List of Accepted Plants of the British Isles 2007   F

Accepted Latin Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Facelis retusa   Clement A3 135--FAC--ret   (Lam.) Sch. Bip. 0920006563
Fagopyrum dibotrys Tall Buckwheat Yes A1 47--3--2 Ne (D. Don) H. Hara 0920002446
Fagopyrum esculentum Buckwheat Yes A1 47--3--1 Ne Moench 0920000809
Fagopyrum tataricum Green Buckwheat Clement A3 47--3--tat   (L.) Gaertn. 0920008070
Fagus sylvatica Beech Page 33 A1 39--1--1 N L. 0920000810
Falcaria vulgaris Longleaf Yes A1 107--33--1 Ne Bernh. 0920000811
Fallopia baldschuanica Russian-vine Yes A1 47--5--3 Ne (Regel) Holub 0920001524
Fallopia convolvulus Black-bindweed Page 33 A1 47--5--4 Ar (L.) µ. L”ve 0920001527
Fallopia dumetorum Copse-bindweed Yes A1 47--5--5 N (L.) Holub 0920001529
Fallopia japonica Japanese Knotweed Page 33 A1 47--5--1 Ne (Houtt.) Ronse Decr. 0920001528
Fallopia japonica x baldschuanica = F. x conollyana   Yes S3 A1 47--5--1 x 3   J.P. Bailey 0920007358
Fallopia japonica x sachalinensis = F. x bohemica   Yes A1 47--5--1 x 2 Ne (Chrtek & Chrtkov ) J.P. Bailey 0920004336
Fallopia sachalinensis Giant Knotweed Page 33 A1 47--5--2 Ne (F. Schmidt) Ronse Decr. 0920001541
Fargesia murielae Umbrella Bamboo Clement A3 153--FAR--mur   (Gamble) T.P. Yi 0920006564
Fargesia spathacea Chinese Fountain-bamboo Yes S1 A1 153--FAR--spa Ne Franch. 0920007680
Fascicularia bicolor Rhodostachys Yes S1 A1 156--1--1 Ne (Ruiz & Pav.) Mez 0920004390
Fatsia japonica Fatsia Yes S1 A1 106--FAT--jap Ne (Thunb.) Decne. & Planch. 0920003462
Fedia cornucopiae Horn-of-plenty Clement A3 133--FED--cor   (L.) Gaertn. 0920006565
Felicia abyssinica   Clement A3 135--FEL--aby   Sch. Bip. ex A. Rich. 0920006566
Felicia amelloides Blue Marguerite Clement A3 135--FEL--ame   (DC.) Voss 0920006567
Felicia amoena   Clement A3 135--FEL--amo   (Sch. Bip.) Levyns 0920006568
Felicia angustifolia   Clement A3 135--FEL--ang   (Jacq.) Nees 0920006569
Felicia bergeriana Kingfisher Daisy Clement A3 135--FEL--ber   (Spreng.) O. Hoffm. 0920006570
Felicia heterophylla   Clement A3 135--FEL--het   (Cass.) Grau 0920006571
Felicia tenella   Clement A3 135--FEL--ten   (L.) Nees 0920006572
Ferula communis Giant Fennel Yes S1 A1 107--FER--com Ne L. 0920008071
Festuca altissima Wood Fescue Yes A1 153--12--4 N All. 0920000812
Festuca arenaria Rush-leaved Fescue Yes S2 A1 153--12--6 N Osbeck 0920000819
Festuca arenaria subsp. arenaria   Yes S2 A1 153--12--6--a      
Festuca arenaria subsp. oraria   Yes S2 A1 153--12--6--b   (Dumort.) Dengler  
Festuca arenaria x Vulpia fasciculata = X Festulpia melderisii   Yes A1 153--12 x 14--6 x 1   Stace & R. Cotton 0920007675
Festuca armoricana Breton Fescue Yes A1 153--12--11 N Kergu‚len 0920007359
Festuca arundinacea Tall Fescue Page 33 A1 153--12--2 N Schreb. 0920000813
Festuca arundinacea x gigantea = F. x fleischeri   Yes A1 153--12--2 x 3   Rohlena 0920002899
Festuca arundinacea x Lolium multiflorum   Yes A1 153--12 x 13--2 x 2     0920004470
Festuca arundinacea x Lolium perenne = X Festulolium holmbergii   Yes A1 153--12 x 13--2 x 1   (D”rfl.) P. Fourn. 0920002900
Festuca brevipila Hard Fescue Yes A1 153--12--15 Ne R. Tracey 0920000820
Festuca buchtienii   Clement A3 153--12--buc   Hack. 0920006573
Festuca caprina   Clement A3 153--12--cap   Nees 0920006574
Festuca filiformis Fine-leaved Sheep's-fescue Page 33 A1 153--12--10 N Pourr. 0920000822.2
Festuca gautieri Spiky Fescue Yes S1 A1 153--12--gau Ne (Hack.) K. Richt. 0920003463
Festuca gautieri subsp. scoparia   Yes S1 A1 153--12--gau--a   (Hack. & A. Kern.) Kergu‚len 0920003463
Festuca gigantea Giant Fescue Page 35 A1 153--12--3 N (L.) Vill. 0920000816
Festuca gigantea x Lolium perenne = X Festulolium brinkmannii   Yes A1 153--12 x 13--3 x 1   (A. Braun) Asch. & Graebn. 0920002901
Festuca heterophylla Various-leaved Fescue Yes A1 153--12--5 Ne Lam. 0920000818
Festuca huonii Huon's Fescue Yes A1 153--12--12 N Auquier 0920007361
Festuca lemanii Confused Fescue Yes A1 153--12--13 ?N Bastard 0920005430
Festuca longifolia Blue Fescue Yes A1 153--12--14 N Thuill. 0920000817
Festuca ovina Sheep's-fescue Page 35 A1 153--12--8 N L. 0920000822
Festuca ovina agg.   Aggregate AK 153--12---      
Festuca ovina subsp. hirtula   Yes A1 153--12--8--b   (Hack. ex Travis) M.J. Wilk. 0920000822.4
Festuca ovina subsp. ophioliticola   Yes A1 153--12--8--c   (Kergu‚len) M.J. Wilk. 0920000822.3
Festuca ovina subsp. ovina   Yes A1 153--12--8--a     0920000822.1
Festuca pratensis Meadow Fescue Page 35 A1 153--12--1 N Huds. 0920000823
Festuca pratensis x arundinacea = F. x aschersoniana   Yes A1 153--12--1 x 2   D”rfl. 0920002897
Festuca pratensis x gigantea = F. x schlickumii   Yes A1 153--12--1 x 3   Grantzow 0920002898
Festuca pratensis x Lolium multiflorum = X Festulolium braunii   Yes A1 153--12 x 13--1 x 2   (K. Richt.) A. Camus 0920004469
Festuca pratensis x Lolium perenne = X Festulolium loliaceum Hybrid Fescue Yes A1 153--12 x 13--1 x 1   (Huds.) P. Fourn. 0920000815
Festuca rubra Red Fescue Page 35 A1 153--12--7 N L. 0920000825
Festuca rubra subsp. arctica   Yes A1 153--12--7--e N (Hack.) Govor. 0920000825.3
Festuca rubra subsp. commutata Chewing's Fescue Yes A1 153--12--7--d N Gaudin 0920000825.2
Festuca rubra subsp. juncea   Yes A1 153--12--7--b N (Hack.) K. Richt. 0920000825.4
Festuca rubra subsp. litoralis   Yes A1 153--12--7--c N (G. Mey.) Auquier 0920000825.5
Festuca rubra subsp. megastachys   Yes A1 153--12--7--g Ne Gaudin 0920000825.6
Festuca rubra subsp. rubra   Yes A1 153--12--7--a     0920000825.1
Festuca rubra subsp. scotica   Yes A1 153--12--7--f N S. Cunn. ex Al-Bermani 0920000825.7
Festuca rubra x Vulpia bromoides   Yes A1 153--12 x 14--7 x 2     0920002904
Festuca rubra x Vulpia fasciculata = X Festulpia hubbardii   Yes A1 153--12 x 14--7 x 1   Stace & R. Cotton 0920002903
Festuca rubra x Vulpia myuros   Yes A1 153--12 x 14--7 x 3     0920002905
Festuca rupicola   Clement A3 153--12--rup   Heuff. 0920006575
Festuca trachylepis   Clement A3 153--12--tra   Hack. ex Druce 0920006576
Festuca vivipara Viviparous Sheep's-fescue Page 35 A1 153--12--9 N (L.) Sm. 0920000826
Ficus carica Fig Yes A1 35--2--1 Ne L. 0920002409
Ficus pumila Creeping Fig Clement A3 35--2--pum   L. 0920005552
Filago arvensis Field Cudweed Clement A3 135--30--arv   L. 0920000828
Filago duriaei   Clement A3 135--30--dur   Coss. ex Lange 0920006577
Filago gallica Narrow-leaved Cudweed Yes A1 135--30--5 Ar L. 0920000829
Filago lutescens Red-tipped Cudweed Yes A1 135--30--2 ?N Jord. 0920000827
Filago minima Small Cudweed Page 35 A1 135--30--4 N (Sm.) Pers. 0920000831
Filago pyramidata Broad-leaved Cudweed Yes A1 135--30--3 Ar L. 0920000832
Filago vulgaris Common Cudweed Page 35 A1 135--30--1 N Lam. 0920000830
Filipendula camtschatica Giant Meadowsweet Yes S3 A1 75--6--3 Ne (Pall.) Maxim. 0920007362
Filipendula rubra Queen-of-the-prairie Clement A3 75--6--rub   (Hill) B.L. Rob. 0920006578
Filipendula ulmaria Meadowsweet Page 35 A1 75--6--2 N (L.) Maxim. 0920000833
Filipendula vestita   Clement A3 75--6--ves   (Wall. ex G. Don) Maxim 0920006579
Filipendula vulgaris Dropwort Page 35 A1 75--6--1 N Moench 0920000834
Filipendula x purpurea Red Meadowsweet Yes S3 A1 75--6--pur Ne Maxim. 0920008072
Flaveria bidentis Speedy-weed Clement A3 135--FLA--bid   (L.) Kuntze 0920006580
Foeniculum vulgare Fennel Page 35 A1 107--21--1 Ar Mill. 0920000835
Foeniculum vulgare subsp. piperitum Bitter Fennel Clement A3 107--21--1--b   (Ucria) Cout. 0920000835.1
Foeniculum vulgare subsp. vulgare   Other AT 107--21--1--a      
Forsythia giraldiana Early Forsythia Clement A3 123--1--gir   Lingelsh. 0920006582
Forsythia ovata Korean Forsythia Clement A3 123--1--ova   Nakai 0920006583
Forsythia suspensa Golden-bell Clement A3 123--1--sus   (Thunb.) Vahl 0920008073
Forsythia suspensa x viridissima = F. x intermedia Forsythia Yes A1 123--1--sus x vir Ne hort. ex Zabel 0920007363
Fragaria ananassa Garden Strawberry Yes A1 75--11--3 Ne (Duchesne) Duchesne 0920000836
Fragaria chiloensis Beach Strawberry Clement A3 75--11--chi   (L.) Mill. 0920003939
Fragaria moschata Hautbois Strawberry Yes S1 & S2 A1 75--11--2 Ne (Duchesne) Weston 0920000837
Fragaria vesca Wild Strawberry Page 35 A1 75--11--1 N L. 0920000838
Frangula alnus Alder Buckthorn Page 35 A1 92--2--1 N Mill. 0920000839
Frankenia laevis Sea-heath Yes A1 59--1--1 N L. 0920000840
Frankenia pulverulenta   Clement A3 59--1--pul   L. 0920006584
Fraxinus americana White Ash Clement A3 123--2--ame   L. 0920006585
Fraxinus excelsior Ash Page 35 A1 123--2--1 N L. 0920000841
Fraxinus latifolia Oregon Ash Clement A3 123--2--lat   Benth. 0920006586
Fraxinus ornus Manna Ash Clement A3 123--2--orn   L. 0920008074
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Red Ash Clement A3 123--2--pen   Marshall 0920006587
Freesia x hybrida Freesia Yes A1 159--12--1 Ne L.H. Bailey 0920007364
Fritillaria meleagris Fritillary Yes A1 158--11--1 ?N L. 0920000842
Fritillaria pyrenaica Pyrenean Snake's-head Clement A3 158--11--pyr   L. 0920006588
Fuchsia cordifolia x globosa = F. 'Corallina' Large-flowered Fuchsia Yes A1 84--5---   hort. ex Lynch 0920007365
Fuchsia excortica Tree Fuchsia Clement A3 84--5--exc   (J.R. Forst. & G. Forst.) L. f. 0920005553
Fuchsia magellanica Fuchsia Page 35 A1 84--5--1 Ne Lam. 0920000844
Fuchsia x hybrida   Clement A3 84--5--hyb   hort. ex Vilm. 0920006589
Fumaria agragia   Clement A3 31--5--agr   Lag. 0920006590
Fumaria bastardii Tall Ramping-fumitory Yes A1 31--5--3 N Boreau 0920000845
Fumaria bastardii x muralis   Yes A1 31--5--3 x 5     0920007366
Fumaria capreolata White Ramping-fumitory Yes A1 31--5--1 N L. 0920000847
Fumaria capreolata subsp. babingtonii   Yes A1 31--5--1--b   (Pugsley) P.D. Sell 0920000847.4
Fumaria capreolata subsp. capreolata   Yes A1 31--5--1--a     0920000847.1
Fumaria densiflora Dense-flowered Fumitory Yes A1 31--5--8 Ar DC. 0920000849
Fumaria muralis Common Ramping-fumitory Page 35 A1 31--5--5 N Sond. ex W.D.J. Koch 0920000850
Fumaria muralis subsp. boraei   Yes A1 31--5--5--b   (Jord.) Pugsley 0920000846
Fumaria muralis subsp. muralis   Yes A1 31--5--5--a     0920000851
Fumaria muralis subsp. neglecta   Yes A1 31--5--5--c   Pugsley 0920000852
Fumaria muralis x officinalis = F. x painteri   Yes A1 31--5--5 x 7   Pugsley 0920000855
Fumaria occidentalis Western Ramping-fumitory Yes A1 31--5--2 N Pugsley 0920000853
Fumaria officinalis Common Fumitory Page 35 A1 31--5--7 Ar L. 0920000854
Fumaria officinalis subsp. officinalis   Yes A1 31--5--7--a     0920000854.1
Fumaria officinalis subsp. wirtgenii   Yes A1 31--5--7--b   (W.D.J. Koch) Arcang. 0920000854.2
Fumaria officinalis x densiflora   Yes A1 31--5--7 x 8     0920007367
Fumaria officinalis x parviflora   Yes A1 31--5--7 x 9     0920007368
Fumaria parviflora Fine-leaved Fumitory Yes A1 31--5--9 Ar Lam. 0920000856
Fumaria purpurea Purple Ramping-fumitory Yes A1 31--5--6 N Pugsley 0920000857
Fumaria reuteri Martin's Ramping-fumitory Yes A1 31--5--4 Ne Boiss. 0920000848
Fumaria vaillantii Few-flowered Fumitory Yes A1 31--5--10 Ar Loisel. 0920000858
Furcraea bedinghausii   Clement A3 160--FUR--bed   K. Koch 0920004217

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