Plants in Main Dairy (Alphabetical order of Latin name)

Acer campestre field maple Page 1
Acer platanoides Norway maple Page 1
Acer pseudoplantanus sycamore Page 1
Aceras anthropophorum man orchid Page 1
Achillea millefolium yarrow Page 1
Achillea ptarmica sneezewort Page 1
Acorus calamus sweet-flag Page 1
Adoxa moschatellina moschatel Page 1
Aegopodium podagraria ground-elder Page 1
Aesculus hippocastanus horse-chestnut Page 1
Aethusa cynapium fool's-parsley Page 1
Agrimonia eupatoria agrimony Page 1
Agrimonia procera fragrant agrimony Page 1
Agrostis canina velvet bent Page 1
Agrostis capillaris common bent Page 1
Agrostis gigantea black bent Page 1
Agrostis stolonifera creeping bent Page 1
Agrostis vinealis brown bent Page 1
Aira caryophyllea silver hair-grass Page 1
Aira praecox early hair-grass Page 1
Ajuga reptans bugle Page 3
Alchemilla alpina alpine lady's-mantle Page 3
Alchemilla filicaulis hairy lady's-mantle Page 3
Alchemilla glabra smooth lady's-mantle Page 3
Alchemilla vulgaris agg. lady's-mantle Page 3
Alchemilla xanthochlora intermediate lady's-mantle Page 3
Alisma plantago-aquatica water-plantain Page 3
Alliaria petiolata garlic-mustard Page 3
Allium triquetrum three-cornered leek Page 3
Allium ursinum ramsons Page 3
Aliium vineale wild onion Page 3
Alnus glutinosa alder Page 3
Alopecurus geniculatus marsh foxtail Page 3
Alopecuros myosuroides black-grass Page 3
Alopecurus pratensis meadow foxtail Page 3
Althaea officinalis marsh-mallow Page 3
Ammophila arenaria marram Page 3
Anacamptis pyramidalis pyramidal orchid Page 3
Anagallis arvensis scarlet pimpernel Page 3
Anagallis tenella bog pimpernel Page 3
Anaphalis margaritacea pearly everlasting Page 5
Anchusa arvensis bugloss Page 5
Anemone nemorosa wodd anemone Page 5
Angelica sylvestris wild angelica Page 5
Anisantha sterilis barren brome Page 5
Antennaria dioica mountain everlasting Page 5
Anthemis cotula stinking chamomile Page 5
Anthoxanthum odoratum sweet vernal-grass Page 5
Anthriscus caucalis bur chervil Page 5
Anthriscus sylvestris cow parsley Page 5
Anthyllis vulneraria kidney vetch Page 5
Antirrhinum majus snapdragon Page 5
Aphanes arvensis parsley piert Page 5
Aphanes australis slender parsley-piert Page 5
Apium graveolens wild celery Page 5
Apium nodiflorum fool's water-cress Page 5
Aquilegia vulgaris columbine Page 5
Arabidopsis thaliana Thale cress Page 5
Arabis hirsuta hairy rock-gress Page 5
Arctium lappa greater burdock Page 5
Arctium minus lesser burdock Page 7
Arctium nemorosum wood burdock Page 7
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi bearberry Page 7
Arenaria serpyllifolia thyme-leaved sandwort Page 7
Armeria maritima thrift Page 7
Armoracia rusticana horse-radish Page 7
Arrhenatherum elatius false oat-grass Page 7
Artemisia absinthium wormwood Page 7
Artemisia verlotiorum Chinese mugwort Page 7
Artemisia vulgaris mugwort Page 7
Arum maculatum lords-and-ladies Page 7
Asparagus officinalis asparagus Page 7
Asperula cynanchica squinancywort Page 7
Asplenium adiantum-nigrum black spleenwort Page 7
Asplenium marinum sea spleenwort Page 7
Asplenium ruta-muraria wall-rue Page 7
Aspenium trichomanes maidenhair spleenwort Page 7
Asplenium viride green spleenwort Page 7
Aster tripolium sea aster Page 7
Aster x salignus common Michaelmas-daisy Page 7
Astragalus danicus purple milk-vetch Page 9
Astragalus glycophyllos wild liquorice Page 9
Athyrium filix-femina lady fern Page 9
Atriplex laciniata frosted orache Page 9
Atriplex littoralis grass-leaved orache Page 9
Atriplex patula common orache Page 9
Atriplex portucaloides sea purslane Page 9
Atriplex prostrata spear-leaved orache Page 9
Atropa belladonna deadly nightshade Page 9
Avena fatua wild oat Page 9
Azolla filiculoides water fern Page 9
Baldellia ranunculoides lesser water-plantain Page 9
Ballota nigra black horehound Page 9
Barbarea vulgaris winter-cress Page 9
Bellis perennis daisy Page 9
Berberis vulgaris barberry Page 9
Berula erecta lesser water-parsnip Page 9
Beta vulgaris beet Page 9
Betula pendula silver birch Page 9
Betula pubescens downy birch Page 9
Bidens cernua nodding bur-marigold Page 11
Bidens tripartita trifid bur-marigold Page 11
Blackstonia perfoliata yellow-wort Page 11
Blechnum spicant hard fern Page 11
Blysmus compresssus flat-sedge Page 11
Blysmus rufus saltmarsh flat-sedge Page 11
Bolboschoenus maritimus sea club-rush Page 11
Botrychium lunaria moonwort Page 11
Brachypodium pinnatum tor-grass Page 11
Brachpodium sylvaticum false-brome Page 11
Brassica napus rape Page 11
Brassica nigra black mustard Page 11
Brassica oleracea cabbage Page 11
Briza media quaking-grass Page 11
Bromopsis erecta upright brome Page 11
Bromopsis ramosa hairy brome Page 11
Bromus hordeaceus soft-brome Page 11
Bryonia dioica white bryony Page 11
Buddleja davidii butterfly bush Page 11
Butomus umbellatus flowering rush Page 11
Cakile maritima sea rocket Page 13
Calamagrostis epigejos wood small-reed Page 13
Callitriche stagnalis common water-starwort Page 13
Calluna vulgaris heather Page 13
Caltha palustris marsh marigold Page 13
Calystegia sepium hedge bindweed Page 13
Calystegia silvatica large bindweed Page 13
Calystegia soldanella sea bindweed Page 13
Campanula glomerata clustered bellflower Page 13
Campanula latifolia giant bellflower Page 13
Canpanula rotundifolia harebell Page 13
Camapanula trachelium nettle-leaved bellflower Page 13
Capsella bursa-pastoris shpherd's-purse Page 13
Cardamine amara large bitter-cress Page 13
Cardamine flexuosa wavy bitter-cress Page 13
Cardamine hirsuta hairy bitter-cress Page 13
Cardamine pratensis cuckoo-flower Page 13
Carduus crispus welted thistle Page 13
Carduus nutans musk thistle Page 13
Carduus tenuiflorus slender thistle Page 13
Carex acutiformis lesser pond-sedge Page 15
Carex arenaria sand sedge Page 15
Carex binervis green-ribbed sedge Page 15
Carex caryophyllea spring sedge Page 15
Carex dioica dioecious sedge Page 15
Carex distans distant sedge Page 15
Carex disticha brown sedge Page 15
Carex divulsa grey sedge Page 15
Carex echinata star sedge Page 15
Carex extensa long-bracted sedge Page 15
Carex flacca glaucous sedge Page 15
Carex hirta hairy sedge Page 15
Carex hostiana tawny sedge Page 15
Carex muricata prickly sedge Page 15
Carex nigra common sedge Page 15
Carex otrubae false fox-sedge Page 15
Carex ovalis oval sedge Page 15
Carex pallescens pale sedge Page 15
Carex panicea carnation sedge Page 15
Carex paniculata greater tussock-sedge Page 15
Carex pendula pendulous sedge Page 17
Carex pilulifera pill sedge Page 17
Carex pseudocyperus cyperus sedge Page 17
Carex pulicaris flea sedge Page 17
Carex remota remote sedge Page 17
Carex riparia greater pond -sedge Page 17
Carex rostrata bottle sedge Page 17
Carex spicata spiked sedge Page 17
Carex sylvatica wood sedge Page 17
Carex vesicaria bladder sedge Page 17
Carex viridula yellow sedge Page 17
Carlina vulgaris carline thistle Page 17
Carpinus betulus hornbeam Page 17
Carprobotus edulis Hottentot-fig Page 17
Carum verticillatum whorled caraway Page 17
Castanea sativa sweet chestnut Page 17
Catabrosia aquatica whorl-grass Page 17
Catapodium marinum sea fern-grass Page 17
Catapodium rigidum fern-grass Page 17
Centaurea nigra common knapweed Page 17
Centaurea scabiosa greater knapweed Page 19
Centaurium erythraea common centaury Page 19
Centranthus ruber red valerian Page 19
Cephalanthera damasonium white helleborine Page 19
Cerastium arvense field mouse-ear Page 19
Cerastium diffusum dark-green mouse-ear (sea mouse-ear) Page 19
Cerastium fontanum common mouse-ear Page 19
Cerastium glomeratum sticky mouse-ear Page 19
Cerastium semidecandrum little mouse-ear Page 19
Cerastium tomentosum snow-in-summer Page 19
Ceratocapnos claviculata climbing corydalis Page 19
Ceratophyllum demersum rigid hornwort Page 19
Ceterach officinarum rustyback Page 19
Chaenorhinum minus small toadflax Page 19
Chaerophyllum temulum rough chervil Page 19
Chamaemelum nobile chamomile Page 19
Chamerion angustifolium rosebay willowherb Page 19
Chelidonium majus greater celandine Page 19
Chenopodium album fat hen Page 19
Chenopodium bonus-henricus good king-Henry Page 19
Chenopodium ficifolium fig-leaved goosefoot Page 21
Chenopodium polyspermum many-seeded goosefoot Page 21
Chenopodium rubrum red goosefoot Page 21
Chrysanthemum segetum corn marigold Page 21
Chrysosplenium alternifolium alternate-leaved golden-saxifrage Page 21
Chrysosplenium oppositifolium opposite-leaved golden-saxifrage Page 21
Cichorium intybus chicory Page 21
Circaea lutetiana enchanter's-nightshade Page 21
Cirsium acaule dwarf thistle Page 21
Cirsium arvense creeping thistle Page 21
Cirsium dissectum meadow thistle Page 21
Cirsium eriophorum woolly thistle Page 21
Cirsium heterophyllum melancholy thistle Page 21
Cirsium palustre marsh thistle Page 21
Cirsium vulgare spear thistle Page 21
Claytonia perfoliata spring beauty Page 21
Claytonia sibirica pink purslane Page 21
Clematis vitalba traveller's joy Page 21
Clinopodium acinos basil thyme Page 21
Clinopodium ascendens common calamint Page 21
Clinopodium vulgare wild basil Page 23
Cochlearia anglica English scurvygrass Page 23
Cochlearia danica Danish scurvygrass Page 23
Cochlearia officinalis common scurvygrass Page 23
Coeloglossum viride frog orchid Page 23
Colchicum autumnale meadow saffron Page 23
Conium maculatum hemlock Page 23
Conopodium majus pignut Page 23
Convallaria majalis lily of the valley Page 23
Convolvulus arvensis field bindweed Page 23
Conyza canadensis Canadian fleabane Page 23
Cornus sanguinea dogwood Page 23
Cornus suecica dwarf cornel Page 23
Coronopus didymus lesser swine-cress Page 23
Coronopus squamatus swine-cress Page 23
Corylus avellana hazel Page 23
Cotoneaster horizontalis wall cotoneaster Page 23
Cotoneaster simonsii Himalayan cotoneaster Page 23
Crambe maritima sea kale Page 23
Crassula helmsii New Zealand pigmyweed Page 23
Crataegus laevigata Midland hawthorn Page 25
Crataegus monogyna hawthorn Page 25
Crepis biennis rough hawk's-beard Page 25
Crepis capillaris smotth hawk's-beard Page 25
Crepis paludosa marsh hawk's-beard Page 25
Crepis vesicaria beaked hawk's-beard Page 25
Crithmum maritimum rock samphire Page 25
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora montbretia Page 25
Cruciata laevipes crosswort Page 25
Cryptogramma crispa parsley fern Page 25
Cuscuta epithymum dodder Page 25
Cymbalaria muralis ivy-leaved toadflax Page 25
Cynoglossum officinale hound's-tongue Page 25
Cynosurus cristatus crested dog's-tail Page 25
Cystopteris fragilis brittle bladder-fern Page 25
Cytisus scoparius broom Page 25
Daboecia cantabrica St Dabeoc's heath Page 25
Dactylis glomerata cock's-foot Page 25
Dactylorhiza fuchsii common spotted-orchid Page 25
Dactylorhiza incarnata early marsh-orchid Page 25
Dactylorhiza praetermissa Southern marsh-orchid Page 27
Dactylorhiza purpurella Northern marsh-orchid Page 27
Danthonia decumbens heath-grass Page 27
Daphne laureola spurge-laurel Page 27
Datura stramonium thorn-apple Page 27
Daucus carota wild carrot Page 27
Deschampsia cespitosa tufted hair-grass Page 27
Deschampsia flexuosa wavy hair-grass Page 27
Descurainia sophia flixweed Page 27
Digitalis purpurea foxglove Page 27
Diphasiastrum alpinum alpine clubmoss Page 27
Diplotaxis muralis annual wall-rocket Page 27
Diplotaxis tenuifolia perennial wall-rocket Page 27
Dipsacus fullonum wild teasel Page 27
Dipsacus pilosus small teasel Page 27
Doronicum pardalianches leopard's-bane Page 27
Drosera anglica great sundew Page 27
Drosera intermedia oblong-leaved sundew Page 27
Drosera rotundifolia round-leaved sundew Page 27
Dryas octopetala mountain avens Page 27
Dryopteris affinis scaly male-fern Page 29
Dryopteris carthusiana narrow buckler-fern Page 29
Dryopteris dilatata broad buckler-fern Page 29
Dryopteris filix-mas common male-fern Page 29
Echium vulgare viper's-bugloss Page 29
Eleocharis multicaulis many-stalked spike-rush Page 29
Eleocharis palustris common spike-rush Page 29
Eleogitan fluitans floating club-rush Page 29
Elodea canadensis Canadian water-weed Page 29
Elodea nutallii Nuttall's water-weed Page 29
Elymus caninus bearded couch Page 29
Elytrigia atherica sea couch Page 29
Elytrigia juncea sand couch Page 29
Elytrigia repens common couch Page 29
Empetrum nigrum crowberry Page 29
Epilobium brunnescens New Zealand willowherb Page 29
Epilobium ciliatum American willowherb Page 29
Epilobium hirsutum great willowherb Page 29
Epilobium montanum broad-leaved willowherb Page 29
Epilobium obscurum short-fruited willowherb Page 29
Epilobium palustre marsh willowherb Page 31
Epilobium parviflorum hoary willowherb Page 31
Epilobium tetragonum square-stalked willowherb Page 31
Epipactis helleborine broad-leaved helleborine Page 31
Epipactis palustris marsh helleborine Page 31
Epipactis purpurata violet helleborine Page 31
Equisetum arvense field horsetail Page 31
Equisetum fluviatile water horstail Page 31
Equisetum palustre marsh horsetail Page 31
Equisetum sylvaticum wood horsetail Page 31
Equisetum telmateia great horsetail Page 31
Erica cinerea bell heather Page 31
Erica tetralix cross-leaved heath Page 31
Erigeron acer blue fleabane Page 31
Eriophorum angustifolium common cottongrass Page 31
Eriphorum vaginatum hare's-tail cottongrass Page 31
Erodium cicutarium common stork's-bill Page 31
Erodium maritimum sea stork's-bell Page 31
Erodium moschatum musk stork's-bill Page 31
Erophila verna common whitlowgrass Page 31
Eryngium maritimum sea holly Page 33
Erysimum cheiranthoides treacle mustard Page 33
Erysimum cheiri wallflower Page 33
Euonymus europaeus spindle Page 33
Eupatorium cannabinum hemp agrimony Page 33
Euphorbia amygdaloides wood spurge Page 33
Euphorbia exigua dwarf spurge Page 33
Euphorbia helioscopia sun spurge Page 33
Euphorbia lathyris caper spurge Page 33
Euphorbia paralias sea spurge Page 33
Euphorbia peplus petty spurge Page 33
Euphorbia portlandica Portland spurge Page 33
Euphorbia x pseudovirgata twiggy spurge Page 33
Euphrasia agg. eyebright Page 33
Fagus sylvatica beech Page 33
Fallopia convolvulus black bindweed Page 33
Fallopia japonica Japanese knotweed Page 33
Fallopia sachalinensis giant knotweed Page 33
Festuca arundinacia tall fescue Page 33
Festuca filiformis fine-leaved sheep's-fescue Page 33
Festuca gigantea giant fescue Page 35
Festuca ovina sheep's fescue Page 35
Festuca pratensis meadow fescue Page 35
Festuca rubra red fescue Page 35
Festuca vivipara viviparous fescue Page 35
Filago minima small cudweed Page 35
Filago vulgaris common cudweed Page 35
Filipendula ulmaria meadowsweet Page 35
Filipendula vulgaris dropwort Page 35
Foeniculum vulgare fennel Page 35
Fragaria vesca wild strawberry Page 35
Frangula alnus alder buckthorn Page 35
Fraxinus excelsior ash Page 35
Fuchsia magellanica fuchsia Page 35
Fumaria muralis common ramping fumitory Page 35
Fumaria offinalis common fumitory Page 35
Galanthus nivalis snowdrop Page 35
Galega officinalis goat's-rue Page 35
Galeopsis tetrahit common hemp-nettle Page 35
Galinsoga parviflora gallant soldier Page 35
Galinsoga quadriradiata shaggy soldier Page 37
Galium aparine cleavers Page 37
Galium boreale Northern bedstraw Page 37
Galium mollugo hedge bedstraw Page 37
Galium odoratum woodruff Page 37
Galium palustre common marsh-bedstraw Page 37
Galium saxatile heath bedstraw Page 37
Galium sterneri limestone bedstraw Page 37
Galium uliginosum fen bedstraw Page 37
Galium verum lady's bedstraw Page 37
Genista anglica petty whin Page 37
Genista tinctoria dyer's greenweed Page 37
Gentianella amarella autumn gentian Page 37
Gentianella campestris field gentian Page 37
Geranium columbinum long-stalked crane's-bill Page 37
Geranium dissectum cut-leaved crane's-bill Page 37
Geranium lucidum shining crane's-bill Page 37
Geranium molle dove's-foot crane's-bill Page 37
Geranium pratense meadow craen's-bill Page 37
Geranium pusillum small-flowered crane's-bill Page 37
Geranium pyrenaicum hedgerow crane's-bill Page 39
Geranium robertianum herb Robert Page 39
Geranium rotundifolium round-leaved crane's-bill Page 39
Geranium sanguineum bloody crane's-bill Page 39
Geranium sylvaticum wood crane's-bill Page 39
Geum rivale water avens Page 39
Geum urbanum herb Bennet Page 39
Glaucium flavum yellow horned poppy Page 39
Glaux maritima sea-milkwort Page 39
Glechoma hederacea ground-ivy Page 39
Glyceria declinata small sweet-grass Page 39
Glyceria fluitans floating sweet-grass Page 39
Glyceria maxima reed sweet-grass Page 39
Glyceria notata plicate sweet-grass Page 39
Gnaphalium supinum dwarf cudweed Page 39
Gnaphalium sylvaticum heath cudweed Page 39
Gnaphalium uliginosum marsh cudweed Page 39
Groenlandia densa opposite-leaved pondweed Page 39
Gymnadenia conopsea fragrant orchid Page 39
Gymnocarpium dryopteris oak fern Page 39
Hedera helix ivy Page 41
Helianthemum numularium common rock-rose Page 41
Helictotrichon pratense meadow oat-grass Page 41
Helictotrichon pubescens downy oat-grass Page 41
Helleborus foetidus stinking hellebore Page 41
Helleborus viridis green hellebore Page 41
Heracleum mantegazianum giant hogweed Page 41
Heracleum sphondylium hogweed Page 41
Hesperis matronalis dame's violet Page 41
Hieracium agg. hawkweed Page 41
Hippocrepis comosa horseshoe vetch Page 41
Hippophae rhamnoides sea buckthorn Page 41
Hippuris vulgaris mare's-tail Page 41
Hirschfeldia inacana hoary mustard Page 41
Holcus lanatus Yorkshire fog Page 41
Holcus mollis creeping soft-grass Page 41
Honckenya peploides sea sandwort Page 41
Hordeum murinum wall barley Page 41
Hordeum secalinum meadow barley Page 41
Hottonia palustris water-violet Page 41
Humulus lupulus hop Page 43
Huperzia selago fir clubmoss Page 43
Hyacinthoides hispanica x H. non-scripta hybrid bluebell Page 43
Hyacinthoides non-scripta bluebell Page 43
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae frogbit Page 43
Hydrocotyle ranunculoides floating pennywort Page 43
Hydrocotyle vulgaris marsh pennywort Page 43
Hymenophyllum wilsonii Wilson's filmy fern Page 43
Hyocyamus niger henbane Page 43
Hypericum androsaemum tutsan Page 43
Hypericum calycinum rose-of-Sharon Page 43
Hypericum elodes marsh St John's-wort Page 43
Hypericum hirsutum hairy St John's-wort Page 43
Hypericum humifusum trailing St John's-wort Page 43
Hypericum maculatum imperforate St John's-wort Page 43
Hypericum montanum pale St John's-wort Page 43
Hypericum perforatum perforate St John's-wort Page 43
Hypericum pulchrum slender St John's-wort Page 43
Hypericum tetrapterum square-stalked St John's-wort Page 43
Hypochaeris radicata cats'-ear Page 43
Ilex aquifolium holly Page 45
Impatiens capensis orange balsam Page 45
Impatiens glandulifera Indian balsam Page 45
Impatiens parviflora small balsam Page 45
Inula conyzae ploughman's-spikenard Page 45
Inula crithmoides golden-samphire Page 45
Iris foetidissima stinking iris Page 45
Iris germanica bearded iris Page 45
Iris pseudacorus yellow iris Page 45
Isolepsis setacea bristle club-rsuh Page 45
Jasione monata sheep's-bit Page 45
Juncus acutiflorus sharp-flowered rush Page 45
Juncus articulatus jointed rush Page 45
Juncus bufonius toad rush Page 45
Juncus bulbosus bulbous rush Page 45
Juncus conglomeratus compact rush Page 45
Juncus effusus soft rush Page 45
Juncus gerardii saltmarsh rush Page 45
Juncus inflexus hard rush Page 45
Juncus maritimus sea rush Page 45
Juncus squarrosus heath rush Page 47
Juncus subnodulosus blunt-flowered rush Page 47
Juncus tenuis slender rush Page 47
Juncus trifidus three-leaved rush Page 47
Juniperus communis juniper Page 47
Kickxia elatine sharp-flowered fluellen Page 47
Kickxia spuria round-leaved fluellen Page 47
Knautia arvensis field scabious Page 47
Koeleria macrantha crested hair-grass Page 47
Laburnum anagyroides laburnum Page 47
Lactuca serriola prickly lettuce Page 47
Lactuca virosa greater lettuce Page 47
Lamiastrum galeobdolon yellow archangel Page 47
Lamium album whie dead-nettle Page 47
Lamium amplexicaule hen-bit dead-nettle Page 47
Lamium hybridum cut-leaved dead-nettle Page 47
Lamium maculatum spotted dead-nettle Page 47
Lamium purpureum red dead-nettle Page 47
Lapsana communis nipplewort Page 47
Lathraea squamaria toothwort Page 47
Lathyrus japonicus sea pea Page 49
Lathyrus latifolius broad-leaved everlasting-pea Page 49
Lathyrus linifolius bitter vetch Page 49
Lathyrus nissolia grass vetchling Page 49
Lathyrus pratensis meadow vetchling Page 49
Lathyrus sylvestris narrow-leaved everlasting-pea Page 49
Lavatera arborea tree-mallow Page 49
Legousia hybrida Venus's-looking -glass Page 49
Lemna gibba fat duckweed Page 49
Lemna minor common duckweed Page 49
Lemna minuta least duckweed Page 49
Lemna trisulca ivy-leaved duckweed Page 49
Leontodon autumnalis autumnal hawkbit Page 49
Leontodon hispidus rough hawkbit Page 49
Leontodon saxatilis lesser hawkbit Page 49
Lepidum campestre field pepperwort Page 49
Lepidium draba hoary cress Page 49
Lepidium heterophyllum Smith's pepperwort Page 49
Lepidium latifolium dittander Page 49
Lepidium ruderale narrow-leaved pepperwort Page 49
Leucanthemum vulgare oxeye daisy Page 51
Leymus arenarius lyme-grass Page 51
Ligusticum scoticum Scottish lovage Page 51
Ligustrum vulgare wild privet Page 51
Limonium binervosum rock sea-lavender Page 51
Limonium vulgare common sea-lavender Page 51
Linaria purpurea purple toadflax Page 51
Linaria repens pale toadflax Page 51
Linaria vulgaris common toadflax Page 51
Linum bienne pale flax Page 51
Linum catharticum fairy flax Page 51
Listera cordata lesser twayblade Page 51
Listera ovata common twayblade Page 51
Lithospermum officinale common gromwell Page 51
Littorella uniflora shoreweed Page 51
Lobelia dortmanna water lobelia Page 51
Lobularia maritima sweet alison Page 51
Loiseluria procumbens trailing azalea Page 51
Lolium perenne perennial rye-grass Page 51
Lonicera periclymenum honeysuckle Page 51
Lotus corniculatus common bird's-foot-trefoil Page 53
Lotus predunculatus large bird's-foot-trefoil Page 53
Lunaria annua honesty Page 53
Lupinus x regalis Russell lupin Page 53
Luzula campestris field wood-rush Page 53
Luzula forsteri Southern wood-rush Page 53
Luzula multiflora heath wood-rush Page 53
Luzula pilosa hairy wood-rush Page 53
Luzula spicata spiked wood-rush Page 53
Luzula sylvatica great wood-rush Page 53
Lychnis flos-cuculi ragged Robin Page 53
Lycium barbarum Duke of Argyll's teaplant Page 53
Lycopodium clavatum stag's-horn clubmoss Page 53
Lycopus europaeus gipsywort Page 53
Lysimachia nemorum yellow pimpernel Page 53
Lysimachia nummularia creeping-Jenny Page 53
Lysimachia punctata dotted loosestrife Page 53
Lysimachia vulgaris yellow loosestrife Page 53
Lythrum portula water purslane Page 53
Lythrum salicaria purple loosestrife Page 53
Mahonia aquifolium Oregon grape Page 55
Malus domestica apple Page 55
Malus sylvestris crab apple Page 55
Malva moschata musk mallow Page 55
Malva neglecta dwarf mallow Page 55
Malva sylvestris common mallow Page 55
Matricaria discoidea pineapple weed Page 55
Matricaria recutita scented mayweed Page 55
Meconopsis cambrica Welsh poppy Page 55
Medicago arabica spotted medick Page 55
Medicago lupulina black medick Page 55
Medicago sativa lucerne Page 55
Melampyrum pratense common cow-wheat Page 55
Melica nutans mountain melick Page 55
Melica uniflora wood melick Page 55
Melilotus albus white melilot Page 55
Melilotus altissimus tall melilot Page 55
Melilotus officinalis ribbed melilot Page 55
Melissa officinalis balm Page 55
Mentha aquatica water mint Page 55
Mentha arvensis corn mint Page 57
Mentha spicata spear mint Page 57
Mentha x villosa apple mint Page 57
Menyanthes trifoliata bogbean Page 57
Mercurialis annua annual mercury Page 57
Mercurialis perennis dog's mercury Page 57
Meum athamanticum spignel Page 57
Milium effusum wood millet Page 57
Mimulus guttatus monkeyflower Page 57
Mimulus x robertsii hybrid monkeyflower Page 57
Minuartia verna spring sandwort Page 57
Moehringia trinervia three-nerved sandwort Page 57
Molinea caerulea purple moor-grass Page 57
Monotropa hypopitys yellow bird's-nest Page 57
Montia fontana blinks Page 57
Mycelis muralis wall lettuce Page 57
Myosotis arvensis field forget-me-not Page 57
Myosotis discolor changing forget-me-not Page 57
Myosotis laxa tufted forget-me-not Page 57
Myosotis ramosissima early forget-me-not Page 57
Myosotis scorpiodes water forget-me-not Page 59
Myosotis secunda creeping forget-me-not Page 59
Myosotis sylvatica wood forget-me-not Page 59
Myosoton aquaticum water chickweed Page 59
Myrica gale bog myrtle Page 59
Myriophyllum alterniflorum alternate water-milfoil Page 59
Myriophyllum aquaticum parrot's-feather Page 59
Myriophyllum spicatum spiked water-milfoil Page 59
Myrrhis odorata sweet cicely Page 59
Narcissus pseudonarcissus daffodil Page 59
Nardus stricta mat-grass Page 59
Narthecium ossifragum bog asphodel Page 59
Neottia nidus-avis bird's-nest orchid Page 59
Nuphar lutea yellow water-lily Page 59
Nymphaea alba white water-lily Page 59
Nymphoides peltata fringed water-lily Page 59
Odontites vernus red bartsia Page 59
Oenanthe aquatica fine-leaved water-dropwort Page 59
Oenanthe crocata hemock water-dropwort Page 59
Oenanthe lachenalii parsley water-dropwort Page 59
Oenothera biennis common evening-primrose Page 61
Oenothera glazioviana large-flowered evening-primrose Page 61
Onobrychis viciifolia sainfoin Page 61
Ononis repens common restharrow Page 61
Ononis spinosa spiny rest-harrow Page 61
Onopordum acanthium cotton thistle Page 61
Ophioglossum vulgatum adder's-tongue Page 61
Ophrys apifera bee orchid Page 61
Ophrys insectifera fly orchid Page 61
Orchis mascula early purple orchid Page 61
Orchis morio green-winged orchid Page 61
Oreopteris limbosperma lemon scented fern Page 61
Origanum vulgare wild marjoram Page 61
Ornithogalum angustifolium star-of-Bethlehem Page 61
Ornithopus perpusillus bird's-foot Page 61
Orobanche elatior knapweed broomrape Page 61
Orobanche hederae ivy broomrape Page 61
Orobanche minor common broomrape Page 61
Osmunda regalis royal fern Page 61
Oxalis acetosella wood-sorrel Page 61
Oxalis corniculata procumbent yellow-sorrel Page 63
Oxalis debilis large-flowered pink-sorrel Page 63
Oxyria digyna mountain sorrel Page 63
Papaver argemone prickly poppy Page 63
Papaver dubium long-headed poppy Page 63
Papaver rhoeas common poppy Page 63
Papaver somniferum opium poppy Page 63
Parapholis strigosa hard-grass Page 63
Paretaria judaica pellitory-of-the-wall Page 63
Paris quadrifolia herb Paris Page 63
Parnassia palustris grass-of-parnassus Page 63
Pastinaca sativa wild parsnip Page 63
Pedicularis palustris marsh lousewort Page 63
Pedicularis sylvatica lousewort Page 63
Pentaglottis sempervirens green alkanet Page 63
Persicaria amphibia amphibious bistort Page 63
Persicaria bistorta common bistort Page 63
Persicaria hydropiper water-pepper Page 63
Persicaria lapathifolia pale persicaria Page 63
Persicaria maculosa redshank Page 63
Persicaria vivipara alpine bistort Page 65
Petasites fragrans winter heliotrope Page 65
Petasites hybridus butterbur Page 65
Petroselinum crispum garden parsley Page 65
Phalaris arundinacea reed canary-grass Page 65
Phalaris canariensis Canary-grass Page 65
Phegopteris connectilis beech fern Page 65
Phleum arenarium sand cat's-tail Page 65
Phleum bertolonii smaller cats'-tail Page 65
Phleum pratense timothy Page 65
Phragmites australis common reed Page 65
Phyllitis scolopendrium hart's-tongue Page 65
Picris echiodes bristly oxtongue Page 65
Picris heiracioides hawkweed oxtongue Page 65
Pilosella aurantiaca fox-and-cubs Page 65
Pilosella officinarum mouse-ear hawkweed Page 65
Pimpinella major greater burnet-saxifrage Page 65
Pimpinella saxifraga burnet-saxifrage Page 65
Pinguicula lusitanica pale butterwort Page 65
Pinguicula vulgaris common butterwort Page 65
Pinus sylvestris Scots pine Page 67
Plantago coronopus buck's-horn plantain Page 67
Plantago lanceolata ribwort plantain Page 67
Plantago major greater plantain Page 67
Plantago maritima sea plantain Page 67
Plantago media hoary plantain Page 67
Plantanthera bifolia lesser butterfly-orchid Page 67
Plantanthera chlorantha greater butterfly orchid Page 67
Poa angustifolia narrow-leaved meadow-grass Page 67
Poa annua annual meadow-grass Page 67
Poa compressa flattened meadow-grass Page 67
Poa humilis spreading meadow-grass Page 67
Poa nemoralis wood meadow-grass Page 67
Poa pratensis smooth meadow-grass Page 67
Poa trivialis rough meadow-grass Page 67
Polygala calcarea chalk milkwort Page 67
Polygala serpyllifolia heath milkwort Page 67
Polygala vulgaris common milkwort Page 67
Polygonatum multiflorum Solomon's-seal Page 67
Polygonum arenastrum equal-leaved knotgrass Page 67
Polygonum aviculare knotgrass Page 69
Polypodium interjectum intermediate polypody Page 69
Polypodium vulgare polypody Page 69
Polystichum aculeatum hard shield-fern Page 69
Polystichum setiferum soft shield-fern Page 69
Populus alba white poplar Page 69
Populus x canescens grey poplar Page 69
Populus tremula aspen Page 69
Potamogeton berchtoldii small pondweed Page 69
Potamogeton crispus curled pondweed Page 69
Potamogeton lucens shining pondweed Page 69
Potamogeton natans broad-leaved pondweed Page 69
Potamogeton pectinatus fennel pondweed Page 69
Potamogeton perfoliatus perfoliate pondweed Page 69
Potamogeton polygonifolius bog pondweed Page 69
Potentilla anglica trailing tormentil Page 69
Potentilla anserina silverweed Page 69
Potentilla argentea hoary cinquefoil Page 69
Potentilla erecta tormentil Page 69
Potentilla palustris marsh cinquefoil Page 69
Potentilla reptans creeping cinquefoil Page 71
Potentilla sterilis barren strawberry Page 71
Primula farinosa bird's-eye primrose Page 71
Primula veris cowslip Page 71
Primula vulgaris primrose Page 71
Prunella vulgaris selfheal Page 71
Prunus avium wild cherry Page 71
Prunus cerasifera cherry plum Page 71
Prunus domestica wild plum Page 71
Prunus laurocerasus cherry laurel Page 71
Prunus padus bird cherry Page 71
Prunus spinosa blackthorn Page 71
Pseudofumaria lutea yellow corydalis Page 71
Pteridum aquilinum bracken Page 71
Puccinellia distans reflexed saltmarsh-grass Page 71
Puccinellia maritima common saltmarsh-grass Page 71
Pulicaria dysenterica common fleabane Page 71
Pulmonaria officinalis lungwort Page 71
Pulsatilla vulgaris pasqueflower Page 71
Pyrola minor common wintergreen Page 71
Quercus cerris Turkey oak Page 73
Quercus ilex evergreen oak Page 73
Quercus petraea sessile oak Page 73
Quercus robur pedunculate oak Page 73
Radiola linoides allseed Page 73
Ranunculus acris meadow buttercup Page 73
Ranunculus aquatilis common water-crowfoot Page 73
Ranunculus auricomus Goldilocks buttercup Page 73
Ranunculus bulbosus bulbous buttercup Page 73
Ranunculus ficaria lesser celandine Page 73
Ranunculus flammula lesser spearwort Page 73
Ranunculus hederaceus ivy-leaved crowfoot Page 73
Ranunculus lingua greater spearwort Page 73
Ranunculus omiophyllus round-leaved crowfoot Page 73
Ranunculus peltatus pond water-crowfoot Page 73
Ranunculus penicillatus stream water-crowfoot Page 73
Ranunculus repens creeping buttercup Page 73
Ranunculus sardous hairy buttercup Page 73
Ranunculus scleratus celery-leaved buttercup Page 73
Ranunculus tricophyllus thread-leaved water-crowfoot Page 73
Raphanus raphanistrum wild radish Page 75
Reseda lutea wild mignonette Page 75
Reseda luteola weld Page 75
Rhamnus cathartica buckthorn Page 75
Rhinanthus minor yellow-rattle Page 75
Rhododendron ponticum rhododendron Page 75
Rhynchospora alba white beak-sedge Page 75
Ribes nigrum black currant Page 75
Ribes rubrum red currant Page 75
Ribes uva-cripsa gooseberry Page 75
Rorippa amphibia greater yellow-cress Page 75
Rorippa microphylla narrow-fruited water-cress Page 75
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum water-cress Page 75
Rorippa palustris marsh yellow-cress Page 75
Rorippa sylvestris creeping yellow-cress Page 75
Rosa arvensis field rose Page 75
Rosa canina dog rose Page 75
Rosa pimpinellifolia burnet rose Page 75
Rosa rubiginosa sweet briar Page 75
Rosa sherardii Sherard's downy-rose Page 75
Rubia peregrina wild madder Page 77
Rubus caesius dewberry Page 77
Rubus chamaemorus cloudberry Page 77
Rubus fruticosus agg. bramble Page 77
Rubus idaeus raspberry Page 77
Rubus saxatilis stone bramble Page 77
Rumex acetosa common sorrel Page 77
Rumex acetosella sheep's sorrel Page 77
Rumex conglomeratus clustered dock Page 77
Rumex crispus curled dock Page 77
Rumex hydrolapathum water dock Page 77
Rumex longifolius Northern dock Page 77
Rumex obtusifolius broad-leaved dock Page 77
Rumex pulcher fiddle dock Page 77
Rumex sanguineus wood dock Page 77
Ruscus aculeatus butcher's-broom Page 77
Sagina apetala annual pearlwort Page 77
Sagina nodosa knotted pearlwort Page 77
Sagina procumbens procumbent pearlwort Page 77
Sagina subulata heath pearlwort Page 77
Sagittaria sagittifolia arrowhead Page 79
Salicornia europaea common glasswort Page 79
Salicornia ramosissima purple glasswort Page 79
Salix alba white willow Page 79
Salix aurita eared willow Page 79
Salix caprea goat willow Page 79
Salix cinerea grey willow Page 79
Salix fragilis crack willow Page 79
Salix herbacea dwarf willow Page 79
Salix pentandra bay willow Page 79
Salix purpurea purple willow Page 79
Salix repens creeping willow Page 79
Salix triandra almond willow Page 79
Salix viminalis osier Page 79
Salsola kali saltwort Page 79
Salvia verbanica wild clary Page 79
Sambucus ebulus dwarf elder Page 79
Sambucus nigra elder Page 79
Sambucus racemosa red-berried elder Page 79
Samolus valerandi brookweed Page 79
Sanguisorba minor salad burnet Page 81
Sanguisorba officinalis great burnet Page 81
Sanicula europaea sanicle Page 81
Saponaria officinalis soapwort Page 81
Saussauria alpina alpine saw-wort Page 81
Saxifraga aizoides yellow saxifrage Page 81
Saxifraga granulata meadow saxifrage Page 81
Saxifraga hypnoides mossy saxifrage Page 81
Saxifraga oppositifolia purple saxifrage Page 81
Saxifraga stellaris starry saxifrage Page 81
Saxifraga tridactylites rue-leaved saxifrage Page 81
Scabiosa columbaria small scabious Page 81
Schoenoplectus lacustris common club-rush Page 81
Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani grey club-rush Page 81
Schoenus nigricans black bog-rush Page 81
Scilla autumnalis autumn squill Page 81
Scilla verna Spring squill Page 81
Scirpus sylvaticus wood club-rush Page 81
Scleranthus annuus annual knawel Page 81
Scrophularia auriculata water figwort Page 81
Scrophularia nodosa common figwort Page 83
Scutellaria galericulata skullcap Page 83
Scutellaria minor lesser skullcap Page 83
Sedum acre biting stonecrop Page 83
Sedum album white stonecrop Page 83
Sedum anglicum English stonecrop Page 83
Sedum forsterianum rock stonecrop Page 83
Sedum rosea roseroot Page 83
Sedum rupestre reflexed stonecrop Page 83
Sedum telephium orpine Page 83
Selaginella selaginoides lesser clubmoss Page 83
Senecio aquaticus marsh ragwort Page 83
Senecio erucifolius hoary ragwort Page 83
Senecio jacobaea common ragwort Page 83
Senecio squalidus Oxford ragwort Page 83
Senecio sylvaticus heath groundsel Page 83
Senecio viscosus sticky groundsel Page 83
Senecio vulgaris groundsel Page 83
Seriphidium maritimum sea wormwood Page 83
Serratula tinctoria saw-wort Page 83
Sesleria caerulea blue moor-grass Page 85
Sherardia arvensis field madder Page 85
Silaum silaus pepper-saxifrage Page 85
Silene acaulis moss campion Page 85
Silene dioica red campion Page 85
Silene latifolia white campion Page 85
Silene noctiflora night-flowering catchfly Page 85
Silene uniflora sea campion Page 85
Silene vulgaris bladder campion Page 85
Sinapis alba white mustard Page 85
Sinapis arvensis charlock Page 85
Sison amomum stone parsley Page 85
Sisymbrium altissimum tall rocket Page 85
Sisymbrium officinale hedge mustard Page 85
Sisymbrium orientale Eastern rocket Page 85
Smyrnium olusatrum alexanders Page 85
Solanum dulcamara bittersweet Page 85
Solanum nigrum black nightshade Page 85
Soleirolia soleirolii mind-your-own-business Page 85
Solidago canadensis Canadian goldenrod Page 85
Solidago gigantea early goldenrod Page 87
Solidago virgurea goldenrod Page 87
Sonchus arvensis perennial sow-thistle Page 87
Sonchus asper prickly sow-thistle Page 87
Sonchus oleraceus smooth sow-thistle Page 87
Sorbus aria whitebeam Page 87
Sorbus acuparia rowan Page 87
Sorbus torminalis wild service-tree Page 87
Sparganium angustifolium floating bur-reed Page 87
Sparganium emersum unbranched bur-reed Page 87
Sparganium erectum branched bur-reed Page 87
Spartina anglica common cord-grass Page 87
Spartium junceum Spanish broom Page 87
Spergula arvensis corn spurrey Page 87
Spergularia marina lesser sea-spurrey Page 87
Spergularia media greater sea-spurrey Page 87
Spergularia rubra sand spurrey Page 87
Spergularia rupicola rock sea-spurrey Page 87
Spiranthes spiralis autumn lady's-tresses Page 87
Spirodela polyrhiza greater duckweed Page 87
Stachys arvensis field woundwort Page 89
Stachys officinalis betony Page 89
Stachys palustris marsh woundwort Page 89
Stachys sylvatica hedge woundwort Page 89
Stellaria graminea lesser stitchwort Page 89
Stellaria holostea greater stitchwort Page 89
Stellaria media common chickweed Page 89
Stellaria nemorum wood stitchwort Page 89
Stellaria pallida lesser chickweed Page 89
Stellaria uliginosa bog stitchwort Page 89
Suada maritima annual sea-blite Page 89
Succisa pratensis devil's-bit scabious Page 89
Symphoricarpos albus snowberry Page 89
Symphytum officinale common comfrey Page 89
Symphytum orientale white comfrey Page 89
Symphytum tuberosum tuberous comfrey Page 89
Symphytum x uplandicum Russian comfrey Page 89
Tamus communis black bryony Page 89
Tancetum parthenium feverfew Page 89
Tanacetum vulgare tansy Page 89
Taraxacum agg. dandelion Page 91
Taxus baccata yew Page 91
Teesdalia nudicaulis shepherd's cress Page 91
Teucrium scorodonia wood sage Page 91
Thalictrum alpinum alpine meadow-rue Page 91
Thalictrum flavum common meadow-rue Page 91
Thalictrum minus lesser meadow-rue Page 91
Thlaspi arvense field penny-cress Page 91
Thymus polytrichus wild thyme Page 91
Thymus pulegioides large thyme Page 91
Tilia cordata small-leaved lime Page 91
Tilia platyphyllos large-leaved lime Page 91
Tilia x europaea lime Page 91
Torilis japonica upright hedge-parsley Page 91
Torilis nodosa knotted bur-parsley Page 91
Tragopogon pratensis goat's-beard Page 91
Trichophorum cespitosum deergrass Page 91
Trientalis europaea chickweed wintergreen Page 91
Trifolium arvense hare's-foot clover Page 91
Trifolium campestre hop trefoil Page 91
Trifolium dubium lesser trefoil Page 93
Trifolium fragiferum strawberry clover Page 93
Trifolium hybridum alsike clover Page 93
Trifolium medium zigzag clover Page 93
Trifolium macranthum slender trefoil Page 93
Trifolium ornithopodioides bird's-foot clover Page 93
Trifolium pratense red clover Page 93
Trifolium repens white clover Page 93
Trifolium scabrum rough clover Page 93
Trifolium striatum knotted clover Page 93
Trifolium subterraneum subterranean clover Page 93
Triglochin maritimum sea arrowgrass Page 93
Triglochin palustre marsh arrowgrass Page 93
Tripleurospermum inodorum scentless mayweed Page 93
Tripleurospermum maritimum sea mayweed Page 93
Trisetum flavescens yellow oat-grass Page 93
Trollius europaeus globe-flower Page 93
Tussilago farfara colt's-foot Page 93
Typha angustifolia lesser bulrush Page 93
Typha latifolia bulrush Page 93
Ulex europaeus gorse Page 95
Ulex gallii Western gorse Page 95
Ulex minor dwarf gorse Page 95
Ulmus glabra wych elm Page 95
Ulmus minor small-leaved elm Page 95
Ulmus procera English elm Page 95
Umbilicus rupestris navelwort Page 95
Urtica dioica common nettle Page 95
Urtica urens small nettle Page 95
Vaccinium myrtillus bilberry Page 95
Vaccinium oxycoccos cranberry Page 95
Vaccinium vitis-idaea cowberry Page 95
Valeriana dioica marsh valerian Page 95
Valeriana officinalis common valerian Page 95
Valerianella carinata keeled-fruited cornsalad Page 95
Valerianella dentata narrow-fruited cornsalad Page 95
Valerianella locusta common cornsalad Page 95
Verbascum nigrum dark mullein Page 95
Verbascum thapsus great mullein Page 95
Verbena officinalis vervain Page 95
Veronica agrestis green field-speedwell Page 97
Veronica anagallis-aquatica blue water-speedwell Page 97
Veronica arvensis wall speedwell Page 97
Veronica beccabunga brooklime Page 97
Veronica catenata pink water-speedwell Page 97
Veronica chamaedrys germander speedwell Page 97
Veronica filiformis slender speedwell Page 97
Veronica hederifolia ivy-leaved speedwell Page 97
Veronica montana wood speedwell Page 97
Veronica officinalis heath speedwell Page 97
Veronica persica common field-speedwell Page 97
Veronica polita grey field-speedwell Page 97
Veronica scutellata marsh speedwell Page 97
Veronica serpyllifolia thyme-leaved speedwell Page 97
Viburnum lantana wayfaring tree Page 97
Viburnum opulus guelder-rose Page 97
Vicia cracca tufted vetch Page 97
Vicia hirsuta hairy tare Page 97
Vicia lathyroides Spring vetch Page 97
Vicia sativa common vetch Page 97
Vicia sepium bush vetch Page 99
Vicia sylvatica wood vetch Page 99
Vicia tetrasperma smooth tare Page 99
Vinca major greater periwinkle Page 99
Vinca minor lesser periwinkle Page 99
Viola arvensis field pansy Page 99
Viola canina heath dog-violet Page 99
Viola hirta hairy violet Page 99
Viola lutea mountain pansy Page 99
Viola odorata sweet violet Page 99
Viola palustris marsh violet Page 99
Viola reichenbachiana early dog-violet Page 99
Viola riviniana common dog-violet Page 99
Viola tricolor wild pansy Page 99
Viola x wittrokianna garden pansy Page 99
Viscum album mistletoe Page 99
Vulpia bromoides squirrel-tail fescue Page 99
Vulpia myuros rat's-tail fescue Page 99
Wahlenbergia hederacea ivy-leaved bellflower Page 99
Zannichellia palustris horned pondweed Page 99