British and Irish Flora 2010   K

Systematic Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Flaming Katy Clement A3 73--KAL--blo   Poelln. 0920006784
Kalmia angustifolia Sheep-laurel Yes A1 65--4--2 Ne L. 0920002257
Kalmia latifolia Mountain-laurel Yes S1 A1 65--4--lat Ne L. 0920003483
Kalmia polifolia Bog-laurel Yes A1 65--4--1 Ne Wangenh. 0920001081

Kalmia procumbens (L.) Galasso, Banfi and F. Conti
Trailing Azalea
Kalmia procumbens is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 527.

The old name was:

Loiseleuria procumbens (L.) Desv.

For Loiseleuria procumbens see:
Stace Edition 2 page 285,
Stace Edition 1 page 347.

Kalmia procumbens
Trailing Azalea Stace 3     N (L.) Galasso, Banfi and F. Conti  
Kernera saxatilis Kernera Clement A3 62--KER--sax   (L.) Rchb. 0920006785
Kerria japonica Kerria Yes A1 75--7--1 Ne (L.) DC. 0920004378
Kickxia elatine Sharp-leaved Fluellen Page 47 A1 124--12--1 Ar (L.) Dumort. 0920001082
Kickxia elatine subsp. crinita   Clement A3 124--12--1--b   (Mabille) Greuter 0920001082.2
Kickxia elatine subsp. elatine   Other AT 124--12--1--a      
Kickxia spuria Round-leaved Fluellen Page 47 A1 124--12--2 Ar (L.) Dumort. 0920001083
Kitaibela vitifolia   Clement A3 53--KIT--vit   Willd. 0920006787
Knautia arvensis Field Scabious Page 47 A1 134--3--1 N (L.) Coult. 0920001084
Knautia dipsacifolia   Clement A3 134--3--dip   (Schrank) Kreutzer 0920006788
Kniphofia praecox Greater Red-hot-poker Yes A1 158--6--2 Ne Baker 0920007422
Kniphofia rufa   Clement A3 158--6--ruf   Leichtlin ex Baker 0920006790
Kniphofia uvaria Red-hot-poker Yes A1 158--6--1 Ne (L.) Oken 0920007423
Kobresia simpliciuscula False Sedge Yes A1 152--15--1 N (Wahlenb.) Mack. 0920001085
Koeleria macrantha Crested Hair-grass Page 47 A1 153--31--2 N (Ledeb.) Schult. 0920002400
Koeleria vallesiana Somerset Hair-grass Yes A1 153--31--1 N (Honck.) Gaudin 0920001088
Koeleria vallesiana x macrantha   Yes A1 153--31--1 x 2     0920002910
Koelreuteria paniculata Pride-of-India Yes A1 97--1--1 Ne Laxm. 0920007424
Koenigia islandica Iceland-purslane Yes A1 47--2--1 N L. 0920001089
Kolkwitzia amabilis Beauty-bush Clement A3 131--KOL--ama   Graebn. 0920006791

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