About the Electronic Main Wild Flower Diary (Field Botanist's Record Book)


This is an experimental section which has been subjected to limited testing. Whether nor not it works for you will depend not only on the code in these pages but on your own computer/printer set up and how flexible those settings are.

I don't have access to a Mac so nothing has been tried in that environment.

Printing diary pages only

Printing seems to work OK with Internet Explorer 6 (bundled with Windows XP) and Internet Explorer 7/8 (now available as an upgrade to XP users). The earlier versions of Internet Explorer 5.x haven't been tried. It also works with Mozilla and Opera.

Downloading dairy pages for use with Excel

This depends for its success on the code generated by Excel when saved as an .htm file. The Diary pages are created in the Excel spreadsheet to start with and then saved as .htm file. These .htm files can be loaded by both Excel and any Internet Browser.

I recommend that you use Microsoft browser versions (Internet Explorer) because it is very likely that Microsoft has made this code with its own products in mind. It doesn't work with Mozilla 1.5 or Mozilla 2.0 because the column widths are not preserved. It does appear to work with Opera 9.02.

When you view the sheet in your browser prior to saving it (downloading) there is no navigation at the top of the page. This is bad practice but can't be avoided because the code for the page has to be left untouched as Excel created it. You have to use the back button to return.

It is worth trying to get this to work because there is a great deal of flexibility in having editable WFS diary pages. In theory you could not only create your entire diary in spreadsheet form but use different colours for different years and upload the complete sheet to your branch secretary.......in theory.

In practice not everyone is on-line and of those on-line not everyone has fast enough connection to accept large attachments. So for the time being - forget it.

To me the hard-back bound diary bought from WFS is much nicer than a collection of loose leaf pages but it is very much easier to spoil a page with slip, spelling error or wrongly placed entry in the bound version. (I've done all these). The advantage of the electronic version can be its legibility, assuming you choose a decent font and size, and the fact that corrections are easily made at any time.

The Entries in the diary are not 100% the same as the printed version. This is because there are one or two errors in the printed diary or a plant has changed its name since the diary was reprinted in 2000.

Beginners Diary

..is too unstructured to convert into downloadable web pages so I have abandoned this.

Illustrated Diary

Is the next project.....

Any comments, including inevitable spelling corrections to Peter Llewellyn: