My Wildflower Postcard


Here’s how you can make a wild flower postcard:

Go outside and find 5 different wild flowers

They can be any flowers, as long as they are growing wild and not planted in a garden

To make your postcard, print the pdf file below, draw the plants and fill in their names

Or you can take digital photographs of the flowers and make your postcard using a software package such as PowerPoint® * or a website such as ** like in the example shown here

If you need help identifying the plants, you can ask your branch secretary if you are a WFS member, or find the Wild Flower Society on Facebook The Wild Flower Society

or using Twitter WildFlowerSoc

You can share your card with us using #WildFlowerPostcard

To download the .pdf file click here

* Other packages are available

** The Wild Flower Society is not responsible for the content of external web pages

Peter Llewellyn June 8th 2019