List of Accepted Plants of the British Isles 2007   D

Accepted Latin Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Daboecia cantabrica St Dabeoc's Heath Page 25 A1 65--6--1 N (Huds.) K. Koch 0920000605
Dactylis glomerata Cock's-foot Page 25 A1 153--19--1 N L. 0920000607
Dactylis glomerata subsp. glomerata   Other AT 153--19--1--a      
Dactylis glomerata subsp. hispanica   Clement A3 153--19--1--b   (Roth) Nyman 0920006342
Dactylis polygama Slender Cock's-foot Yes A1 153--19--2 Ne Horv. 0920000606
Dactyloctenium aegyptium   Clement A3 153--DAC--aeg   (L.) Willd. 0920006343
Dactyloctenium radulans Button-grass Stace A2 153--DAC--rad Ca (R. Br.) P. Beauv. 0920003229
Dactylorhiza ebudensis Hebridean Marsh-orchid Yes S3 A1 162--18--ebu N (Wiefelsptz ex R.M. Bateman & Denholm) P. Delforge  
Dactylorhiza fuchsii Common Spotted-orchid Page 25 A1 162--18--1 N (Druce) Soó 0920000608
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x incarnata = D. x kernerorum   Yes A1 162--18--1 x 3 N (So¢) Soó 0920002861
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x maculata = D. x transiens   Yes A1 162--18--1 x 2 N (Druce) Soó 0920002860
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x occidentalis   Yes S3 A1 162--18--1 x 6 N   0920002864
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x praetermissa = D. x grandis   Yes A1 162--18--1 x 4 N (Druce) P.F. Hunt 0920002862
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x purpurella = D. x venusta   Yes A1 162--18--1 x 5 N (T. & T.A. Stephenson) Soó 0920002863
Dactylorhiza fuchsii x traunsteinerioides   Yes S3 A1 162--18--1 x 7 N   0920002865
Dactylorhiza incarnata Early Marsh-orchid Page 25 A1 162--18--3 N (L.) Soó 0920000609
Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. coccinea   Yes A1 162--18--3--b N (Pugsley) Soó 0920000609.1
Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. cruenta   Yes A1 162--18--3--d N (O.F. Mll.) P.D. Sell 0920000609.2
Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. gemmana   Yes S1 A1 162--18--3--f   (Pugsley) P.D. Sell 0920000609.3
Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. incarnata   Yes A1 162--18--3--a N   0920000609.4
Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. ochroleuca   Yes S2 A1 162--18--3--e N (Wstnei ex Boll) P.F. Hunt & Summerh. 0920000609.5
Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. pulchella   Yes A1 162--18--3--c N (Druce) Soó 0920000609.6
Dactylorhiza incarnata x occidentalis   Yes S3 A1 162--18--3 x 6 N   0920002873
Dactylorhiza incarnata x praetermissa = D. x wintoni   Yes A1 162--18--3 x 4   (A. Camus) P.F. Hunt 0920002871
Dactylorhiza incarnata x purpurella = D. x latirella   Yes A1 162--18--3 x 5   (P.M. Hall) Soó 0920002872
Dactylorhiza incarnata x traunsteinerioides   Yes S3 A1 162--18--3 x 7 N   0920002874
Dactylorhiza maculata Heath Spotted-orchid Yes A1 162--18--2 N (L.) Soó 0920000610
Dactylorhiza maculata subsp. ericetorum   Yes A1 162--18--2--a   (E.F. Linton) P.F. Hunt & Summerh. 0920000610.1
Dactylorhiza maculata x incarnata = D. x carnea   Yes A1 162--18--2 x 3   (E.G. Camus) Soó 0920002866
Dactylorhiza maculata x occidentalis = D. x dinglensis   Yes A1 162--18--2 x 6 N (Wilmott) Soó 0920002869
Dactylorhiza maculata x praetermissa = D. x hallii   Yes A1 162--18--2 x 4 N (Druce) Soó 0920002867
Dactylorhiza maculata x purpurella = D. x formosa   Yes A1 162--18--2 x 5 N (T. & T.A. Stephenson) Soó 0920002868
Dactylorhiza maculata x traunsteinerioides   Yes S3 A1 162--18--2 x 7 N   0920002870
Dactylorhiza occidentalis Western Marsh-orchid Yes S3 A1 162--18--6 N (Pugsley) P. Delforge 0920000611
Dactylorhiza praetermissa Southern Marsh-orchid Page 27 A1 162--18--4 N (Druce) Soó 0920000612
Dactylorhiza praetermissa x purpurella = D. x insignis   Yes A1 162--18--4 x 5   (T. & T.A. Stephenson) Soó 0920002875
Dactylorhiza praetermissa x traunsteinerioides   Yes S3 A1 162--18--4 x 7     0920002876
Dactylorhiza purpurella Northern Marsh-orchid Page 27 A1 162--18--5 N (T. & T.A. Stephenson) Soó 0920000613
Dactylorhiza purpurella x ebudensis   Yes A1 162--18--5 x ebu N    
Dactylorhiza purpurella x occidentalis   Yes A1 162--18--5 x 6     0920002877
Dactylorhiza traunsteinerioides Narrow-leaved Marsh-orchid Yes S3 A1 162--18--7 N (Pugsley) R.M. Bateman & Denholm 0920000614
Dahlia pinnata Dahlia Stace A2 135--DAH--pin Ca Cav. 0920008034
Dahlia x cultorum Garden Dahlia Clement A3 135--DAH--cul   hort., nom. nud. 0920006344
Damasonium alisma Starfruit Yes A1 137--5--1 N Mill. 0920000615
Danthonia decumbens Heath-grass Page 27 A1 153--61--1 N (L.) DC. 0920001915
Danthonia montevidensis   Clement A3 153--61--mon   Hack. & Arechav. 0920006345
Daphne laureola Spurge-laurel Page 27 A1 82--1--2 N L. 0920000617
Daphne mezereum Mezereon Yes A1 82--1--1 ?N L. 0920000618
Daphne mezereum x laureola = D. x houtteana   Yes A1 82--1--1 x 2   Lindl. & Paxton 0920002706
Darmera peltata Indian-rhubarb Yes A1 74--4--1 Ne (Torr. ex Benth.) Voss ex Post & Kuntze 0920002648
Dasypyrum villosum   Clement A3 153--DAS--vil   (L.) Coss. & Durieu ex Borb s 0920006346
Datura ferox Angel's-trumpets Stace A2 110--9--fer Ca L. 0920008035
Datura innoxia Recurved Thorn-apple Clement A3 110--9--inn   Mill. 0920006347
Datura metel   Clement A3 110--9--met   L. 0920006348
Datura stramonium Thorn-apple Page 27 A1 110--9--1 Ne L. 0920000619
Daucus carota Carrot Page 27 A1 107--44--1 N L. 0920005474
Daucus carota subsp. carota Wild Carrot Yes A1 107--44--1--a     0920000620
Daucus carota subsp. gummifer Sea Carrot Yes A1 107--44--1--c N (Syme) Hook. f. 0920000621
Daucus carota subsp. maritimus Mediterranean Carrot Clement A3 107--44--1--d   (Lam.) Batt. 0920006349
Daucus carota subsp. sativus Carrot Yes A1 107--44--1--b Ca (Hoffm.) Arcang. 0920005475
Daucus crinitus   Clement A3 107--44--cri   Desf. 0920006350
Daucus durieua   Clement A3 107--44--dur   Lange 0920006351
Daucus glochidiatus Australian Carrot Stace A2 107--44--glo Ca (Labill.) Fisch., C.A. Mey. & Av‚-Lall. 0920008036
Daucus guttatus   Clement A3 107--44--gut   Sibth. & Sm. 0920006352
Daucus littoralis   Clement A3 107--44--lit   Sibth. & Sm. 0920006353
Daucus montanus   Clement A3 107--44--mon   Humb. & Bonpl. ex Schult. & Schult. f. 0920006354
Daucus muricatus   Clement A3 107--44--mur   (L.) L. 0920006355
Daucus pusillus Rattle-snake-weed Clement A3 107--44--pus   Michx. 0920006356
Davallia bullata Squirrel's-foot Fern Clement A3 17A--DAV--bul   Wall. 0910006357
Davallia canariensis Hare's-foot Fern Clement A3 17A--DAV--can   (L.) Sm. 0910008037
Davidia involucrata Dove-tree Clement A3 84A--DAV--inv   Baill. 0920006358
Delairea odorata German-ivy Yes A1 135--65--1 Ne Lem. 0920004362
Delosperma burtoniae   Clement A3 42--DEL--bur   L. Bolus 0920006359
Delphinium elatum Alpine Delphinium Clement A3 28--DEL--ela   L. 0920006360
Delphinium exaltatum   Clement A3 28--DEL--exa   Aiton 0920006361
Delphinium fissum   Clement A3 28--DEL--fis   Waldst. & Kit. 0920006362
Delphinium nudicaule   Clement A3 28--DEL--nud   Torr. & A. Gray 0920006363
Delphinium peregrinum Violet Larkspur Clement A3 28--DEL--per   L. 0920006364
Delphinium verdunense   Clement A3 28--DEL--ver   Balb. 0920006365
Delphinium x cultorum Garden Delphinium Clement A3 28--DEL--cul   Voss 0920004119
Dendranthema coreanum Korean Chrysanthemum Clement A3 135--DEN--cor   hort., nom. nud. 0920006366
Dendranthema x grandiflorum Florists' Chrysanthemum Clement A3 135--DEN--gra   (Ramat.) Kitam. 0920006367
Dendranthema zawadskii   Clement A3 135--DEN--zaw   (Herbich) Tzvelev 0920006368
Deschampsia cespitosa   Page 27 A1 153--32--1 N (L.) P. Beauv. 0920000627
Deschampsia cespitosa subsp. alpina Alpine Hair-grass Yes A1 153--32--1--c N (L.) Hook. f. 0920000627.2
Deschampsia cespitosa subsp. cespitosa Tufted Hair-grass Yes A1 153--32--1--a     0920000627.1
Deschampsia cespitosa subsp. parviflora Small-flowered Hair-grass Yes A1 153--32--1--b N (Thuill.) Dumort. 0920000627.3
Deschampsia danthonioides   Clement A3 153--32--dan   (Trin.) Munro ex Benth. 0920006369
Deschampsia flexuosa Wavy Hair-grass Page 27 A1 153--32--3 N (L.) Trin. 0920000628
Deschampsia setacea Bog Hair-grass Yes A1 153--32--2 N (Huds.) Hack. 0920000629
Descurainia pinnata Tansy-mustard Clement A3 62--2--pin   (Walter) Britton 0920005674
Descurainia pulcherrima   Clement A3 62--2--pul   Muschl. 0920006370
Descurainia richardsonii Western Tansy-mustard Clement A3 62--2--ric   (Sweet) O.E. Schulz 0920006371
Descurainia sophia Flixweed Page 27 A1 62--2--1 Ar (L.) Webb ex Prantl 0920000630
Desfontainea spinosa   Clement A3 107A--DES--spi   Ruiz & Pav. 0920006372
Desmazeria philistaea   Clement A3 153--DES--phi   (Boiss.) H. Scholz 0920006373
Desmazeria sicula   Clement A3 153--DES--sic   (Jacq.) Dumort. 0920006374
Desmodium varians Slender Tick-trefoil Clement A3 77--DES--var   (Labill.) Endl. 0920006375
Deutzia purpurascens x sieboldiana = D. x elegantissima   Clement A3 71--DEU--pur x sie   (Lemoine) Rehder 0920006376
Deutzia scabra Deutzia Yes S1 A1 71--DEU--sca Ne Thunb. 0920003419
Dianthus arenarius Stone Pink Clement A3 46--25--are   L. 0920006377
Dianthus armeria Deptford Pink Yes A1 46--25--7 N L. 0920000631
Dianthus barbatus Sweet-William Yes A1 46--25--6 Ne L. 0920000632
Dianthus carthusianorum Carthusian Pink Clement A3 46--25--car   L. 0920000633
Dianthus caryophyllus Clove Pink Yes A1 46--25--2 Ne L. 0920000634
Dianthus caryophyllus x plumarius   Yes A1 46--25--2 x 3 Ne   0920007277
Dianthus deltoides Maiden Pink Yes A1 46--25--5 N L. 0920000635
Dianthus gallicus Jersey Pink Yes A1 46--25--4 Ne Pers. 0920000636
Dianthus gratianopolitanus Cheddar Pink Yes A1 46--25--1 N Vill. 0920000637
Dianthus gratianopolitanus x caryophyllus   Yes S2 A1 46--25--1 x 2 Ne   0920007906
Dianthus gratianopolitanus x caryophyllus x plumarius   Stace A2 46--25--1 x 2 x 3     0920007907
Dianthus gratianopolitanus x plumarius   Yes A1 46--25--1 x 3     0920005336
Dianthus guttatus   Clement A3 46--25--gut   M. Bieb. 0920006378
Dianthus plumarius Pink Yes A1 46--25--3 Ne L. 0920000638
Dianthus sylvestris Wood Pink Clement A3 46--25--syl   Wulfen 0920006379
Diapensia lapponica Diapensia Yes A1 68--1--1 N L. 0920000639
Dicentra canadensis Squirrel-corn Clement A3 31--1--can   (Goldie) Walp. 0920006380
Dicentra eximia Turkey-corn Yes S2 A1 31--1--exi   (Ker Gawl.) Torr. 0920008040
Dicentra formosa Bleeding-heart Yes A1 31--1--1 Ne (Haw.) Walp. 0920007278
Dichanthium sericeum   Clement A3 153--DIC--ser   (R. Br.) A. Camus 0920006381
Dichanthium sericeum subsp. humile   Clement A3 153--DIC--ser--b   (J.M. Black) B.K. Simon 0920006381.1
Dichanthium sericeum subsp. sericeum   Clement A3 153--DIC--ser--a     0920006381.2
Dichelachne crinita   Clement A3 153--DIE--cri   (L. f.) Hook. f. 0920006384
Dichondra micrantha Kidneyweed Clement A3 111--DIC--mic Ne Urb. 0920005426
Dichrocephala chrysanthemifolia   Clement A3 135--DIC--chr   DC. 0920006385
Dichrocephala integrifolia   Clement A3 135--DIC--int   (L. f.) Kuntze 0920004188
Dicksonia antarctica Australian Tree-fern Yes A1 12--1--1 Ne Labill. 0910002503
Didesmus aegyptius   Clement A3 62--DID--aeg   (L.) Desv. 0920006386
Dieffenbachia seguine Dumb-cane Clement A3 147--DIE--seg   (Jacq.) Schott 0920006387
Diervilla lonicera   Clement A3 131--DIE--lon   Mill. 0920006388
Digera muricata   Clement A3 44--DIG--mur   (L.) H. Mart. 0920006389
Digitalis ferruginea Rusty Foxglove Clement A3 124--14--fer   L. 0920008043
Digitalis grandiflora Yellow Foxglove Clement A3 124--14--gra   Mill. 0920008044
Digitalis lanata Grecian Foxglove Clement A3 124--14--lan   Ehrh. 0920008045
Digitalis lutea Straw Foxglove Yes A1 124--14--2 Ne L. 0920007279
Digitalis purpurea Foxglove Page 27 A1 124--14--1 N L. 0920000640
Digitaria aequiglumis   Clement A3 153--71--aeq   (Parodi) Hack. & Arechav. 0920006390
Digitaria ammophila   Clement A3 153--71--amm   Hughes 0920006391
Digitaria breviglumis   Clement A3 153--71--bre   (Domin) Henrard 0920006392
Digitaria brownii   Clement A3 153--71--bro   (Roem. & Schult.) Hughes 0920006393
Digitaria ciliaris Tropical Finger-grass Stace A2 153--71--cil Ca (Retz.) Koeler 0920003297
Digitaria cognata Fall Witch-grass Clement A3 153--71--cog   (Schult.) Pilg. 0920006394
Digitaria ctenantha   Clement A3 153--71--cte   (F. Muell.) Hughes 0920006395
Digitaria didactyla Blue Couch Clement A3 153--71--did   Willd. 0920006396
Digitaria diffusa   Clement A3 153--71--dif   Vickery 0920006397
Digitaria divaricatissima   Clement A3 153--71--div   (R. Br.) Hughes 0920006398
Digitaria eriantha Pangola-grass Clement A3 153--71--eri   Steud. 0920006399
Digitaria hubbardii   Clement A3 153--71--hub   Henrard 0920006400
Digitaria ischaemum Smooth Finger-grass Yes A1 153--71--1 Ne (Schreb. ex Schweigg.) Muhl. 0920000641
Digitaria milanjiana   Clement A3 153--71--mil   (Rendle) Stapf 0920006401
Digitaria parviflora   Clement A3 153--71--par   (R. Br.) Hughes 0920006402
Digitaria ramularis   Clement A3 153--71--ram   (Trin.) Henrard 0920006403
Digitaria sanguinalis Hairy Finger-grass Yes S1 A1 153--71--san Ne (L.) Scop. 0920000642
Digitaria ternata   Clement A3 153--71--ter   (A. Rich.) Stapf 0920006404
Digitaria velutina   Clement A3 153--71--vel   (Forssk.) P. Beauv. 0920006405
Digitaria violascens   Clement A3 153--71--vio   Link 0920006406
Dimorphotheca pluvialis Cape Rain-daisy Clement A3 135--DIM--plu   (L.) Moench 0920006407
Dimorphotheca sinuata Namaqualand Daisy Clement A3 135--DIM--sin   DC. 0920006408
Diphasiastrum alpinum Alpine Clubmoss Page 27 A1 1--4--1 N (L.) Holub 0910001213
Diphasiastrum complanatum Issler's Clubmoss Yes A1 1--4--2 N (L.) Holub 0910002277
Diphasiastrum complanatum subsp. issleri   Yes A1 1--4--2--a   (Rouy) Jermy 0910002277
Diplotaxis catholica   Clement A3 62--33--cat   (L.) DC. 0920008046
Diplotaxis crassifolia   Clement A3 62--33--cra   (Raf.) DC. 0920006409
Diplotaxis erucoides White Rocket Stace A2 62--33--eru Ca (L.) DC. 0920000643
Diplotaxis harra   Clement A3 62--33--har   (Forssk.) Boiss. 0920006410
Diplotaxis muralis Annual Wall-rocket Page 27 A1 62--33--2 Ne (L.) DC. 0920000644
Diplotaxis tenuifolia Perennial Wall-rocket Page 27 A1 62--33--1 Ar (L.) DC. 0920000645
Diplotaxis tenuisiliqua   Clement A3 62--33--ten   Delile 0920008047
Diplotaxis viminea Vineyard Wall-rocket Clement A3 62--33--vim   (L.) DC. 0920008048
Diplotaxis virgata   Clement A3 62--33--vir   (Cav.) DC. 0920006411
Dipsacus fullonum Wild Teasel Page 27 A1 134--1--1 ?N L. 0920000646.1
Dipsacus fullonum x laciniatus = D. x pseudosilvester   Yes S1 A1 134--1--1 x lac   Schur 0920003420
Dipsacus fullonum x sativus   Yes S1 A1 134--1--1 x 2     0920003423
Dipsacus laciniatus Cut-leaved Teasel Yes S1 A1 134--1--lac Ne L. 0920003426
Dipsacus pilosus Small Teasel Page 27 A1 134--1--3 N L. 0920000647
Dipsacus sativus Fuller's Teasel Yes A1 134--1--2 Ne (L.) Honck. 0920000646.2
Dipsacus strigosus Yellow-flowered Teasel Yes A1 134--1--4 Ne Willd. 0920002635
Disphyma crassifolium Purple Dewplant Yes A1 42--5--1 Ne (L.) L. Bolus 0920002387
Dissanthelium calycinum   Clement A3 153--DIS--cal   (J. Presl) Hitchc. 0920006412
Dittrichia graveolens Stinking Fleabane Stace A2 135--36--gra Ca (L.) Greuter 0920001032
Dittrichia viscosa Woody Fleabane Yes A1 135--36--1 Ne (L.) Greuter 0920001035
Doronicum austriacum Austrian Leopard's-bane Clement A3 135--69--aus   Jacq. 0920006413
Doronicum columnae Eastern Leopard's-bane Yes A1 135--69--3 Ne Ten. 0920007280
Doronicum orientale   Clement A3 135--69--ori   Hoffm. 0920006414
Doronicum pardalianches Leopard's-bane Page 27 A1 135--69--1 Ne L. 0920000648
Doronicum pardalianches x plantagineum = D. x willdenowii Willdenow's Leopard's-bane Yes S1 A1 135--69--1 x 2 Ne (Rouy) A.W. Hill 0920000649.3
Doronicum pardalianches x plantagineum x columnae = D. x excelsum Harpur-Crewe's Leopard's-bane Yes A1 135--69--1 x 2 x 3 Ne (N.E. Br.) Stace 0920000649.1
Doronicum plantagineum Plantain-leaved Leopard's-bane Yes A1 135--69--2 Ne L. 0920000649
Dorycnium hirsutum Canary Clover Clement A3 77--DOR--hir   (L.) Ser. 0920006415
Dorycnium pentaphyllum Badassi Clement A3 77--DOR--pen   Scop. 0920008050
Dorycnium rectum Greater Badassi Clement A3 77--DOR--rec   (L.) Ser. 0920008051
Downingia elegans Californian Lobelia Yes A1 129--9--1 Ne (Douglas ex Lindl.) Torr. 0920007281
Draba aizoides Yellow Whitlowgrass Yes A1 62--21--1 N L. 0920000650
Draba incana Hoary Whitlowgrass Yes A1 62--21--3 N L. 0920000651
Draba muralis Wall Whitlowgrass Yes A1 62--21--4 N L. 0920000652
Draba norvegica Rock Whitlowgrass Yes A1 62--21--2 N Gunnerus 0920000653
Dracocephalum moldavica Moldavian Dragon-head Clement A3 118--DRA--mol   L. 0920006416
Dracocephalum parviflorum American Dragon-head Clement A3 118--DRA--par   Nutt. 0920004211
Dracocephalum thymiflorum   Clement A3 118--DRA--thy   L. 0920006417
Dracunculus vulgaris Dragon Arum Yes A1 147--6--1 Ne Schott 0920007282
Drosanthemum attenuatum   Clement A3 42--6--att   (Haw.) Schwantes 0920006418
Drosanthemum floribundum Pale Dewplant Yes A1 42--6--1 Ne (Haw.) Schwantes 0920002388
Drosera anglica Great Sundew Page 27 S1 A1 55--1--2 N Huds. 0920000654
Drosera binata Forked Sundew Clement A3 55--1--bin   Labill. 0920008053
Drosera capensis Cape Sundew Clement A3 55--1--cap   L. 0920008054
Drosera intermedia Oblong-leaved Sundew Page 27 A1 55--1--3 N Hayne 0920000655
Drosera rotundifolia Round-leaved Sundew Page 27 A1 55--1--1 N L. 0920000657
Drosera rotundifolia x anglica = D. x obovata   Yes A1 55--1--1 x 2 N Mert. & W.D.J. Koch 0920000656
Drosera rotundifolia x intermedia = D. x belezeana   Yes A1 55--1--1 x 3   E.G. Camus 0920002705
Dryas octopetala Mountain Avens Page 27 A1 75--14--1 N L. 0920000658
Dryopteris aemula Hay-scented Buckler-fern Yes A1 17--3--5 N (Aiton) Kuntze 0910000660
Dryopteris affinis Scaly Male-fern Page 29 A1 17--3--3 N (Lowe) Fraser-Jenk. 0910000662
Dryopteris affinis subsp. affinis   Yes A1 17--3--3--a     0910000662.1
Dryopteris affinis subsp. borreri   Yes A1 17--3--3--c   (Newman) Fraser-Jenk. 0910000662.2
Dryopteris affinis subsp. cambrensis   Yes A1 17--3--3--b   Fraser-Jenk. 0910000662.3
Dryopteris carthusiana Narrow Buckler-fern Page 29 A1 17--3--8 N (Vill.) H.P. Fuchs 0910000666
Dryopteris carthusiana x dilatata = D. x deweveri   Yes A1 17--3--8 x 9 N (J.T. Jansen) Jansen & Wacht. 0910002584
Dryopteris carthusiana x expansa = D. x sarvelae   Yes A1 17--3--8 x 10   Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy 0910002587
Dryopteris cristata Crested Buckler-fern Yes A1 17--3--7 N (L.) A. Gray 0910000663
Dryopteris cristata x carthusiana = D. x uliginosa   Yes A1 17--3--7 x 8   (A. Braun ex D”ll) Kuntze ex Druce 0910002589
Dryopteris dilatata Broad Buckler-fern Page 29 A1 17--3--9 N (Hoffm.) A. Gray 0910000661
Dryopteris dilatata x expansa = D. x ambroseae   Yes A1 17--3--9 x 10   Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy 0910002582
Dryopteris expansa Northern Buckler-fern Yes A1 17--3--10 N (C. Presl) Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy 0910002274
Dryopteris filix-mas Male-fern Page 29 A1 17--3--2 N (L.) Schott 0910000665
Dryopteris filix-mas x affinis = D. x complexa   Yes A1 17--3--2 x 3 N Fraser-Jenk. 0910002588
Dryopteris filix-mas x carthusiana = D. x brathaica   Yes A1 17--3--2 x 8   Fraser-Jenk. & Reichst. 0910002583
Dryopteris oreades Mountain Male-fern Yes A1 17--3--1 N Fomin 0910000659
Dryopteris oreades x aemula = D. x pseudoabbreviata   Yes A1 17--3--1 x 5   Jermy 0910002586
Dryopteris oreades x filix-mas = D. x mantoniae   Yes A1 17--3--1 x 2   Fraser-Jenk. & Corley 0910002585
Dryopteris remota Scaly Buckler-fern Yes A1 17--3--4 N (A. Braun ex D”ll) Druce 0910002499
Dryopteris submontana Rigid Buckler-fern Yes A1 17--3--6 N (Fraser-Jenk. & Jermy) Fraser-Jenk. 0910000667
Duchesnea indica Yellow-flowered Strawberry Yes A1 75--12--1 Ne (Jacks.) Focke 0920004448
Dysphania glomulifera Australian Pigweed Clement A3 43--DYS--glo   (Nees) Paul G. Wilson 0920006419
Dysphania littoralis Red Crumbweed Clement A3 43--DYS--lit   R. Br. 0920006420

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