Wild Flower Diary: Instructions for Printing from the Internet


When you look at a page on the internet you are using an Internet Browser of some kind. Examples of browser are: Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Mozilla, Opera and Netscape but there are others too.

This is a guide to help you print a page of the WFS Diary which appears on your monitor. You can then use the printed page to write "Where Found" and "Date" data by hand but not through the keyboard of your computer. You cannot save, or alter the image of the Diary you see on screen, you can only print it.

Please read through these instructions at least once before clicking on any of the links.

Guide to printing a diary page

  1. First choose a diary page which you want to print. There are 50 pages and each has 20 plants in alphabetical order of Latin name. If you need to know which page to print then you can consult the list of 1,000 plants here (Use the back button to return).

  2. 1000 Plant list
  3. or better still, click here to see a complete list of the 50 diary pages:

  4. 50 browser diary pages
  5. Click on the page you want.   A page (Page 3 here) with plant names on the left hand side should now appear on the screen:

    diary page
    It should look like the screen image above. It is easiest to use the back button to get back to these instructions.

  6. Find the Print command in your browser. It is often under "File".

  7. dropdown
  8. Choose Print but alter properties or preferences so that the paper is printed in A4 Landscape format and the margins are as small as possible. You may have to use Page Setup to do this:

    Page setup
    or use Print Preview to make these changes. If the preview page appears to be on one sheet then the settings are probably OK.

    print preview

  9. Finally, print the sheet. You can change the position of the diary on the page by changing the margins and printing again.
  10. Now you can use the page to fill in entries by hand or to replace damaged pages in your diary.

* For the experts: There is a print style-sheet associated with these diary pages but it can't over-ride local printer settings.