List of Accepted Plants of the British Isles 2007   E

Accepted Latin Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Ecballium elaterium Squirting Cucumber Yes A1 60--2--1 Ne (L.) A. Rich. 0920005428
Eccremocarpus scaber Chilean Glory-flower Clement A3 127B--ECC--sca   (D. Don) Ruiz & Pav. 0920004146
Echeveria derenbergii Painted-lady Clement A3 73--ECH--der   J.A. Purpus 0920006421
Echinaria capitata   Clement A3 153--ECH--cap   (L.) Desf. 0920006422
Echinochloa colona Shama Millet Stace A2 153--68--col Ca (L.) Link 0920003262
Echinochloa crus-galli Cockspur Yes A1 153--68--1 Ne (L.) P. Beauv. 0920000668
Echinochloa crus-pavonis   Clement A3 153--68--cru   (Kunth) Schult. 0920006423
Echinochloa esculenta White Millet Stace A2 153--68--esc Ca (A. Braun) H. Scholz 0920003261
Echinochloa frumentacea White Millet Stace A2 153--68--fru Ca Link 0920003277
Echinochloa muricata   Clement A3 153--68--mur   (Michx.) Fernald 0920006424
Echinochloa oryzoides   Clement A3 153--68--ory   (Ard.) Fritsch 0920006425
Echinochloa pungens   Clement A3 153--68--pun   (Poir.) Rydb. 0920006426
Echinochloa pyramidalis   Clement A3 153--68--pyr   (Lam.) Hitchc. & Chase 0920006427
Echinochloa turneriana   Clement A3 153--68--tur   (Domin.) J.M. Black 0920006428
Echinophora spinosa   Clement A3 107--ECH--spi   L. 0920006429
Echinopogon ovatus Hedgehog-grass Clement A3 153--ECP--ova   (G. Forst.) P. Beauv. 0920006430
Echinops bannaticus Blue Globe-thistle Yes A1 135--1--3 Ne Rochel ex Schrad. 0920007283
Echinops exaltatus Globe-thistle Yes A1 135--1--2 Ne Schrad. 0920007284
Echinops humilis   Clement A3 135--1--hum   M. Bieb. 0920006431
Echinops sphaerocephalus Glandular Globe-thistle Yes A1 135--1--1 Ne L. 0920004375
Echinops strigosus Rough-leaved Globe-thistle Clement A3 135--1--str   L. 0920006432
Echium arenarium   Clement A3 116--2--are   Guss. 0920006433
Echium italicum Pale Bugloss Clement A3 116--2--ita   L. 0920005628
Echium lusitanicum   Clement A3 116--2--lus   L. 0920005607
Echium parviflorum   Clement A3 116--2--par   Moench 0920004037
Echium pininana Giant Viper's-bugloss Yes A1 116--2--4 Ne Webb & Berthel. 0920007285
Echium pininana x webbii = E. x scilloniensis   Clement A3 116--2--1 x web   hort., nom. nud. 0920004212
Echium plantagineum Purple Viper's-bugloss Yes A1 116--2--2 Ar L. 0920000669
Echium rosulatum Lax Viper's-bugloss Clement A3 116--2--ros Ne Lange 0920007286
Echium tuberculatum   Clement A3 116--2--tub   Hoffmanns. & Link 0920006434
Echium vulgare Viper's-bugloss Page 29 A1 116--2--1 N L. 0920000670
Eclipta prostrata   Clement A3 135--ECL--pro   (L.) L. 0920006435
Egeria densa Large-flowered Waterweed Yes A1 138--3--1 Ne Planch. 0920002551
Ehrharta calycina   Clement A3 153--EHR--cal   Sm. 0920006436
Ehrharta erecta   Clement A3 153--EHR--ere   Lam. 0920005684
Ehrharta longiflora   Clement A3 153--EHR--lof   Sm. 0920006437
Ehrharta longifolia   Clement A3 153--EHR--lol   Schrad. 0920004189
Ehrharta stipoides Weeping-grass Stace A2 153--EHR--sti Ca Labill. 0920008055
Eichhornia crassipes Water-hyacinth Clement A3 157--EIC--cra   (Mart.) Solms 0920004147
Einadia polygonoides Knotted Goosefoot Clement A3 43--EIN--pol   (Murr) Paul G. Wilson 0920006438
Einadia trigonos   Clement A3 43--EIN--tri   (Schult.) Paul G. Wilson 0920006439
Einadia trigonos subsp. stellulata   Clement A3 43--EIN--tri--b   (Benth.) Paul G. Wilson 0920006439.1
Einadia trigonos subsp. trigonos Fishweed Clement A3 43--EIN--tri--a     0920006439.2
Elaeagnus commutata Silver-berry Yes S2 A1 78--2--com   Bernh. 0920006442
Elaeagnus glabra   Clement A3 78--2--gla   Thunb. 0920005550
Elaeagnus macrophylla Broad-leaved Oleaster Yes S1 A1 78--2--mac Ne Thunb. 0920003428
Elaeagnus macrophylla x pungens = E. x submacrophylla Ebbinge's Oleaster Yes S2, S3 A1 78--2--mac x pun   Servett.  
Elaeagnus multiflora Cherry Elaeagnus Clement A3 78--2--mul   Thunb. 0920006443
Elaeagnus pungens Spiny Oleaster Yes S2 A1 78--2--pun   Thunb. 0920004072
Elaeagnus umbellata Spreading Oleaster Yes A1 78--2--1 Ne Thunb. 0920007287
Elatine hexandra Six-stamened Waterwort Yes A1 50--1--1 N (Lapierre) DC. 0920000671
Elatine hydropiper Eight-stamened Waterwort Yes A1 50--1--2 N L. 0920000672
Eleocharis acicularis Needle Spike-rush Yes A1 152--3--6 N (L.) Roem. & Schult. 0920000673
Eleocharis mamillata Northern Spike-rush Yes S3 A1 152--3--2 N (H. Lindb.) H. Lindb. 0920002267
Eleocharis mamillata subsp. austriaca   Yes S3 A1 152--3--2--a N (Hayek) Strandh.  
Eleocharis multicaulis Many-stalked Spike-rush Page 29 A1 152--3--4 N (Sm.) Desv. 0920000674
Eleocharis nodulosa   Clement A3 152--3--nod   (Roth) Schult. 0920006444
Eleocharis palustris Common Spike-rush Page 29 A1 152--3--1 N (L.) Roem. & Schult. 0920000675
Eleocharis palustris subsp. palustris   Yes A1 152--3--1--b N   0920000675.1
Eleocharis palustris subsp. vulgaris   Yes A1 152--3--1--a   Walters 0920000675.2
Eleocharis palustris x uniglumis   Yes A1 152--3--1 x 3     0920007288
Eleocharis parvula Dwarf Spike-rush Yes A1 152--3--7 N (Roem. & Schult.) Link ex Bluff, Nees & Schauer 0920000676
Eleocharis quinqueflora Few-flowered Spike-rush Yes A1 152--3--5 N (Hartmann) O. Schwarz 0920000677
Eleocharis uniglumis Slender Spike-rush Yes A1 152--3--3 N (Link) Schult. 0920000678
Eleogiton fluitans Floating Club-rush Page 29 A1 152--9--1 N (L.) Link 0920000679
Eleusine coracana Finger Millet Clement A3 153--ELE--cor   (L.) Gaertn. 0920006445
Eleusine floccifolia   Clement A3 153--ELE--flo   (Forssk.) Spreng. 0920006446
Eleusine indica Yard-grass Stace A2 153--ELE--ind Ca (L.) Gaertn. 0920003209
Eleusine indica subsp. africana   Stace A2 153--ELE--ind--b Ca (Kenn.-O'Byrne) S.M. Phillips 0920003209.1
Eleusine indica subsp. indica   Stace A2 153--ELE--ind--a Ca   0920003209.2
Eleusine multiflora Fat-spiked Yard-grass Stace A2 153--ELE--mul Ca Hochst. ex A. Rich. 0920003228
Eleusine tristachya American Yard-grass Stace A2 153--ELE--tri Ca (Lam.) Lam. 0920003226
Eleutherococcus henryi   Clement A3 106--ELE--hen   Oliv. 0920006447
Elodea callitrichoides South American Waterweed Yes A1 138--4--3 Ne (Rich.) Casp. 0920000680
Elodea canadensis Canadian Waterweed Page 29 A1 138--4--1 Ne Michx. 0920000681
Elodea nuttallii Nuttall's Waterweed Page 29 A1 138--4--2 Ne (Planch.) H. St. John 0920000997
Elsholtzia ciliata   Clement A3 118--ELS--cil   (Thunb.) Hyl. 0920006448
Elymus antarcticus   Clement A3 153--55--ant   Hook. f. 0920006449
Elymus canadensis   Clement A3 153--55--can   L. 0920006450
Elymus caninus Bearded Couch Page 29 A1 153--55--1 N (L.) L. 0920007006
Elymus nutans   Clement A3 153--55--nut   Griseb. 0920006451
Elymus scabrus Australian Couch Stace A2 153--55--sca Ca (Labill.) µ. L”ve 0920003112
Elymus sibiricus   Clement A3 153--55--sib   L. 0920006452
Elymus subsecundus   Clement A3 153--55--sub   (Link) µ. L”ve & D. L”ve 0920006453
Elymus trachycaulus   Clement A3 153--55--tra   (Link) Gould ex Shinners 0920006454
Elymus virginicus   Clement A3 153--55--vir   L. 0920006455
Elytrigia atherica Sea Couch Page 29 A1 153--56--2 N (Link) Kergu‚len 0920000032
Elytrigia atherica x juncea = E. x acuta   Yes S3 A1 153--56--2 x 3 N (DC.) Tzvelev 0920000029
Elytrigia campestris Neglected Couch Yes S2 A1 153--56--cam N (Godr. & Gren.) Kergu‚len  
Elytrigia campestris subsp. maritima   Yes S2 A1 153--56--cam--a   (Tzvelev) H. Scholz  
Elytrigia juncea Sand Couch Page 29 A1 153--56--3 N (L.) Nevski 0920000028
Elytrigia juncea subsp. boreoatlantica   Yes A1 153--56--3--a   (Simonet & Guin.) Hyl. 0920000028
Elytrigia repens Common Couch Page 29 S2 A1 153--56--1 N (L.) Desv. ex Nevski 0920000033
Elytrigia repens x atherica = E. x drucei   Yes S3 A1 153--56--1 x 2   Stace  
Elytrigia repens x Hordeum secalinum = X Elytrordeum langei   Yes A1 153--56 x 59--1 x 4   (K. Richt.) Hyl. 0920002909
Elytrigia repens x juncea = E. x laxa   Yes A1 153--56--1 x 3 N (Fr.) Kergu‚len 0920000030
Elytrigia x acuta nothosubsp. obtusiuscula   Yes A1 153--56--2 x 3--a   (Lange) Kergu‚len  
Emex australis Double Gee Clement A3 47--EME--aus   Steinh. 0920006456
Emex spinosa   Clement A3 47--EME--spi   (L.) Campd. 0920006457
Emilia javanica Tassel-flower Clement A3 135--EMI--jav   (Burm. f.) C.B. Rob. 0920006458
Empetrum nigrum   Page 29 A1 64--1--1 N L. 0920000684
Empetrum nigrum subsp. hermaphroditum Mountain Crowberry Yes A1 64--1--1--b N (Hagerup) B”cher 0920000683
Empetrum nigrum subsp. nigrum Crowberry Yes A1 64--1--1--a     0920000685
Enarthrocarpus lyratus   Clement A3 62--ENA--lyr   (Forssk.) DC. 0920004476
Enkianthus deflexus   Clement A3 65--ENK--def   (Griff.) C.K. Schneid. 0920006459
Enneapogon avenaceus   Clement A3 153--ENN--ave   (Lindl.) C.E. Hubb. 0920006460
Enneapogon desvauxii   Clement A3 153--ENN--des   P. Beauv. 0920006461
Enneapogon nigricans   Clement A3 153--ENN--nig   (R. Br.) P. Beauv. 0920006462
Enteropogon acicularis   Clement A3 153--ENT--aci   (Lindl.) Lazarides 0920006463
Epaltes australis Spreading Nut-heads Clement A3 135--EPA--aus   Less. 0920006464
Epilobium alsinifolium Chickweed Willowherb Yes A1 84--1--11 N Vill. 0920000690
Epilobium alsinoides   Clement A3 84--1--als   A. Cunn. 0920006465
Epilobium anagallidifolium Alpine Willowherb Yes A1 84--1--10 N Lam. 0920000691
Epilobium anagallidifolium x alsinifolium = E. x boissieri   Yes A1 84--1--10 x 11   Hausskn. 0920002796
Epilobium brunnescens New Zealand Willowherb Page 29 A1 84--1--12 Ne (Cockayne) P.H. Raven & Engelhorn 0920000699
Epilobium ciliatum American Willowherb Page 29 A1 84--1--8 Ne Raf. 0920000688
Epilobium ciliatum x brunnescens = E. x brunnatum   Yes S2 A1 84--1--8 x 12   Kitchener & McKean 0920004474
Epilobium ciliatum x palustre = E. x fossicola   Yes S2 A1 84--1--8 x 9   Smejkal 0920002786
Epilobium hirsutum Great Willowherb Page 29 A1 84--1--1 N L. 0920000692
Epilobium hirsutum x ciliatum = E. x novae-civitatis   Yes A1 84--1--1 x 8 ? Smejkal 0920002757
Epilobium hirsutum x montanum = E. x erroneum   Yes A1 84--1--1 x 3   Hausskn. 0920002755
Epilobium hirsutum x obscurum   Yes S3 A1 84--1--1 x 6 N    
Epilobium hirsutum x palustre = E. x waterfallii   Yes A1 84--1--1 x 9   E.S. Marshall 0920002759
Epilobium hirsutum x parviflorum = E. x subhirsutum   Yes A1 84--1--1 x 2   Gennari 0920002754
Epilobium hirsutum x roseum = E. x goerzii   Yes A1 84--1--1 x 7   Rubner 0920002756
Epilobium hirsutum x tetragonum = E. x brevipilum   Yes A1 84--1--1 x 5   Hausskn. 0920002758
Epilobium komarovianum Bronzy Willowherb Yes A1 84--1--14 Ne H. L‚v. 0920002638
Epilobium lanceolatum Spear-leaved Willowherb Yes A1 84--1--4 N Sebast. & Mauri 0920000694
Epilobium lanceolatum x brunnescens = E. x cornubiense   Yes S2 A1 84--1--4 x 12   Kitchener & McKean  
Epilobium lanceolatum x ciliatum   Yes A1 84--1--4 x 8     0920002777
Epilobium lanceolatum x obscurum = E. x lamotteanum   Yes A1 84--1--4 x 6   Hausskn. 0920002778
Epilobium lanceolatum x roseum = E. x abortivum   Yes A1 84--1--4 x 7   Hausskn. 0920002776
Epilobium lanceolatum x tetragonum = E. x fallacinum   Yes A1 84--1--4 x 5   Hausskn. 0920007293
Epilobium montanum Broad-leaved Willowherb Page 29 A1 84--1--3 N L. 0920000695
Epilobium montanum x alsinifolium = E. x facchinii   Yes S1 A1 84--1--3 x 11   Hausm. 0920002775
Epilobium montanum x brunnescens = E. x confusilobum   Yes S2 A1 84--1--3 x 12   Kitchener & McKean 0920004475
Epilobium montanum x ciliatum = E. x interjectum   Yes S2 A1 84--1--3 x 8 ? Smejkal 0920002771
Epilobium montanum x lanceolatum = E. x neogradense   Yes A1 84--1--3 x 4   Borb s 0920002769
Epilobium montanum x obscurum = E. x aggregatum   Yes A1 84--1--3 x 6 N Celak. 0920002774
Epilobium montanum x palustre = E. x montaniforme   Yes S3 A1 84--1--3 x 9   Knaf ex Celak.  
Epilobium montanum x pedunculare = E. x kitcheneri   Yes S2 A1 84--1--3 x 13   McKean  
Epilobium montanum x roseum = E. x mutabile   Yes A1 84--1--3 x 7   Boiss. & Reut. 0920002770
Epilobium montanum x tetragonum = E. x haussknechtianum   Yes A1 84--1--3 x 5   Borb s 0920002772
Epilobium obscurum Short-fruited Willowherb Page 29 A1 84--1--6 N Schreb. 0920000696
Epilobium obscurum x alsinifolium = E. x rivulicola   Yes A1 84--1--6 x 11   Hausskn. 0920002793
Epilobium obscurum x anagallidifolium = E. x marshallianum   Yes A1 84--1--6 x 10   Hausskn. 0920002792
Epilobium obscurum x brunnescens = E. x obscurescens   Yes S2 A1 84--1--6 x 12   Kitchener & McKean 0920003429
Epilobium obscurum x ciliatum = E. x vicinum   Yes S2 A1 84--1--6 x 8 ? Smejkal 0920002785
Epilobium obscurum x palustre = E. x schmidtianum   Yes A1 84--1--6 x 9   Rostk. 0920002791
Epilobium obscurum x roseum = E. x brachiatum   Yes A1 84--1--6 x 7   Celak. 0920002781
Epilobium palustre Marsh Willowherb Page 31 A1 84--1--9 N L. 0920000697
Epilobium palustre x alsinifolium = E. x haynaldianum   Yes A1 84--1--9 x 11   Hausskn. 0920002795
Epilobium palustre x anagallidifolium = E. x dasycarpum   Yes S1 A1 84--1--9 x 10   Fr. 0920002794
Epilobium palustre x brunnescens = E. x chateri   Yes S2 A1 84--1--9 x 12   Kitchener & McKean 0920003430
Epilobium parviflorum Hoary Willowherb Page 31 A1 84--1--2 N Schreb. 0920000698
Epilobium parviflorum x brunnescens = E. x argillaceum   Yes S3 A1 84--1--2 x 12   Kitchener  
Epilobium parviflorum x ciliatum = E. x floridulum   Yes S2 A1 84--1--2 x 8 ? Smejkal 0920002762
Epilobium parviflorum x lanceolatum = E. x aschersonianum   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 4   Hausskn. 0920002767
Epilobium parviflorum x montanum = E. x limosum   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 3 N Schur 0920002760
Epilobium parviflorum x montanum x obscurum   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 3 x 6     0920007289
Epilobium parviflorum x montanum x roseum   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 3 x 7     0920007290
Epilobium parviflorum x obscurum = E. x dacicum   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 6   Borb s 0920002766
Epilobium parviflorum x palustre = E. x rivulare   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 9   Wahlenb. 0920002768
Epilobium parviflorum x roseum = E. x persicinum   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 7   Rchb. 0920002761
Epilobium parviflorum x tetragonum = E. x palatinum   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 5   F.W. Schultz 0920002765
Epilobium parviflorum x tetragonum x obscurum   Yes A1 84--1--2 x 5 x 6     0920007291
Epilobium pedunculare Rockery Willowherb Yes A1 84--1--13 Ne A. Cunn. 0920002639
Epilobium pictum   Yes A3 84--1--pic   Petrie 0920006466
Epilobium roseum Pale Willowherb Yes A1 84--1--7 N Schreb. 0920000700
Epilobium roseum x ciliatum = E. x nutantiflorum   Yes S2 A1 84--1--7 x 8   Smejkal 0920002779
Epilobium roseum x palustre = E. x purpureum   Yes A1 84--1--7 x 9   Fr. 0920002782
Epilobium tetragonum Square-stalked Willowherb Page 31 A1 84--1--5 N L. 0920007292
Epilobium tetragonum x ciliatum = E. x mentiens   Yes S2 A1 84--1--5 x 8   Smejkal 0920002783
Epilobium tetragonum x obscurum = E. x semiobscurum   Yes A1 84--1--5 x 6   Borb s 0920002790
Epilobium tetragonum x palustre = E. x laschianum   Yes A1 84--1--5 x 9   Hausskn. 0920002789
Epilobium tetragonum x roseum = E. x borbasianum   Yes A1 84--1--5 x 7   Hausskn. 0920002780
Epimedium alpinum Barrenwort Clement A3 29--EPI--alp   L. 0920000701
Epimedium perralderianum Algerian Barrenwort Clement A3 29--EPI--per   Coss. 0920006467
Epimedium pinnatum Caucasian Barrenwort Clement A3 29--EPI--pin   Fisch. 0920007837
Epipactis atrorubens Dark-red Helleborine Yes A1 162--3--2 N (Hoffm.) Besser 0920000702
Epipactis atrorubens x helleborine = E. x schmalhausenii   Yes A1 162--3--2 x 4   K. Richt. 0920007294
Epipactis dunensis Dune Helleborine Yes S3 A1 162--3--dun N (T. & T.A. Stephenson) Godfery  
Epipactis helleborine Broad-leaved Helleborine Page 31 A1 162--3--4 N (L.) Crantz 0920000705
Epipactis leptochila Narrow-lipped Helleborine Yes S3 A1 162--3--6 N (Godfery) Godfery 0920005476
Epipactis palustris Marsh Helleborine Page 31 A1 162--3--1 N (L.) Crantz 0920000708
Epipactis phyllanthes Green-flowered Helleborine Yes A1 162--3--7 N G.E. Sm. 0920000709
Epipactis purpurata Violet Helleborine Page 31 A1 162--3--3 N Sm. 0920000710
Epipactis purpurata x helleborine = E. x schulzei   Yes A1 162--3--3 x 4   P. Fourn. 0920007295
Epipactis sancta Lindisfarne Helleborine Yes S3 A1 162--3--san N (P. Delforge) P. Delforge  
Epipogium aphyllum Ghost Orchid Yes A1 162--4--1 N Sw. 0920000711
Equisetum arvense Field Horsetail Page 31 A1 4--1--5 N L. 0910000712
Equisetum arvense x palustre = E. x rothmaleri   Yes A1 4--1--5 x 8   C.N. Page 0910002592
Equisetum arvense x telmateia = E. x robertsii   Yes S3 A1 4--1--5 x 9   Dines  
Equisetum fluviatile Water Horsetail Page 31 A1 4--1--4 N L. 0910000713
Equisetum fluviatile x arvense = E. x litorale Shore Horsetail Yes A1 4--1--4 x 5 N Khlew. ex Rupr. 0910000715
Equisetum fluviatile x palustre = E. x dycei   Yes A1 4--1--4 x 8   C.N. Page 0910002590
Equisetum fluviatile x telmateia = E. x willmotii   Yes S1 A1 4--1--4 x 9   C.N. Page 0910003432
Equisetum hyemale Rough Horsetail Yes A1 4--1--1 N L. 0910000714
Equisetum hyemale x ramosissimum = E. x moorei Moore's Horsetail Yes A1 4--1--1 x 2   Newman 0910000716
Equisetum hyemale x variegatum = E. x trachyodon Mackay's Horsetail Yes A1 4--1--1 x 3 N A. Braun 0910000722
Equisetum palustre Marsh Horsetail Page 31 A1 4--1--8 N L. 0910000717
Equisetum palustre x telmateia = E. x font-queri   Yes A1 4--1--8 x 9   Rothm. 0910002591
Equisetum pratense Shady Horsetail Yes A1 4--1--6 N Ehrh. 0910000718
Equisetum pratense x sylvaticum = E. x mildeanum   Yes A1 4--1--6 x 7   Rothm. 0910002963
Equisetum ramosissimum Branched Horsetail Yes A1 4--1--2 Ne Desf. 0910000719
Equisetum sylvaticum Wood Horsetail Page 31 A1 4--1--7 N L. 0910000720
Equisetum sylvaticum x telmateia = E. x bowmanii   Yes A1 4--1--7 x 9   C.N. Page 0910002962
Equisetum telmateia Great Horsetail Page 31 A1 4--1--9 N Ehrh. 0910000721
Equisetum variegatum Variegated Horsetail Yes A1 4--1--3 N Schleich. ex F. Weber & D. Mohr 0910000723
Eragrostis aspera   Clement A3 153--65--asp   (Jacq.) Nees 0920006468
Eragrostis atrovirens   Clement A3 153--65--atr   (Desf.) Trin. & Steud. 0920006469
Eragrostis bahiensis   Clement A3 153--65--bah   Schrad. ex Schult. 0920006470
Eragrostis barbinodis   Clement A3 153--65--bab   Hack. 0920006471
Eragrostis barrelieri   Clement A3 153--65--bar   Daveau 0920006472
Eragrostis benthamii   Clement A3 153--65--ben   Mattei 0920006473
Eragrostis bicolor   Clement A3 153--65--bic   Nees 0920006474
Eragrostis brownii   Clement A3 153--65--bro   (Kunth) Nees ex Hook. & Arn. 0920006475
Eragrostis caesia   Clement A3 153--65--cae   Stapf 0920006476
Eragrostis capillaris   Clement A3 153--65--cap   (L.) Nees 0920006477
Eragrostis chloromelas   Clement A3 153--65--chl   Steud. 0920006478
Eragrostis cilianensis Stink-grass Stace A2 153--65--cil Ca (All.) Vignolo ex Janch. 0920003160
Eragrostis curvula African Love-grass Yes A1 153--65--1 Ne (Schrad.) Nees 0920007296
Eragrostis dielsii   Clement A3 153--65--die   Pilg. ex Diels & E. Pritz. 0920006479
Eragrostis echinochloidea   Clement A3 153--65--ech   Stapf 0920006480
Eragrostis elongata   Clement A3 153--65--elo   (Willd.) J. Jacq. 0920006481
Eragrostis glandulosipedata   Clement A3 153--65--gla   De Winter 0920006482
Eragrostis heteromera   Clement A3 153--65--het   Stapf 0920006483
Eragrostis kennedyae   Clement A3 153--65--ken   F. Turner 0920006484
Eragrostis kiwuensis   Clement A3 153--65--kiw   Jedwabn. 0920006485
Eragrostis lacunaria   Clement A3 153--65--lac   F. Muell. ex Benth. 0920006486
Eragrostis lehmanniana   Clement A3 153--65--leh   Nees 0920006487
Eragrostis leptocarpa   Clement A3 153--65--lep   Benth. 0920006488
Eragrostis leptostachya   Clement A3 153--65--let   (R. Br.) Steud. 0920006489
Eragrostis lugens   Clement A3 153--65--lug   Nees 0920006490
Eragrostis macilenta   Clement A3 153--65--mac   (A. Rich.) Steud. 0920006491
Eragrostis microcarpa   Clement A3 153--65--mic   Vickery 0920006492
Eragrostis minor Small Love-grass Yes A1 153--65--2 Ca Host 0920007297
Eragrostis molybdea   Clement A3 153--65--mol   Vickery 0920006493
Eragrostis neesii   Clement A3 153--65--nee   Trin. 0920006494
Eragrostis neomexicana   Clement A3 153--65--neo   Vasey ex L.H. Dewey 0920006495
Eragrostis obtusa   Clement A3 153--65--obt   Munro ex Stapf 0920006496
Eragrostis parviflora Weeping Love-grass Stace A2 153--65--par Ca (R. Br.) Trin. 0920003199
Eragrostis patentissima   Clement A3 153--65--pat   Hack. 0920006497
Eragrostis pectinacea   Clement A3 153--65--pec   (Michx.) Nees 0920004265
Eragrostis pergracilis   Clement A3 153--65--per   S.T. Blake 0920006498
Eragrostis pilosa Jersey Love-grass Yes S1 A1 153--65--pil Ne (L.) P. Beauv. 0920003191
Eragrostis plana   Clement A3 153--65--pla   Nees 0920006499
Eragrostis planiculmis   Clement A3 153--65--plc   Nees 0920006500
Eragrostis procumbens   Clement A3 153--65--pro   Nees 0920006501
Eragrostis rotifer   Clement A3 153--65--rot   Rendle 0920006502
Eragrostis schweinfurthii   Clement A3 153--65--sch   Chiov. 0920006503
Eragrostis tef Teff Stace A2 153--65--tef Ca (Zucc.) Trotter 0920003203
Eragrostis tenuifolia   Clement A3 153--65--ten   (A. Rich.) Hochst. ex Steud. 0920006504
Eragrostis trachycarpa   Clement A3 153--65--tra   (Benth.) Domin 0920006505
Eragrostis trichophora   Clement A3 153--65--tri   Coss. & Durieu 0920006506
Eragrostis virescens   Clement A3 153--65--vir   J. Presl 0920006507
Eragrostis wilmaniae   Clement A3 153--65--wil   C.E. Hubb. & Schweick. 0920006508
Eranthis hyemalis Winter Aconite Yes A1 28--4--1 Ne (L.) Salisb. 0920000724
Eremopoa persica   Clement A3 153--ERA--per   (Trin.) Roshev. 0920006509
Eremopyrum bonaepartis   Clement A3 153--ERE--bon   (Spreng.) Nevski 0920005599
Eremopyrum orientale   Clement A3 153--ERE--ori   (L.) Jaub. & Spach 0920006510
Eremopyrum triticeum   Clement A3 153--ERE--tri   (Gaertn.) Nevski 0920006511
Erepsia heteropetala Lesser Sea-fig Yes A1 42--7--1 Ne (Haw.) Schwantes 0920002389
Erica arborea Tree Heath Yes S1 A1 65--12--arb Ne L. 0920003435
Erica carnea Winter Heath Clement A3 65--12--car   L. 0920004214
Erica ciliaris Dorset Heath Yes A1 65--12--1 N L. 0920000725
Erica ciliaris x tetralix = E. x watsonii   Yes A1 65--12--1 x 3   Benth. 0920002920
Erica cinerea Bell Heather Page 31 A1 65--12--5 N L. 0920000726
Erica erigena Irish Heath Yes A1 65--12--7 N R. Ross 0920000729
Erica erigena x carnea = E. x darleyensis Darley Dale Heath Yes S1 A1 65--12--7 x car Ne Bean 0920007298
Erica lusitanica Portuguese Heath Yes A1 65--12--6 Ne Rudolphi 0920000727
Erica mackaiana Mackay's Heath Yes A1 65--12--2 N Bab. 0920000728
Erica mackaiana x tetralix = E. x stuartii   Yes A1 65--12--2 x 3   (Macfarl.) Mast. 0920002921
Erica terminalis Corsican Heath Yes A1 65--12--4 Ne Salisb. 0920000730
Erica tetralix Cross-leaved Heath Page 31 A1 65--12--3 N L. 0920000731
Erica tetralix x vagans = E. x williamsii   Yes A1 65--12--3 x 8   Druce 0920002922
Erica vagans Cornish Heath Yes A1 65--12--8 N L. 0920000732
Erigeron acer Blue Fleabane Page 31 A1 135--43--6 N L. 0920000733
Erigeron acer x Conyza canadensis = X Conyzigeron huelsenii   Yes A1 135--43 x 44--6 x 1   (Vatke) Rauschert 0920002824
Erigeron annuus Tall Fleabane Yes A1 135--43--5 Ne (L.) Pers. 0920007299
Erigeron borealis Alpine Fleabane Yes A1 135--43--3 N (Vierh.) Simmons 0920000734
Erigeron caucasicus   Clement A3 135--43--cau   Steven 0920006512
Erigeron divaricatus   Clement A3 135--43--div   Michx. 0920006513
Erigeron glaucus Seaside Daisy Yes A1 135--43--1 Ne Ker Gawl. 0920004394
Erigeron karvinskianus Mexican Fleabane Yes A1 135--43--4 Ne DC. 0920000736
Erigeron philadelphicus Robin's-plantain Yes A1 135--43--2 Ne L. 0920007300
Erigeron speciosus Garden Fleabane Clement A3 135--43--spe   (Lindl.) DC. 0920008056
Erigeron subtrinervis   Clement A3 135--43--sub   Rydb. 0920006514
Erinus alpinus Fairy Foxglove Yes A1 124--15--1 Ne L. 0920000738
Eriobotrya japonica Loquat Clement A3 75--ERI--jap   (Thunb.) Lindl. 0920006515
Eriocaulon aquaticum Pipewort Yes A1 150--1--1 N (Hill) Druce 0920000739
Eriochloa contracta   Clement A3 153--ERI--con   Hitchc. 0920006516
Eriochloa crebra   Clement A3 153--ERI--cre   S.T. Blake 0920006517
Eriochloa fatmensis   Clement A3 153--ERI--fat   (Hochst. & Steud.) Clayton 0920006518
Eriochloa lemmonii   Clement A3 153--ERI--lem   Vasey & Scribn. 0920006519
Eriochloa procera   Clement A3 153--ERI--pro   (Retz.) C.E. Hubb. 0920006520
Eriochloa pseudoacrotricha Perennial Cup-grass Stace A2 153--ERI--pse Ca (Stapf ex Thell.) J.M. Black 0920003293
Eriochloa villosa   Clement A3 153--ERI--vil   (Thunb.) Kunth 0920006521
Eriophorum angustifolium Common Cottongrass Page 31 A1 152--1--1 N Honck. 0920000740
Eriophorum gracile Slender Cottongrass Yes A1 152--1--3 N W.D.J. Koch ex Roth 0920000742
Eriophorum latifolium Broad-leaved Cottongrass Yes A1 152--1--2 N Hoppe 0920000743
Eriophorum vaginatum Hare's-tail Cottongrass Page 31 A1 152--1--4 N L. 0920000744
Eritrichium nanum King-of-the-Alps Clement A3 116--ERI--nan   (L.) Schrad. ex Gaudin 0920006522
Erodium acaule   Clement A3 103--2--aca   (L.) Bech. & Thell. 0920006523
Erodium aureum   Clement A3 103--2--aur   Carolin 0920006524
Erodium botrys Mediterranean Stork's-bill Stace A2 103--2--bot Ca (Cav.) Bertol. 0920008057
Erodium brachycarpum Hairy-pitted Stork's-bill Stace A2 103--2--bra Ca (Godr.) Thell. 0920008058
Erodium chium Three-lobed Stork's-bill Stace A2 103--2--chi Ca (L.) Willd. 0920008059
Erodium ciconium   Clement A3 103--2--cic   (L.) L'H‚r. 0920006525
Erodium cicutarium Common Stork's-bill Page 31 A1 103--2--3 N (L.) L'H‚r. 0920000746
Erodium cicutarium x lebelii = E. x anaristatum   Yes A1 103--2--3 x 4   Andreas 0920007301
Erodium corsicum x reichardii = E. x variabile   Clement A3 103--2--cor x rei   A.C. Leslie 0920006535
Erodium crinitum Eastern Stork's-bill Stace A2 103--2--cri Ca Carolin 0920008060
Erodium cygnorum Western Stork's-bill Stace A2 103--2--cyg Ca Nees 0920007829
Erodium cygnorum subsp. cygnorum   Stace A2 103--2--cyg--a Ca   0920007829.1
Erodium cygnorum subsp. glandulosum   Stace A2 103--2--cyg--b Ca Carolin 0920007829.2
Erodium geoides   Clement A3 103--2--geo   A. St.-Hil. 0920006526
Erodium glaucophyllum   Clement A3 103--2--gla   (L.) L'H‚r. 0920006527
Erodium gruinum Long-beaked Stork's-bill Clement A3 103--2--gru   (L.) L'H‚r. 0920006528
Erodium hymenodes   Clement A3 103--2--hym   L'H‚r. 0920006529
Erodium laciniatum   Clement A3 103--2--lac   (Cav.) Willd. 0920006530
Erodium lebelii Sticky Stork's-bill Yes A1 103--2--4 N Jord. 0920000747
Erodium malacoides Soft Stork's-bill Stace A2 103--2--mal Ca (L.) L'H‚r. 0920008061
Erodium manescavii Garden Stork's-bill Yes S1 A1 103--2--man Ne Coss. 0920003438
Erodium maritimum Sea Stork's-bill Page 31 A1 103--2--1 N (L.) L'H‚r. 0920000748
Erodium moschatum Musk Stork's-bill Page 31 A1 103--2--2 Ar (L.) L'H‚r. 0920000749
Erodium petraeum Rock Stork's-bill Clement A3 103--2--pet   (Gouan) Willd. 0920006531
Erodium ruthenicum   Clement A3 103--2--rut   M. Bieb. 0920006532
Erodium salzmannii   Clement A3 103--2--sal   Delile 0920006533
Erodium stephanianum   Clement A3 103--2--ste   Willd. 0920006534
Erophila glabrescens Glabrous Whitlowgrass Yes A1 62--22--3 N Jord. 0920004343
Erophila majuscula Hairy Whitlowgrass Yes A1 62--22--1 N Jord. 0920004344
Erophila verna Common Whitlowgrass Page 31 A1 62--22--2 N (L.) DC. 0920004342
Erophila verna agg.   Aggregate AK 62--22---      
Eruca vesicaria Garden Rocket Stace A2 62--ERC--ves Ca (L.) Cav. 0920000755
Eruca vesicaria subsp. sativa   Stace A2 62--ERC--ves--a   (Mill.) Thell. 0920000755.1
Eruca vesicaria subsp. vesicaria Garden Rocket Clement A3 62--ERC--ves--b     0920000755.2
Erucaria hispanica   Clement A3 62--ERU--his   (L.) Druce 0920004477
Erucastrum gallicum Hairy Rocket Yes A1 62--36--1 Ne (Willd.) O.E. Schulz 0920000756
Erucastrum griquensis   Clement A3 62--36--gri   (Willd.) O.E. Schulz 0920006536
Erucastrum nasturtiifolium Watercress-leaved Rocket Clement A3 62--36--nas   (Poir.) O.E. Schulz 0920004484
Erucastrum varium   Clement A3 62--36--var   (Durieu) Durieu 0920006537
Eryngium amethystinum Italian Eryngo Yes S1 A1 107--4--ame Ne L. 0920008062
Eryngium campestre Field Eryngo Yes A1 107--4--4 Ar L. 0920000757
Eryngium giganteum Tall Eryngo Yes A1 107--4--1 Ne M. Bieb. 0920007302
Eryngium giganteum x planum = E. x oliverianum   Clement A3 107--4--1 x 2   D. Delaroche 0920006539
Eryngium maritimum Sea-holly Page 33 A1 107--4--3 N L. 0920000758
Eryngium planum Blue Eryngo Yes A1 107--4--2 Ne L. 0920007303
Eryngium tripartitum   Clement A3 107--4--tri   Desf. 0920006538
Erysimum asperum Western Wallflower Clement A3 62--7--asp   (Nutt.) DC. 0920006540
Erysimum cheiranthoides Treacle-mustard Page 33 A1 62--7--1 Ar L. 0920000759
Erysimum cheiri Wallflower Page 33 A1 62--7--2 Ar (L.) Crantz 0920000479
Erysimum decumbens Decumbent Treacle-mustard Clement A3 62--7--dec   (Schleich. ex Willd.) Dennst. 0920006541
Erysimum decumbens x perofskianum = E. x marshallii Siberian Wallflower Stace A2 62--7--dec x per Ne (Henfr.) Bois 0920004485
Erysimum diffusum   Clement A3 62--7--dif   Ehrh. 0920006542
Erysimum grandiflorum   Clement A3 62--7--gra   Desf. 0920006543
Erysimum helveticum   Clement A3 62--7--hel   (Jacq.) DC. 0920006544
Erysimum hieraciifolium   Clement A3 62--7--hie   L. 0920005589
Erysimum incanum Hoary Treacle-mustard Clement A3 62--7--inc   Kunze 0920006546
Erysimum linifolium   Clement A3 62--7--lin   (Pers.) J. Gay 0920006547
Erysimum repandum Spreading Treacle-mustard Clement A3 62--7--rep   L. 0920002568
Erysimum scoparium   Clement A3 62--7--sco   (Brouss. ex Willd.) Wettst. 0920006548
Erythronium dens-canis Dog's-tooth-violet Yes S1 A1 158--ERY--den Ne L. 0920003439
Escallonia macrantha Escallonia Yes A1 72--1--1 Ne Hook. & Arn. 0920000760
Eschscholzia caespitosa   Clement A3 30--6--cae   Benth. 0920006549
Eschscholzia californica Californian Poppy Yes A1 30--6--1 Ne Cham. 0920000761
Eucalyptus coccifera Tasmanian Snow-gum Clement A3 83--2--coc   Hook. f. 0920004183
Eucalyptus dalrympleana Broad-leaved Kindlingbark Clement A3 83--2--dal   Maiden 0920008063
Eucalyptus globulus Southern Blue-gum Yes S1 A1 83--2--glo Ne Labill. 0920008064
Eucalyptus gunnii Cider Gum Yes S1 A1 83--2--gun Ne Hook. f. 0920008065
Eucalyptus johnstonii Johnston's Gum Yes S2 A1 83--2--jon   Maiden 0920008066
Eucalyptus niphophila Shrubby Snow-gum Yes S2 A1 83--2--nip   Maiden & Blakely  
Eucalyptus parvifolia Small-leaved Gum Clement A3 83--2--par   Cambage 0920006550
Eucalyptus pulchella White Peppermint-gum Yes A1 83--2--1 Ne Desf. 0920007304
Eucalyptus urnigera Urn-fruited Gum Yes S2 A1 83--2--urn Ne Hook. f. 0920008067
Eucalyptus viminalis Ribbon Gum Yes S2 A1 83--2--vim Ne Labill. 0920008068
Euclidium syriacum   Clement A3 62--EUC--syr   (L.) R. Br. 0920004486
Euonymus europaeus Spindle Page 33 A1 88--1--1 N L. 0920000762
Euonymus fortunei   Clement A3 88--1--for   (Turcz.) Hand.-Mazz. 0920006551
Euonymus hamiltonianus Himalayan Spindle Clement A3 88--1--ham   Wall. 0920008069
Euonymus japonicus Evergreen Spindle Yes A1 88--1--3 Ne Thunb. 0920004376
Euonymus latifolius Large-leaved Spindle Yes A1 88--1--2 Ne (L.) Mill. 0920004358
Euonymus planipes   Clement A3 88--1--pla   (Koehne) Koehne 0920006552
Eupatorium cannabinum Hemp-agrimony Page 33 A1 135--86--1 N L. 0920000763
Euphorbia amygdaloides Wood Spurge Page 33 A1 91--2--16 N L. 0920000764
Euphorbia amygdaloides subsp. amygdaloides   Yes A1 91--2--16--a     0920000764.1
Euphorbia amygdaloides subsp. robbiae   Yes A1 91--2--16--b Ne (Turrill) Stace 0920000764.2
Euphorbia arguta   Clement A3 91--2--arg   Banks & Sol. 0920006553
Euphorbia ceratocarpa Horned Spurge Clement A3 91--2--cer   Ten. 0920000765
Euphorbia characias Mediterranean Spurge Yes A1 91--2--17 Ne L. 0920007121
Euphorbia characias subsp. characias   Yes A1 91--2--17--a Ne   0920007121.1
Euphorbia characias subsp. veneta   Yes S2 A1 91--2--17--b Ne (Willd.) Litard. 0920007121.2
Euphorbia corallioides Coral Spurge Yes A1 91--2--3 Ne L. 0920000766
Euphorbia cuneifolia   Clement A3 91--2--cun   Guss. 0920006554
Euphorbia cyparissias Cypress Spurge Yes A1 91--2--15 Ne L. 0920000767
Euphorbia cyparissias x waldsteinii = E. x gayeri G yer's Spurge Yes S1 A1 91--2--15 x wal Ne Boros & So¢ 0920003440
Euphorbia dulcis Sweet Spurge Yes A1 91--2--5 Ne L. 0920000768
Euphorbia esula Leafy Spurge Yes A1 91--2--14 Ne L. 0920000770
Euphorbia esula agg.   Aggregate AK 91--2---      
Euphorbia esula x cyparissias = E. x pseudoesula   Yes A1 91--2--14 x 15 Ne Schur 0920007306
Euphorbia esula x waldsteinii = E. x pseudovirgata Twiggy Spurge Page 33 A1 91--2--14 x wal Ne (Schur) So¢ 0920002998
Euphorbia exigua Dwarf Spurge Page 33 A1 91--2--10 Ar L. 0920000771
Euphorbia falcata Sickle Spurge Clement A3 91--2--fal   L. 0920006555
Euphorbia griffithii Griffith's Spurge Clement A3 91--2--gri   Hook. f. 0920004186
Euphorbia helioscopia Sun Spurge Page 33 A1 91--2--8 Ar L. 0920000772
Euphorbia hirta Asthma-plant Clement A3 91--2--hir   L. 0920006556
Euphorbia hyberna Irish Spurge Yes A1 91--2--4 N L. 0920000773
Euphorbia lathyris Caper Spurge Page 33 A1 91--2--9 Ar L. 0920000774
Euphorbia maculata Spotted Spurge Yes A1 91--2--2 Ne L. 0920007305
Euphorbia mellifera Canary Spurge Clement A3 91--2--mel   Aiton 0920004215
Euphorbia myrsinites Broad-leaved Glaucous-spurge Clement A3 91--2--myr   L. 0920006557
Euphorbia oblongata Balkan Spurge Yes S1 A1 91--2--obl Ne Griseb. 0920003442
Euphorbia paralias Sea Spurge Page 33 A1 91--2--13 N L. 0920000775
Euphorbia peplis Purple Spurge Yes A1 91--2--1 N L. 0920000776
Euphorbia peplus Petty Spurge Page 33 A1 91--2--11 Ar L. 0920000777
Euphorbia platyphyllos Broad-leaved Spurge Yes A1 91--2--6 Ar L. 0920000779
Euphorbia portlandica Portland Spurge Page 33 A1 91--2--12 N L. 0920000780
Euphorbia portlandica x paralias   Yes A1 91--2--12 x 13     0920002746
Euphorbia segetalis Corn Spurge Clement A3 91--2--seg   L.  
Euphorbia serpens   Clement A3 91--2--ser   Kunth 0920006558
Euphorbia serrulata Upright Spurge Yes A1 91--2--7 ?N Thuill. 0920000781
Euphorbia spinosa   Clement A3 91--2--spi   L. 0920006559
Euphorbia taurinensis   Clement A3 91--2--tau   All. 0920006560
Euphorbia valerianifolia   Clement A3 91--2--val   Lam. 0920006561
Euphorbia villosa Hairy Spurge Clement A3 91--2--vil   Waldst. & Kit. ex Willd. 0920000778
Euphorbia waldsteinii Waldstein's Spurge Yes S1 A1 91--2--wal Ne (Soj k) Czerep. 0920003443
Euphrasia anglica   Yes S1 A1 124--20--3 N Pugsley 0920000783
Euphrasia anglica x arctica   Yes A1 124--20--3 x 5     0920007307
Euphrasia anglica x confusa   Yes A1 124--20--3 x 9     0920004468
Euphrasia anglica x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--3 x 18     0920007308
Euphrasia anglica x nemorosa   Yes S1 A1 124--20--3 x 7     0920004467
Euphrasia anglica x vigursii   Yes A1 124--20--3 x 4     0920003445
Euphrasia arctica   Yes A1 124--20--5   Lange ex Rostrup 0920007310
Euphrasia arctica subsp. arctica   Yes A1 124--20--5--a N   0920000784
Euphrasia arctica subsp. borealis   Yes A1 124--20--5--b N (F. Towns.) Yeo 0920000785
Euphrasia arctica x confusa   Yes A1 124--20--5 x 9 N   0920004465
Euphrasia arctica x foulaensis   Yes A1 124--20--5 x 12     0920007311
Euphrasia arctica x heslop-harrisonii   Yes A1 124--20--5 x 20     0920007312
Euphrasia arctica x marshallii   Yes A1 124--20--5 x 15     0920007313
Euphrasia arctica x micrantha = E. x difformis   Yes S1 A1 124--20--5 x 18   F. Towns. 0920007314
Euphrasia arctica x nemorosa   Yes A1 124--20--5 x 7     0920007315
Euphrasia arctica x nemorosa x confusa   Yes S2 A1 124--20--5 x 7 x 9      
Euphrasia arctica x nemorosa x micrantha   Yes S3 A1 124--20--5 x 7 x 18      
Euphrasia arctica x ostenfeldii   Yes S2 A1 124--20--5 x 14      
Euphrasia arctica x rotundifolia   Yes S2 A1 124--20--5 x 16      
Euphrasia arctica x salisburgensis   Yes A1 124--20--5 x 21     0920007316
Euphrasia arctica x scottica = E. x venusta   Yes S1 A1 124--20--5 x 19   F. Towns. 0920004466
Euphrasia arctica x tetraquetra   Yes S2 A1 124--20--5 x 6     0920007357
Euphrasia cambrica   Yes A1 124--20--13 N Pugsley 0920000786
Euphrasia cambrica x ostenfeldii   Yes S2 A1 124--20--13 x 14      
Euphrasia campbelliae   Yes A1 124--20--17 N Pugsley 0920000787
Euphrasia campbelliae x micrantha   Yes S2 A1 124--20--17 x 18     0920003912
Euphrasia confusa   Yes A1 124--20--9 N Pugsley 0920000788
Euphrasia confusa x cambrica   Yes S2 A1 124--20--9 x 13      
Euphrasia confusa x campbelliae   Yes A1 124--20--9 x 17     0920007317
Euphrasia confusa x foulaensis   Yes S1 A1 124--20--9 x 12     0920003449
Euphrasia confusa x frigida   Yes A1 124--20--9 x 11     0920007322
Euphrasia confusa x frigida x scottica   Yes S2 A1 124--20--9 x 11 x 19      
Euphrasia confusa x heslop-harrisonii   Yes A1 124--20--9 x 20     0920007323
Euphrasia confusa x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--9 x 18     0920007324
Euphrasia confusa x ostenfeldii   Yes A1 124--20--9 x 14     0920007325
Euphrasia confusa x scottica   Yes A1 124--20--9 x 19 N   0920004461
Euphrasia foulaensis   Yes A1 124--20--12 N F. Towns. ex Wettst. 0920000791
Euphrasia foulaensis x marshallii   Yes A1 124--20--12 x 15     0920007329
Euphrasia foulaensis x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--12 x 18     0920007330
Euphrasia foulaensis x ostenfeldii   Yes A1 124--20--12 x 14     0920007332
Euphrasia foulaensis x rotundifolia   Yes A1 124--20--12 x 16     0920007333
Euphrasia foulaensis x scottica   Yes A1 124--20--12 x 19     0920007334
Euphrasia frigida   Yes A1 124--20--11 N Pugsley 0920000792
Euphrasia frigida x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--11 x 18     0920007335
Euphrasia frigida x scottica   Yes A1 124--20--11 x 19     0920007336
Euphrasia heslop-harrisonii   Yes A1 124--20--20 N Pugsley 0920000793
Euphrasia marshallii   Yes A1 124--20--15 N Pugsley 0920000795
Euphrasia marshallii x campbelliae   Yes A1 124--20--15 x 17     0920007319
Euphrasia marshallii x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--15 x 18     0920007337
Euphrasia marshallii x scottica   Yes S1 A1 124--20--15 x 19     0920003453
Euphrasia micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--18 N Rchb. 0920000796
Euphrasia micrantha x salisburgensis   Yes A1 124--20--18 x 21     0920007343
Euphrasia micrantha x scottica = E. x electa   Yes A1 124--20--18 x 19   F. Towns. 0920007355
Euphrasia nemorosa   Yes A1 124--20--7 N (Pers.) Wallr. 0920000798
Euphrasia nemorosa x campbelliae   Yes S1 A1 124--20--7 x 17     0920003448
Euphrasia nemorosa x confusa   Yes A1 124--20--7 x 9 N   0920004463
Euphrasia nemorosa x foulaensis   Yes A1 124--20--7 x 12     0920007331
Euphrasia nemorosa x marshallii   Yes A1 124--20--7 x 15     0920007338
Euphrasia nemorosa x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--7 x 18     0920007340
Euphrasia nemorosa x ostenfeldii   Yes A1 124--20--7 x 14     0920007345
Euphrasia nemorosa x pseudokerneri   Yes A1 124--20--7 x 8     0920004464
Euphrasia nemorosa x salisburgensis   Yes S1 A1 124--20--7 x 21     0920007909
Euphrasia nemorosa x scottica   Yes A1 124--20--7 x 19     0920007346
Euphrasia nemorosa x stricta = E. x haussknechtii   Yes A1 124--20--7 x 10   Wettst. 0920007356
Euphrasia officinalis agg.   Aggregate AK 124--20---      
Euphrasia ostenfeldii   Yes A1 124--20--14 N (Pugsley) Yeo 0920000789
Euphrasia ostenfeldii agg.   Aggregate AK 124--20---      
Euphrasia ostenfeldii x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--14 x 18     0920007341
Euphrasia ostenfeldii x scottica   Yes A1 124--20--14 x 19     0920007348
Euphrasia pseudokerneri   Yes A1 124--20--8 N Pugsley 0920000801
Euphrasia pseudokerneri x confusa   Yes A1 124--20--8 x 9     0920007326
Euphrasia rivularis   Yes A1 124--20--2 N Pugsley 0920000803
Euphrasia rostkoviana   Yes A1 124--20--1   Hayne 0920007351
Euphrasia rostkoviana subsp. montana   Yes A1 124--20--1--b N (Jord.) Wettst. 0920000797
Euphrasia rostkoviana subsp. rostkoviana   Yes A1 124--20--1--a N   0920000804
Euphrasia rostkoviana x anglica   Yes A1 124--20--1 x 3     0920007309
Euphrasia rostkoviana x arctica   Yes S1 A1 124--20--1 x 5     0920003446
Euphrasia rostkoviana x confusa   Yes A1 124--20--1 x 9     0920007327
Euphrasia rostkoviana x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--1 x 18     0920007342
Euphrasia rostkoviana x nemorosa   Yes S1, S2, S3 A1 124--20--1 x 7      
Euphrasia rostkoviana x rivularis   Yes S1 A1 124--20--1 x 2     0920003461
Euphrasia rotundifolia   Yes A1 124--20--16 N Pugsley 0920000805
Euphrasia salisburgensis   Yes A1 124--20--21 N Funck 0920000806
Euphrasia scottica   Yes A1 124--20--19 N Wettst. 0920000807
Euphrasia stricta   Yes A1 124--20--10 Ne D. Wolff ex J.F. Lehm. 0920005429
Euphrasia tetraquetra   Yes A1 124--20--6 N (Br‚b.) Arrond. 0920000799
Euphrasia tetraquetra x confusa   Yes A1 124--20--6 x 9     0920004462
Euphrasia tetraquetra x marshallii   Yes S2 A1 124--20--6 x 15      
Euphrasia tetraquetra x micrantha   Yes A1 124--20--6 x 18     0920007344
Euphrasia tetraquetra x nemorosa   Yes A1 124--20--6 x 7     0920007347
Euphrasia tetraquetra x pseudokerneri   Yes A1 124--20--6 x 8     0920007350
Euphrasia tetraquetra x stricta   Yes A1 124--20--6 x 10     0920007353
Euphrasia vigursii   Yes A1 124--20--4 N Davey 0920000800
Euphrasia vigursii x tetraquetra   Yes A1 124--20--4 x 6     0920007354
Exaculum pusillum Guernsey Centaury Yes A1 108--2--1 N (Lam.) Caruel 0920000808
Exodeconus glutinosa   Clement A3 110--EXO--glu   Schltdl. 0920006562

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