List of Accepted Plants of the British Isles 2007   C

Accepted Latin Names Common Name In Kent? Type Kent ref. Status Authority Record No.
Cabomba caroliniana Carolina Water-shield Yes S1 A1 26A--CAB--car Ne A. Gray 0920005463
Cachrys uechtritzii   Clement A3 107--CAC--uec   (Boiss. & Hausskn.) Herrnst. & Heyn 0920006030
Caesalpinia spinosa Tara Clement A3 76A--CAE--spi   (Molina) Kuntze 0920006031
Cakile maritima Sea Rocket Page 13 A1 62--39--1 N Scop. 0920000291
Cakile maritima subsp. integrifolia   Yes A1 62--39--1--a   (Hornem.) Hyl. ex Greuter & Burdet 0920000291
Calamagrostis canescens Purple Small-reed Yes A1 153--40--2 N (F.H. Wigg.) Roth 0920000292
Calamagrostis canescens x stricta = C. x gracilescens   Yes A1 153--40--2 x 4   (Blytt) Blytt 0920002913
Calamagrostis epigejos Wood Small-reed Page 13 A1 153--40--1 N (L.) Roth 0920000293
Calamagrostis epigejos x Ammophila arenaria = X Calammophila baltica Purple Marram Yes A1 153--40 x 41--1 x 1   (Flgg‚ ex Schrad.) Brand 0920000096
Calamagrostis purpurea Scandinavian Small-reed Yes A1 153--40--3 N (Trin.) Trin. 0920002646
Calamagrostis purpurea subsp. phragmitoides   Yes A1 153--40--3--a   (Hartm.) Tzvelev 0920002646
Calamagrostis scotica Scottish Small-reed Yes A1 153--40--5 N (Druce) Druce 0920000295
Calamagrostis stricta Narrow Small-reed Yes A1 153--40--4 N (Timm) Koeler 0920000294
Calandrinia ciliata Red-maids Clement A3 45--CAL--cil   (Ruiz & Pav.) DC. 0920007976
Calandrinia umbellata Rock Purslane Clement A3 45--CAL--umb   (Ru¡z & Pav.) DC. 0920004202
Calceolaria biflora   Clement A3 124--6--bif   Lam. 0920006033
Calceolaria chelidonioides Slipperwort Yes A1 124--6--1 Ne Kunth 0920007199
Calceolaria integrifolia Bush Slipperwort Clement A3 124--6--int   Murray 0920007977
Calceolaria x herbeohybrida Florists' Slipperwort Clement A3 124--6--her   Voss 0920006034
Caldesia parnassiifolia Parnassus-leaved Water-plantain Clement A3 137--CAL--par   (L.) Parl. 0920006035
Calendula arvensis Field Marigold Yes A1 135--73--2 Ne L. 0920000299
Calendula officinalis Pot Marigold Yes A1 135--73--1 Ne L. 0920000300
Calepina irregularis White Ball-mustard Clement A3 62--CAL--irr   (Asso) Thell. 0920006036
Calla palustris Bog Arum Yes A1 147--3--1 Ne L. 0920000301
Callistephus chinensis China Aster Stace A2 135--CAE--chi Ca (L.) Nees 0920007978
Callitriche brutia Pedunculate Water-starwort Yes A1 120--1--6 N Petagna 0920000303.2
Callitriche hamulata Intermediate Water-starwort Yes A1 120--1--7 N Ktz. ex W.D.J. Koch 0920000303.1
Callitriche hamulata agg.   Aggregate AK 120--1---      
Callitriche hermaphroditica Autumnal Water-starwort Yes A1 120--1--1 N L. 0920000302
Callitriche obtusangula Blunt-fruited Water-starwort Yes A1 120--1--5 N Le Gall 0920000304
Callitriche palustris Narrow-fruited Water-starwort Yes S2 A1 120--1--pal N L.  
Callitriche platycarpa Various-leaved Water-starwort Yes A1 120--1--4 N Ktz. 0920000307.1
Callitriche stagnalis Common Water-starwort Page 13 A1 120--1--3 N Scop. 0920000307.2
Callitriche truncata Short-leaved Water-starwort Yes A1 120--1--2 N Guss. 0920000308
Callitriche truncata subsp. occidentalis   Yes A1 120--1--2--a   (Rouy) Braun-Blanq. 0920000308
Calluna vulgaris Heather Page 13 A1 65--11--1 N (L.) Hull 0920000309
Calocedrus decurrens Californian Incense-cedar Clement A3 21--CAL--dec   (Torrey) Florin 0920003610
Calocephalus knappii   Clement A3 135--CAH--kna   (F. Muell.) Ewart & J.W. White 0920006037
Calotis cuneifolia Bur-daisy Stace A2 135--CAI--cun Ca R. Br. 0920007979
Calotis dentex White Bur-daisy Clement A3 135--CAI--den   R. Br. 0920006038
Calotis hispidula Hairy Bur-daisy Clement A3 135--CAI--his   (F. Muell.) F. Muell. 0920007980
Calotis lappulacea Yellow Bur-daisy Clement A3 135--CAI--lap   Benth. 0920007981
Caltha palustris Marsh-marigold Page 13 A1 28--1--1 N L. 0920000310
Calycadenia multiglandulosa Sticky Calycadenia Clement A3 135--CAL--mul   DC. 0920006039
Calypso bulbosa Calypso Clement A3 162--CAL--bul   (L.) Oakes 0920006040
Calystegia pulchra Hairy Bindweed Yes A1 111--3--3 Ne Brummitt & Heywood 0920002266
Calystegia pulchra x silvatica = C. x howittiorum   Yes A1 111--3--3 x 4   Brummitt 0920004387
Calystegia sepium Hedge Bindweed Page 13 A1 111--3--2 N (L.) R. Br. 0920000311
Calystegia sepium agg.   Aggregate AK 111--3---      
Calystegia sepium subsp. americana   Clement A3 111--3--2--c   (Sims) Brummitt 0920006041
Calystegia sepium subsp. roseata   Yes A1 111--3--2--b N Brummitt 0920000311.1
Calystegia sepium subsp. sepium   Yes A1 111--3--2--a     0920000311.2
Calystegia sepium subsp. spectabilis   Clement A3 111--3--2--d   Brummitt 0920000311.5
Calystegia sepium x pulchra = C. x scanica   Yes A1 111--3--2 x 3   Brummitt 0920007200
Calystegia sepium x silvatica = C. x lucana   Yes A1 111--3--2 x 4 ? (Ten.) G. Don 0920004386
Calystegia silvatica Large Bindweed Page 13 A1 111--3--4 Ne (Kit.) Griseb. 0920000313
Calystegia silvatica subsp. disjuncta   Yes S3 A1 111--3--4--b Ne Brummitt  
Calystegia silvatica subsp. fraterniflora   Clement A3 111--3--4--b   (Mack. & Bush) Brummitt 0920000313.5
Calystegia silvatica subsp. silvatica   Yes S3 A1 111--3--4--a Ne    
Calystegia soldanella Sea Bindweed Page 13 A1 111--3--1 N (L.) R. Br. 0920000312
Camassia quamash Common Camash Clement A3 158--CAM--qua   (Pursh) Greene 0920006043
Camelina alyssum   Clement A3 62--24--aly   (Mill.) Thell. 0920004351
Camelina hispida   Clement A3 62--24--his   Boiss. 0920006044
Camelina macrocarpa   Clement A3 62--24--mac   Andrz. ex DC. 0920005421
Camelina microcarpa Lesser Gold-of-pleasure Stace A2 62--24--mic Ca Andrz. ex DC. 0920002567
Camelina rumelica   Clement A3 62--24--rum   Velen. 0920004353
Camelina sativa Gold-of-pleasure Yes A1 62--24--1 Ar (L.) Crantz 0920004352
Campanula alliariifolia Cornish Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--6 Ne Willd. 0920007201
Campanula bononiensis Pale Bellflower Clement A3 129--1--bon   L. 0920006045
Campanula carpatica Tussock Bellflower Clement A3 129--1--car   Jacq. 0920007983
Campanula cochleariifolia Fairy's-thimble Yes S2 A1 129--1--coc   Lam. 0920006046
Campanula fragilis Italian Bellflower Yes S1 A1 129--1--fra Ne Cirillo 0920007984
Campanula garganica Adriatic Bellflower Clement A3 129--1--gar   Ten. 0920006047
Campanula glomerata Clustered Bellflower Page 13 A1 129--1--7 N L. 0920000315
Campanula glomerata subsp. elliptica   Clement A3 129--1--7--b   (Kit. ex Schult.) O. Schwarz 0920000315.1
Campanula glomerata subsp. glomerata   Other AT 129--1--7--a      
Campanula lactiflora Milky Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--3 Ne M. Bieb. 0920004396
Campanula latifolia Giant Bellflower Page 13 A1 129--1--11 N L. 0920000316
Campanula medium Canterbury-bells Yes A1 129--1--5 Ne L. 0920000317
Campanula patula Spreading Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--1 N L. 0920000318
Campanula persicifolia Peach-leaved Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--4 Ne L. 0920000319
Campanula portenschlagiana Adria Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--9 Ne Schult. 0920002640
Campanula poscharskyana Trailing Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--10 Ne Degen 0920002641
Campanula pyramidalis Chimney Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--8 Ne L. 0920007202
Campanula rapunculoides Creeping Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--13 Ne L. 0920000320
Campanula rapunculus Rampion Bellflower Yes A1 129--1--2 Ar L. 0920000321
Campanula rhomboidalis Broad-leaved Harebell Yes A1 129--1--14 Ne L. 0920007203
Campanula rotundifolia Harebell Page 13 A1 129--1--15 N L. 0920000322
Campanula trachelium Nettle-leaved Bellflower Page 13 A1 129--1--12 N L. 0920000323
Campsis radicans Trumpet-creeper Clement A3 127B--CAM--rad   (L.) Seem. ex Bureau 0920006049
Canna indica Indian-shot Clement A3 156A--CAN--ind   L. 0920006050
Cannabis sativa Hemp Yes A1 34--1--1 Ca L. 0920000324
Capnophyllum peregrinum   Clement A3 107--CAP--per   (L.) Lange 0920006051
Capsella bursa-pastoris Shepherd's-purse Page 13 A1 62--25--1 Ar (L.) Medik. 0920000325
Capsella bursa-pastoris x rubella = C. x gracilis   Yes A1 62--25--1 x 2   Gren. 0920007204
Capsella rubella Pink Shepherd's-purse Yes A1 62--25--2 Ne Reut. 0920000326
Capsicum annuum Sweet Pepper Stace A2 110--CAP--ann Ca L. 0920007985
Caragana arborescens Siberian Pea-tree Clement A3 77--CAR--arb   Lam. 0920006052
Cardamine amara Large Bitter-cress Page 13 A1 62--14--3 N L. 0920000327
Cardamine bulbifera Coralroot Yes A1 62--14--1 N (L.) Crantz 0920000625
Cardamine chelidonia   Clement A3 62--14--che   L. 0920004042
Cardamine corymbosa New Zealand Bitter-cress Yes S1 A1 62--14--cor Ne Hook. f. 0920003326
Cardamine flexuosa Wavy Bitter-cress Page 13 A1 62--14--7 N With. 0920000328
Cardamine flexuosa x hirsuta = C. x zahlbruckneriana   Yes A1 62--14--7 x 8   O.E. Schulz 0920007205
Cardamine glanduligera   Clement A3 62--14--gla   O. Schwarz 0920006053
Cardamine heptaphylla Pinnate Coralroot Yes S2 A1 62--14--hep Ne (Vill.) O.E. Schulz 0920007986
Cardamine hirsuta Hairy Bitter-cress Page 13 A1 62--14--8 N L. 0920000329
Cardamine impatiens Narrow-leaved Bitter-cress Yes A1 62--14--6 N L. 0920000330
Cardamine kitaibelii Kitaibel's Bitter-cress Clement A3 62--14--kit   Bech. 0920006054
Cardamine laciniata Cut-leaved Bitter-cress Clement A3 62--14--lac   (Muhl.) A.W. Wood 0920006055
Cardamine pentaphyllos Five-leaflet Bitter-cress Clement A3 62--14--pen   (L.) Crantz 0920006056
Cardamine pratensis Cuckooflower Page 13 A1 62--14--5 N L. 0920000331
Cardamine pratensis x flexuosa = C. x fringsii   Yes A1 62--14--5 x 7   F. Wirtg. 0920002681
Cardamine raphanifolia Greater Cuckooflower Yes A1 62--14--4 Ne Pourr. 0920002557
Cardamine trifolia Trefoil Cress Yes A1 62--14--2 Ne L. 0920002558
Cardiospermum halicacabum   Clement A3 97--CAR--hal   L. 0920006057
Carduncellus caeruleus   Clement A3 135--CAN--cae   (L.) C. Presl 0920006058
Carduus argentatus   Clement A3 135--5--arg   L. 0920006059
Carduus chrysacanthus   Clement A3 135--5--chr   L. 0920006060
Carduus crispus Welted Thistle Page 13 A1 135--5--3 N L. 0920000335
Carduus crispus subsp. multiflorus   Yes A1 135--5--3--a   (Gaudin) Gremli 0920000335
Carduus crispus x nutans = C. x stangii   Yes S1 A1 135--5--3 x 4 N H. Buek ex Nyman 0920000336
Carduus hamulosus   Clement A3 135--5--ham   Ehrh. 0920006061
Carduus leucophyllus   Clement A3 135--5--leu   Turcz. 0920006062
Carduus macrocephalus Giant Thistle Clement A3 135--5--mac   Desf. 0920007987
Carduus nigrescens   Clement A3 135--5--nig   Vill. 0920006063
Carduus nutans Musk Thistle Page 13 A1 135--5--4 N L. 0920000337
Carduus pycnocephalus Plymouth Thistle Yes A1 135--5--2 Ne L. 0920000338
Carduus tenuiflorus Slender Thistle Page 13 A1 135--5--1 N Curtis 0920000339
Carduus thoermeri   Clement A3 135--5--tho   Weinm. 0920005653
Carduus vivariensis   Clement A3 135--5--viv   Jord. 0920006064
Carex acuta Slender Tufted-sedge Yes A1 152--16--65 N L. 0920000340
Carex acuta x elata = C. x prolixa   Yes A1 152--16--65 x 68   Fr. 0920002890
Carex acuta x nigra   Yes A1 152--16--65 x 67     0920002608
Carex acutiformis Lesser Pond-sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--25 N Ehrh. 0920000341
Carex acutiformis x acuta = C. x subgracilis   Yes A1 152--16--25 x 65   Druce 0920004349
Carex acutiformis x riparia = C. x sooi   Yes S1 A1 152--16--25 x 26   J kucs 0920003327
Carex acutiformis x vesicaria = C. x ducellieri   Yes A1 152--16--25 x 29   Beauverd 0920007211
Carex appressa Tall Sedge Clement A3 152--16--app   R. Br. 0920006065
Carex appropinquata Fibrous Tussock-sedge Yes A1 152--16--2 N Schumach. 0920000342
Carex aquatilis Water Sedge Yes A1 152--16--64 N Wahlenb. 0920000343
Carex aquatilis x acuta   Yes S2 A1 152--16--64 x 65      
Carex aquatilis x bigelowii = C. x limula   Yes A1 152--16--64 x 69   Fr. 0920002604
Carex aquatilis x nigra = C. x hibernica   Yes A1 152--16--64 x 67   A. Benn. 0920002602
Carex arenaria Sand Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--10 N L. 0920000344
Carex atrata Black Alpine-sedge Yes A1 152--16--60 N L. 0920000345
Carex atrofusca Scorched Alpine-sedge Yes A1 152--16--56 N Schkuhr 0920000346
Carex bicolor Bicoloured Sedge Clement A3 152--16--bic   All. 0920000348
Carex bigelowii Stiff Sedge Yes A1 152--16--69 N Torr. ex Schwein. 0920000349
Carex binervis Green-ribbed Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--40 N Sm. 0920000350
Carex binervis x punctata   Yes A1 152--16--40 x 42     0920002885
Carex binervis x viridula = C. x corstorphinei   Yes A1 152--16--40 x 46   Druce 0920007210
Carex brunnea   Clement A3 152--16--bru   Thunb. 0920006066
Carex buchananii Silver-spiked Sedge Yes S1 A1 152--16--buc Ne Berggr. 0920003328
Carex buxbaumii Club Sedge Yes A1 152--16--61 N Wahlenb. 0920000352
Carex capillaris Hair Sedge Yes A1 152--16--33 N L. 0920000353
Carex capitata   Clement A3 152--16--cap   L. 0920000354
Carex caryophyllea Spring-sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--51 N Latourr. 0920000355
Carex chordorrhiza String Sedge Yes A1 152--16--12 N L. f. 0920000356
Carex crawfordii Crawford's Sedge Clement A3 152--16--cra   Fernald 0920000358
Carex curta White Sedge Yes A1 152--16--22 N Gooden. 0920000359
Carex davalliana Davall's Sedge Yes A1 152--16--19 N Sm. 0920000360
Carex depauperata Starved Wood-sedge Yes A1 152--16--38 N Curtis ex With. 0920000362
Carex devia   Clement A3 152--16--dev   Cheeseman 0920006067
Carex deweyana   Clement A3 152--16--dew   Schwein. 0920006068
Carex diandra Lesser Tussock-sedge Yes A1 152--16--3 N Schrank 0920000363
Carex digitata Fingered Sedge Yes A1 152--16--48 N L. 0920000364
Carex dioica Dioecious Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--18 N L. 0920000365
Carex distans Distant Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--41 N L. 0920000366
Carex distans x extensa = C. x tornabenii   Yes A1 152--16--41 x 43   Chiov. 0920002884
Carex distans x hostiana = C. x muelleriana   Yes A1 152--16--41 x 44   F.W. Schultz 0920002883
Carex distans x viridula = C. x luteola   Yes A1 152--16--41 x 46   Sendtn. 0920007209
Carex disticha Brown Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--11 N Huds. 0920000367
Carex divisa Divided Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--13 N Huds. 0920000368
Carex divulsa   Yes A1 152--16--9   Stokes 0920004520
Carex divulsa subsp. divulsa Grey Sedge Yes A1 152--16--9--a N   0920000369
Carex divulsa subsp. leersii Many-leaved Sedge Yes A1 152--16--9--b N (Kneuck.) W. Koch 0920000406
Carex divulsa x remota = C. x emmae   Yes A1 152--16--9 x 15   L. Gross 0920002893
Carex echinata Star Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--17 N Murray 0920000370
Carex echinata x curta = C. x biharica   Yes A1 152--16--17 x 22   Simonk. 0920002599
Carex echinata x dioica = C. x gaudiniana   Yes A1 152--16--17 x 18   Guthnick 0920002894
Carex elata Tufted-sedge Yes A1 152--16--68 N All. 0920000371
Carex elongata Elongated Sedge Yes A1 152--16--20 N L. 0920000372
Carex ericetorum Rare Spring-sedge Yes A1 152--16--53 N Pollich 0920000373
Carex extensa Long-bracted Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--43 N Gooden. 0920000374
Carex filiformis Downy-fruited Sedge Yes A1 152--16--52 N L. 0920000375
Carex flacca Glaucous Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--35 N Schreb. 0920000376
Carex flagellifera   Clement A3 152--16--fla   Colenso 0920006069
Carex flava Large Yellow-sedge Yes A1 152--16--45 N L. 0920000378
Carex flava x viridula = C. x alsatica   Yes A1 152--16--45 x 46   Zahn 0920007208
Carex glacialis   Clement A3 152--16--gla   Mack. 0920000379
Carex hirta Hairy Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--23 N L. 0920000381
Carex hirta x vesicaria = C. x grossii   Yes A1 152--16--23 x 29   Fiek 0920002888
Carex hostiana Tawny Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--44 N DC. 0920000382
Carex hostiana x viridula = C. x fulva   Yes A1 152--16--44 x 46 N Gooden. 0920002609
Carex hubbardii   Clement A3 152--16--hub   Nelmes 0920006070
Carex humilis Dwarf Sedge Yes A1 152--16--50 N Leyss. 0920000383
Carex inversa Knob Sedge Clement A3 152--16--inv   R. Br. 0920006071
Carex lachenalii Hare's-foot Sedge Yes A1 152--16--21 N Schkuhr 0920000384
Carex lachenalii x curta = C. x helvola   Yes A1 152--16--21 x 22   Blytt ex Fr. 0920002895
Carex laevigata Smooth-stalked Sedge Yes A1 152--16--39 N Sm. 0920000385
Carex laevigata x binervis = C. x deserta   Yes A1 152--16--39 x 40   Merino 0920002881
Carex laevigata x viridula   Yes A1 152--16--39 x 46     0920007207
Carex lasiocarpa Slender Sedge Yes A1 152--16--24 N Ehrh. 0920000386
Carex lasiocarpa x riparia = C. x evoluta   Yes A1 152--16--24 x 26   Hartm. 0920002889
Carex limosa Bog-sedge Yes A1 152--16--57 N L. 0920000388
Carex longebrachiata Drooping Sedge Clement A3 152--16--lon   Boeck. 0920006072
Carex magellanica Tall Bog-sedge Yes A1 152--16--59 N Lam. 0920000403
Carex magellanica subsp. irrigua   Yes A1 152--16--59--a   (Wahlenb.) Hiitonen 0920000403
Carex maritima Curved Sedge Yes A1 152--16--14 N Gunnerus 0920000389
Carex microglochin Bristle Sedge Yes A1 152--16--70 N Wahlenb. 0920000390
Carex montana Soft-leaved Sedge Yes A1 152--16--54 N L. 0920000391
Carex muricata   Page 15 A1 152--16--8   L. 0920000398
Carex muricata subsp. muricata Large-fruited Prickly-sedge Yes A1 152--16--8--a N   0920000398.1
Carex muricata subsp. pairae Small-fruited Prickly-sedge Yes S3 A1 152--16--8--b N (F.W. Schultz) Celak. 0920000398.2
Carex muricata x divulsa   Yes S1 A1 152--16--8 x 9     0920007905
Carex nigra Common Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--67 N (L.) Reichard 0920000393
Carex nigra x bigelowii = C. x decolorans   Yes A1 152--16--67 x 69   Wimm. 0920002600
Carex nigra x elata = C. x turfosa   Yes A1 152--16--67 x 68   Fr. 0920002607
Carex norvegica Close-headed Alpine-sedge Yes A1 152--16--62 N Retz. 0920000394
Carex ornithopoda Bird's-foot Sedge Yes A1 152--16--49 N Willd. 0920000395
Carex otrubae False Fox-sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--5 N Podp. 0920000396
Carex otrubae x divulsa   Yes A1 152--16--5 x 9     0920007206
Carex otrubae x remota = C. x pseudoaxillaris   Yes A1 152--16--5 x 15 N K. Richt. 0920000347
Carex ovalis Oval Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--16 N Gooden. 0920000397
Carex pallescens Pale Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--47 N L. 0920000399
Carex panicea Carnation Sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--36 N L. 0920000400
Carex paniculata Greater Tussock-sedge Page 15 A1 152--16--1 N L. 0920000401
Carex paniculata x appropinquata = C. x rotae   Yes A1 152--16--1 x 2   De Not. 0920002892
Carex paniculata x curta = C. x ludibunda   Yes A1 152--16--1 x 22   J. Gay 0920007212
Carex paniculata x diandra = C. x beckmannii   Yes A1 152--16--1 x 3   Keck ex F.W. Schultz 0920004348
Carex paniculata x remota = C. x boenninghauseniana   Yes A1 152--16--1 x 15 N Weihe 0920000351
Carex pauciflora Few-flowered Sedge Yes A1 152--16--71 N Lightf. 0920000402
Carex pendula Pendulous Sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--31 N Huds. 0920000404
Carex pilulifera Pill Sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--55 N L. 0920000405
Carex pseudocyperus Cyperus Sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--27 N L. 0920000407
Carex pseudocyperus x rostrata = C. x justi-schmidtii   Yes A1 152--16--27 x 28   Junge 0920002886
Carex pulicaris Flea Sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--73 N L. 0920000408
Carex punctata Dotted Sedge Yes A1 152--16--42 N Gaudin 0920000409
Carex rariflora Mountain Bog-sedge Yes A1 152--16--58 N (Wahlenb.) Sm. 0920000410
Carex recta Estuarine Sedge Yes A1 152--16--63 N Boott 0920000411
Carex recta x aquatilis = C. x grantii   Yes A1 152--16--63 x 64   A. Benn. 0920002891
Carex remota Remote Sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--15 N L. 0920000412
Carex riparia Greater Pond-sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--26 N Curtis 0920000413
Carex riparia x vesicaria = C. x csomadensis   Yes A1 152--16--26 x 29   Simonk. 0920002887
Carex rostrata Bottle Sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--28 N Stokes 0920000414
Carex rostrata x vesicaria = C. x involuta   Yes A1 152--16--28 x 29 N (Bab.) Syme 0920002603
Carex rupestris Rock Sedge Yes A1 152--16--72 N Bellardi ex All. 0920000415
Carex salina Saltmarsh Sedge Yes S3 A1 152--16--sal N Wahlenb.  
Carex saxatilis Russet Sedge Yes A1 152--16--30 N L. 0920000417
Carex saxatilis x viridula   Yes S3 A1 152--16--30 x 46 N    
Carex secta   Clement A3 152--16--sec   Boott 0920006073
Carex solandri   Clement A3 152--16--sol   Boott 0920006074
Carex spicata Spiked Sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--7 N Huds. 0920000357
Carex strigosa Thin-spiked Wood-sedge Yes A1 152--16--34 N Huds. 0920000420
Carex sylvatica Wood-sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--32 N Huds. 0920000421
Carex tereticaulis   Clement A3 152--16--ter   F. Muell. 0920006075
Carex trinervis Three-nerved Sedge Yes A1 152--16--66 N Degl. 0920000422
Carex vaginata Sheathed Sedge Yes A1 152--16--37 N Tausch 0920000423
Carex vesicaria Bladder-sedge Page 17 A1 152--16--29 N L. 0920000424
Carex vesicaria x saxatilis = C. x grahamii Mountain Bladder-sedge Yes A1 152--16--29 x 30   Boott 0920000380
Carex virgata   Clement A3 152--16--vir   Sol. ex Boott 0920006076
Carex viridula   Page 17 A1 152--16--46   Michx. 0920007117
Carex viridula subsp. brachyrrhyncha Long-stalked Yellow-sedge Yes A1 152--16--46--a N (Celak.) B. Schmid 0920000387
Carex viridula subsp. oedocarpa Common Yellow-sedge Yes A1 152--16--46--b N (Andersson) B. Schmid 0920000361
Carex viridula subsp. viridula Small-fruited Yellow-sedge Yes A1 152--16--46--c N   0920007118
Carex vulpina True Fox-sedge Yes A1 152--16--4 N L. 0920000425
Carex vulpinoidea American Fox-sedge Yes A1 152--16--6 Ne Michx. 0920000426
Carlina acaulis   Clement A3 135--2--aca   L. 0920006077
Carlina vulgaris Carline Thistle Page 17 A1 135--2--1 N L. 0920000427
Carpinus betulus Hornbeam Page 17 A1 40--3--1 N L. 0920000428
Carpobrotus acinaciformis Sally-my-handsome Yes A1 42--8--1 Ne (L.) L. Bolus 0920007213
Carpobrotus edulis Hottentot-fig Page 17 A1 42--8--2 Ne (L.) N.E. Br. 0920000429
Carpobrotus glaucescens Angular Sea-fig Yes A1 42--8--3 Ne (Haw.) Schwantes 0920002386
Carrichtera annua Cress Rocket Clement A3 62--CAR--ann   (L.) DC. 0920004354
Carthamus dentatus   Clement A3 135--CAR--den   (Forssk.) J. Vahl 0920006078
Carthamus lanatus Downy Safflower Stace A2 135--CAR--lan Ca L. 0920007988
Carthamus oxyacanthus   Clement A3 135--CAR--oxy   M. Bieb. 0920006079
Carthamus tenuis   Clement A3 135--CAR--ten   (Boiss. & Blanchet) Bornm. 0920006080
Carthamus tinctorius Safflower Clement A2 135--CAR--tin Ca L. 0920004424
Carum carvi Caraway Yes A1 107--34--1 Ar L. 0920000430
Carum verticillatum Whorled Caraway Page 17 A1 107--34--2 N (L.) W.D.J. Koch 0920000431
Carya cordiformis Bitternut Hickory Clement A3 37--CAR--cor   (Wangenh.) K. Koch 0920006081
Carya ovata Shagbark Hickory Clement A3 37--CAR--ova   (Poir.) Spach 0920006082
Caryopteris incana x mongholica = C. x clandonensis Bluebeard Clement A3 117--CAR--inc x mon   A. Simmonds ex Rehder 0920006083
Cassia fistula Purging Cassia Clement A3 76A--CAS--fis   L. 0920006084
Cassinia fulvida Golden-bush Clement A3 135--CAS--ful   Hook. f. 0920004094
Castanea crenata Japanese Chestnut Clement A3 39--3--cre   Siebold & Zucc. 0920006085
Castanea sativa Sweet Chestnut Page 17 A1 39--3--1 Ar Mill. 0920000432
Castellia tuberculosa   Clement A3 153--CAS--tub   (Moris) Bor 0920006086
Castilleja coccinea   Clement A3 124--CAS--coc   (L.) Spreng. 0920006087
Catabrosa aquatica Whorl-grass Page 17 A1 153--20--1 N (L.) P. Beauv. 0920000433
Catalpa bignonioides Indian-bean-tree Clement A3 127B--CAT--big   Walter 0920004179
Catananche caerulea Blue Cupidone Yes S1 A1 135--CAT--cae Ne L. 0920003329
Catapodium marinum Sea Fern-grass Page 17 A1 153--21--2 N (L.) C.E. Hubb. 0920000434
Catapodium rigidum Fern-grass Page 17 A1 153--21--1 N (L.) C.E. Hubb. 0920000435
Catapodium rigidum subsp. hemipoa   Clement A3 153--21--1--b   (Delile ex Spreng.) Stace 0920000435.3
Catapodium rigidum x marinum   Yes A1 153--21--1 x 2     0920007214
Caucalis bischoffii   Clement A3 107--CAU--bis   Kozo-Pol. 0920006089
Caucalis platycarpos Small Bur-parsley Clement A3 107--CAU--pla   L. 0920000436
Caulophyllum thalictroides Blue Cohosh Clement A3 29--CAU--tha   Michx. 0920006090
Caylusea hexagyna   Clement A3 63--CAY--hex   (Forssk.) M.L. Green 0920006091
Cedronella canariensis Canary Islands Balm Clement A3 118--CED--can   (L.) Webb & Berthel. 0920006092
Cedrus atlantica Atlas Cedar Yes A1 20--6--2 Ne (Endl.) CarriŠre 0920002978
Cedrus deodara Deodar Yes A1 20--6--1 Ne (Roxb. ex D. Don) G. Don 0920002413
Cedrus libani Cedar-of-Lebanon Stace A2 20--6--lib Ne A. Rich. 0920006789
Celastrus orbiculatus Staff-vine Yes S1 A1 88--CEL--orb Ne Thunb. 0920003333
Celosia cristata   Clement A3 44--CEL--cri   L. 0920006093
Celosia trigyna   Clement A3 44--CEL--tri   L. 0920006094
Cenchrus ciliaris Buffel-grass Clement A3 153--CEN--cil   L. 0920006095
Cenchrus echinatus Spiny Sandbur Stace A2 153--CEN--ech Ca L. 0920003298
Cenchrus incertus   Clement A3 153--CEN--inc   M.A. Curtis 0920006096
Cenchrus longispinus   Clement A3 153--CEN--lon   (Hack.) Fernald 0920004264
Cenchrus pennisetiformis   Clement A3 153--CEN--pen   Hochst. & Steud. ex Steud. 0920006097
Cenchrus setigerus   Clement A3 153--CEN--set   Vahl 0920006098
Centaurea apiculata   Clement A3 135--11--api   Ledeb. 0920006099
Centaurea aspera Rough Star-thistle Yes A1 135--11--5 Ne L. 0920000438
Centaurea atropurpurea   Clement A3 135--11--atr   Waldst. & Kit. 0920006100
Centaurea bruguieriana   Clement A3 135--11--bru   (DC.) Hand.-Mazz. 0920006101
Centaurea calcitrapa Red Star-thistle Yes A1 135--11--4 Ar L. 0920000439
Centaurea centauroides   Clement A3 135--11--cen   L. 0920006102
Centaurea cheiranthifolia   Clement A3 135--11--che   Willd. 0920006103
Centaurea cineraria   Clement A3 135--11--cin   L. 0920006104
Centaurea cyanus Cornflower Yes A1 135--11--3 Ar L. 0920000440
Centaurea dalmatica   Clement A3 135--11--dal   A. Kern. 0920006105
Centaurea dealbata   Clement A3 135--11--dea   Willd. 0920006106
Centaurea debeauxii Slender Knapweed Yes S2 A1 135--11--deb   Gren. & Godr.  
Centaurea debeauxii subsp. nemoralis   Yes S2 A1 135--11--deb--a   (Jord.) Dost l  
Centaurea depressa   Clement A3 135--11--dep   M. Bieb. 0920006107
Centaurea diffusa   Clement A3 135--11--dif   Lam. 0920004203
Centaurea diluta Lesser Star-thistle Stace A2 135--11--dil Ca Aiton 0920002421
Centaurea eriophora   Clement A3 135--11--eri   L. 0920006108
Centaurea hyalolepis   Clement A3 135--11--hya   Boiss. 0920005604
Centaurea iberica Iberian Star-thistle Clement A3 135--11--ibe   Trevir. ex Spreng. 0920005603
Centaurea intybacea   Clement A3 135--11--int   Lam. 0920006109
Centaurea jacea Brown Knapweed Yes S2 A1 135--11--jac   L. 0920000441
Centaurea leucophaea Whitish-leaved Knapweed Clement A3 135--11--leu   Jord. 0920006110
Centaurea macrocephala Giant Knapweed Yes S1 A1 135--11--mac Ne Muss. Puschk. ex Willd. 0920003334
Centaurea maculosa Spotted Knapweed Clement A3 135--11--mal   Lam. 0920005624
Centaurea melitensis Maltese Star-thistle Stace A2 135--11--mel Ca L. 0920000443
Centaurea montana Perennial Cornflower Yes A1 135--11--2 Ne L. 0920002422
Centaurea napifolia   Clement A3 135--11--nap   L. 0920006111
Centaurea nicaeensis   Clement A3 135--11--nic   All. 0920006112
Centaurea nigra Common Knapweed Page 17 A1 135--11--7 N L. 0920000444
Centaurea nigra x jacea = C. x moncktonii Hybrid Knapweed Yes S1 A1 135--11--7 x jac   C.E. Britton 0920000442
Centaurea orientalis   Clement A3 135--11--ori   L. 0920005625
Centaurea paniculata Jersey Knapweed Clement A3 135--11--pan   L. 0920000445
Centaurea patula   Clement A3 135--11--pat   DC. 0920006113
Centaurea pullata   Clement A3 135--11--pul   L. 0920006114
Centaurea rhenana Panicled Knapweed Clement A3 135--11--rhe   Boreau 0920005626
Centaurea scabiosa Greater Knapweed Page 19 A1 135--11--1 N L. 0920000446
Centaurea solstitialis Yellow Star-thistle Yes A1 135--11--6 Ne L. 0920000447
Centaurea spinosa   Clement A3 135--11--spi   L. 0920005623
Centaurea stenolepis   Clement A3 135--11--ste   A. Kern. 0920006115
Centaurea trichocephala   Clement A3 135--11--trc   M. Bieb. ex Willd. 0920005627
Centaurea triumfetti   Clement A3 135--11--tri   All. 0920006116
Centaurea verutum   Clement A3 135--11--ver   L. 0920004204
Centaurium erythraea Common Centaury Page 19 A1 108--3--2 N Rafn 0920005486
Centaurium erythraea x littorale = C. x intermedium   Yes A1 108--3--2 x 3   (Wheldon) Druce 0920002804
Centaurium erythraea x pulchellum   Yes A1 108--3--2 x 4     0920002803
Centaurium littorale Seaside Centaury Yes A1 108--3--3 N (Turner ex Sm.) Gilmour 0920000450
Centaurium pulchellum Lesser Centaury Yes A1 108--3--4 N (Sw.) Druce 0920000453
Centaurium scilloides Perennial Centaury Yes A1 108--3--1 N (L. f.) Samp. 0920000452
Centaurium tenuiflorum Slender Centaury Yes A1 108--3--5 N (Hoffmanns. & Link) Fritsch 0920000454
Centipeda minima Spreading Sneezeweed Clement A3 135--CEN--min   (L.) A. Braun & Asch. 0920006117
Centranthus calcitrapae Annual Valerian Yes A1 133--3--2 Ne (L.) Dufr. 0920007215
Centranthus macrosiphon Spanish Valerian Clement A3 133--3--mac   (L.) Dufr. 0920006118
Centranthus ruber Red Valerian Page 19 A1 133--3--1 Ne (L.) DC. 0920000455
Cephalanthera damasonium White Helleborine Page 17 A1 162--2--1 N (Mill.) Druce 0920000457
Cephalanthera damasonium x longifolia = C. x schulzei   Yes A1 162--2--1 x 2   E.G. Camus, Bergon & A. Camus 0920007216
Cephalanthera longifolia Narrow-leaved Helleborine Yes A1 162--2--2 N (L.) Fritsch 0920000458
Cephalanthera rubra Red Helleborine Yes A1 162--2--3 N (L.) Rich. 0920000459
Cephalaria alpina Alpine Scabious Clement A3 134--2--alp   (Lag.) Roem. & Schult. 0920006119
Cephalaria gigantea Giant Scabious Yes A1 134--2--1 Ne (Ledeb.) Bobrov 0920004425
Cephalaria syriaca   Clement A3 134--2--syr   (L.) Schrad. 0920005605
Cephalaria transylvanica   Clement A3 134--2--tra   (L.) Roem. & Schult. 0920005606
Cephalotaxus fortunei Chinese Plum-yew Clement A3 21A--CEP--for   Hook. 0920003611
Cephalotaxus harringtonia Japanese Plum-yew Clement A3 21A--CEP--har   (T. Knight ex Forbes) K. Koch 0920003613
Cerastium alpinum Alpine Mouse-ear Yes A1 46--7--4 N L. 0920000460
Cerastium alpinum subsp. lanatum   Yes A1 46--7--4--a   (Lam.) Ces. 0920000460
Cerastium alpinum x fontanum = C. x symei   Yes A1 46--7--4 x 7   Druce 0920002693
Cerastium alpinum x nigrescens   Yes S3 A1 46--7--4 x 6     0920002692
Cerastium arvense Field Mouse-ear Page 19 A1 46--7--2 N L. 0920000461
Cerastium arvense x fontanum = C. x pseudoalpinum   Yes A1 46--7--2 x 7   Murr 0920002691
Cerastium arvense x tomentosum   Yes A1 46--7--2 x 3     0920005389
Cerastium brachypetalum Grey Mouse-ear Yes A1 46--7--9 Ne Pers. 0920000463
Cerastium cerastoides Starwort Mouse-ear Yes A1 46--7--1 N (L.) Britton 0920000464
Cerastium dichotomum   Clement A3 46--7--dic   L. 0920006120
Cerastium diffusum Sea Mouse-ear Page 19 A1 46--7--10 N Pers. 0920000462
Cerastium fontanum Common Mouse-ear Page 19 A1 46--7--7 N Baumg. 0920000467
Cerastium fontanum subsp. holosteoides   Yes A1 46--7--7--b   (Fr.) Salman, Ommering & de Voogd 0920000467.3
Cerastium fontanum subsp. scoticum   Yes A1 46--7--7--c N Jalas & P.D. Sell 0920000467.2
Cerastium fontanum subsp. vulgare   Yes A1 46--7--7--a   (Hartm.) Greuter & Burdet 0920000467.1
Cerastium glomeratum Sticky Mouse-ear Page 19 A1 46--7--8 N Thuill. 0920000466
Cerastium ligusticum   Clement A3 46--7--lig   Viv. 0920006121
Cerastium nigrescens Arctic Mouse-ear Yes S3 A1 46--7--6 N (H.C. Watson) Edmondston ex H.C. Watson 0920000465.1
Cerastium nigrescens x fontanum = C. x richardsonii   Yes A1 46--7--6 x 7   Druce 0920002694
Cerastium pumilum Dwarf Mouse-ear Yes A1 46--7--11 N Curtis 0920000468
Cerastium scaranii Italian Mouse-ear Clement A3 46--7--sca   Ten. 0920006122
Cerastium semidecandrum Little Mouse-ear Page 19 A1 46--7--12 N L. 0920000469
Cerastium tomentosum Snow-in-summer Page 19 A1 46--7--3 Ne L. 0920000470
Ceratocapnos claviculata Climbing Corydalis Page 19 A1 31--4--1 N (L.) Lid‚n 0920000555
Ceratocephala falcata   Clement A3 28--CER--fal   (L.) Pers. 0920005615
Ceratocephala testiculata   Clement A3 28--CER--tes   (Crantz) Roth 0920006123
Ceratochloa brevis Patagonian Brome Stace A2 153--53--bre Ca (Nees ex Steud.) B.D. Jacks. 0920003095
Ceratochloa carinata California Brome Yes A1 153--53--1 Ne (Hook. & Arn.) Tutin 0920000260
Ceratochloa cathartica Rescue Brome Yes A1 153--53--3 Ne (Vahl) Herter 0920000261
Ceratochloa marginata Western Brome Yes A1 153--53--2 Ne (Nees ex Steud.) B.D. Jacks. 0920007217
Ceratochloa staminea Southern Brome Clement A3 153--53--sta Ne (Desv.) Stace 0920003073
Ceratonia siliqua Carob Clement A3 76A--CET--sil   L. 0920006124
Ceratophyllum demersum Rigid Hornwort Page 19 A1 27--1--1 N L. 0920000471
Ceratophyllum submersum Soft Hornwort Yes A1 27--1--2 N L. 0920000472
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides   Clement A3 48--CER--plu   Bunge 0920004142
Cercis siliquastrum Judas-tree Clement A3 76A--CER--sil   L. 0920004047
Cerinthe glabra Smooth Honeywort Clement A3 116--CER--gla   Mill. 0920006125
Cerinthe major Greater Honeywort Clement A3 116--CER--maj   L. 0920005672
Cerinthe minor Lesser Honeywort Clement A3 116--CER--min   L. 0920006126
Ceterach officinarum Rustyback Page 19 A1 15--3--1 N Willd. 0910000473
Chaenomeles cathayensis   Clement A3 75--25--cat   (Hemsl.) C.K. Schneid. 0920006127
Chaenomeles japonica Japanese Quince Yes S1 A1 75--25--jap Ne (Thunb.) Spach 0920003335
Chaenomeles speciosa Japanese Quince Yes A1 75--25--1 Ne (Sweet) Nakai 0920007218
Chaenomeles speciosa x japonica = C. x superba   Clement A3 75--25--1 x jap   (Frahm) Rehder 0920006129
Chaenomeles x superba x cathayensis = C. x californica   Clement A3 75--25--1 x jap x cat   W.B. Clarke ex J.G.C. Weber 0920006128
Chaenorhinum minus Small Toadflax Page 19 A1 124--8--2 Ar (L.) Lange 0920000474
Chaenorhinum origanifolium Malling Toadflax Yes A1 124--8--1 Ne (L.) Kostel. 0920007219
Chaenorhinum rubrifolium   Clement A3 124--8--rub   (Robill. & Castagne ex DC.) Fourr. 0920006130
Chaerophyllum aromaticum Broad-leaved Chervil Clement A3 107--5--aro   L. 0920006131
Chaerophyllum aureum Golden Chervil Yes A1 107--5--2 Ne L. 0920000475
Chaerophyllum hirsutum Hairy Chervil Yes A1 107--5--1 Ne L. 0920007220
Chaerophyllum temulum Rough Chervil Page 19 A1 107--5--3 N L. 0920000476
Chaetosciadium trichospermum   Clement A3 107--CHA--tri   (L.) Boiss. 0920006132
Chamaecrista nictitans Sensitive Cassia Clement A3 76A--CHA--nic   (L.) Moench 0920006133
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Lawson's Cypress Yes A1 21--2--1 Ne (A. Murray bis) Parl. 0920002398
Chamaecyparis obtusa Hinoki Cypress Clement A3 21--2--obt   (Siebold & Zucc.) Endl. 0920002969
Chamaecyparis pisifera Sawara Cypress Yes A1 21--2--2 Ne (Siebold & Zucc.) Siebold & Zucc. 0920002970
Chamaecytisus purpureus Purple Broom Clement A3 77--CHA--pur   (Scop.) Link 0920006134
Chamaecytisus supinus Clustered Broom Clement A3 77--CHA--sup   (L.) Link 0920006135
Chamaemelum mixtum   Clement A3 135--54--mix   (L.) All. 0920004086
Chamaemelum nobile Chamomile Page 19 A1 135--54--1 N (L.) All. 0920000119
Chamerion angustifolium Rosebay Willowherb Page 19 A1 84--2--1 N (L.) Holub 0920000477
Chamorchis alpina False Orchid Clement A3 162--CHA--alp   (L.) Rich. 0920006136
Chasmanthe bicolor Chasmanthe Yes A1 159--14--1 Ne (Gasp. ex Ten.) N.E. Br. 0920007221
Chasmanthium latifolium   Clement A3 153--CHA--lat   (Michx.) Link 0920005673
Chelidonium majus Greater Celandine Page 19 A1 30--5--1 Ar L. 0920000480
Chenopodium acuminatum   Clement A3 43--1--acu   Willd. 0920006137
Chenopodium album Fat-hen Page 19 A1 43--1--15 N L. 0920000482
Chenopodium ambrosioides Mexican-tea Yes A1 43--1--1 Ne L. 0920007222
Chenopodium antarcticum   Clement A3 43--1--ant   (Hook. f.) Hook. f. 0920006138
Chenopodium aristatum   Clement A3 43--1--ari   L. 0920005548
Chenopodium atriplicinum Starry Goosefoot Clement A3 43--1--atr   (F. Muell.) F. Muell. 0920006139
Chenopodium auricomiforme   Clement A3 43--1--aur   Murr & Thell. 0920006140
Chenopodium berlandieri Pitseed Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--ber Ca Moq. 0920000483
Chenopodium bonus-henricus Good-King-Henry Page 19 A1 43--1--4 Ar L. 0920000484
Chenopodium borbasioides   Clement A3 43--1--bor   A. Ludw. ex Asch. & Graebn. 0920006141
Chenopodium botrys Sticky Goosefoot Clement A3 43--1--bot   L. 0920004073
Chenopodium bushianum Soyabean Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--bus Ca Aellen 0920007992
Chenopodium capitatum Strawberry-blite Yes A1 43--1--3 Ne (L.) Ambrosi 0920000486
Chenopodium carinatum Keeled Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--car Ca R. Br. 0920007993
Chenopodium carinatum x cristatum = C. x bontei   Stace A2 43--1--car x cri Ne Aellen 0920007846
Chenopodium chenopodioides Saltmarsh Goosefoot Yes A1 43--1--7 N (L.) Aellen 0920000485
Chenopodium cristatum Crested Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--cri Ca (F. Muell.) F. Muell. 0920007994
Chenopodium desiccatum Slimleaf Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--des Ca A. Nelson 0920000494
Chenopodium detestans Fish-guts Clement A3 43--1--det   Kirk 0920004205
Chenopodium ficifolium Fig-leaved Goosefoot Page 21 A1 43--1--13 Ar Sm. 0920000487
Chenopodium foliosum Strawberry Goosefoot Clement A3 43--1--fol   (Moench) Asch. 0920005651
Chenopodium giganteum Tree Spinach Stace A2 43--1--gig Ca D. Don 0920007995
Chenopodium glaucum Oak-leaved Goosefoot Yes A1 43--1--5 Ar L. 0920000488
Chenopodium graveolens   Clement A3 43--1--gra   Lag. & Rodr. 0920006142
Chenopodium hircinum Foetid Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--hir Ca Schrad. 0920000489
Chenopodium hybridum Maple-leaved Goosefoot Yes A1 43--1--10 Ar L. 0920000490
Chenopodium macrospermum   Clement A3 43--1--mac   Hook. f. 0920006143
Chenopodium missouriense Soya-bean Goosefoot Clement A3 43--1--mis   Aellen 0920006144
Chenopodium mucronatum   Clement A3 43--1--muc   Thunb. 0920006145
Chenopodium multifidum Scented Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--mul Ca L. 0920007996
Chenopodium murale Nettle-leaved Goosefoot Yes A1 43--1--12 Ar L. 0920000491
Chenopodium nitrariaceum Nitre Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--nit Ca (F. Muell.) F. Muell. ex Benth. 0920007997
Chenopodium opulifolium Grey Goosefoot Yes A1 43--1--14 Ne Schrad. ex W.D.J. Koch & Ziz 0920000492
Chenopodium pallidicaule   Clement A3 43--1--pal   Aellen 0920006146
Chenopodium phillipsianum   Clement A3 43--1--phi   Aellen 0920006147
Chenopodium polyspermum Many-seeded Goosefoot Page 21 A1 43--1--8 Ar L. 0920000493
Chenopodium probstii Probst's Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--prb Ca Aellen 0920004426
Chenopodium procerum   Clement A3 43--1--pro   Hochst. ex Moq. 0920006148
Chenopodium pumilio Clammy Goosefoot Yes A1 43--1--2 Ne R. Br. 0920007223
Chenopodium purpurascens Purple Goosefoot Clement A3 43--1--pur   Jacq. 0920006149
Chenopodium quinoa Quinoa Clement A3 43--1--qui   Willd. 0920007999
Chenopodium rostratum   Clement A3 43--1--ros   Aellen ex Blom 0920006150
Chenopodium rubrum Red Goosefoot Page 21 A1 43--1--6 N L. 0920000496
Chenopodium rugosum   Clement A3 43--1--rug   Aellen 0920006151
Chenopodium schraderianum   Clement A3 43--1--sch   Schult. 0920004095
Chenopodium solitarium   Clement A3 43--1--sol   Murr 0920006152
Chenopodium strictum Striped Goosefoot Stace A2 43--1--str Ca Roth 0920008000
Chenopodium subpalmatum   Clement A3 43--1--sub   Murr ex Druce 0920006153
Chenopodium suecicum Swedish Goosefoot Yes S1 A1 43--1--sue Ne Murr 0920000497
Chenopodium urbicum Upright Goosefoot Yes A1 43--1--11 Ar L. 0920000498
Chenopodium vulvaria Stinking Goosefoot Yes A1 43--1--9 Ar L. 0920000500
Chevreulia sarmentosa   Clement A3 135--CHE--sar   (Pers.) Blake 0920006154
Chiastophyllum oppositifolium Lamb's-tail Clement A3 73--CHI--opp   (Ledeb. ex Nordm.) A. Berger 0920004143
Chimonobambusa marmorea   Clement A3 153--6--mar   (Mitford) Makino 0920006155
Chimonobambusa quadrangularis Square-stemmed Bamboo Yes A1 153--6--1 Ne (Franceschi) Makino 0920004301
Chionodoxa forbesii Glory-of-the-snow Yes A1 158--22--1 Ne Baker 0920007224
Chionodoxa luciliae Boissier's Glory-of-the-snow Yes S1 A1 158--22--luc Ne Boiss. 0920003338
Chionodoxa nana   Clement A3 158--22--nan   (Schult. & Schult. f.) Boiss. & Heldr. 0920006156
Chionodoxa sardensis Lesser Glory-of-the-snow Yes A1 158--22--2 Ne Whittall ex Barr 0920007225
Chloris divaricata Australian Rhodes-grass Stace A2 153--CHL--div Ca R. Br. 0920003243
Chloris pectinata   Clement A3 153--CHL--pec   Benth. 0920006157
Chloris pumilio   Clement A3 153--CHL--pum   R. Br. 0920006158
Chloris pycnothrix   Clement A3 153--CHL--pyc   Trin. 0920006159
Chloris radiata   Clement A3 153--CHL--rad   (L.) Sw. 0920006160
Chloris truncata Windmill-grass Stace A2 153--CHL--tru Ca R. Br. 0920003242
Chloris ventricosa   Clement A3 153--CHL--ven   R. Br. 0920006161
Chloris virgata Feathery Rhodes-grass Stace A2 153--CHL--vir Ca Sw. 0920003244
Chlorophytum comosum Spider-plant Clement A3 158--CHL--com   (Thunb.) Jacques 0920006162
Choisya ternata Mexican Orange Yes S1 A1 101A--CHO--ter Ne Kunth 0920008001
Chondrilla juncea Skeletonweed Clement A3 135--CHO--jun   L. 0920006163
Chondrosum trifidum Red Grama Clement A3 153--CHO--tri   (Thurb.) Clayton 0920006164
Chorispora syriaca   Clement A3 62--CHO--syr   Boiss. 0920006165
Chorispora tenella   Clement A3 62--CHO--ten   (Pall.) DC. 0920004482
Chrozophora tinctoria Turn-sole Clement A3 91--CHR--tin   (L.) A. Juss. 0920004206
Chrysocoma coma-aurea Shrub Goldilocks Yes A1 135--42--1 Ne L. 0920007226
Chrysocoma tenuifolia Fine-leaved Goldilocks Stace A2 135--42--ten Ca P.J. Bergius 0920008003
Chrysogonum virginianum Golden-knee Clement A3 135--CHR--vir   L. 0920006166
Chrysosplenium alternifolium Alternate-leaved Golden-saxifrage Page 21 A1 74--9--2 N L. 0920000505
Chrysosplenium oppositifolium Opposite-leaved Golden-saxifrage Page 21 A1 74--9--1 N L. 0920000506
Cicendia filiformis Yellow Centaury Yes A1 108--1--1 N (L.) Delarbre 0920000507
Cicer arietinum Chick Pea Stace A2 77--CIC--ari Ca L. 0920008004
Cicerbita alpina Alpine Blue-sow-thistle Yes A1 135--23--1 N (L.) Wallr. 0920000508
Cicerbita bourgaei Pontic Blue-sow-thistle Yes A1 135--23--4 Ne (Boiss.) Beauverd 0920002531
Cicerbita macrophylla Common Blue-sow-thistle Yes A1 135--23--2 Ne (Willd.) Wallr. 0920002381
Cicerbita macrophylla subsp. uralensis   Yes A1 135--23--2--a   (Rouy) P.D. Sell 0920002381.2
Cicerbita plumieri Hairless Blue-sow-thistle Yes A1 135--23--3 Ne (L.) Kirschl. 0920004519
Cichorium endivia Endive Clement A3 135--12--end   L. 0920005595
Cichorium intybus Chicory Page 21 A1 135--12--1 Ar L. 0920000509
Ciclospermum leptophyllum Slender Celery Clement A3 107--CIC--lep   (Pers.) Britton & E.H. Wilson 0920006167
Cicuta virosa Cowbane Yes A1 107--31--1 N L. 0920000510
Cineraria aspera   Clement A3 135--CIN--asp   Thunb. 0920006168
Cineraria burkei   Clement A3 135--CIN--bur   Burtt Davy 0920006169
Cineraria geifolia   Clement A3 135--CIN--gei   L. 0920006170
Cineraria lobata   Clement A3 135--CIN--lob   L'H‚r. 0920006171
Cineraria lyrata   Clement A3 135--CIN--lyr   DC. 0920006172
Circaea alpina Alpine Enchanter's-nightshade Yes A1 84--6--2 N L. 0920000511
Circaea lutetiana Enchanter's-nightshade Page 21 A1 84--6--1 N L. 0920000513
Circaea lutetiana x alpina = C. x intermedia Upland Enchanter's-nightshade Yes A1 84--6--1 x 2 N Ehrh. 0920000512
Cirsium acaule Dwarf Thistle Page 21 A1 135--6--8 N (L.) Scop. 0920000514
Cirsium acaule x arvense = C. x boulayi   Yes A1 135--6--8 x 10   E.G. Camus 0920002833
Cirsium acaule x palustre = C. x kirschlegeri   Yes A1 135--6--8 x 9   Sch. Bip. 0920002829
Cirsium arvense Creeping Thistle Page 21 A1 135--6--10 N (L.) Scop. 0920000515
Cirsium creticum   Clement A3 135--6--cre   (Lam.) d'Urv. 0920006173
Cirsium dissectum Meadow Thistle Page 21 A1 135--6--3 N (L.) Hill 0920000516
Cirsium dissectum x acaule = C. x woodwardii   Yes A1 135--6--3 x 8   (H.C. Watson) Nyman 0920002834
Cirsium dissectum x palustre = C. x forsteri   Yes A1 135--6--3 x 9 N (Sm.) Loudon 0920002831
Cirsium edule Indian Thistle Clement A3 135--6--edu   Nutt. 0920006174
Cirsium eriophorum Woolly Thistle Page 21 A1 135--6--1 N (L.) Scop. 0920000517
Cirsium eriophorum x vulgare = C. x grandiflorum   Yes A1 135--6--1 x 2   Kitt. 0920002826
Cirsium erisithales Yellow Thistle Yes A1 135--6--5 Ne (Jacq.) Scop. 0920007227
Cirsium heterophyllum Melancholy Thistle Page 21 A1 135--6--6 N (L.) Hill 0920000518
Cirsium heterophyllum x palustre = C. x wankelii   Yes A1 135--6--6 x 9   Reichardt 0920002830
Cirsium italicum   Clement A3 135--6--ita   (Savi) DC. 0920006175
Cirsium monspessulanum   Clement A3 135--6--mon   (L.) Hill 0920006176
Cirsium oleraceum Cabbage Thistle Yes A1 135--6--7 Ne (L.) Scop. 0920000519
Cirsium palustre Marsh Thistle Page 21 A1 135--6--9 N (L.) Scop. 0920000520
Cirsium palustre x arvense = C. x celakovskianum   Yes A1 135--6--9 x 10   Knaf 0920002828
Cirsium rivulare Brook Thistle Clement A3 135--6--riv   (Jacq.) All. 0920006177
Cirsium tuberosum Tuberous Thistle Yes A1 135--6--4 N (L.) All. 0920000521
Cirsium tuberosum x acaule = C. x medium   Yes A1 135--6--4 x 8   All. 0920002835
Cirsium tuberosum x palustre = C. x semidecurrens   Yes A1 135--6--4 x 9   Richt. 0920002832
Cirsium vulgare Spear Thistle Page 21 A1 135--6--2 N (Savi) Ten. 0920000522
Cirsium vulgare x acaule = C. x sabaudum   Yes A1 135--6--2 x 8   M. Loehr 0920002827
Cirsium vulgare x palustre = C. x subspinuligerum   Yes A1 135--6--2 x 9   Peterm. 0920007228
Cistus albidus Grey-leaved Cistus Clement A3 56--CIS--alb   L. 0920006178
Cistus albidus x crispus = C. x pulverulentus   Clement A3 56--CIS--alb x cri   Pourr. 0920006182
Cistus incanus Hoary Rock-rose Clement A3 56--CIS--inc   L. 0920008005
Cistus ladanifer Gum Rock-rose Clement A3 56--CIS--lad   L. 0920006179
Cistus laurifolius Laurel-leaved Cistus Clement A3 56--CIS--lau   L. 0920008006
Cistus populifolius x psilosepalus = C. x laxus   Clement A3 56--CIS--pop x psi   W.T. Aiton 0920006181
Cistus populifolius x salviifolius = C. x corbariensis CorbiŠres Rock-rose Clement A3 56--CIS--pop x sal   Pourr. 0920006180
Cistus salviifolius Sage-leaved Rock-rose Clement A3 56--CIS--sal   L. 0920004207
Citrullus colocynthis Bitter Cucumber Clement A3 60--CIT--col   (L.) Schrad. 0920006183
Citrullus lanatus Water Melon Stace A2 60--CIT--lan Ca (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai 0920008007
Citrus auriantium Orange Clement A3 101A--CIT--aur   L. 0920006184
Citrus limon Lemon Clement A3 101A--CIT--lim   (L.) Burm. f. 0920006185
Citrus paradisi Grapefruit Clement A3 101A--CIT--par   Macfad. 0920006186
Citrus reticulata Mandarin Orange Clement A3 101A--CIT--ret   Blanco 0920006187
Cladanthus arabicus   Clement A3 135--CLA--ara   (L.) Cass. 0920004208
Cladium mariscus Great Fen-sedge Yes A1 152--14--1 N (L.) Pohl 0920000523
Clarkia amoena Godetia Stace A2 84--CLA--amo Ca (Lehm.) A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. 0920008008
Clarkia bottae   Clement A3 84--CLA--bot   (Spach) F.H. Lewis & M.R. Lewis 0920006189
Clarkia concinna Red-ribbons Clement A3 84--CLA--con   (Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Greene 0920004101
Clarkia pulchella   Clement A3 84--CLA--pul   Pursh 0920006190
Clarkia purpurea   Clement A3 84--CLA--pur   (Curtis) A. Nelson & J. Macbr. 0920006191
Clarkia quadrivulnera   Clement A3 84--CLA--qua   (Douglas) A. Nelson & J. Macbr. 0920004144
Clarkia unguiculata Clarkia Stace A2 84--CLA--ung Ca Lindl. 0920008009
Claytonia perfoliata Springbeauty Page 21 A1 45--2--1 Ne Donn ex Willd. 0920000525
Claytonia sibirica Pink Purslane Page 21 A1 45--2--2 Ne L. 0920000524
Claytonia virginica Virginia Springbeauty Clement A3 45--2--vir   L. 0920000526
Clematis armandii   Clement A3 28--12--arm   Franch. 0920006192
Clematis cirrhosa Early Virgin's-bower Clement A3 28--12--cir   L. 0920008010
Clematis flammula Virgin's-bower Yes A1 28--12--2 Ne L. 0920002256
Clematis montana Himalayan Clematis Yes A1 28--12--4 Ne Buch.-Ham. ex DC. 0920000527
Clematis tangutica Orange-peel Clematis Yes A1 28--12--3 Ne (Maxim.) Korsh. 0920007229
Clematis vitalba Traveller's-joy Page 21 A1 28--12--1 N L. 0920000528
Clematis viticella Purple Clematis Yes A1 28--12--5 Ne L. 0920000529
Cleome gynandra   Clement A3 61A--CLE--gyn   L. 0920006193
Cleome serrulata Rocky Mountain Beeplant Clement A3 61A--CLE--ser   Pursh 0920006194
Cleome sesquiorgyalis Spiderflower Clement A3 61A--CLE--ses   Naudin ex C. Huber 0920004118
Cleretum bellidiforme Livingstone-daisy Clement A3 42--CLE--bel   (Burm. f.) G.D. Rowley 0920005549
Clerodendrum trichotomum   Clement A3 117--CLE--tri   Thunb. 0920006195
Clethra alnifolia Sweet Pepperbush Clement A3 63A--CLE--aln   L. 0920006196
Clethra arborea Lily-of-the-valley-tree Clement A3 63A--CLE--arb   Aiton 0920008012
Clinopodium acinos Basil Thyme Page 21 A1 118--18--5 N (L.) Kuntze 0920000012
Clinopodium ascendens Common Calamint Page 21 A1 118--18--2 N (Jord.) Samp. 0920000296
Clinopodium calamintha Lesser Calamint Yes A1 118--18--3 N (L.) Stace 0920000298
Clinopodium grandiflorum Greater Calamint Clement A3 118--18--gra   (L.) Stace 0920008013
Clinopodium menthifolium Wood Calamint Yes A1 118--18--1 N (Host) Stace 0920000297
Clinopodium rotundifolium Round-leaved Calamint Clement A3 118--18--rot   Pers. 0920005602
Clinopodium vulgare Wild Basil Page 23 A1 118--18--4 N L. 0920000530
Clypeola jonthlaspi Disk Cress Clement A3 62--CLY--jon   L. 0920006197
Cnicus benedictus Blessed Thistle Clement A3 135--CNI--ben   L. 0920008014
Cochlearia anglica English Scurvygrass Page 23 A1 62--23--1 N L. 0920000532
Cochlearia anglica x officinalis = C. x hollandica   Yes A1 62--23--1 x 3   Henrard 0920002624
Cochlearia danica Danish Scurvygrass Page 23 A1 62--23--5 N L. 0920000533
Cochlearia megalosperma Tall Scurvygrass Yes S1 A1 62--23--meg Ne (Maire) Vogt 0920003343
Cochlearia micacea Mountain Scurvygrass Yes A1 62--23--4 N E.S. Marshall 0920000534
Cochlearia officinalis Common Scurvygrass Page 23 A1 62--23--3 N L. 0920000535
Cochlearia officinalis agg.   Agregate AK 62--23---      
Cochlearia officinalis subsp. officinalis   Yes S1 A1 62--23--3--a     0920003345
Cochlearia officinalis subsp. scotica Scottish Scurvygrass Yes S1 A1 62--23--3--b N (Druce) P.S. Wyse Jacks. 0920000536
Cochlearia officinalis x danica   Yes A1 62--23--3 x 5     0920002623
Cochlearia pyrenaica Pyrenean Scurvygrass Yes A1 62--23--2 N DC. 0920005422
Cochlearia pyrenaica subsp. alpina   Yes S1 A1 62--23--2--b   (Bab.) Dalby 0920005422.1
Cochlearia pyrenaica subsp. pyrenaica   Yes S1 A1 62--23--2--a     0920005422.2
Cochlearia pyrenaica x officinalis   Yes A1 62--23--2 x 3     0920007230
Coeloglossum viride Frog Orchid Page 23 A1 162--17--1 N (L.) Hartm. 0920000537
Coeloglossum viride x Dactylorhiza fuchsii = X Dactyloglossum mixtum   Yes A1 162--17 x 18--1 x 1   (Asch. & Graebn.) Rauschert 0920002847
Coeloglossum viride x Dactylorhiza maculata = X Dactyloglossum conigerum   Yes S1 A1 162--17 x 18--1 x 2   (Norman) Rauschert 0920002848
Coeloglossum viride x Dactylorhiza purpurella = X Dactyloglossum viridella   Yes A1 162--17 x 18--1 x 5   (Hesl.-Harr. f.) So¢ 0920002849
Coincya hispida Wallflower Cabbage Clement A3 62--37--his   (Cav.) Greuter & Burdet 0920006198
Coincya longirostra   Clement A3 62--37--lon   (Boiss.) Greuter & Burdet 0920006199
Coincya monensis   Yes A1 62--37--1   (L.) Greuter & Burdet 0920005396
Coincya monensis subsp. cheiranthos Wallflower Cabbage Yes S1 A1 62--37--1--b Ne (Vill.) Aedo, Leadlay & Mu¤oz Garm. 0920001688
Coincya monensis subsp. monensis Isle-of-Man Cabbage Yes A1 62--37--1--a N   0920001689
Coincya wrightii Lundy Cabbage Yes A1 62--37--2 N (O.E. Schulz) Stace 0920001690
Coix lacryma-jobi Job's-tears Clement A3 153--COI--lac   L. 0920006200
Colchicum agrippinum   Clement A3 158--7--agr   hort. ex Baker 0920006201
Colchicum autumnale Meadow Saffron Page 23 A1 158--7--1 N L. 0920000538
Colchicum byzantinum   Clement A3 158--7--byz   Ker Gawl. 0920006202
Colchicum variegatum   Clement A3 158--7--var   L. 0920006203
Coleostephus myconis   Clement A3 135--COL--myc   (L.) Rchb. f. 0920006204
Coleus blumei Painted-nettle Clement A3 118--COL--blu   Benth. 0920006205
Collinsia heterophylla Chinese-houses Clement A3 124--COL--het   G. Buist ex Graham 0920006206
Collomia biflora   Clement A3 114--COL--bif   (Ruiz & Pav.) Brand 0920006207
Collomia grandiflora   Clement A3 114--COL--gra   Douglas ex Hook. 0920005591
Collomia linearis   Clement A3 114--COL--lin   Nutt. 0920006208
Colocasia esculenta Taro Clement A3 147--COL--esc   (L.) Schott 0920006209
Colutea arborescens Bladder-senna Yes A1 77--3--1 Ne L. 0920000539
Colutea arborescens x orientalis = C. x media Orange Bladder-senna Yes A1 77--3--1 x ori Ne Willd. 0920007231
Commelina coelestis Blue Spiderwort Clement A3 149--COM--coe   Willd. 0920006210
Commelina communis   Clement A3 149--COM--com   L. 0920006211
Commelina diffusa Creeping Spiderwort Clement A3 149--COM--dif   Burm. f. 0920006212
Commelina elliptica Peruvian Spiderwort Clement A3 149--COM--ell   Kunth 0920006213
Commelina virginica   Clement A3 149--COM--vir   L. 0920006214
Conium maculatum Hemlock Page 23 A1 107--25--1 Ar L. 0920000540
Conopodium majus Pignut Page 23 A1 107--12--1 N (Gouan) Loret 0920000541
Conringia austriaca   Stace A3 62--CON--aus   (Jacq.) Sweet 0920004483
Conringia orientalis Hare's-ear Mustard Stace A2 62--CON--ori Ca (L.) Dumort. 0920000542
Consolida ajacis Larkspur Yes A1 28--7--1 Ne (L.) Schur 0920000622
Consolida orientalis Eastern Larkspur Clement A3 28--7--ori   (J. Gay ex Des Moul.) Schr”dinger 0920000624
Consolida pubescens   Clement A3 28--7--pub   (DC.) So¢ 0920006215
Consolida regalis Forking Larkspur Clement A3 28--7--reg   Gray 0920000623
Convallaria majalis Lily-of-the-valley Page 23 A1 158--13--1 N L. 0920000543
Convolvulus althaeoides Mallow-leaved Bindweed Clement A3 111--2--alt   L. 0920006216
Convolvulus arvensis Field Bindweed Page 23 A1 111--2--1 N L. 0920000544
Convolvulus betonicifolius   Clement A3 111--2--bet   Mill. 0920006217
Convolvulus erubescens Australian Bindweed Clement A3 111--2--eru   Sims 0920006218
Convolvulus pentapetaloides   Clement A3 111--2--pen   L. 0920006219
Convolvulus sabatius Ground Blue-convolvulus Clement A3 111--2--sab   Viv. 0920004209
Convolvulus siculus Small Blue-convolvulus Clement A3 111--2--sic   L. 0920006220
Convolvulus stachydifolius   Clement A3 111--2--sta   Choisy 0920006221
Convolvulus tricolor Tricolour Convolvulus Clement A3 111--2--tri   L. 0920005619
Conyza blakei   Clement A3 135--44--bla   (Cabrera) Cabrera 0920006222
Conyza bonariensis Argentine Fleabane Yes S1 A1 135--44--bon Ne (L.) Cronquist 0920002632
Conyza canadensis Canadian Fleabane Page 23 A1 135--44--1 Ne (L.) Cronquist 0920000735
Conyza canadensis x bonariensis   Yes S1 A1 135--44--1 x bon     0920003346
Conyza floribunda Bilbao Fleabane Yes S2, S3 A1 135--44--flo Ne Kunth  
Conyza japonica Japanese Fleabane Clement A3 135--44--jap   (Thunb.) Less. 0920006223
Conyza sumatrensis Guernsey Fleabane Yes A1 135--44--2 Ne (Retz.) E. Walker 0920002633
Coprosma repens Tree Bedstraw Yes A1 130--1--1 Ne A. Rich. 0920004391
Corallorhiza trifida Coralroot Orchid Yes A1 162--11--1 N Chƒtel. 0920000545
Corchorus olitorius Tossa Jute Clement A3 52--COR--oli   L. 0920006224
Cordyline australis Cabbage-palm Yes A1 160--3--1 Ne (G. Forst.) Endl. 0920007232
Coreopsis grandiflora Large-flowered Tickseed Yes A1 135--82--1 Ne Hogg ex Sweet 0920007233
Coreopsis nuecensis   Clement A3 135--82--nue   A. Heller 0920006225
Coreopsis tinctoria Garden Tickseed Clement A3 135--82--tin   Nutt. 0920008016
Coreopsis verticillata Whorled Tickseed Clement A3 135--82--ver   L. 0920008017
Coriandrum sativum Coriander Yes A1 107--9--1 Ne L. 0920000546
Coriandrum tordylium   Clement A3 107--9--tor   (Fenzl) Bornm. 0920006226
Corispermum hyssopifolium Hyssop-leaved Bugseed Clement A3 43--COR--hys   L. 0920006227
Corispermum leptopterum Bugseed Yes S1 A1 43--COR--lep Ne (Asch.) Iljin 0920003347
Cornucopiae cucullatum   Clement A3 153--COR--cuc   L. 0920006228
Cornus alba White Dogwood Yes A1 85--1--3 Ne L. 0920000547
Cornus alternifolia Pagoda Dogwood Clement A3 85--1--alt   L. 0920006229
Cornus canadensis Creeping Dogwood Clement A3 85--1--can   L. 0920006230
Cornus capitata Bentham's Dogwood Clement A3 85--1--cap   Wall. 0920004182
Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood Clement A3 85--1--flo   L. 0920006231
Cornus kousa   Clement A3 85--1--kou   Hance 0920006232
Cornus mas Cornelian-cherry Yes A1 85--1--4 Ne L. 0920005423
Cornus sanguinea Dogwood Page 23 A1 85--1--1 N L. 0920000548
Cornus sericea Red-osier Dogwood Yes A1 85--1--2 Ne L. 0920000549
Cornus suecica Dwarf Cornel Page 23 A1 85--1--5 N L. 0920000478
Coronilla coronata Scorpion-vetch Clement A3 77--11--cor   L. 0920006233
Coronilla scorpioides Annual Scorpion-vetch Yes A1 77--11--2 Ca (L.) W.D.J. Koch 0920007234
Coronilla valentina Shrubby Scorpion-vetch Yes A1 77--11--1 Ne L. 0920007119
Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca   Yes A1 77--11--1--a   (L.) Battand. 0920007119
Coronopus didymus Lesser Swine-cress Page 23 A1 62--31--2 Ne (L.) Sm. 0920000551
Coronopus squamatus Swine-cress Page 23 A1 62--31--1 Ar (Forssk.) Asch. 0920000552
Correa backhouseana Tasmanian-fuchsia Yes S1 A1 101A--COR--bac Ne Hook. 0920003340
Corrigiola litoralis Strapwort Yes A1 46--12--1 N L. 0920000553
Corrigiola telephiifolia   Clement A3 46--12--tel   Pourr. 0920008018
Cortaderia richardii Early Pampas-grass Yes S1 A1 153--62--ric Ne (Endl.) Zotov 0920003351
Cortaderia selloana Pampas-grass Yes A1 153--62--1 Ne (Schult. & Schult. f.) Asch. & Graebn. 0920004392
Corydalis capnoides Beaked Corydalis Clement A3 31--2--cap   (L.) Pers. 0920006234
Corydalis cava Hollowroot Yes A1 31--2--2 Ne (L.) Schweigg. & K”rte 0920004403
Corydalis cheilanthifolia Fern-leaved Corydalis Yes A1 31--2--3 Ne Hemsl. 0920007235
Corydalis ophiocarpa   Clement A3 31--2--oph   Hook. f. & Thomson 0920006235
Corydalis sempervirens Harlequin Corydalis Clement A3 31--2--sem   (L.) Pers. 0920006236
Corydalis solida Bird-in-a-bush Yes A1 31--2--1 Ne (L.) Clairv. 0920000554
Corylus avellana Hazel Page 23 A1 40--4--1 N L. 0920000557
Corylus avellana x maxima   Yes A1 40--4--1 x 2 Ne   0920007236
Corylus colurna Turkish Hazel Stace A2 40--4--col Ne L. 0920003352
Corylus maxima Filbert Yes A1 40--4--2 Ne Mill. 0920005424
Corynephorus canescens Grey Hair-grass Yes A1 153--34--1 N (L.) P. Beauv. 0920000558
Cosmos bipinnatus Mexican Aster Yes A1 135--83--1 Ne Cav. 0920007237
Cotinus coggygria Smoke-tree Clement A3 100--COT--cog   Scop. 0920008019
Cotoneaster acuminatus   Clement A3 75--32--acu   Lindl. 0920006237
Cotoneaster adpressus Creeping Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--24 Ne Bois 0920002925
Cotoneaster affinis Purpleberry Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--5 Ne Lindl. 0920002926
Cotoneaster amoenus Beautiful Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--42 Ne E.H. Wilson 0920007238
Cotoneaster apiculatus Apiculate Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--api Ne Rehder & E.H. Wilson 0920003357
Cotoneaster ascendens Ascending Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--asc Ne Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920003362
Cotoneaster astrophoros Starry Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--ast Ne J. Fryer & E.C. Nelson 0920003366
Cotoneaster atropurpureus Purple-flowered Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--23 Ne Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920007239
Cotoneaster bacillaris Open-fruited Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--7 Ne Wall. ex Lindl. 0920002927
Cotoneaster boisianus Bois's Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--boi Ne G. Klotz 0920003367
Cotoneaster bradyi Brady's Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--bra Ne E.C. Nelson J. Fryer  
Cotoneaster bullatus Hollyberry Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--34 Ne Bois 0920002928
Cotoneaster buxifolius Box-leaved Cotoneaster Clement A3 75--32--bux   Wall. ex Lindl. 0920006238
Cotoneaster calocarpus Sikang Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--cal   (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920002930
Cotoneaster cambricus Wild Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--31 Ne J. Fryer & B. Hylm” 0920000561
Cotoneaster cashmiriensis Kashmir Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--19 Ne G. Klotz 0920002932
Cotoneaster cinerascens   Clement A3 75--32--cin   (Rehder) Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920002931
Cotoneaster cochleatus Yunnan Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--coc Ne (Franch.) G. Klotz 0920003369
Cotoneaster congestus Congested Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--15 Ne Baker 0920002933
Cotoneaster conspicuus Tibetan Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--18 Ne C. Marquand 0920002934
Cotoneaster cooperi Cooper's Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--coo Ne C. Marquand 0920003370
Cotoneaster dammeri Bearberry Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--11 Ne C.K. Schneid. 0920002936
Cotoneaster dammeri x conspicuus = C. x suecicus Swedish Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--11 x 18 Ne G. Klotz 0920007249
Cotoneaster dielsianus Diels' Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--37 Ne E. Pritz. ex Diels 0920002937
Cotoneaster divaricatus Spreading Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--26 Ne Rehder & E.H. Wilson 0920002938
Cotoneaster ellipticus Lindley's Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--2 Ne (Lindl.) Loudon 0920007240
Cotoneaster fangianus Fang's Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--fan Ne T.T. Yu 0920003374
Cotoneaster foveolatus   Clement A3 75--32--fov   Rehder & E.H. Wilson 0920006239
Cotoneaster franchetii Franchet's Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--39 Ne Bois 0920002939
Cotoneaster frigidus Tree Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--9 Ne Wall. ex Lindl. 0920000559
Cotoneaster frigidus x salicifolius = C. x watereri Waterer's Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--9 x 10 Ne Exell 0920002960
Cotoneaster glabratus Glabrous Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--gla Ne Rehder & E.H. Wilson  
Cotoneaster glaucophyllus Glaucous Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--glc Ne Franch.  
Cotoneaster henryanus Henry's Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--hen Ne (C.K. Schneid.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson 0920003378
Cotoneaster hissaricus Circular-leaved Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--3 Ne Pojark. 0920002941
Cotoneaster hjelmqvistii Hjelmqvist's Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--22 Ne Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920007241
Cotoneaster hodjingensis Earthquake Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--hod Ne G. Klotz  
Cotoneaster horizontalis Wall Cotoneaster Page 23 A1 75--32--21 Ne Decne. 0920000560
Cotoneaster hsingshangensis Hsing-Shan Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--hsi Ne J. Fryer & B. Hylm” 0920003797
Cotoneaster hummelii Hummel's Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--hum Ne J. Fryer & B. Hylm” 0920003798
Cotoneaster hupehensis   Clement A3 75--32--hup   Rehder & E.H. Wilson 0920006240
Cotoneaster hurusawaianus Hurusawa's Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--hur Ne G. Klotz  
Cotoneaster hylmoei Hylm”'s Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--hyl Ne Flinck & J. Fryer 0920003381
Cotoneaster ignescens Firebird Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--ign Ne J. Fryer & B. Hylm”  
Cotoneaster ignotus Black-grape Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--4 Ne G. Klotz 0920007242
Cotoneaster induratus Hardy Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--ind   J. Fryer & B. Hylm”  
Cotoneaster insculptus Engraved Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--41 Ne Diels 0920007243
Cotoneaster integrifolius Entire-leaved Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--16 Ne (Roxb.) G. Klotz 0920000562
Cotoneaster lacteus Late Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--13 Ne W.W. Sm. 0920002943
Cotoneaster laetevirens Ampfield Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--30 Ne (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) G. Klotz 0920007244
Cotoneaster lidjiangensis Lidjiang Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--lid   G. Klotz  
Cotoneaster lucidus Shiny Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--28 Ne Schltdl. 0920002944
Cotoneaster mairei Maire's Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--mai Ne H. L‚v. 0920003382
Cotoneaster marginatus Fringed Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--mar Ne (Loudon) Schltdl. 0920002945
Cotoneaster microphyllus Small-leaved Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--mic Ne Wall. ex Lindl. 0920003386
Cotoneaster monopyrenus One-stoned Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--1 Ne (W.W. Sm.) Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920002947
Cotoneaster moupinensis Moupin Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--36 Ne Franch. 0920002940
Cotoneaster mucronatus Mucronate Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--32 Ne Franch. 0920002946
Cotoneaster nanshan Dwarf Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--25 Ne M. Vilm. ex Mottet 0920002948
Cotoneaster newryensis   Clement A3 75--32--new   Lemoine 0920006241
Cotoneaster nitens Few-flowered Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--27 Ne Rehder & E.H. Wilson 0920002949
Cotoneaster nitidus Distichous Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--20 Ne Jacques 0920007246
Cotoneaster obscurus Obscure Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--obs Ne Rehder & E.H. Wilson 0920003388
Cotoneaster obtusus Dartford Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--6 Ne Wall. ex Lindl. 0920002935
Cotoneaster pannosus Silverleaf Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--12 Ne Franch. 0920002950
Cotoneaster perpusillus Slender Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--per   (C.K. Schneid.) Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920002951
Cotoneaster prostratus Procumbent Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--14 Ne Baker 0920002929
Cotoneaster pseudoambiguus Kangting Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--pse Ne J. Fryer & B. Hylm” 0920003799
Cotoneaster radicans Rooting Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--rad   G. Klotz  
Cotoneaster rehderi Bullate Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--35 Ne Pojark. 0920002952
Cotoneaster rotundifolius Round-leaved Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--rot Ne Wall. ex Lindl. 0920003390
Cotoneaster salicifolius Willow-leaved Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--10 Ne Franch. 0920002954
Cotoneaster salicifolius x dammeri = C. 'Hybridus Pendulus' Weeping Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--10 x 11   hort., nom. nud. 0920003380
Cotoneaster sanguineus   Clement A3 75--32--san   T.F. Yu 0920002955
Cotoneaster serotinus Yuletide Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--ser   Hutch. 0920006242
Cotoneaster shannanensis Shannan Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--sha Ne J. Fryer & B. Hylm”  
Cotoneaster sherriffii Sherriff's Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--she Ne G. Klotz 0920003391
Cotoneaster silvestrei   Clement A3 75--32--sil   Pamp. 0920006243
Cotoneaster simonsii Himalayan Cotoneaster Page 23 A1 75--32--33 Ne Baker 0920000563
Cotoneaster splendens Showy Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--38 Ne Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920007247
Cotoneaster sternianus Stern's Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--40 Ne (Turrill) Boom 0920002957
Cotoneaster tengyuehensis Tengyueh Cotoneaster Yes S2 A1 75--32--ten Ne J. Fryer & B. Hylm” 0920003800
Cotoneaster thymifolius Thyme-leaved Cotoneaster Yes S3 A1 75--32--17 Ne Wall. ex Lindl. 0920007245
Cotoneaster tomentellus Short-felted Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--tom Ne Pojark. 0920003397
Cotoneaster transens Godalming Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--8 Ne G. Klotz 0920007248
Cotoneaster turbinatus   Clement A3 75--32--tur   Craib 0920006244
Cotoneaster veitchii Many-flowered Cotoneaster Clement A3 75--32--vei   (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) G. Klotz 0920006245
Cotoneaster vestitus   Clement A3 75--32--ves   (W.W. Sm.) Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920002958
Cotoneaster villosulus Lleyn Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--29 Ne (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) Flinck & B. Hylm” 0920002959
Cotoneaster vilmorinianus Vilmorin's Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--vil Ne G. Klotz 0920003398
Cotoneaster wardii Ward's Cotoneaster Yes S1 A1 75--32--war Ne W.W. Sm. 0920003400
Cotoneaster zabelii Cherryred Cotoneaster Yes A1 75--32--43 Ne C.K. Schneid. 0920002961
Cotula anthemoides   Clement A3 135--61--ant   L. 0920006246
Cotula australis Annual Buttonweed Yes A1 135--61--2 Ne (Sieber ex Spreng.) Hook. f. 0920007250
Cotula bipinnata Ferny Buttonweed Clement A3 135--61--bip   Thunb. 0920006247
Cotula coronopifolia Buttonweed Yes A1 135--61--1 Ne L. 0920000564
Cotula dioica Hairless Leptinella Yes A1 135--61--3 Ne (Hook. f.) Hook. f. 0920007251
Cotula filifolia   Clement A3 135--61--fil   Thunb. 0920006248
Cotula macroglossa   Clement A3 135--61--mac   Bolus ex Schltdl. 0920006249
Cotula pusilla   Clement A3 135--61--pus   Thunb. 0920006250
Cotula sororia   Clement A3 135--61--sor   DC. 0920006251
Cotula squalida Leptinella Yes A1 135--61--4 Ne (Hook. f.) Hook. f. 0920007252
Cotula turbinata   Clement A3 135--61--tur   L. 0920004187
Cotula villosa   Clement A3 135--61--vil   DC. 0920006252
Cotula zeyheri   Clement A3 135--61--zey   Fenzl ex Harv. 0920006253
Cousinia tenella   Clement A3 135--COU--ten   (Fisch. & C.A. Mey. ex A. DC.) Fisch. & C.A. Mey. 0920006254
Crambe cordifolia Greater Sea-kale Yes A1 62--41--2 Ne Steven 0920004478
Crambe maritima Sea-kale Page 23 A1 62--41--1 N L. 0920000565
Crambe orientalis Oriental Sea-kale Clement A3 62--41--ori   L. 0920006255
Crassocephalum sarcobasis   Clement A3 135--CRA--sar   (DC.) S. Moore 0920006256
Crassula alata   Clement A3 73--1--ala   (Viv.) Berger 0920006257
Crassula alata subsp. pharnaceoides   Clement A3 73--1--ala--a   (Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Wickens & Bywater 0920006257.1
Crassula aquatica Pigmyweed Yes A1 73--1--2 ?N (L.) Sch”nland 0920000566
Crassula campestris   Clement A3 73--1--cam   (Eckl. & Zeyh.) Endl. ex Walp. 0920006259
Crassula colorata Dense Pigmyweed Clement A3 73--1--col   (Nees) Ostenf. 0920006260
Crassula decumbens Scilly Pigmyweed Yes A1 73--1--4 Ne Thunb. 0920007253
Crassula helmsii New Zealand Pigmyweed Page 23 A1 73--1--3 Ne (Kirk) Cockayne 0920002423
Crassula intricata   Clement A3 73--1--int   (Nees) Ostenf. 0920006261
Crassula natans   Clement A3 73--1--nat   Thunb. 0920006262
Crassula peduncularis Purple Pigmyweed Clement A3 73--1--ped   (Sm.) Meigen 0920006263
Crassula pubescens Jersey Pigmyweed Clement A3 73--1--pub Ne Thunb. 0920007120
Crassula pubescens subsp. radicans   Clement A3 73--1--pub--a   (Haw.) Toelken 0920007120
Crassula sarmentosa Jade-tree Clement A3 73--1--sar   Harv. 0920006264
Crassula setulosa   Clement A3 73--1--set   Harv. 0920006265
Crassula sieberiana Austalian Pigmyweed Clement A3 73--1--sie   (Schult. & Schult. f.) Druce 0920006266
Crassula thunbergiana   Clement A3 73--1--thu   Schult. 0920006267
Crassula tillaea Mossy Stonecrop Yes A1 73--1--1 N Lest.-Garl. 0920000567
Crassula vaillantii   Clement A3 73--1--vai   (Willd.) Roth 0920006268
Crataegus coccinea Pear-fruited Cockspurthorn Yes S3 A1 75--35--3 Ne L. 0920007258
Crataegus coccinioides Large-flowered Cockspurthorn Yes A1 75--35--2 Ne Ashe 0920007254
Crataegus crus-galli Cockspurthorn Yes A1 75--35--4 Ne L. 0920007255
Crataegus douglasii Black Hawthorn Clement A3 75--35--dou   Lindl. 0920006269
Crataegus elliptica   Clement A3 75--35--ell   Aiton 0920006270
Crataegus heterophylla Various-leaved Hawthorn Yes A1 75--35--9 Ne Flgg‚ 0920007256
Crataegus intricata Lange's Thorn Clement A3 75--35--int   Lange 0920006271
Crataegus laevigata Midland Hawthorn Page 25 A1 75--35--8 N (Poir.) DC. 0920000570
Crataegus mollis   Clement A3 75--35--mol   (Torr. & A. Gray) Scheele 0920006272
Crataegus monogyna Hawthorn Page 25 A1 75--35--7 N Jacq. 0920000569
Crataegus monogyna x heterophylla   Yes S1 A1 75--35--7 x 9     0920003401
Crataegus monogyna x laevigata = C. x media   Yes S1 A1 75--35--7 x 8 N Bechst. 0920000568
Crataegus nigra Hungarian Thorn Clement A3 75--35--nig   Waldst. & Kit. 0920006273
Crataegus orientalis Oriental Hawthorn Yes A1 75--35--10 Ne Pall. ex M. Bieb. 0920007257
Crataegus persimilis Broad-leaved Cockspurthorn Yes A1 75--35--5 Ne Sarg. 0920007259
Crataegus punctata Dotted Hawthorn Clement A3 75--35--pun   Jacq. 0920008020
Crataegus sanguinea   Clement A3 75--35--san   Pall. 0920006274
Crataegus submollis Hairy Cockspurthorn Yes A1 75--35--1 Ne Sarg. 0920007260
Crataegus succulenta Round-fruited Cockspurthorn Yes A1 75--35--6 Ne Schrad. 0920007261
Crataegus tanacetifolia Tansy-leaved Thorn Clement A3 75--35--tan   (Lam.) Pers. 0920006275
Crataegus viridis Southern Thorn Clement A3 75--35--vir   L. 0920006276
Crataegus x lavallei Hybrid Cockspurthorn Clement A3 75--35--lav   H‚rincq 0920006277
Crepis alpina   Clement A3 135--26--alp   L. 0920006278
Crepis aurea Golden Hawk's-beard Clement A3 135--26--aur   (L.) Cass. 0920006279
Crepis biennis Rough Hawk's-beard Page 25 A1 135--26--3 N L. 0920000571
Crepis capillaris Smooth Hawk's-beard Page 25 A1 135--26--4 N (L.) Wallr. 0920000572
Crepis foetida Stinking Hawk's-beard Yes A1 135--26--6 Ar L. 0920000573
Crepis foetida subsp. commutata   Clement A3 135--26--6--b   (Spreng.) Babc. 0920000573.1
Crepis foetida subsp. foetida   Other AT 135--26--6--a      
Crepis foetida subsp. rhoeadifolia   Clement A3 135--26--6--c   (M. Bieb.) Schinz & R. Keller 0920000573.2
Crepis mollis Northern Hawk's-beard Yes A1 135--26--2 N (Jacq.) Asch. 0920000574
Crepis nicaeensis French Hawk's-beard Stace A2 135--26--nic Ca Balb. 0920000575
Crepis paludosa Marsh Hawk's-beard Page 25 A1 135--26--1 N (L.) Moench 0920000576
Crepis praemorsa Leafless Hawk's-beard Yes A1 135--26--7 N (L.) F. Walther 0920004518
Crepis pulchra Small-flowered Hawk's-beard Clement A3 135--26--pul   L. 0920006282
Crepis rubra Pink Hawk's-beard Clement A3 135--26--rub   L. 0920005668
Crepis sancta   Clement A3 135--26--san   (L.) Babc. 0920006283
Crepis setosa Bristly Hawk's-beard Stace A2 135--26--set Ca Haller f. 0920000577
Crepis suberostris   Clement A3 135--26--sub   Coss. & Durieu ex Batt. 0920006284
Crepis tectorum Narrow-leaved Hawk's-beard Stace A2 135--26--tec Ca L. 0920008021
Crepis vesicaria Beaked Hawk's-beard Page 25 A1 135--26--5 Ne L. 0920000578
Crepis vesicaria subsp. taraxacifolia   Yes A1 135--26--5--a   (Thuill.) Thell. ex Schinz & R. Keller 0920000578
Crepis zacintha   Clement A3 135--26--zac   (L.) Babc. 0920005622
Crinum bulbispermum x moorei = C. x powellii Powell's Cape-lily Yes S1 A1 158--CRI--bul x moo Ne Baker 0920003405
Crithmum maritimum Rock Samphire Page 25 A1 107--17--1 N L. 0920000579
Crithopsis delileana   Clement A3 153--CRI--del   (Schultes) Roshev. 0920006285
Crocosmia masoniorum Giant Montbretia Yes A1 159--13--2 Ne (L. Bolus) N.E. Br. 0920007262
Crocosmia masoniorum x pottsii x aurea   Yes S3 A1 159--13--2 x 3 x aur      
Crocosmia paniculata Aunt-Eliza Yes A1 159--13--1 Ne (Klatt) Goldblatt 0920007263
Crocosmia pottsii Pott's Montbretia Yes A1 159--13--3 Ne (Macnab ex Baker) N.E. Br. 0920002637
Crocosmia pottsii x aurea = C. x crocosmiiflora Montbretia Page 25 A1 159--13--3 x aur Ne (Lemoine) N.E. Br. 0920000580
Crocus ancyrensis Ankara Crocus Yes S1 A1 159--8--anc Ne (Herb.) Maw 0920003411
Crocus angustifolius x flavus = C. x stellaris Yellow Crocus Yes S1 A1 159--8--fla x ang Ne Haw. 0920003413
Crocus biflorus Silvery Crocus Yes S1 A1 159--8--bif Ne Mill. 0920000581
Crocus biflorus subsp. adamii   Yes S1 A1 159--8--bif--a   (J. Gay) B. Mathew 0920000581
Crocus biflorus subsp. biflorus   Yes S2 A1 159--8--bif--b      
Crocus chrysanthus Golden Crocus Yes A1 159--8--6 Ne (Herb.) Herb. 0920007264
Crocus chrysanthus x biflorus   Yes S1 A1 159--8--6 x bif Ne   0920003414
Crocus kotschyanus Kotschy's Crocus Yes A1 159--8--4 Ne K. Koch 0920007265
Crocus longiflorus Italian Crocus Yes S1 A1 159--8--lon Ne Raf. 0920003415
Crocus nudiflorus Autumn Crocus Yes A1 159--8--3 Ne Sm. 0920000584
Crocus pulchellus Hairy Crocus Yes A1 159--8--9 Ne Herb. 0920007266
Crocus sativus Saffron Crocus Clement A3 159--8--sat   L. 0920000585
Crocus serotinus Late Crocus Yes S1 A1 159--8--ser Ne Salisb. 0920003416
Crocus serotinus subsp. salzmannii   Yes S1 A1 159--8--ser--a   (J. Gay) B. Mathew 0920003416
Crocus sieberi Sieber's Crocus Yes A1 159--8--5 Ne J. Gay 0920007267
Crocus speciosus Bieberstein's Crocus Yes A1 159--8--8 Ne M. Bieb. 0920007268
Crocus tommasinianus Early Crocus Yes A1 159--8--2 Ne Herb. 0920005425
Crocus vernus Spring Crocus Yes A1 159--8--1 Ne (L.) Hill 0920000582
Crocus vernus subsp. albiflorus   Yes S1 A1 159--8--1--b   (Kit. ex Schult.) Asch. & Graebn. 0920000582.1
Crocus vernus subsp. vernus   Yes S1 A1 159--8--1--a     0920000582.2
Crocus vernus x tommasinianus   Yes S1 A1 159--8--1 x 2     0920003417
Crocus versicolor   Clement A3 159--8--ver   Ker Gawl. 0920006286
Crucianella angustifolia   Clement A3 130--CRU--ang   L. 0920004210
Crucianella patula   Clement A3 130--CRU--pat   L. 0920006287
Cruciata articulata   Clement A3 130--7--art   (L.) Ehrend. 0920006288
Cruciata laevipes Crosswort Page 25 A1 130--7--1 N Opiz 0920000875
Crupina crupinastrum   Clement A3 135--CRU--cru   (Moris) Vis. 0920006289
Crupina vulgaris False Saw-wort Clement A3 135--CRU--vul   Cass. 0920006290
Crypsis aculeata   Clement A3 153--CRY--acu   (L.) Aiton 0920006291
Crypsis schoenoides   Clement A3 153--CRY--sch   (L.) Lam. 0920006292
Cryptogramma crispa Parsley Fern Page 25 A1 7--1--1 N (L.) R. Br. ex Hook. 0910000586
Cryptomeria japonica Japanese Red-cedar Yes S2 A1 20A--CRY--jap Ne (L. f.) D. Don 0920002411
Ctenopsis cynosuroides   Clement A3 153--CTE--cyn   (Desf.) Paunero 0920006293
Cucubalus baccifer Berry Catchfly Yes A1 46--21--1 Ne L. 0920000587
Cucumis melo Melon Stace A2 60--CUC--mel Ca L. 0920008022
Cucumis myriocarpus Gooseberry Cucumber Clement A3 60--CUC--myr   Naudin 0920006294
Cucumis sativus Cucumber Stace A2 60--CUC--sat Ca L. 0920008023
Cucurbita ficifolia Fig-leaved Gourd Clement A3 60--CUT--fic   Bouch‚ 0920006295
Cucurbita maxima Pumpkin Stace A2 60--CUT--max Ca Duchesne ex Lam. 0920008024
Cucurbita pepo Marrow Stace A2 60--CUT--pep Ca L. 0920008025
Cuminum cyminum Cumin Stace A2 107--CUM--cym Ca L. 0920008026
Cuphea llavea x procumbens = C. x purpurea   Clement A3 81--CUP--lla x flo   hort. ex Lem. 0920006296
Cupressus duclouxiana Chinese Cypress Clement A3 21--1--duc   Hickel 0920003617
Cupressus goveniana Californian Cypress Clement A3 21--1--gov   Gordon 0920003618
Cupressus macrocarpa Monterey Cypress Yes A1 21--1--1 Ne Hartw. ex Gordon 0920002408
Cupressus macrocarpa x Xanthocyparis nootkatensis = X Cuprocyparis leylandii Leyland Cypress Stace A2 21--1 x XAN--1 x XAN Ne (A.B. Jacks. & Dallim.) Farjon  
Cupressus sempervirens Italian Cypress Clement A3 21--1--sem   L. 0920003620
Cuscuta americana   Clement A3 112--1--ame   L. 0920006297
Cuscuta approximata   Clement A3 112--1--app   Bab. 0920006298
Cuscuta australis Australian Dodder Clement A3 112--1--aus   R. Br. 0920006299
Cuscuta campestris Yellow Dodder Yes A1 112--1--1 Ne Yunck. 0920004427
Cuscuta epilinum Flax Dodder Clement A3 112--1--epi   Weihe 0920000588
Cuscuta epithymum Dodder Page 25 A1 112--1--3 N (L.) L. 0920000589
Cuscuta europaea Greater Dodder Yes A1 112--1--2 N L. 0920000590
Cuscuta planiflora   Clement A3 112--1--pla   Ten. 0920006300
Cuscuta suaveolens Lucerne Dodder Clement A3 112--1--sua   Ser. 0920004249
Cuspidia cernua   Clement A3 135--CUS--cer   (L. f.) B.L. Burtt 0920006301
Cutandia divaricata   Clement A3 153--CUT--div   (Desf.) Asch. ex Barbey 0920006302
Cutandia maritima   Clement A3 153--CUT--mar   (L.) Barbey 0920006303
Cutandia memphitica   Clement A3 153--CUT--mem   (Spreng.) Benth. 0920006304
Cyanopsis muricata   Clement A3 135--CYA--mur   (L.) Dost l 0920006305
Cyathea dealbata Silver Tree-fern Clement A3 11A--CYA--dea   (G. Forst.) Sw. 0910008027
Cyclamen coum Eastern Sowbread Yes A1 69--3--2 Ne Mill. 0920007269
Cyclamen graecum Greek Cyclamen Clement A3 69--3--gra   Link 0920008028
Cyclamen hederifolium Sowbread Yes A1 69--3--1 Ne Aiton 0920000591
Cyclamen persicum Florist's Cyclamen Clement A3 69--3--per   Mill. 0920006306
Cyclamen repandum Spring Sowbread Yes S1 A1 69--3--rep Ne Sibth. & Sm. 0920008029
Cycloloma atriplicifolium Winged Pigweed Clement A3 43--CYC--atr   (Spreng.) Coult. 0920006307
Cydonia oblonga Quince Yes A1 75--24--1 Ne Mill. 0920007270
Cymbalaria hepaticifolia Corsican Toadflax Yes A1 124--11--3 Ne (Poir.) Wettst. 0920007271
Cymbalaria longipes   Clement A3 124--11--lon   (Boiss. & Heldr.) A. Chev. 0920006308
Cymbalaria muralis Ivy-leaved Toadflax Page 25 A1 124--11--1 Ne P. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb. 0920000592
Cymbalaria muralis subsp. muralis   Yes A1 124--11--1--a     0920000592.1
Cymbalaria muralis subsp. visianii   Yes A1 124--11--1--b Ne (Kmmerle ex J v.) D.A. Webb 0920000592.2
Cymbalaria pallida Italian Toadflax Yes A1 124--11--2 Ne (Ten.) Wettst. 0920000593
Cynara cardunculus Globe Artichoke Yes S1 A1 135--CYN--car Ne L. 0920008030
Cynodon aethiopicus   Clement A3 153--66--aet   Clayton & J.R. Harlan 0920006309
Cynodon dactylon Bermuda-grass Yes A1 153--66--1 ?N (L.) Pers. 0920000594
Cynodon incompletus African Bermuda-grass Yes A1 153--66--2 Ca Nees 0920007272
Cynodon transvaalensis   Clement A3 153--66--tra   Burtt Davy 0920006310
Cynoglossum amabile Chinese Hound's-tongue Clement A3 116--17--ama   Stapf & Drumm. 0920005669
Cynoglossum australe Australian Hound's-tongue Clement A3 116--17--aus   R. Br. 0920006311
Cynoglossum germanicum Green Hound's-tongue Yes A1 116--17--2 N Jacq. 0920000595
Cynoglossum montanum   Clement A3 116--17--mon   L. 0920006312
Cynoglossum nervosum Himalayan Hound's-tongue Clement A3 116--17--ner   Benth. ex Hook. f. 0920006313
Cynoglossum officinale Hound's-tongue Page 25 A1 116--17--1 N L. 0920000596
Cynoglottis barrelieri False Alkanet Yes A1 116--7--1 Ne (All.) Vural & Kit Tan 0920007273
Cynosurus cristatus Crested Dog's-tail Page 25 A1 153--15--1 N L. 0920000597
Cynosurus echinatus Rough Dog's-tail Yes A1 153--15--2 Ne L. 0920000598
Cynosurus elegans   Clement A3 153--15--ele   Desf. 0920006314
Cyperus albostriatus   Clement A3 152--11--alb   Schrad. 0920006315
Cyperus brevifolius Globe Kyllinga Clement A3 152--11--bre   (Rottb.) Endl. ex Hassk. 0920006316
Cyperus clarus   Clement A3 152--11--cla   S.T. Blake 0920006317
Cyperus congestus Dense Flat-sedge Clement A3 152--11--con   J. Vahl 0920006318
Cyperus cyperinus   Clement A3 152--11--cyp   (Retz.) Suringar 0920006319
Cyperus dactylotes   Clement A3 152--11--dac   Benth. 0920006320
Cyperus difformis Variable Flat-sedge Clement A3 152--11--dif   L. 0920006321
Cyperus eragrostis Pale Galingale Yes A1 152--11--2 Ne Lam. 0920007274
Cyperus erectus   Clement A3 152--11--ere   (Schumach.) Mattf. & Kk. 0920006322
Cyperus esculentus Yellow Nutsedge Clement A3 152--11--esc   L. 0920006323
Cyperus flavus Cayenne Cyperus Clement A3 152--11--fla   (J. Vahl) Boeck. 0920006324
Cyperus fuscus Brown Galingale Yes A1 152--11--3 N L. 0920000599
Cyperus globulosus Baldwin's Cyperus Clement A3 152--11--glo   Aubl. 0920006325
Cyperus gunnii Flecked Flat-sedge Clement A3 152--11--gun   Hook. f. 0920006326
Cyperus involucratus   Clement A3 152--11--inv   Rottb. 0920004145
Cyperus longus Galingale Yes A1 152--11--1 N L. 0920000600
Cyperus longus subsp. longus   Other AT 152--11--1--a      
Cyperus longus subsp. tenuiflorus   Clement A3 152--11--1--b   (Rottb.) Kk. 0920000600.1
Cyperus luzulae   Clement A3 152--11--luz   (L.) Retz. 0920006328
Cyperus ovularis Globose Cyperus Clement A3 152--11--ovu   (Michx.) Torr. 0920006329
Cyperus reflexus   Clement A3 152--11--ref   J. Vahl 0920006330
Cyperus rigidifolius   Clement A3 152--11--rig   Steud. 0920006331
Cyperus rotundus Purple Nutsedge Clement A3 152--11--rot   L. 0920006332
Cyperus rutilans   Clement A3 152--11--rut   (C.B. Clarke) Maiden & Betche 0920006333
Cyperus sesquiflorus   Clement A3 152--11--ses   (Torr.) Mattf. & Kk. 0920006334
Cyperus sporobolus   Clement A3 152--11--spo   R. Br. 0920006335
Cyperus tenuis   Clement A3 152--11--ten   Sw. 0920006336
Cyperus ustulatus Giant Umbrella-sedge Clement A3 152--11--ust   A. Rich. 0920006337
Cyperus vaginatus Stiff-leaved Flat-sedge Clement A3 152--11--vag   R. Br. 0920006338
Cyphomandra crassicaulis Tree Tomato Clement A3 110--CYP--cra   (Ortega) Kuntze 0920006339
Cypripedium calceolus Lady's-slipper Yes A1 162--1--1 N L. 0920000601
Cyrtanthus elatus Scarborough Lily Clement A3 158--CYR--ela   (Jacq.) Traub 0920006340
Cyrtomium falcatum House Holly-fern Yes A1 17--2--1 Ne (L. f.) C. Presl 0910002502
Cystopteris alpina Alpine Bladder-fern Yes S3 A1 16--5--alp   (Lam.) Desv.  
Cystopteris diaphana Greenish Bladder-fern Yes S3 A1 16--5--dia   (Bory) Blasdell  
Cystopteris dickieana Dickie's Bladder-fern Yes A1 16--5--2 N R. Sim 0910000602
Cystopteris fragilis Brittle Bladder-fern Page 25 A1 16--5--1 N (L.) Bernh. 0910000603
Cystopteris montana Mountain Bladder-fern Yes A1 16--5--3 N (Lam.) Desv. 0910000604
Cytisus battandieri Pineapple Broom Clement A3 77--23--bat   Maire 0920006341
Cytisus multiflorus White Broom Yes A1 77--23--2 Ne (L'H‚r.) Sweet 0920007275
Cytisus nigricans Black Broom Yes A1 77--23--1 Ne L. 0920007276
Cytisus scoparius Broom Page 25 A1 77--23--4 N (L.) Link 0920001822
Cytisus scoparius subsp. maritimus Prostrate Broom Yes A1 77--23--4--b N (Rouy) Heywood 0920001822.1
Cytisus scoparius subsp. scoparius   Yes A1 77--23--4--a     0920001822.2
Cytisus striatus Hairy-fruited Broom Yes A1 77--23--3 Ne (Hill) Rothm. 0920002645

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