British and Irish Flora 2010   H

Systematic Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Hackelia floribunda Large-flowered Stickseed Clement A3 116--HAC--flo   (Lehm.) I.M. Johnst. 0920006651
Hacquetia epipactis Hacquetia Clement A3 107--HAC--epi   (Scop.) DC. 0920006652
Hainardia cylindrica One-glumed Hard-grass Stace A2 153--HAI--cyl Ca (Willd.) Greuter 0920008077
Haloragis micrantha Creeping Raspwort Yes A1 79--1--1 Ne (Thunb.) R. Br. ex Siebold & Zucc. 0920004377
Hammarbya paludosa Bog Orchid Yes A1 162--10--1 N (L.) Kuntze 0920000951
Haplophyllum tuberculatum   Clement A3 101A--HAP--tub   (Forssk.) A. Juss. 0920006653
Harpachne schimperi   Clement A3 153--HAR--sch   Hochst. ex A. Rich. 0920006654
Hebe 'Autumn Glory'   Clement A3 124--17---     0920006655

Hebe barkeri (Cockayne) A. Wall
Barker's Hebe
This name has been changed to:

Veronica barkeri Cockayne

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 592.

For Hebe barkeri see:
Stace Edition 2 page 608,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Hebe barkeri
Barker's Hebe Yes A1 124--17--4 Ne (Cockayne) A. Wall 0920004322

Hebe brachysiphon Summerh.
Hooker's Hebe
This name has been changed to:

Veronica brachysiphon (Summerh.) Bean

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 592.

For Hebe brachysiphon see:
Stace Edition 2 page 608,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Hebe brachysiphon
Hooker's Hebe Yes A1 124--17--2 Ne Summerh. 0920004319
Hebe cupressoides   Clement A3 124--17--cup   (Hook. f.) Cockayne & Allan 0920006656

Hebe dieffenbachii (Benth.) Cockayne & Allan
Dieffenbach's Hebe
This name has been changed to:

Veronica dieffenbachii Benth.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 592.

For Hebe dieffenbachii see:
Stace Edition 2 page 608,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Hebe dieffenbachii
Dieffenbach's Hebe Yes A1 124--17--3 Ne (Benth.) Cockayne & Allan 0920004323

Hebe elliptica x speciosa = H. x franciscana (Eastw.) Souster
Hedge Veronica
This name has been changed to:

Veronica x franciscana Eastw.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 592.

For Hebe elliptica x speciosa = Hebe x franciscana see:
Stace Edition 2 page 608,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Hebe x franciscana
Hedge Veronica Yes A1 124--17--ell x spec Ne (Eastw.) Souster 0920004320
Hebe leiophylla   Clement A3 124--17--lei   (Cheeseman) Cockayne & Allan 0920006657
Hebe parviflora   Clement A3 124--17--par   (J. Vahl) Cockayne & Allan 0920006658

Hebe salicifolia (G. Forst.) Pennell
This name has been changed to:

Veronica salicifolia G. Forst.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 592.

For Hebe salicifolia see:
Stace Edition 2 page 606,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Hebe salicifolia
Koromiko Yes A1 124--17--1 Ne (G. Forst.) Pennell 0920004321

Hebe salicifolia x elliptica = Hebe x lewisii (J.B. Armstr.) A. Wall
Lewis's Hebe
This name has been changed to:

Veronica x lewisii J.B.Armstr.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 592.

For Hebe salicifolia x elliptica = Hebe x lewisii see:
Stace Edition 2 page 606,
Stace Edition 1 page 727.

Hebe x lewisii
Lewis's Hebe Yes A1 124--17--1 x ell Ne (J.B. Armstr.) A. Wall 0920007393
Hebe stricta   Clement A3 124--17--str   (Banks & Sol. ex Benth.) L.B. Moore 0920006659
Hebe x amabilis   Clement A3 124--17--ama   (Cheeseman) Cockayne & Allan 0920006660
Hebenstretia dentata   Clement A3 124A--HEB--den   L. 0920006661
Hedera algeriensis Algerian Ivy Yes S1 A1 106--1--alg Ne Hibberd 0920003468
Hedera colchica Persian Ivy Yes A1 106--1--1 Ne (K. Koch) K. Koch 0920007394
Hedera helix Common Ivy Page 41 A1 106--1--2 N L. 0920000952

Hedera helix ssp hibernica (G. Kirch.) D.C. McClint.
Atlantic Ivy
This name has been changed to:

Hedera hibernica (G. Kirch.) Bean

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 800.

For Hedera helix ssp hibernica see:
Stace Edition 2 page 490,
Stace Edition 1 page 580.

Hedera helix ssp hibernica
Atlantic Ivy Stace 2       (G. Kirch.) D.C. McClint.  
Hedera helix subsp. canariensis Canary Ivy Clement A3 106--1--2--d   (Willd.) Cout. 0920000952.4
Hedera helix subsp. poetarum Yellow-berried Ivy Clement A2 106--1--2--c   (Bertol.) Nyman 0920000952.3

Hedera hibernica (G. Kirch.) Bean
Atlantic Ivy
Hedera hibernica, previously included in the BSBI2007 list, is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 800.

The old name was:

Hedera helix ssp hibernica (G. Kirch.) D.C. McClint.

For Hedera helix ssp hibernica see:
Stace Edition 2 page 490,
Stace Edition 1 page 580.

Hedera hibernica
Atlantic Ivy Yes S3 A1 106--1--hib N (G. Kirch.) Bean 0920000952.2
Hedypnois cretica Scaly Hawkbit Stace A2 135--HED--cre Ca (L.) Dum. Cours. 0920008081
Hedysarum coronarium Italian Sainfoin Clement A3 77--HED--cor   L. 0920006663
Hedysarum glomeratum   Clement A3 77--HED--glo   F. Dietr. 0920006664
Hedysarum spinosissimum   Clement A3 77--HED--spi   L. 0920006665
Helenium autumnale Sneezeweed Yes A1 135--85--1 Ne L. 0920007395
Helenium quadridentatum   Clement A3 135--85--qua   Labill. 0920006666
Helianthemum apenninum White Rock-rose Yes A1 56--2--2 N (L.) Mill. 0920000953
Helianthemum nummularium Common Rock-rose Page 41 A1 56--2--1 N (L.) Mill. 0920000955
Helianthemum nummularium x apenninum = H. x sulphureum   Yes A1 56--2--1 x 2   Willd. ex Schltdl. 0920002690
Helianthemum oelandicum Hoary Rock-rose Yes S1 A1 56--2--3 N (L.) Dum. Cours. 0920000954
Helianthemum oelandicum subsp. incanum   Yes S1 A1 56--2--3--a   (Willk.) G. L¢pez 0920000954.1
Helianthemum oelandicum subsp. levigatum   Yes S1 A1 56--2--3--c   (M. Proctor) D.H. Kent 0920000954.2
Helianthemum oelandicum subsp. piloselloides   Yes S1 A1 56--2--3--b   (Lapeyr.) Greuter & Burdet 0920000954.3
Helianthemum pilosum   Clement A3 56--2--pil   (L.) Pers. 0920006667
Helianthus angustifolius Swamp Sunflower Clement A3 135--79--ang   L. 0920006668
Helianthus annuus Sunflower Yes A1 135--79--1 Ne L. 0920000957
Helianthus annuus x decapetalus = H. x multiflorus Thin-leaved Sunflower Yes A1 135--79--1 x dec Ne L. 0920007396
Helianthus argophyllus Silver-leaf Sunflower Clement A3 135--79--arg   Torr. & A. Gray 0920006669
Helianthus bolanderi Bolander's Sunflower Clement A3 135--79--bol   A. Gray 0920006670
Helianthus debilis   Clement A3 135--79--deb   Nutt. 0920005629
Helianthus decapetalus Thin-leaved Sunflower Clement A3 135--79--dec   L. 0920000958
Helianthus divaricatus Rough Sunflower Clement A3 135--79--div   L. 0920006671
Helianthus hirsutus Bristly Sunflower Clement A3 135--79--hir   Raf. 0920006672
Helianthus maximilianii Maximilian's Sunflower Clement A3 135--79--max   Schrad. 0920006673
Helianthus petiolaris Lesser Sunflower Stace A2 135--79--pet Ca Nutt. 0920008082
Helianthus strumosus Pale-leaved Sunflower Clement A3 135--79--str   L. 0920006674
Helianthus tuberosus Jerusalem Artichoke Yes A1 135--79--2 Ne L. 0920000960
Helianthus tuberosus x pauciflorus = H. x laetiflorus Perennial Sunflower Yes S2 A1 135--79--2 x pau Ne Pers. 0920004430
Helichrysum apiculatum Yellow-buttons Clement A3 135--34--api   (Labill.) D. Don 0920006675
Helichrysum bellidioides New Zealand Everlastingflower Yes A1 135--34--1 Ne (G. Forst.) Willd. 0920007397
Helichrysum bracteatum Strawflower Clement A3 135--34--bra   (Vent.) Andrews 0920008083
Helichrysum capillaceum   Clement A3 135--34--cap   (Thunb.) Less. 0920006676
Helichrysum expansum   Clement A3 135--34--exp   (Thunb.) Less. 0920006677
Helichrysum italicum Curry-plant Clement A3 135--34--ita   (Thunb.) Less. 0920004154
Helichrysum odoratissimum   Clement A3 135--34--odo   (L.) Less. 0920006678

Helichrysum petiolare Hilliard & B.L. Burtt
Silver-bush Everlastingflower
Helichrysum petiolare, previously included in the BSBI2007 list, has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 736.

See previous entries:
Stace Edition 2 page 715,
Stace Edition 1 no mention in Helichrysum page 843.

Helichrysum petiolare
Silver-bush Everlastingflower Yes S2 A1 135--34--pet   Hilliard & B.L. Burtt 0920004221
Helichrysum stoechas   Clement A3 135--34--sto   (L.) Moench 0920006679
Helictotrichon bromoides   Clement A3 153--26--bro   (Gouan) C.E. Hubb. 0920006680

Helictotrichon neesii (Steudel) Stace
Swamp Wallaby-grass
This name has been changed to:

Amphibromus neesii Steudel

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 1017.

For Helictotrichon neesii see:
Stace Edition 2 page 864,
Stace Edition 1 page 1029.

Helictotrichon neesii
Swamp Wallaby-grass Stace A2 153--26--nee Ca (Steudel) Stace 0920009175

Helictotrichon pratense (L.) Besser
Meadow Oat-grass
This name has been changed to

Avenula pratensis (L.) Dumort.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 1017.

For Helictotrichon pratense see:
Stace Edition 2 page 864,
Stace Edition 1 page 1029.

Helictotrichon pratense
Meadow Oat-grass Page 41 A1 153--26--2 N (L.) Besser 0920000961

Helictotrichon pubescens (Huds.) Pilger
Downy Oat-grass
This name has been changed to

Avenula pubescens (Huds.) Dumort.

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 1017.

For Helictotrichon pubescens see:
Stace Edition 2 page 864,
Stace Edition 1 page 1029.

Helictotrichon pubescens
Downy Oat-grass Page 41 A1 153--26--1 N (Huds.) Pilg. 0920000962
Helictotrichon recurvatum   Clement A3 153--26--rec   (Swallen) Cope & Ryves 0920006681
Helictotrichon turgidulum   Clement A3 153--26--tur   (Stapf) Schweick. 0920006682
Heliopsis helianthoides Rough Oxeye Clement A3 135--HEL--hel   (L.) Sweet 0920006683
Heliotropium amplexicaule Summer Heliotrope Clement A3 116--HEL--amp   J. Vahl 0920006684
Heliotropium arborescens Cherry-pie Clement A3 116--HEL--arb   L. 0920006685
Heliotropium curassavicum Seaside Heliotrope Clement A3 116--HEL--cur   L. 0920006686
Heliotropium europaeum European Turn-sole Clement A3 116--HEL--eur   L. 0920004081
Helleborus argutifolius Corsican Hellebore Yes S1 A1 28--3--arg Ne Viv. 0920003469
Helleborus dumetorum   Clement A3 28--3--dum   Waldst. & Kit. 0920006687
Helleborus foetidus Stinking Hellebore Page 41 A1 28--3--1 N L. 0920000963
Helleborus orientalis Lenten-rose Yes A1 28--3--3 Ne Lam. 0920007398
Helleborus viridis Green Hellebore Page 41 A1 28--3--2 ?N L. 0920000964
Helleborus viridis subsp. occidentalis   Yes A1 28--3--2--a   (Reut.) Schiffn. 0920000964
Helleborus x hybridus Hybrid Lenten-rose Clement A3 28--3--hyb   Voss 0920006688

Helminthotheca echioides (L.) Holub
Bristly Oxtongue
Helminthotheca echioides is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 706.

The old name was:

Picris echioides L.

For Picris echioides see:
Stace Edition 2 page 688,
Stace Edition 1 page 819.

Helminthotheca echioides
Bristly Oxtongue Stace 3     Ar (L.) Holub  
Hemerocallis citrina Citron Day-lily Clement A3 158--5--cit   Baroni 0920006689
Hemerocallis fulva Orange Day-lily Yes A1 158--5--1 Ne (L.) L. 0920004452
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus Yellow Day-lily Yes A1 158--5--2 Ne L. 0920004453
Hemizonia fasciculata Fascicled Spikeweed Clement A3 135--HEM--fas   (DC.) Torr. & A. Gray 0920006690
Hemizonia fitchii Fitch's Spikeweed Clement A3 135--HEM--fit   A. Gray 0920006691
Hemizonia kelloggii Kellogg's Spikeweed Clement A3 135--HEM--kel   Greene 0920005675
Hemizonia pungens Common Spikeweed Clement A3 135--HEM--pun   Torr. & A. Gray 0920008087
Hemizonia ramosissima Slender Spikeweed Clement A3 135--HEM--ram   Benth. 0920006692
Hepatica nobilis Liverleaf Yes A1 28--10--1 Ne Schreb. 0920007399
Heracleum canescens   Clement A3 107--41--can   Lindl. 0920006693
Heracleum mantegazzianum Giant Hogweed Page 41 A1 107--41--2 Ne Sommier & Levier 0920000966
Heracleum sphondylium Hogweed Page 41 A1 107--41--1 N L. 0920000968

Heracleum sphondylium subsp. flavescens (Willd.) Soó
Heracleum sphondylium subsp. flavescens, previously included in the BSBI2007 list, is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 827.

The old name was:

Heracleum sphondylium ssp sibiricum (L.) Simonkai

For Heracleum sphondylium ssp sibiricum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 517,
Stace Edition 1 page 610.

Heracleum sphondylium subsp. flavescens
  Yes S2 A1 107--41--1--b   (Willd.) Soó 0920000968.1
Heracleum sphondylium subsp. sphondylium   Yes A1 107--41--1--a     0920000968.2

Heracleum sphondylium ssp sibiricum (L.) Simonkai
This name has been changed to:

Heracleum sphondylium ssp flavescens (Willd.) Soó

See New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace page 827.

For Heracleum sphondylium ssp sibiricum see:
Stace Edition 2 page 517,
Stace Edition 1 page 610.

Heracleum sphondylium ssp sibiricum
  Stace 2       (L.) Simonkai  
Heracleum sphondylium x mantegazzianum   Yes A1 107--41--1 x 2     0920002745
Herminium monorchis Musk Orchid Yes A1 162--12--1 N (L.) R. Br. 0920000969
Hermodactylus tuberosus Snake's-head Iris Yes A1 159--4--1 Ne (L.) Mill. 0920000970
Herniaria ciliolata Fringed Rupturewort Yes A1 46--13--2 N Melderis 0920000971
Herniaria ciliolata subsp. ciliolata   Yes A1 46--13--2--a     0920000971.1
Herniaria ciliolata subsp. subciliata   Yes A1 46--13--2--b   (Bab.) Chaudhri 0920000971.2
Herniaria glabra Smooth Rupturewort Yes A1 46--13--1 N L. 0920000973
Herniaria hirsuta Hairy Rupturewort Yes A1 46--13--3 Ne L. 0920000974
Hesperis laciniata   Clement A3 62--8--lac   All. 0920008088
Hesperis matronalis Dame's-violet Page 41 A1 62--8--1 Ne L. 0920000975
Heterorhachis aculeata   Clement A3 135--HTR--acu   (Burm. f.) Roessler 0920006694
Heterotheca subaxillaris Camphorweed Clement A3 135--HET--sub   (Lam.) Britton & Rusby 0920006695
Heuchera sanguinea Coralbells Yes A1 74--6--1 Ne Engelm. 0920007400
Heuchera x brizoides   Clement A3 74--6--bri   hort. ex Lemoine 0920006696
Heuchera x brizoides x Tiarella cordifolia = x Heucherella tiarelloides   Clement A3 74--6 x TIA--bri x cor   (Lemoine) H.R. Wehrh. ex Stearn 0920009099
Hibiscus syriacus Syrian Ketmia Clement A3 53--HIB--syr   L. 0920005554
Hibiscus trionum Bladder Ketmia Stace A2 53--HIB--tri Ca L. 0920008089
Hieracium acamptum   Yes A1 135--28--22   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003000
Hieracium acuminatum   Yes A1 135--28--69   Jord. 0920003205
Hieracium aggregatum   Yes A1 135--28--96   Backh. f. 0920003002
Hieracium alpinum   Yes A1 135--28--247   L. 0920003003
Hieracium amplexicaule   Yes A1 135--28--188   L. 0920003004
Hieracium ampliatum   Yes A1 135--28--195   (W.R. Linton) Ley 0920003005
Hieracium anfractiforme   Yes A1 135--28--216   E.S. Marshall 0920003006
Hieracium anglicum   Yes A1 135--28--192   Fr. 0920003007
Hieracium anguinum   Yes A1 135--28--97   (W.R. Linton) Roffey 0920003009
Hieracium angustatiforme   Yes A1 135--28--150   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003010
Hieracium angustatum   Yes A1 135--28--152   (Lindeb.) Lindeb. 0920003008
Hieracium angustisquamum   Yes A1 135--28--146   (Pugsley) Pugsley 0920003011
Hieracium argenteum   Yes A1 135--28--153   Fr. 0920003012
Hieracium asteridiophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--117   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003014
Hieracium attenuatifolium   Yes A1 135--28--48   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003021
Hieracium auratiflorum   Yes A1 135--28--102   Pugsley 0920003016
Hieracium australius   Yes A1 135--28--52   (Beeby) Pugsley 0920003017
Hieracium backhousei   Yes A1 135--28--238   F. Hanb. 0920003018
Hieracium bakerianum   Yes A1 135--28--9   Pugsley 0920003019
Hieracium basalticola   Yes A1 135--28--175   Pugsley 0920003020
Hieracium borreri   Yes A1 135--28--38   Syme 0920003025
Hieracium breadalbanense   Yes A1 135--28--88   F. Hanb. 0920003026
Hieracium breve   Yes A1 135--28--56   Beeby 0920003027
Hieracium brigantum   Yes A1 135--28--166   (F. Hanb.) Roffey 0920003028
Hieracium britanniciforme   Yes A1 135--28--180   Pugsley 0920003029
Hieracium britannicum   Yes A1 135--28--179   F. Hanb. 0920003031
Hieracium cacuminum   Yes A1 135--28--151   (Ley) Ley 0920003033
Hieracium caesiomurorum   Yes A1 135--28--83   Lindeb. 0920003034
Hieracium caesionigrescens   Yes A1 135--28--59   Fr. ex Stenstr. 0920003030
Hieracium calcaricola   Yes A1 135--28--17   (F. Hanb.) Roffey 0920003035
Hieracium caledonicum   Yes A1 135--28--147   F. Hanb. 0920003036
Hieracium calenduliflorum   Yes A1 135--28--232   Backh. f. 0920003037
Hieracium callistophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--211   F. Hanb. 0920003039
Hieracium calvum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--cal   P.D. Sell & D.J. Tennant  
Hieracium cambricogothicum   Yes A1 135--28--20   Pugsley 0920003041
Hieracium cambricum   Yes A1 135--28--155   (Baker) F. Hanb. 0920003042
Hieracium camptopetalum   Yes A1 135--28--128   (F. Hanb.) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003043
Hieracium candelabrae   Yes A1 135--28--124   W.R. Linton 0920003044
Hieracium cantianum   Yes A1 135--28--23   F. Hanb. 0920003045
Hieracium cardiophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--139   Jord. ex Sudre 0920003038
Hieracium carneddorum   Yes A1 135--28--157   Pugsley 0920003046
Hieracium carpathicum   Yes A1 135--28--40   Besser 0920003050
Hieracium centripetale   Yes A1 135--28--215   F. Hanb. 0920003047
Hieracium cheriense   Yes A1 135--28--68   Jord. ex Boreau 0920003048
Hieracium chloranthum   Yes A1 135--28--141   Pugsley 0920003049
Hieracium chondrillifolium   Clement A3 135--28--cho   Fr. 0920006697
Hieracium chrysolorum   Yes A1 135--28--206   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003062
Hieracium cillense   Yes A1 135--28--164   Pugsley 0920003051
Hieracium cinderella   Yes A1 135--28--135   (Ley) Ley 0920003052
Hieracium clovense   Yes A1 135--28--207   E.F. Linton 0920003053
Hieracium completum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--com   P.D. Sell & C. West  
Hieracium cravoniense   Yes A1 135--28--60   (F. Hanb.) Roffey 0920003055
Hieracium crebridentiforme   Yes A1 135--28--103   Pugsley 0920003056
Hieracium cremnanthes   Yes A1 135--28--226   (F. Hanb.) Pugsley 0920003057
Hieracium cumbriense   Yes A1 135--28--201   F. Hanb. 0920003058
Hieracium cuneifrons   Yes A1 135--28--87   (Ley ex W.R. Linton) Pugsley 0920003059
Hieracium cuspidens   Yes A1 135--28--217   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003065
Hieracium cyathis   Yes A1 135--28--160   (Ley) W.R. Linton 0920003060
Hieracium cymbifolium   Yes A1 135--28--109   Purchas 0920003061
Hieracium dasythrix   Yes A1 135--28--203   (E.F. Linton) Pugsley 0920003063
Hieracium decolor   Yes A1 135--28--159   (W.R. Linton) Ley 0920003064
Hieracium dewarii   Yes A1 135--28--41   Syme 0920003066
Hieracium diaphanoides   Yes A1 135--28--70   Lindeb. 0920003067
Hieracium diaphanum   Yes A1 135--28--72   Fr. 0920003068
Hieracium dicella   Yes A1 135--28--176   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003069
Hieracium difficile   Yes A1 135--28--53   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003266
Hieracium dilectum   Yes A1 135--28--46   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003267
Hieracium dipteroides   Yes A1 135--28--85   Dahlst. 0920003070
Hieracium discophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--118   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003268
Hieracium dissimile   Yes A1 135--28--218   (Lindeb.) Lindeb. ex Elfstr. 0920003256
Hieracium diversidens   Yes A1 135--28--220   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003254
Hieracium dovrense   Yes A1 135--28--51   Fr. 0920003072
Hieracium drummondii   Yes A1 135--28--13   Pugsley 0920003074
Hieracium duriceps   Yes A1 135--28--116   F. Hanb. 0920003075
Hieracium eboracense   Yes A1 135--28--19   Pugsley 0920003076
Hieracium ebudicum   Yes A1 135--28--171   Pugsley 0920003077
Hieracium eucallum   Yes A1 135--28--172   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003264
Hieracium eustales   Yes A1 135--28--227   E.F. Linton 0920003079
Hieracium eustomon   Yes A1 135--28--185   (E.F. Linton) Roffey 0920003080
Hieracium eximium   Yes A1 135--28--241   Backh. f. 0920003081
Hieracium exotericum   Yes A1 135--28--140   Jord. ex Boreau 0920004498
Hieracium flocculosum   Yes A1 135--28--197   Backh. f. 0920003084
Hieracium fratrum   Yes A1 135--28--178   Pugsley 0920003085
Hieracium fulvocaesium   Yes A1 135--28--81   Pugsley 0920003086
Hieracium glanduliceps   Yes A1 135--28--73   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003269
Hieracium glandulidens   Yes A1 135--28--213   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003257
Hieracium globosiflorum   Yes A1 135--28--236   Pugsley 0920003088.1
Hieracium gothicoides   Yes A1 135--28--31   Pugsley 0920003089
Hieracium gougetianum   Yes A1 135--28--113   Gren. & Godr. 0920003270
Hieracium gracilifolium   Yes A1 135--28--205   (F. Hanb.) Pugsley 0920003091
Hieracium grandidens   Yes A1 135--28--138   Dahlst. 0920003092
Hieracium graniticola   Yes A1 135--28--234   W.R. Linton 0920003093
Hieracium gratum   Yes A1 135--28--54   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003094
Hieracium grovesii   Yes A1 135--28--237   Pugsley 0920003096.1
Hieracium hanburyi   Yes A1 135--28--230   Pugsley 0920003097.1
Hieracium hartii   Yes A1 135--28--193   (F. Hanb.) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003098
Hieracium hastiforme   Yes A1 135--28--219   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003255
Hieracium hebridense   Yes A1 135--28--196   Pugsley 0920003099
Hieracium hethlandiae   Yes A1 135--28--49   (F. Hanb.) Pugsley 0920003101
Hieracium hibernicum   Yes A1 135--28--35   F. Hanb. 0920003102
Hieracium hjeltii   Yes A1 135--28--130   Norrl. ex T. Saelan, Nyl. & F. Nyl. 0920003271
Hieracium holophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--148   W.R. Linton 0920003103
Hieracium holosericeum   Yes A1 135--28--248   Backh. f. 0920003104
Hieracium hyparcticoides   Yes A1 135--28--212   Pugsley 0920003105
Hieracium hypochaeroides   Yes A1 135--28--168   Gibson 0920003106
Hieracium insigne   Yes A1 135--28--246   Backh. f. ex P.D. Sell & D.J. Tennant 0920007401
Hieracium insulare   Yes A1 135--28--228   (F. Hanb.) F. Hanb. 0920003107
Hieracium integratum   Yes A1 135--28--131   (Dahlst. ex Stenstr.) Dahlst. 0920003272
Hieracium iricum   Yes A1 135--28--191   Fr. 0920003108
Hieracium isabellae   Yes A1 135--28--210   E.S. Marshall 0920003109
Hieracium itunense   Yes A1 135--28--121   Pugsley 0920003110
Hieracium jovimontis   Yes A1 135--28--162   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003111
Hieracium kennethii   Yes S1 A1 135--28--ken   P.D. Sell & D.J. Tennant  
Hieracium kentii   Yes S2, S3 A1 135--28--ket   P.D. Sell  
Hieracium laetificum   Yes A1 135--28--204   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003258
Hieracium lanatum   Yes A1 135--28--lan   Vill.  
Hieracium langwellense   Yes A1 135--28--194   F. Hanb. 0920003114
Hieracium larigense   Yes A1 135--28--235   (Pugsley) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920004506
Hieracium lasiophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--165   W.D.J. Koch 0920003115
Hieracium latobrigorum   Yes A1 135--28--15   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003116
Hieracium lepidulum   Yes A1 135--28--65   Stenstr. 0920003117
Hieracium leptodon   Yes S1 A1 135--28--lep   P.D. Sell & D.J. Tennant  
Hieracium leyanum   Yes A1 135--28--149   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003119
Hieracium leyi   Yes A1 135--28--161   F. Hanb. 0920003118
Hieracium linguans   Yes A1 135--28--37   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003121
Hieracium lingulatum   Yes A1 135--28--229   Backh. f. ex Hook. & Arn. 0920003122
Hieracium lissolepium   Yes A1 135--28--33   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003124
Hieracium longilobum   Yes A1 135--28--214   (Dahlst. ex Zahn) Roffey 0920003125
Hieracium macrocarpum   Yes A1 135--28--233   Pugsley 0920003126
Hieracium maculatum   Yes A1 135--28--74   Sm. 0920003127
Hieracium maculoides   Yes A1 135--28--80   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003273
Hieracium maculosum   Yes A1 135--28--101   Dahlst. ex Stenstr. 0920003128
Hieracium magniceps   Yes A1 135--28--190   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003263
Hieracium marginatum   Yes A1 135--28--240   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003252
Hieracium maritimum   Yes A1 135--28--7   (F. Hanb.) F. Hanb. 0920003129
Hieracium marshallii   Yes A1 135--28--222   E.F. Linton 0920003130
Hieracium melanochloricephalum   Yes A1 135--28--208   Pugsley 0920003131
Hieracium memorabile   Yes A1 135--28--239   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003253
Hieracium milesii   Yes S1 A1 135--28--mil   P.D. Sell & C. West  
Hieracium mirandum   Yes A1 135--28--42   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003274
Hieracium molybdochroum   Yes A1 135--28--223   Dahlst. 0920003132
Hieracium mucronellum   Yes A1 135--28--100   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003275
Hieracium mundum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--mun   P.D. Sell & C. West  
Hieracium murorum agg.   Aggregate AK 135--28--- N    
Hieracium naviense   Yes A1 135--28--181   J.N. Mills 0920003276
Hieracium neocoracinum   Yes A1 135--28--93   Pugsley 0920003133
Hieracium nidense   Yes A1 135--28--27   (F. Hanb.) Roffey 0920003134
Hieracium nitidum   Yes A1 135--28--163   Backh. f. 0920003135
Hieracium northroense   Yes A1 135--28--44   Pugsley 0920003136
Hieracium notabile   Yes A1 135--28--242   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003251
Hieracium oblongum   Yes A1 135--28--132   Jord. 0920003278
Hieracium oistophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--91   Pugsley 0920003138
Hieracium optimum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--opt   P.D. Sell & C. West  
Hieracium orcadense   Yes A1 135--28--78   W.R. Linton 0920003078
Hieracium orimeles   Yes A1 135--28--142   F. Hanb. ex W.R. Linton 0920003141
Hieracium orithales   Yes A1 135--28--90   E.F. Linton 0920003123
Hieracium ornatilorum   Yes A1 135--28--18   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003279
Hieracium oxyodus   Yes A1 135--28--79   W.R. Linton 0920003142
Hieracium pachyphylloides   Yes A1 135--28--105   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003143
Hieracium patale   Yes A1 135--28--134   Norrl. 0920003280
Hieracium pauculidens   Yes A1 135--28--99   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003281
Hieracium pellucidum   Yes A1 135--28--129   Laest. 0920003145
Hieracium pensum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--pen   P.D. Sell & C. West  
Hieracium perscitum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--per   P.D. Sell & C. West  
Hieracium petrocharis   Yes A1 135--28--202   (E.F. Linton) W.R. Linton 0920003148
Hieracium pictorum   Yes A1 135--28--112   E.F. Linton 0920003149
Hieracium piligerum   Yes A1 135--28--110   (Pugsley) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003236
Hieracium pilosum   Clement A3 135--28--pil   Schleich. ex Froel. 0920006698
Hieracium placerophylloides   Yes A1 135--28--29   Pugsley 0920003151
Hieracium pollichiae   Yes A1 135--28--58   Sch. Bip. 0920003180
Hieracium pollinarioides   Yes A1 135--28--111   Pugsley 0920003152
Hieracium pollinarium   Yes A1 135--28--122   F. Hanb. 0920003153
Hieracium praethulense   Yes A1 135--28--50   Pugsley 0920003156
Hieracium prenanthoides   Yes A1 135--28--39   Vill. 0920003157
Hieracium probum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--pro   P.D. Sell & C. West  
Hieracium prolixum   Yes A1 135--28--120   Norrl. 0920003158
Hieracium proximum   Yes A1 135--28--144   F. Hanb. 0920003159
Hieracium pruinale   Yes A1 135--28--126   (Zahn) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003283
Hieracium pseudanglicoides   Yes A1 135--28--199   Raven, P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003259
Hieracium pseudanglicum   Yes A1 135--28--200   Pugsley 0920003162
Hieracium pseudocurvatum   Yes A1 135--28--231   (Zahn) Pugsley 0920003163
Hieracium pseudoleyi   Yes A1 135--28--158   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003265
Hieracium pseudopetiolatum   Yes A1 135--28--245   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003164
Hieracium pseudosarcophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--107   Pugsley 0920003165
Hieracium pseudostenstroemii   Yes A1 135--28--108   Pugsley 0920003166
Hieracium pugsleyi   Yes A1 135--28--47   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003284
Hieracium pulchrius   Yes A1 135--28--75   (Ley) W.R. Linton 0920003167
Hieracium pulmonarioides   Yes A1 135--28--187   Vill. 0920003168
Hieracium pycnotrichum   Yes A1 135--28--8   (W.R. Linton) Roffey 0920003171
Hieracium radyrense   Yes A1 135--28--86   (Pugsley) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003172
Hieracium rectulum   Yes A1 135--28--76   Ley 0920003173
Hieracium repandulare   Yes A1 135--28--169   Druce 0920003174
Hieracium reticulatum   Yes A1 135--28--11   Lindeb. 0920003175
Hieracium rhomboides   Yes A1 135--28--84   (Stenstr.) Johanss. 0920003176
Hieracium riddelsdellii   Yes A1 135--28--170   Pugsley 0920003177
Hieracium rigens   Yes A1 135--28--3   Jord. 0920003178
Hieracium rivale   Yes A1 135--28--104   F. Hanb. 0920003179
Hieracium rubiginosum   Yes A1 135--28--63   F. Hanb. 0920003181
Hieracium sabaudum   Yes A1 135--28--1   L. 0920003146
Hieracium salticola   Yes A1 135--28--4   (Sudre) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003182
Hieracium sanguineum   Yes A1 135--28--106   (Ley) W.R. Linton 0920003183
Hieracium sarcophylloides   Yes A1 135--28--177   Dahlst. 0920003170
Hieracium saxorum   Yes A1 135--28--173   (F. Hanb.) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003184
Hieracium scabrisetum   Yes A1 135--28--24   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003185
Hieracium scarpicum   Yes A1 135--28--189   Pugsley 0920003186
Hieracium schmidtii   Yes A1 135--28--167   Tausch 0920003187
Hieracium scoticum   Yes A1 135--28--145   F. Hanb. 0920003188
Hieracium scotostictum   Yes A1 135--28--115   Hyl. 0920003189
Hieracium scullyi   Yes A1 135--28--26   W.R. Linton 0920003190
Hieracium sect. Hieracium exotericum agg.   Aggregate AK 135--28---      
Hieracium senescens   Yes A1 135--28--224   Backh. f. 0920003192
Hieracium severiceps   Yes A1 135--28--137   Wiinst. 0920003285
Hieracium shoolbredii   Yes A1 135--28--198   E.S. Marshall 0920003193
Hieracium silvaticoides   Yes A1 135--28--92   Pugsley 0920003194
Hieracium sinuans   Yes A1 135--28--225   F. Hanb. 0920003169
Hieracium snowdoniense   Yes A1 135--28--127   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003195
Hieracium solum   Yes A1 135--28--55   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003286
Hieracium sommerfeltii   Yes A1 135--28--156   Lindeb. 0920003196
Hieracium sparsifolium   Yes A1 135--28--34   Lindeb. 0920003197
Hieracium sparsifrons   Yes A1 135--28--36   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003139
Hieracium speluncarum   Yes A1 135--28--186   Arv.-Touv. 0920003198
Hieracium spenceanum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--spe   W. Scott & R.C. Palmer  
Hieracium stenolepiforme   Yes A1 135--28--183   (Pugsley) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003200
Hieracium stenopholidium   Yes A1 135--28--184   (Dahlst.) Omang 0920003260
Hieracium stenophyes   Yes A1 135--28--82   W.R. Linton 0920003201
Hieracium stenstroemii   Yes A1 135--28--123   (Dahlst.) Johanss. 0920003087
Hieracium stewartii   Yes A1 135--28--25   (F. Hanb.) Roffey 0920003202
Hieracium strictiforme   Yes A1 135--28--12   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003204
Hieracium subamplifolium   Yes A1 135--28--67   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003206
Hieracium subbritannicum   Yes A1 135--28--182   (Ley) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003207
Hieracium subcrassum   Yes A1 135--28--133   (Almq. ex Dahlst.) Johanss. 0920003287
Hieracium subcrocatum   Yes A1 135--28--14   (E.F. Linton) Roffey 0920003208
Hieracium subglobosum   Yes S1 A1 135--28--sub   P.D. Sell & C. West  
Hieracium subgracilentipes   Yes A1 135--28--243   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003210
Hieracium subhirtum   Yes A1 135--28--94   (F. Hanb.) Pugsley 0920003211
Hieracium subintegrifolium   Yes A1 135--28--28   Pugsley 0920003212
Hieracium sublepistoides   Yes A1 135--28--136   (Zahn) Druce 0920003213
Hieracium subminutidens   Yes A1 135--28--71   (Zahn) Pugsley 0920003214
Hieracium submutabile   Yes A1 135--28--77   (Zahn) Pugsley 0920003216
Hieracium subplanifolium   Yes A1 135--28--174   Pugsley 0920003217
Hieracium subprasinifolium   Yes A1 135--28--119   Pugsley 0920003218
Hieracium subramosum   Yes A1 135--28--64   L”nnr. 0920003219
Hieracium subrude   Yes A1 135--28--143   (Arv.-Touv.) Arv.-Touv. 0920003220
Hieracium substrigosum   Yes A1 135--28--30   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003221
Hieracium subtenue   Yes A1 135--28--95   (W.R. Linton) Roffey 0920003222
Hieracium subtruncatum   Yes A1 135--28--45   Beeby 0920003223
Hieracium subumbellatiforme   Yes A1 135--28--10   (Zahn) Roffey 0920003161
Hieracium surrejanum   Yes A1 135--28--66   F. Hanb. 0920003224
Hieracium tavense   Yes A1 135--28--16   (Ley ex W.R. Linton) Ley 0920003225
Hieracium tenuifrons   Yes A1 135--28--244   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003090.1
Hieracium trichocaulon   Yes A1 135--28--21   (Dahlst.) Johanss. 0920003227
Hieracium triviale   Yes A1 135--28--61   Norrl. 0920003288
Hieracium uiginskyense   Yes A1 135--28--32   Pugsley 0920003230
Hieracium uistense   Yes A1 135--28--125   (Pugsley) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003231
Hieracium uisticola   Yes A1 135--28--89   Pugsley 0920003232
Hieracium umbellatum   Yes A1 135--28--6   L. 0920003023
Hieracium umbellatum subsp. bichlorophyllum   Yes A1 135--28--6--b   (Druce & Zahn) P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003023.1
Hieracium umbellatum subsp. umbellatum   Yes A1 135--28--6--a     0920003023.2
Hieracium vagense   Yes A1 135--28--154   (F. Hanb.) Ley 0920003234
Hieracium vagum   Yes A1 135--28--5   Jord. 0920003235
Hieracium variifolium   Yes A1 135--28--98   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003289
Hieracium vennicontium   Yes A1 135--28--209   Pugsley 0920003237
Hieracium villosum   Clement A3 135--28--vil   Jacq. 0920004513
Hieracium vinicaule   Yes A1 135--28--43   P.D. Sell & C. West 0920003238
Hieracium virgultorum   Yes A1 135--28--2   Jord. 0920003239
Hieracium vulgatum   Yes A1 135--28--62   Fr. 0920003240
Hieracium westii   Yes A1 135--28--221   P.D. Sell 0920003215
Hieracium zetlandicum   Yes A1 135--28--57   Beeby 0920003241
Hieracium zygophorum   Yes A1 135--28--114   Hyl. 0920003290
Hierochloe odorata Holy-grass Yes A1 153--36--1 N (L.) P. Beauv. 0920000977
Himantoglossum hircinum Lizard Orchid Yes A1 162--22--1 N (L.) Spreng. 0920000978
Hippocrepis comosa Horseshoe Vetch Page 41 A1 77--12--2 N L. 0920000979
Hippocrepis emerus Scorpion Senna Yes A1 77--12--1 Ne (L.) Lassen 0920007402
Hippocrepis multisiliquosa   Clement A3 77--12--mul   L. 0920006699
Hippocrepis unisiliquosa   Clement A3 77--12--uni   L. 0920005555
Hippophae rhamnoides Sea-buckthorn Page 41 A1 78--1--1 N L. 0920000980
Hippuris vulgaris Mare's-tail Page 41 A1 119--1--1 N L. 0920000981
Hirschfeldia incana Hoary Mustard Page 41 A1 62--38--1 Ne (L.) Lagr.-Foss. 0920000982
Hoheria populnea New Zealand Mallow Yes S1 A1 53--HOH--pop Ne A. Cunn. 0920003473
Holcus annuus   Clement A3 153--33--ann   Salzm. ex C.A. Mey. 0920006700
Holcus lanatus Yorkshire-fog Page 41 A1 153--33--1 N L. 0920000983
Holcus lanatus x mollis = H. x hybridus   Yes A1 153--33--1 x 2   Wein 0920002912
Holcus mollis Creeping Soft-grass Page 41 A1 153--33--2 N L. 0920000984
Holcus setiger   Clement A3 153--33--set   Nees 0920006701
Holodiscus discolor Oceanspray Yes A1 75--5--1 Ne (Pursh) Maxim. 0920004316
Holosteum umbellatum Jagged Chickweed Yes A1 46--6--1 Ne L. 0920000986
Homeria collina Cape-tulip Clement A3 159--HOM--col   (Thunb.) Salisb. 0920004222
Homogyne alpina Purple Colt's-foot Yes A1 135--72--1 ?N (L.) Cass. 0920000987
Homopholis proluta   Clement A3 153--HOM--pro   (F. Muell) R.D. Webster 0920006702
Honckenya peploides Sea Sandwort Page 41 A1 46--3--1 N (L.) Ehrh. 0920000988
Hordelymus europaeus Wood Barley Yes A1 153--58--1 N (L.) Jess. ex Harz 0920000989
Hordeum bogdanii   Clement A3 153--59--bog   Wilensky 0920006703
Hordeum brevisubulatum   Clement A3 153--59--bre   (Trin.) Link 0920006704
Hordeum chilense   Clement A3 153--59--chi   Roem. & Schult. 0920006705
Hordeum comosum   Clement A3 153--59--com   J. Presl 0920006706
Hordeum cordobense   Clement A3 153--59--cor   Bothmer, N. Jacobsen & Nicora 0920006707
Hordeum distichon Two-rowed Barley Yes A1 153--59--1 Ca L. 0920004368
Hordeum euclaston Argentine Barley Stace A2 153--59--euc Ca Steud. 0920003137
Hordeum flexuosum   Clement A3 153--59--fle   Nees ex Steud. 0920006708
Hordeum geniculatum Mediterranean Barley Stace A2 153--59--gen Ca All. 0920009181
Hordeum halophilum   Clement A3 153--59--hal   Griseb. 0920006709
Hordeum jubatum Foxtail Barley Yes A1 153--59--3 Ne L. 0920000990
Hordeum lechleri   Clement A3 153--59--lec   (Steud.) Schenk 0920006710
Hordeum marinum Sea Barley Yes A1 153--59--5 N Huds. 0920000991
Hordeum murinum Wall Barley Page 41 A1 153--59--2 Ar L. 0920000992
Hordeum murinum subsp. glaucum   Stace A2 153--59--2--c Ca (Steudel) Tzvelev 0920000992.4
Hordeum murinum subsp. leporinum   Yes A1 153--59--2--b Ne (Link) Arcang. 0920000992.1
Hordeum murinum subsp. murinum   Yes A1 153--59--2--a     0920000992.3
Hordeum muticum   Clement A3 153--59--mut   J. Presl 0920006711
Hordeum parodii   Clement A3 153--59--par   Covas 0920006712
Hordeum procerum   Clement A3 153--59--pro   Nevski 0920006713
Hordeum pubiflorum Antarctic Barley Stace A2 153--59--pub Ca Hook. f. 0920003140
Hordeum pusillum Little Barley Stace A2 153--59--pus Ca Nutt. 0920003120
Hordeum secalinum Meadow Barley Page 41 A1 153--59--4 N Schreb. 0920000993
Hordeum stenostachys   Clement A3 153--59--ste   Godr. 0920006714
Hordeum violaceum   Clement A3 153--59--vio   Boiss. & Hohen. 0920006715
Hordeum vulgare Six-rowed Barley Stace A2 153--59--vul Ca L. 0920008282
Hornungia petraea Hutchinsia Yes A1 62--26--1 N (L.) Rchb. 0920000994
Hosta elata   Clement A3 158--HOS--ela   Hyl. 0920006716
Hosta fortunei   Clement A3 158--HOS--for   (Baker) L.H. Bailey 0920006717
Hosta lancifolia Narrow-leaved Plantain-lily Clement A3 158--HOS--lan   (Thunb.) Engl. 0920006718
Hosta nakaiana   Clement A3 158--HOS--nak   (Maek.) Maek. 0920006719
Hosta sieboldiana   Clement A3 158--HOS--sie   (Hook.) Engl. 0920006720
Hosta ventricosa Blue Plantain-lily Clement A3 158--HOS--ven   (Salisb.) Stearn 0920006721
Hottonia palustris Water-violet Page 41 A1 69--2--1 N L. 0920000995

Houttuynia cordata Thunb.
Houttuynia cordata has been given a full species description in New Flora of the British Isles Edition 3 by Clive Stace on page 81.

There is no mention of Houttuynia cordata in the Nymphaeaceae family in:
Stace Edition 2 page 74 to 76,
Stace Edition 1 page 90 to 94.

Houttuynia cordata
Fish-plant Stace 3       Thunb.  
Hugueninia tanacetifolia Tansey-leaved Rocket Clement A3 62--HUG--tan   (L.) Rchb. 0920006722
Humulus japonicus Japanese Hop Clement A3 34--2--jap   Siebold & Zucc. 0920006723
Humulus lupulus Hop Page 43 A1 34--2--1 N L. 0920000996
Huperzia selago Fir Clubmoss Page 43, S1, S3 A1 1--1--1 N (L.) Bernh. ex Schrank & Mart. 0910001217
Hyacinthoides hispanica Spanish Bluebell Yes A1 158--20--3 Ne (Mill.) Rothm. 0920000686
Hyacinthoides italica Italian Bluebell Yes A1 158--20--1 Ne (L.) Rothm. 0920007403
Hyacinthoides non-scripta Bluebell Page 43 A1 158--20--2 N (L.) Chouard ex Rothm. 0920000687
Hyacinthoides non-scripta x hispanica = H. x massartiana   Page 43 S2 A1 158--20--2 x 3 Ne Geerinck 0920002617
Hyacinthus orientalis Hyacinth Yes A1 158--21--1 Ne L. 0920007404
Hyalosperma glutinosa Golden Sunray Clement A3 135--HYA--glu   Steetz 0920006724
Hydrangea anomala Japanese Climbing-hydrangea Clement A3 71--HYD--ano   D. Don 0920008090
Hydrangea macrophylla Hydrangea Yes S1 A1 71--HYD--mac Ne Ser. 0920003474
Hydrilla verticillata Hydrilla Yes A1 138--5--1 N (L. f.) Royle 0920002291
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae Frogbit Page 43 A1 138--1--1 N L. 0920000998
Hydrocleys nymphoides Water-poppy Clement A3 136A--HYD--nym   (Willd.) Buchenau 0920006725
Hydrocotyle moschata Hairy Pennywort Yes A1 107--1--2 Ne G. Forst. 0920004471
Hydrocotyle novae-zeelandiae New Zealand Pennywort Yes A1 107--1--3 Ne DC. 0920007405
Hydrocotyle ranunculoides Floating Pennywort Page 43 A1 107--1--ran Ne L. f. 0920008517
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides   Clement A3 107--1--sib   Lam. 0920006726
Hydrocotyle vulgaris Marsh Pennywort Page 43 A1 107--1--1 N L. 0920000999
Hymenocarpus circinnatus Disk Trefoil Clement A3 77--HYM--cir   (L.) Savi 0920005556
Hymenophyllum tunbrigense Tunbridge Filmy-fern Yes A1 10--1--1 N (L.) Sm. 0910001000
Hymenophyllum wilsonii Wilson's Filmy-fern Page 43 A1 10--1--2 N Hook. 0910001001
Hyoscyamus albus White Henbane Clement A3 110--4--alb   L. 0920006727
Hyoscyamus aureus Golden Henbane Clement A3 110--4--aur   L. 0920006728
Hyoscyamus muticus   Clement A3 110--4--mut   L. 0920006729
Hyoscyamus niger Henbane Page 43 A1 110--4--1 Ar L. 0920001002
Hyoscyamus reticulatus   Clement A3 110--4--ret   L. 0920006730
Hyparrhenia hirta   Clement A3 153--HYP--hir   (L.) Stapf 0920006731
Hypecoum imberbe   Clement A3 30--HYP--imb   Sibth. & Sm. 0920006732
Hypecoum pendulum   Clement A3 30--HYP--pen   L. 0920005609
Hypecoum procumbens   Clement A3 30--HYP--pro   L. 0920006733
Hypericum aegypticum   Clement A3 51--1--aeg   L. 0920006734
Hypericum androsaemum Tutsan Page 43 A1 51--1--3 N L. 0920001003
Hypericum androsaemum x hircinum = H. x inodorum Tall Tutsan Yes A1 51--1--3 x 4 Ne Mill. 0920001007
Hypericum calycinum Rose-of-Sharon Page 43 A1 51--1--1 Ne L. 0920001004
Hypericum canadense Irish St John's-wort Yes A1 51--1--17 Ne L. 0920002265
Hypericum elodes Marsh St John's-wort Page 43 A1 51--1--16 N L. 0920001008
Hypericum forrestii Forrest's Tutsan Yes S1 A1 51--1--for Ne (Chitt.) N. Robson 0920008093
Hypericum hircinum Stinking Tutsan Yes A1 51--1--4 Ne L. 0920001009
Hypericum hircinum subsp. majus   Yes A1 51--1--4--a   (Aiton) N. Robson 0920001009
Hypericum hirsutum Hairy St John's-wort Page 43 A1 51--1--14 N L. 0920001010
Hypericum humifusum Trailing St John's-wort Page 43 A1 51--1--10 N L. 0920001011
Hypericum humifusum x linariifolium   Yes A1 51--1--10 x 11     0920007406
Hypericum linariifolium Toadflax-leaved St John's-wort Yes A1 51--1--11 N Vahl 0920001012
Hypericum maculatum Imperforate St John's-wort Page 43 A1 51--1--7 N Crantz 0920001006
Hypericum maculatum subsp. maculatum   Yes A1 51--1--7--a N   0920001006.1
Hypericum maculatum subsp. obtusiusculum   Yes A1 51--1--7--b N (Tourlet) Hayek 0920001006.2
Hypericum montanum Pale St John's-wort Page 43 A1 51--1--15 N L. 0920001013
Hypericum nummularium Round-leaved St John's-wort Yes A1 51--1--13 Ne L. 0920007407
Hypericum olympicum   Clement A3 51--1--oly   L. 0920004039
Hypericum perforatum Perforate St John's-wort Page 43 A1 51--1--6 N L. 0920001014
Hypericum perforatum x maculatum = H. x desetangsii Des Etangs' St John's-wort Yes A1 51--1--6 x 7 N Lamotte 0920001005
Hypericum pseudohenryi Irish Tutsan Yes A1 51--1--2 Ne N. Robson 0920007408
Hypericum pulchrum Slender St John's-wort Page 43 A1 51--1--12 N L. 0920001015
Hypericum richeri Alpine St John's-wort Clement A3 51--1--ric   Vill. 0920006735
Hypericum tetrapterum Square-stalked St John's-wort Page 43 A1 51--1--9 N Fr. 0920001016
Hypericum undulatum Wavy St John's-wort Yes A1 51--1--8 N Schousb. ex Willd. 0920001017
Hypericum xylosteifolium Turkish Tutsan Yes A1 51--1--5 Ne (Spach) N. Robson 0920007409
Hypochaeris achyrophorus   Clement A3 135--15--ach   L. 0920006736
Hypochaeris glabra Smooth Cat's-ear Yes A1 135--15--2 N L. 0920001018
Hypochaeris maculata Spotted Cat's-ear Yes A1 135--15--3 N L. 0920001019
Hypochaeris radicata Cat's-ear Page 43 A1 135--15--1 N L. 0920001020
Hypochaeris radicata x glabra = H. x intermedia   Yes A1 135--15--1 x 2   Richt. 0920002836

Hypopitys monotropa Crantz.
Yellow Bird's-nest
Hypopitys monotropa is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 535.

The old name was:

Monotropa hypopitys L.

For Monotropa hypopitys see:
Stace Edition 2 page 294,
Stace Edition 1 page 359.

Hypopitys monotropa
Yellow Bird's-nest Stace 3     N Crantz.  

Hypopitys monotropa ssp monotropa
Hypopitys monotropa ssp monotropa is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 535.

The old name was:

Monotropa hypopitys ssp hypopitys  

For Monotropa hypopitys ssp hypopitys see:
Stace Edition 2 page 294,
Stace Edition 1 page 359.

Hypopitys monotropa ssp monotropa
  Stace 3       Auth  

Hypopitys monotropa ssp hypophegea (Wallr.) Tzvelev
Hypopitys monotropa ssp hypophegea is a new name in New Flora of the British Isles by Clive Stace Edition 3 page 535.

The old name was:

Monotropa hypopitis ssp hypophegea (Wallr.) Holmboe

For Monotropa hypopitis ssp hypophegea see:
Stace Edition 2 page 294,
Stace Edition 1 page 359.

Hypopitys monotropa ssp hypophegea
  Stace 3       (Wallr.) Tzvelev  
Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop Yes A1 118--19--1 Ne L. 0920001021
Hystrix patula Bottle-brush-grass Clement A3 153--HYS--pat   Moench 0920006737

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