Downloadable Kent and BSBI Lists

Notes about the lists

The lists available for download are by kind permission of the Botanical Society of the British Isles from whose original online, downloadable lists these modified versions have been compiled.

The downloadable Kent list on this site incorporates information in D.H. Kent's 1992 edition which was an update of J.E. Dandy's original 1958 book, plus supplements 1 (19th January 1997), supplement 2 (7th August 2000) and the most recent supplement 3 (February 2006).

The W.F.S. lists also contain amendments suggested in a private communication by Professor Clive Stace and Dr Peter Llewellyn after minor discrepancies between the BSBI list and the Kent lists had been discovered. The entries have each been individually checked against all four Kent lists and the BSBI list but with so many plants, mistakes and omissions cannot be ruled out.

The BSBI list is the entire flora of the British Isles including those transient aliens which although correctly identified have not persisted in their habitats. As Wild Flower Society members will know, Kent's list also includes escapes and aliens but only those which have naturalised themselves for a period of time.

For a plant to be included in the W.F.S. diary it must be on Kent's list even if correctly identified and found to be on the main B.S.B.I. list.

For a guide to the symbols used in the lists look at the Guide to the A to Z Pages of the Plant List elsewhere on the site.

Downloading the lists

Left click the list for download. You will be prompted to open or save the list. If you choose to open the list with your version of Excel then you will need to save it under a name of your choice if it is to be available for use later.

You may save the list for use with another program (e.g. Wordpad) even if you do not have Excel. For this purpose choose the csv (comma delimited version) but you will lose all the formatting.


Kent List for download into Excel (97 to 2003)

Kent (csv) List for download (e.g. for Wordpad)

Complete BSBI List for download into Excel (97 to 2003)

Complete (csv) BSBI List for download (e.g. for Wordpad)

Updated November 6th 2008