List of Accepted Plants of the British Isles 2007   J

Accepted Latin Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Jasione montana Sheep's-bit Page 45 A1 129--6--1 N L. 0920001048
Jasminum beesianum Red Jasmine Yes S1 A1 123--JAS--bee Ne Forrest & Diels 0920003481
Jasminum humile Italian Jasmine Clement A3 123--JAS--hum   L. 0920006760
Jasminum nudiflorum Winter Jasmine Yes S1 A1 123--JAS--nud Ne Lindl. 0920008101
Jasminum officinale Summer Jasmine Yes S1 A1 123--JAS--off Ne L. 0920008102
Jonopsidium acaule Violet Cress Stace A2 62--JON--aca Ca (Desf.) Reichb. 0920004479
Jovellana sinclairii   Clement A3 124--JOV--sin   (Hook.) Kraenzl. 0920006761
Jovibarba sobolifera Hens-and-chickens House-leek Clement A3 73--JOV--sob   (Sims) Opiz 0920006762
Juglans nigra Black Walnut Clement A3 37--1--nig   L. 0920006763
Juglans regia Walnut Yes A1 37--1--1 Ne L. 0920001049
Juncus acutiflorus Sharp-flowered Rush Page 45 A1 151--1--14 N Ehrh. ex Hoffm. 0920001050
Juncus acutus Sharp Rush Yes A1 151--1--21 N L. 0920001052
Juncus alpinoarticulatus Alpine Rush Yes A1 151--1--12 N Chaix 0920001053
Juncus alpinoarticulatus x articulatus = J. x buchenaui   Yes A1 151--1--12 x 13   D”rfl. 0920007421
Juncus ambiguus Frog Rush Yes A1 151--1--8 N Guss. 0920001057.1
Juncus aridicola Tussock Rush Clement A3 151--1--ari   L.A.S. Johnson 0920006764
Juncus articulatus Jointed Rush Page 45 A1 151--1--13 N L. 0920001054
Juncus articulatus x acutiflorus = J. x surrejanus   Yes A1 151--1--13 x 14 N Druce ex Stace & Lambinon 0920001051
Juncus australis Austral Rush Clement A3 151--1--aus   Hook. f. 0920006765
Juncus balticus Baltic Rush Yes A1 151--1--23 N Willd. 0920001055
Juncus balticus x effusus = J. x obotritorum   Yes A1 151--1--23 x 26   Rothm. 0920002844
Juncus balticus x inflexus   Yes A1 151--1--23 x 25     0920002843
Juncus biglumis Two-flowered Rush Yes A1 151--1--17 N L. 0920001056
Juncus bufonius Toad Rush Page 45 A1 151--1--7 N L. 0920001057.2
Juncus bufonius agg.   Aggregate AK 151--1---      
Juncus bulbosus Bulbous Rush Page 45 A1 151--1--15 N L. 0920001058
Juncus capitatus Dwarf Rush Yes A1 151--1--10 N Weigel 0920001060
Juncus castaneus Chestnut Rush Yes A1 151--1--19 N Sm. 0920001061
Juncus compressus Round-fruited Rush Yes A1 151--1--3 N Jacq. 0920001062
Juncus conglomeratus Compact Rush Page 45 A1 151--1--27 N L. 0920001063
Juncus continuus   Clement A3 151--1--con   L.A.S. Johnson 0920006766
Juncus distegus   Clement A3 151--1--dis   Edgar 0920006767
Juncus effusus Soft-rush Page 45 A1 151--1--26 N L. 0920001067
Juncus effusus x conglomeratus = J. x kern-reichgeltii   Yes A1 151--1--26 x 27   Jansen & Wacht. ex Reichg. 0920001064
Juncus effusus x pallidus   Yes S3 A1 151--1--26 x 28      
Juncus ensifolius Sword-leaved Rush Clement A3 151--1--ens   Wikstr. 0920006768
Juncus filiformis Thread Rush Yes A1 151--1--24 N L. 0920001068
Juncus flavidus   Clement A3 151--1--fla   L.A.S. Johnson 0920006769
Juncus foliosus Leafy Rush Yes A1 151--1--6 N Desf. 0920001057.3
Juncus gerardii Saltmarsh Rush Page 45 A1 151--1--4 N Loisel. 0920001069
Juncus gregiflorus   Clement A3 151--1--gre   L.A.S. Johnson 0920006770
Juncus hybridus   Clement A3 151--1--hyb   Brot. 0920006771
Juncus imbricatus   Clement A3 151--1--imb   Laharpe 0920006772
Juncus inflexus Hard Rush Page 45 A1 151--1--25 N L. 0920001070
Juncus inflexus x effusus = J. x diffusus   Yes A1 151--1--25 x 26 N Hoppe 0920001065
Juncus inflexus x pallidus   Yes S3 A1 151--1--25 x 28      
Juncus involucratus   Clement A3 151--1--inv   Steud. 0920006773
Juncus maritimus Sea Rush Page 45 A1 151--1--20 N Lam. 0920001072
Juncus ochrocoleus   Clement A3 151--1--och   L.A.S. Johnson 0920006774
Juncus oxycarpus   Clement A3 151--1--oxy   E. Mey. 0920006775
Juncus pallidus Great Soft-rush Yes A1 151--1--28 Ne R. Br. 0920007420
Juncus pauciflorus Loose-flowered Rush Clement A3 151--1--pau   R. Br. 0920006776
Juncus planifolius Broad-leaved Rush Yes A1 151--1--9 Ne R. Br. 0920002426
Juncus procerus   Clement A3 151--1--pro   E. Mey. 0920006777
Juncus pygmaeus Pigmy Rush Yes A1 151--1--16 N Rich. ex Thuill. 0920001073
Juncus radula Hoary Rush Clement A3 151--1--rad   Buchenau 0920006778
Juncus sarophorus   Clement A3 151--1--sar   L.A.S. Johnson 0920006779
Juncus squarrosus Heath Rush Page 47 A1 151--1--1 N L. 0920001075
Juncus subnodulosus Blunt-flowered Rush Page 47 A1 151--1--11 N Schrank 0920001076
Juncus subsecundus Fingered Rush Clement A3 151--1--sub   N.A. Wakef. 0920006780
Juncus subulatus Somerset Rush Yes A1 151--1--22 Ne Forssk. 0920002271
Juncus tenuis Slender Rush Page 47 A1 151--1--2 Ne Willd. 0920001077
Juncus trifidus Three-leaved Rush Page 47 A1 151--1--5 N L. 0920001078
Juncus triglumis Three-flowered Rush Yes A1 151--1--18 N L. 0920001079
Juncus uruguensis   Clement A3 151--1--uru   Griseb. 0920006781
Juncus usitatus   Clement A3 151--1--usi   L.A.S. Johnson 0920006782
Juncus vaginatus Clustered Rush Clement A3 151--1--vag   R. Br. 0920006783
Juniperus chinensis Chinese Juniper Clement A3 21--4--chi   L. 0920002973
Juniperus communis Juniper Page 47 A1 21--4--1 N L. 0920001080
Juniperus communis subsp. communis Common Juniper Yes A1 21--4--1--a N   0920001080.1
Juniperus communis subsp. hemisphaerica   Yes S1 A1 21--4--1--c N (J. Presl & C. Presl) Nyman 0920001080.3
Juniperus communis subsp. nana Dwarf Juniper Yes A1 21--4--1--b N (Hook.) Syme 0920001080.2
Juniperus recurva Himalayan Juniper Clement A3 21--4--rec   Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don 0920003629
Juniperus virginiana Virginian Juniper Clement A3 21--4--vir   L. 0920002974

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