Guide to downloading a diary page for use in Excel

Please read through these instructions at least once before clicking on any of the links.

  1. First choose a diary page which you want to print. There are 50 pages in the WFS diary and each has 20 plants in alphabetical order of Latin name. If you need to know which page to print then you can consult the list of 1,000 plants here (Use the back button to return).

  2. 1000 Plant list
  3. or better still, click here to see a complete list of the 50 diary pages:

  4. 50 excel dairy pages
  5. Click on the page you want.   A page (Page 97 in the example below) with plant names on the left hand side should now appear on the screen but there will be no WFS navigation at the top of the page. Use the back button return to the guide.

    diary page

  6. Find the Save as command in your internet browser. It is often under "File".

  7. save page box
  8. Click on Save as and this should bring up a dialogue box which prompts you to save the file with its current file name which is wfs_diary_xl_page97 in the example. You can change this to whatever you want. The dialogue box also shows you a directory and folder in which the page will be saved. In the example the dairy page will be saved in My Documents. You can choose to save the downloaded page wherever you want on your own disk.

    Save as box
    Click on Save. The page has now transferred from a temporary file which your browser uses, to a permanent one in the directory of your choice. You can now open this downloaded page in Excel. To do this, open Excel on your computer and go File then Open. Choose the directory and folder where you saved the downloaded file. In the example, Excel opens My Documents.

    Excel open

  9. Select the file and click Open. The dairy page you first saw on the internet in your browser now appears in Excel:

  10. Opened page in Excel

  11. Because this page is now in your own computer you have complete control of the data entry. You can change fonts, font size or colour to make the entries look different. Here is an example with added entries which uses three different fonts:

  12. Example

  13. You can work with the sheets on the screen, save them whenever your wish and print them whenever you like. If you want the printout to look like a diary page then use Page Setup or Print Preview and change the paper orientation to A4 Landscape. Make the margins small enough for the diary page to appear on a single Print Preview page. Then Print the page. You can move the position of the printed diary page around the A4 Landscape sheet by altering the margin settings.
  14. There are two lines (rows) for each plant. If you choose Time New Roman at a font size of 8 you will be able to type 40 characters per line in the Where Found box . Please note that Excel won't stop you typing beyond the edge of the Where Found or Date box so limit your description to keep it inside the space provided. If you make the box wider to fit your deathless prose, the page won't print on one side of A4 in Landscape.