clement A3 153--MUH--sch   J.F. Gmel. 0920007056
Munroa squarrosa False Buffalo-grass Clement A3 153--MUN--squ   (Nutt.) Torr. 0920007057
Muscari armeniacum Garden Grape-hyacinth Yes A1 158--23--2 Ne Leichtlin ex Baker 0920004338
Muscari azureum   Clement A3 158--23--azu   Fenzl 0920004172
Muscari botryoides Compact Grape-hyacinth Clement A3 158--23--bot Ne (L.) Mill. 0920004339
Muscari comosum Tassel Hyacinth Yes A1 158--23--4 Ne (L.) Mill. 0920001314
Muscari neglectum Grape-hyacinth Yes A1 158--23--1 ?N Guss. ex Ten. 0920001313
Myagrum perfoliatum Mitre Cress Clement A3 62--MYA--per   L. 0920004355
Mycelis muralis Wall Lettuce Page 57 A1 135--24--1 N (L.) Dumort. 0920001315
Myosotis alpestris Alpine Forget-me-not Yes A1 116--15--6 N F.W. Schmidt 0920001316
Myosotis alpina   Clement A3 116--15--alp   Lapeyr. 0920007058
Myosotis arvensis Field Forget-me-not Page 57 A1 116--15--8 Ar (L.) Hill 0920001317
Myosotis discolor Changing Forget-me-not Page 57 A1 116--15--10 N Pers. 0920001321
Myosotis dissitiflora   Clement A3 116--15--dis   Baker 0920007059
Myosotis laxa Tufted Forget-me-not Page 57 A1 116--15--4 N Lehm. 0920001319
Myosotis laxa subsp. caespitosa   Yes A1 116--15--4--a   (Schultz) Hyl. ex Nordh. 0920001319
Myosotis ramosissima Early Forget-me-not Page 57 A1 116--15--9 N Rochel 0920001320
Myosotis scorpioides Water Forget-me-not Page 59 A1 116--15--1 N L. 0920001322
Myosotis scorpioides x laxa = M. x suzae   Yes A1 116--15--1 x 4   Domin 0920002808
Myosotis secunda Creeping Forget-me-not Page 59 A1 116--15--2 N Al. Murray 0920001323
Myosotis sicula Jersey Forget-me-not Yes A1 116--15--5 N Guss. 0920001324
Myosotis stolonifera Pale Forget-me-not Yes A1 116--15--3 N (DC.) J. Gay ex Leresche & Levier 0920001318
Myosotis sylvatica Wood Forget-me-not Page 59 A1 116--15--7 N Ehrh. ex Hoffm. 0920001325
Myosotis verna   Clement A3 116--15--ver   Nutt. 0920007060
Myosoton aquaticum Water Chickweed Page 59 A1 46--8--1 N (L.) Moench 0920001326
Myosurus minimus Mousetail Yes A1 28--15--1 ?N L. 0920001327
Myrica gale Bog-myrtle Page 59 A1 38--1--1 N L. 0920001328
Myrica pensylvanica Bayberry Yes S1 A1 38--1--2 Ne Loisel. ex Duhamel 0920001329
Myriocephalus rhizocephalus Tufted Woolly-heads Clement A3 135--MYR--rhi   (DC.) Benth. 0920007061
Myriophyllum alterniflorum Alternate Water-milfoil Page 59 A1 79--2--4 N DC. 0920001330
Myriophyllum aquaticum Parrot's-feather Page 59 A1 79--2--2 Ne (Vell.) Verdc. 0920004433
Myriophyllum heterophyllum Various-leaved Water-milfoil Clement A3 79--2--het   Michx. 0920004496
Myriophyllum spicatum Spiked Water-milfoil Page 59 A1 79--2--3 N L. 0920001331
Myriophyllum verrucosum Red Water-milfoil Clement A3 79--2--ver   Lindl. 0920004495
Myriophyllum verticillatum Whorled Water-milfoil Yes A1 79--2--1 N L. 0920001332
Myrrhis odorata Sweet Cicely Page 59 A1 107--8--1 Ne (L.) Scop. 0920001333
Myrrhoides nodosa   Clement A3 107--MYR--nod   (L.) Cannon 0920007063
Myrsine africana African Boxwood Clement A3 68A--MYR--afr   L. 0920008142

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